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  • “So I forgot to bring honey or sugar in for my Paris, but I was so in the mood for it this morning. I got the idea in my head to mix it with Golden Monkey. I was hoping that the honeyed sweetness of...” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

Mike has enjoyed many a pot of tea in the famous Paris tea shops. In homage to the city he has created this blend, reminiscent of one of their most popular blends. It is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot.


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Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

629 Tasting Notes

408 tasting notes

This is a tea I get thanks to Nicole. Thanks really for that.

Paris…my town…I mean Paris is really my town, the one I love overall on earth.
The other one which touchs (almost) so much my heart is Lisbon.

I decided to have this tea especially today because of its name, I’ll explain you why : I’ll have to leave my apartment in one year, the owner needs it.
Regarding the rates of the apartment in this city, I won’t be able to find another one with the same rooms number.
So I am already nostalgic with my town as I really don’t want to leave it : I feel already out of Paris even if I am still here.My bakery, my supermarket, my daughter’s school seem already distant now, as no more mines…

So let’s back to the tea : it’s a real tea :) I mean I feel the tea + the flavours and this is very nice.

After reading some reviews and especially cteresa’s one, I didn’t steep it too much, 3 minutes only.
I had none bitterness,none astringency.

This is a nice tea where I picked out bergamot (leading note for me) and vanilla and just a hint of caramel.

Not sure I would have chosen these flavours to represent Paris, but why not ?

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

That’s really sad. :( I feel the same way about Scandinavia. The second I confirmed the date when I had to move back to Canada, it felt like I was already moving away even though I still had nearly two more months there. It’s crushing when you have to move away from a place you love so much.


That’s sad about you having to move. I hope you settle in quickly wherever you end up. Glad you liked the tea. :)


I am so sorry about having to move! Good luck, hope you can find a new nice home.

And did not know that about you and Lisbon, it is my city! I love it and know exactly what you mean about having to move. Here are very complicated times, and a lot of things are disappearing or just neglected and it is very sad. Saudade for things that still exist.

Never seen any tea named Lisbon. I would buy in an instant and then likely sneer. I was joking with friends about a café having breakfast menus named after several cities, the Lisbon breakfast would be 1 bica (strong expresso) and 1 pastel de nata and would have to cost less than 2 euros. Would they put cofee in any tea named after Lisbon? LOL. It would have to have cinnamon I guess, and lemon as well. Or a lemonbalm tisane. Closest thing to a Lisbon tea I have ever seen would be Harney´s Queen Catherine blend, she was a portuguese infanta and spent many years as regent of Portugal, a very nice neighbourhood is named after her palace.


I feel very sad for you Ysaurella…I understand that apartments in Paris must be very coveted and expensive, but maybe the perfect one will come along and you won’t have to move? I am very hopeful for you…


Uprooting is hard! May all go well so you can thrive wherever you are replanted.

I love the lemony-caramelly flavor combination, although I wouldn’t have dreamed it up on my own in a hundred years.


thank you all for your support :) I am spending a lot of time on real estate agency website and hope to find quickly something correct in the suburb.

@ cteresa : I visited Lisbon a long time ago and only once. spent 4 days during a December month and I really loved the city, its atmosphere and I understand the Saudade “feeling”
Never saw any Lisbon tea but for sure I would put some lemon in it and probably apricot as well (acidity + sweetness)
I miss Mosteiro dos Jerónimos,barrio alto, praça do comercio & Castillo san Jorge !


Best wishes, Ysaurella! Hope you find something that makes you happy. =)

I love reading your reviews. Not only are the tasting notes themselves wonderful, but you always inspire our Steepster family to post such great comments in response to you and they are equally lovely to read. =)


Lisbon can be lovely in December indeed. And if you get the chance, come back in late May, when the jacarandás are in bloom.

Oh a tea for Lisbon, that is a fun idea to think of. Apricot is not really something too usual here – but maybe loquats, nêsperas. The fruit and the totally different smell, which is the blossom, oh so sweet. The loquat trees are in blossom right now, sometimes you pass somewhere and you have this heavenly strong sweet scent from some tree in some backyard. The nickname for Lisbon natives is the little lettuces, but I can not really see lettuce in tea!


