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Cream, Orange, Orange Zest
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From Della Terra Teas

Love creamsicles? Love an orange fluff? Or a standard orange cream? Well, you will LOVE this rooibos! With the best orange and cream flavors this combines the best of both worlds for a perfectly mixed, fruity and creamy infusion! We just know you will love this. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Rooibos, orange bits, orange flavor, cream flavor

Serving Size: 1 level tsp./6oz serving

Water Temp: 210°F

Steep Time: 2-5 minutes

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39 Tasting Notes

8261 tasting notes

it’s January 31. My goal at the end of December was to get to 150 by the end of this month. I was also trying to stick to a budget of 50$. I am currently sitting at 172 teas, having spent basically 175$.

I think for February, i’m going to aim for 150 again, and though i’ve budgeted 50$, i suspect my spending will be closer to 100$.

I’m off to the Toronto Tea Festival tomorrow, so there will be more added to my stash, but it’ll hopefully just be smaller sizes. Tonight, I’ve emptied my entire cupboard, puerh and all on to the dining room table so that i can reorganise my cupboard when i get home tomorrow. it’s much smaller looking than it was a year ago, so i can live with that. :)


Have a blast at the festival! I’m sure you will!


You are so lucky that you are going tomorrow . I have to wait almost 2 months. Have fun;)


should be a great time! Looking forward to seeing some of the new vendors this year and maybe taking in a few more of the workshops


boychik – yeah but the NYC one is WAAAAAAY bigger (if you’re referring to the nyc one heh) toronto’s is still small


Well it will be my first and I can’t wait no more


Tsk tsk, SILLY. But nevermind the count for now and enjoy the festival! I also sent out your package today so let’s hope it’ll be there before next weekend.


My cupboard is having trouble staying organised…..that’s the only reason I care lol running out of room because I have so many bags


Yay for goals. ;-)

Terri HarpLady

Sil I have a big box full of teas with your name on it! I’ll probably mail it next week, along with the BBBB, which arrived today!!!! Have fun at the Tea Festival! I’m looking forward to hearing your report! :)

Terri HarpLady

If it’s any consolation, I didn’t stick with any of my goals for January, & also spent way too much money :)


I really don’t need any more tea but still placed two orders in January, lol!

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1779 tasting notes

My swap from Kittena came in! Thanks!

And this was worth the wait – it’s like an orange version of lime chiffon, i.e. amazing.

Terri’s swap came in too, so now I’m up to 158. OMG. That’s a complete record for me. Yikes. Well, at least I only have 2-3 more swaps coming in? /0\


bwahahahahahahahahaha welcome to my world! ;)


Yay!! Glad it made it! :D Also yes, this one is pretty much lime chiffon with orange flavour instead of lime :) Incredibly delicious.


Sil – hahaha. I was told that the slippery slope was a fallacy, bit I am just sliding…. Will I hit 200 by Christmas?

And thanks again Kittena for the samples! I’ll add this one to my someday stock list. :) (I like DTT, but I think I can wait until Sept to reorder from there!)


You’ve officially passed me up! :D


uh’re in trouble now cavo…once you get past dinosara you’re officially in trouble!


:P I’ve been very good lately!


Wait, what? Dinosara is the ‘Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Buy More Teas Than Her’ milestone? What if I can get back under her tea level? :O

Let the sipdowns begin!


i know! you’re my benchmark though… i always aim to be close to you…except i’ve usually got more.. lol i’m making progress today though! 220 here i come!


Cavo – she’s mine for sure…mostly because she does a pretty good job keeping her cupboard floating between 100-190 ish. Lol


That’s my most reasonable goal, I think. Really thinking about my cupboard I just don’t think I will ever get down to 100 teas, but I am trying!


Well having a benchmark is pretty good. I was using you Sil as a warning, but obviously failing as I move closer and closer to 200.

I bet I’m going to go home and find my package from Momo with another 10 teas in it when I get off work today. :P But maybe I can try to use Dinosara’s cupboard as a goal of what’s “reasonable”. In steepster standards. (Cuz obviously, what’d be reasonable for anyone else is like… 4 teas?)


Back when I was reasonable, I remember reading Scott Pilgrim, and when Ramona showed Scott her tea cupboard I was all like woah:

His reaction is pretty cute. Guys, I hope you’ve read Scott Pilgrim. :)


LOL Cavo, yeah, my cupboard is “reasonable”… for someone who is tea obsessed! It feels good to get to that point after being up in Sil territory (200-300) for so long. :D


You were? Woo! That’s inspiration!


Haha I love Scott pilgrim :)


When I actually added up all my teas 4 months ago I was at 264, although I had been probably way above that for a while but never had an accurate count.

Also I’ve never read Scott Pilgrim but I love the movie. I suppose I should read it!


If you liked the movie, you’d probably enjoy the comics more – there’s just so much more in them than you can squish into a movie.

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3134 tasting notes

Based on the success of my Lime Chiffon cold-brew, I had high hopes for this one. Very, very high hopes. And, I hadn’t even tried it warm yet.

This tea, if anything, exceeded those high hopes. Daayyyyummm this is delicious! This pretty much tastes exactly like Lime Chiffon, with orange replacing the lime flavour. It tasted a bit like orange creamsicle to me on a few sips as well. This is by far the best orange/cream rooibos I’ve tried. And this cold-brew is to die for.

Anyhow, I’ve been attempting to sleep for the last few hours without success (what’s going on, body?!) so perhaps I’ll go transplant my tomato plants instead. Or at least go buy a few more pots for them…

Iced 8 min or more

i like this one enough to have purchased a full oz? two? something like that

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1231 tasting notes

Holy Crap!

