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From Della Terra Teas

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrate with our take on a delicious St. Pats Tea! Shamrocks for luck, and shenanigans for being an ornary little Leprechaun. Have fun! We have blended delicious, creamy vanilla mint with dark chocolate. An absolute treat.

Ingredients: Black tea, chocolate flavoring and bits, vanilla bits and flavoring, mint leaf and shamrock sprinkles

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37 Tasting Notes

1570 tasting notes

I really shouldn’t be on here right now, but I need to shout out how much I’m enjoying this tea. I burned through half the 1 oz. bag in the past few days.

The dry leaf smells heavenly. Creamy vanilla mint. It’s more like white chocolate than dark or milk. Like these little guys but mintier:

As for the taste, it’s creamy cocoa butter vanilla mint. Definitely different than Swiss Mountain. The base is really light and doesn’t get in the way, which I kind of like since I’m looking to taste the vanilla/white chocolate and mint anyway.

I was bad and just ordered 100g of this, amongst other things, using DTT’s 30% off code.


i can feel my resolve weakening…


I saw the discount code too! Must…not…buy…more…tea! Oh, what the hell. ;)


I am going to steep some up. :)


Oh noes, only four 1 oz. bags are left and the rest of the sizes are sold out. The time is ticking.

One thing I’ve noticed is this company is very generous with sales. Granted, that may just be their strategy to lure people in, but whatever, everyone wins in the end.


So, I didn’t do it, because I was lured to try a new company! Della Terra will have to wait…;)


That’s a bold move, really. I’m bad at getting stuck at ordering over and over again from the same company. Took me forever to try DTT as it is. Which company did you order from?


sTeap shoppe. Had to get the cinnamon swirl bread tea!


Oooh, I’m sure it’ll be a good choice. :)

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I also love this, I ordered some more.


I ordered based on your review :-)


Aww yay, hope you’ll enjoy! Otherwise I’d feel bad if you didn’t like it. :p


Incendiare: no worries, I received my order and I love it :-)

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1125 tasting notes

So it’s ridiculous weather here. Now they actually have been closing major roads, massive multi car pile up on the main highway…I am hiding inside with tea. This one seems perfect for this crazy spring snow day. Creamy, sweet, warm, comfort. Delicious. I’m hoping that they cancel classes tomorrow :D I could get so much work done and drink so much tea! See previous notes :)

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

You must live relatively close to where I am… the highway just opened back up this afternoon after being closed all night. So ugly out there!


Lol actually not too close, I’m in Edmonton, but this storm reaches all the way to you, I checked out the weather map, I hope it lets up soon, roads are just terrible, had to pretty much dig my vehicle out of the parking lot this afternoon!


Oh, that is quite a distance. Man, crazy storm! I haven’t had to go anywhere today, working from home, but last night was a bit scary. I hope your classes are cancelled tomorrow!


Luckily I took the train to classes today, but I had to go to my grad photos later this afternoon so we drove..messy out there! Fingers crossed I don’t have classes tomorrow lol

Rachel J

Man… These are the times I’m glad I live in New York, though every election cycle I seriously contemplate moving to Canada!


Haha trust me, you do not want this crazy weather ever haha :P

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807 tasting notes

Full review on on the 21st of March but here are snippits:

Gad if only I had not just eaten two HUGE jalapenos with peanut butter! I could surely enjoy Shamrocks and Shenanigans from Della Terra Teas even more! However knowing that I did just eat those devil jalapenos and knowing I can still taste this delicious tea – you know it must be really very good!

As I sip on this tea longer the burn from the jalapenos is subsiding and I am tasting more of the chocolate note, where before I was picking up more on the vanilla. This is a mild flavored tea which is comforting and sweet, but not overly so. I really like the chocolate note as it tastes very natural due to the use of cocoa nibs.

So points for a good chocolate note, points for a lovely vanilla note, points for it not being overdone on the mint, and points for a good base that I can taste but allows the flavors to do their work since the flavors are somewhat relaxed and mellow.


Jalepenos and peanut butter? In what weird alternate universe did it occur to you to put them together? I can’t imagine the flavor mix but absolutely know if I ever find the two in the same room together I will have to try it and find out.


LOL Yeah it does seem odd I know. I think it may have been my ex mother in law, or a party at some point but I remember them being served and they were SO good. I now crave them a few times a year. They really are good together. Its not gourmet food or anything lol but the peanut butter tones down the jalapeno. I mean if you think of it a lot of Thai food has but and spice together.


So do you stuff the peppers? The more I think about it the more I am intrigued.


Yes just cut the pepper in half length wise, clean out seeds and white stuff, then fill with peanut butter :) Eat.


having never heard of this, I was amazed at the number variations by Googling. My personal favorite had the peppers wrapped in bacon. Awesome – must try. Thanks :)

Marcel Duchamp

I like creams cheese and peppers… I am interested in this peanut butter talk as well. I’ve used peanut butter in soups before that have peppers in it, as a thickening agent.