And I just another tea which reminds me so much of this Harney´s Paris, and realize I got FOUR teas which are all this redfruits-caramel-vanilla thing and feel the need to compare them. With photos and all!


no lettuce in my tea please ;)
St Petersbourg is caramel+ redfruits…which other do you have ?


I have figured out what a Lisbon tea would have to have – cinnamon and quince (it is the season, and so much better than apples and foreigners seem to not appreciate those as much as we do) and maybe a touch of Port maybe. We shall avoid the lettuce I think.

And I got 4 fruits-caramel teas – Paris, St Petersbourg (Well done!), Paul and Virginie (new arrival! my first Dammann) and (I think) Marco Polo (not that they say anything about what is on it!). Each is relatively famous or popular within its brand and I just checking the four and sniffing and it is fascinating. St Petersbourg and Paris have bergamot though not too noticeably when brewed. Marco and Paris smell chocolatey in the leaf. I think Marco has to have some Assam on it, though again they do not say what it is on it. Paul et Virginie has the clearest stronger fruit notes, I can smell the cherry and raspberry very clearly. Checking the tea themselves, and they are all similar, black teas with no fillers, P&V and Marco have the fattest longest leaves, and my sample of Paris is of such thin broken, almost fannings leaves (explains the bitterness). But it might have to do with packaging, my sample of Paris is a little bag which does not offer much protection, tea might have gotten broken in transit and that cause them to be so small and would explain the bitterness. Dunno. But really these 4 teas are really all somewhat different takes on the same idea. If I was creating a tea line I can see what would be a popular flavouring!


Frenchs adore quince (notre gelée de coing…Bonne Maman…so famous)I struggled with port… as I was pretty you didn’t want to incorporate the Lisbon’s port in a tea I had to verify the dictionary : ah ! Porto ! :) of course !

that’s so true similar composition teas may be so different.

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635 tasting notes

I have so many new teas to experience from recent swaps! I’m going to try and bounce between swap partners so that everyone feels the love. But since I usually only make one kind of tea a day, it will take a little while to get through all these samples. I’m up for the tea adventure though!! Thanks everyone! :)

This morning I thought I’d go for a much loved tea here on Steepster: Paris! Thanks to Ninavampi for giving me my first Harney & Sons tea!!! I can’t wait to try this! I was surprised to brew it up and get only an aroma of clean, unflavored, black tea. Doesn’t this have bergamot in it? That ingredient usually makes itself known! If I get anything else from the aroma, I’d say berry. I’m detecting a slight essence of something fruity and berry-like.

First sip without additions…hmm wow. This is interesting. It has a lot of flavor but at the same time is kind of delicate and understated. Is this flavored? If so, it’s very lightly flavored. I’m definitely getting berry plus a caramel note and maybe a hint of bergamot. The bergamot could be my imagination though. Honestly, it’s that light. There’s also quite a bit of vanilla in here, which I’m really enjoying. I love vanilla! At the very end of the sip, there’s a quiet burst of citrus.

This reminds me of something I’ve had before…it was definitely a 52teas tea. Actually, I think it’s Cotton Candy! Now, I don’t mean that Paris tastes like cotton candy. I just mean, the flavor profiles are similar somehow even though they shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s the black tea base?? So interesting.

It’s good, and I can definitely drink it straight without any additions. But I’m going to add some now just for fun. With milk and sugar, it’s become more of a generic creamy tea. I think it’s probably better without. I’ll make my second steep plain. I just can’t get 52teas’ Cotton Candy out of my mind. I wonder why this keeps reminding me of it. I might have to pick up a tin of this stuff. It’s complex yet subtle, flavored yet unflavored, berry/vanilla/citrus yet cotton candy! What a fascinating tea! Thanks again Ninavampi!!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I’m happy yo uenjoyed it! It is one of my favorites! :)

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160 tasting notes

Ohh… Paris… The one time I was there, I fell in love with all of the art and architecture. No matter where you look, everything seems to be beautiful. The best dessert I have tasted in my life was a creme brulee that I had in a small restaurant there. Paris is an amazing experience.

