Wild Chrysanthemum Tiny Buds

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Wild Tiny Chrysanthemum Buds Flower Tea—-A Refreshing Drink to Help Clear the Head and Strengthen the Lungs.The Chrysanthemum buds have a very sweet milk fragrance, and taste smooth, refreshing.

Try brewing it with milk, experience the nature milk flavor from the flowers!

Chinese Name: Ju hua, Tai Ju, Ju mi,

Medical Name: Flos Chrysanthemi

Latin Name: Chrysanthemum morifolium

The Chrysanthemum Tea is one of the most popular Chinese Teas in China. It is selected from top quality Chrysanthemum and made using a warm drying process. Drunk with meals it helps to aid digestion, especially of greasy foods. It is also commonly taken to help strengthen the lungs and relieve head congestion. When made from fresh flowers, the flowers can be applied to the eyes to relieve dryness and itching.

In China, chrysanthemum tea is now being recommended for office workers exposed to Video Display Terminals (VDTs). Chrysanthemum flowers (Chrysanthemum morifolii), known as Ju Hua, have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. They are found in many ancient formulas. But simple chrysanthemum flower tea is also a very common beverage in China, as the Chinese take into account the health benefits of the food and drink they consume.

Chrysanthemum is available in three forms, some stores just sell dried flowers, some market its extract, while some others provide herb tea with it. Now more and more people are enjoying the loving care of this “mum”.


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