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3134 tasting notes

Sipdown! Back to 800 :D Thanks whatshesaid for sending me a sample of this tea that I had missed out on. (The rest is off to Sil at some point.)

This tea smells much like Anti V-Day Treat to me, and unsurprisingly, the taste is quite similar. If not identical. Pretty much a straightforward vanilla/chocolate/mint blend that’s light on the black tea base (but not too light), and creamy/minty/sweet. I did quite enjoy AVT so enjoy this one as well, though I’m not a huge fan of nearly identical blends being released with only a change in the name and sprinkle shapes/colours.

Either way, I wanted to try this one regardless, and now I have, haha. Mission accomplished! Thanks for making it happen, whatshesaid!

ETA: IMO this doesn’t re-steep as well as Anti V-Day Treat. Either that or I underleafed this cup a bit. Still worth it, but not as good.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec



Good to know I didn’t miss anything by not ordering that one!

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336 tasting notes

Creamy, minty, vanilla goodness. Still not getting as much chocolate flavor as I would like, but still a good tea.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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1220 tasting notes

I was wondering how this one was any different from Swiss Mountain, and I realize now it has vanilla too. Duh. I should have also figured out they were slightly different when I added milk and it didn’t taste like thin mints.

This one’s also a bit sweeter on its own because of the shamrock sprinkles, which of course did not fully melt because why would I be so lucky as to have that happen, and thankfully my finger is not still green from infuser cleaning.

This one is creamier than Swiss Mountain, and the creamy notes are definitely boosted by adding milk. Chocolate kind of takes a back seat to the vanilla and the mint, though it’s still there.

I prefer the other one, but this is festive for the time being, and just different enough that if I’m looking for something with less chocolate and more cream, it’d be the right choice.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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767 tasting notes

yummy tea!!

i’m a little irish on my dad’s side. so i can drink this all year round right?!

i just registered for this year’s 50k. check that off the list. also i’m leaving for europe in 4 days and i don’t think i’ll be able to sleep until then. (commence project: ‘cutting down on caffeine’ now)


what does a 50k entail?


50k is 31 miles in length. a marathon is 26.2 miles, so it’s longer and definitely more difficult. most of the battle happens in your mind. and pacing becomes even more important the further you go.
(the next goal would be 50 miles, but the jump from 26 to 31, is much smaller than the jump from 31 to 50. so i don’t think that’s gonna happen. nope.)


50k!! GO YOU! :D


Good grief, you must be in fantastic shape. I’m a walker not a runner so marathons (and 50ks) are beyond me.


Wow! 50k! Good luck!!

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642 tasting notes

This was my “stroll with the baby” tea for today….drank as part of my “try everything in the cupboard to see how you feel” project.

Those aren’t even good names for my activities. But it sounds purposeful!

Anyway. I was rereading my previous review on this and it was kind of gushy….but you know, I really really enjoyed this. Still. It still brings me joy.

It’s basically what I’m looking for in a chocolate mint tea, because the vanilla makes it creamy and full of yum.

Seriously, there’s nothing that vanilla can’t improve!

This tea gets to stay :)


I agree. Straight mint and chocolate isn’t as nice as when there’s another addition to make it creamy.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I guess it’s like dark chocolate vs milk chocolate…I enjoy both but creamy is where it’s at


I’m with you on adding vanilla to everything!


I’m on this whole “vanilla in everything” bandwagon. Maybe I need to get my own vanilla beans and start adding at will whenever a tea needs a little extra something!

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655 tasting notes

Backlog. After completing some stressful housing things I opted to have this with Baileys Irish Cream. That means I didn’t get the chance to pick up on the subtleties of the vanilla, but it it was a good comfort drink. It didn’t seem quite as sweet as some of the other chocolate mint teas I’ve tried either.

Thanks, Incendaire!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

That sounds tasty! If you ever want more, just let me know. :)

And that’s why this is my favourite chocolate mint tea so far, because it’s not as sweet as others. Read Me Lips has that artificially sweet chocolate note that kind of gets to you after a while.

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740 tasting notes

So I over caffeinated the other day in my attempt to keep my caffeine levels relatively stable to stay up late and work on a presentation. However, the delicate caffeine balancing act went awry and for the last 2 days I’ve steered clear of my morning Guayusa and Copabanana.

I have all day to work on a presentation and study for exams so I’m starting my day off with this lovely tea. I’m always a little wary of mint teas, but I like to give every tea a chance. After White Christmas yesterday, mint teas are really looking up :)

This is so creamy and chocolate minty. But it works so well! The mint and chocolate balance each other in the mint isn’t so in-your-face and the chocolate isn’t sickeningly sweet. Then there’s an awesome creaminess. That must be from the vanilla. Considering this tea is made of things I’m usually not fond of and generally avoid – it’s pretty delicious!

This held up well to a resteep :)

Thanks jessiwrites!


I am going to convert you into a lover of mint teas. Mwahahahaha!

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