I’m attacking the traveling tea box (the Here’s Hoping Teabox on Steepster). This is tea number 5 for me today, but actually tea number 9 as my roommate has been attacking the box too and I’m trying what he’s trying. So, I had 3 oolongs and a black, with a handful of blacks and mate in me. I’ll probably blog about the whole experience sometime soon.

More impressively it’s only 2pm and I’ve decided to switch to decaf cuz I’m feeling hella wired!

Orange & Cream – Hmmm, it’s a decent red rooibos and I’m not a red rooibos type. It peaks out more than other Della Terra rooibos. The candy sweet orange flavoring is just like the Orange Brulee, but with creamyness from say Lemon Chiffon. Not bad, though I prefer the lemon or lime flavoring more as personal taste. Tea blend wise, pretty good – candy orange with a peak of red woodsy shavings with a delightful creamyness end of sip.

Now if you excuse me, Owly and I are going to hike up my office wall.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

This shines as a cold brew I think it was? Lol

Oolong Owl

Lol, too many teas to keep track of!

Antonia G

So exciting!


Lol can anyone say CAFFEINE!

Lariel of Lórien

Have it with a little lemon/ lime chiffon. It’s like citrus salad.

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1355 tasting notes

Yesterday was a heavy drinking session with my brother in laws which has left me misty headed today. Luckily they have all gone to London for the night to watch the Championship play-off finals (football/soccer) so it means I can recover in my own time and just relax in peace and quiet for the day. It’s 1:34pm and I have only just got myself a pot of tea, until now I just couldn’t stomach any. In desperation for something vanilla or cream I found this tea from my Black Friday hoard and grabbed the pouch as if it was made of gold. Orange & cream may not be the nicest tea ever but when you want something light, sweet and creamy it tastes pretty darn good.


sounds like a fun time :)


Damn hangovers!! Too bad fun has a price to pay ;-)

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286 tasting notes

Another success for Della Terra – a rooibos tea that doesn’t taste like medicine!

I like that the flavor of this one is a bit softer than the Lemon or Lime Chiffon teas. The cream is very nice, and the orange flavor is sweet and tart and very good. I am looking forward to a second infusion, because I generally prefer the second steep of rooibos teas. So far, this one is a winner.

EDIT: This is delicious as it cools. Gah.

EDIT AGAIN: And the second infusion is delightful. So glad I tried this one. Thank you, Della Terra, for making such great caffeine-free options.

4 min, 0 sec

Gahh another DT rooibos for me to try! I’ve loved all of the cream ones so far :D


This one is a bit more subtle than the others, I think, but still manages to hide the medicinal rooibos taste. It’s quite lovely.


It sounds quite delicious :) maybe my palate is untrained for rooibos but I haven’t ever found the medicinal taste it sometimes has, I hope I never find it either :P


Oh, you are lucky. I found it the first time I ever tried rooibos. I was so disappointed! But Della Terra’s teas seem to cover it up very well.


Yeah that might be why I don’t notice it, one of my first rooibos was Lemon Chiffon, along with a few others that were pretty strongly flavored from DAVIDsTEA. Happy you are enjoying it more, it’s a nice non-caffeinated drink! :)


DavidsTea & Della Terra rooibos usually don’t have that gross rooibos flavour, so I think you’ve just been lucky so far, MissLena! You’ll probably run into it eventually though, if you do swaps and such.

Also, glad we picked up 1 oz of this one to split, so I get at least 3 cups worth, haha. Yum!

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3262 tasting notes

From the HHTTB
My son Drew made a pot of this & I drank a small cup. I think I sampled this before from the first swap I had with Sil. It’s not bad, though not something I’d keep around.

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642 tasting notes

Just got a new Della Terra order in! Yay! I just couldn’t resist their Earth Day sale – who doesn’t love a free sample, and a generous one at that?

So this is the sample that Della Terra thoughtfully picked out to send with my order. The decision might have been influenced by the fact that I ordered a sampler including lemon chiffon, lime chiffon, lemon lime cream tart, and strawberries & cream :) I hereby officially declare my love for Della Terra’s cream flavoring (anyone know for sure whether it’s vegetarian/vegan?).

The dry leaves of this tea smell exactly like the lemon chiffon, only orange-y. Absolutely lovely. Brewed, the tea smells like a creamsicle. At first, it tasted very creamy and the orange was barely coming through. As the tea cools, the orange really pops out and it tastes like orange ice cream! I don’t have much analysis – this really is just a lovely evening tea if you’re in the mood for something creamy, sweet, and less tart than the lemon or lime chiffons. Yum.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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90 tasting notes

Previously my evening dessert teas of choice were anything cake or cookie-flavored (ok, I still love those) and the thought of citrus tea didn’t exactly get my taste buds excited. But Della Terra has changed the game! First with their awesome Lemon Chiffon and now with this one, which is basically its orange equivalent. If it wasn’t for the surprise sample from Kaylee, I may never have tried this.

It’s sweet, creamy and delicious, with the rooibos taking a backseat. I think I prefer the lemon slightly, but I would buy a smaller amount of this for a change. And now that lemon and orange have been conquered, it’s time to try their lime blends!

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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511 tasting notes

After several good Della Terra samples in a row, I was about due for one that didn’t impress. This one was kind of blah to me. The orange flavor was there, but it didn’t shout creamsicle. Besides that, I think that orange with rooibos isn’t a good pairing for me.

Long long ago, when I was a little girl and found no milk for my cereal, I used orange juice. I have a vague memory that the idea was not all my own, but prompted by my father who had interesting ideas about being tough and building character (incidentally, he’s softened up a lot since then. . lucky for my youngest siblings, lol). Well anyway, this tea gave me a slight flavor flashback to that experience.

I finished my cup without complaint, but that’ll about do it for me and this tea.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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