I had been reading some people’s post about this tea and it sounded like something that would be tasty to me. Since I was able to have my Mom bring it to me from the US, I got to receive it earlier than I imagined I would have! I am so happy! Every time I get a new tea it feels like Christmas did when I was a little girl. It has a bit of magic to it. Logically, it makes no sense to me, and explaining the experience to non-tea people is really hard. But I do know that new tea will make me smile and even more so if it is good new tea! Everyone should have a special something to make them happy. I am glad that my special something is tea! : )

OK… Back to the review….

The leaves in the tin are very dark, almost black. The scent is invigorating. It is a mix between a Cream Earl Grey and a Caramel Chew (I love those candies…). The black tea base shines through strong in the scent. Overall delicious.

Once brewed the dark liquor smells just like the dry tea but smoother. I get a little more vanilla, which is extra points in my point of view. I love vanilla everything. Unsweetened it is smooth and creamy with the bergamot being the major after taste. The black tea base holds up really well and mingles with all of the flavors in each sip. Sweetened I get more vanilla and caramel taste mixed in well with the bergamot. In a way, I feel it is a very good Creme Earl Grey. But I really can’t complain. It is very tasty.

I admit that I had to have two cups, the first one didn’t last me long enough… Yummy…

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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382 tasting notes

Second steeping – unfortunately, the weird chalky taste is still around and, with the fruit coming to the fore, I am definitely starting to see why someone would get cherry cough syrup out of this.

Things don’t look too good for this tea!


No cough syrup for me…I liked this one but I am not a huge Earl Grey fan like you are…

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314 tasting notes

From Tokyo to Paris in 24 hours…

The dry leaves smell, scarily, like cherry cough syrup!! Oh no! Very scary.

Once brewed that “screeching” cough syrup scent fades and turns into a super sweet strawberry jam.

First sip…is like a strawberry creamsicle. Or a strawberry & cream flavored Creme Savers candy. It’s a fruity hard candy taste with an almost creamy aftertaste.

Subsequent sips…there’s something distinctly citrusy in here—like a strawberry-flavored Earl Grey. Yep, I can sense the bergamot!

In the background, the black tea tastes smooth and a bit biscuit-y.

I think this is a fairly good cup. It didn’t “wow” me like I hoped it would. The flavors are pretty mild. But I can’t get over that initial cherry cough syrup impression. I hate cherry cough syrup with a passion! gag I think it colored my overall tasting for the worse. So this was an “average” experience, for me.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Paris is one of my favorites from H&S!


Oh, I wish I liked it more!


Indian Nimbu is my favorite from H&S, but this one comes in a close second. That is… as far as flavored teas go. I also love their Hot Cinnamon Spice.

Then again, there will always be a special place in my heart for their yellow teas. But then, yellow is my favorite. I am still quite guilty of hoarding the yellow teas… I only drink it when I feel like I deserve an extra special treat.


I’ve read about it but never tried a yellow tea yet. Thanks for mentioning it because I’m plotting my next H&S order (need to order full-sizes of Cinnamon Spice and Vanilla Comoro)!


I must confess that I am afraid of Vanilla Comoro. I have read positive reviews of it, but, I just… have this thing when it comes to decaffeinated tea.

I tried a decaffeinated tea once when I was out to eat, and it was a really bad decaf tea, it just tasted like a cup of chemicals, and it put me off and whenever I see “decaf” now, I just… eww. After that particular incident, I even stopped carrying decaf teas in my “shop”. I couldn’t even sell them anymore… even though I knew full well that my decaf teas were not like that because I had tested/tasted them. But, that particular incident left such a ‘bad taste in my mouth’ – quite literally.


I feel the same way about decaf. I mean why bother right? And I always thought decaf tea was just tea that has been “washed” of all its benefits. And maybe it has been—but I’m getting Vanilla Comoro solely for its taste! It’s delicious!! Even though the actual tea is lighter-bodied, the flavor makes up for it. It’s like vanilla maple syrup.


sigh I may just have to get over my apprehension and try some!


I just saw that the Hu Shan Yellow Buds is on sale for 15% off!


Shh… stop it! I CAN NOT buy any more tea this month. (ignoring you, and putting my fingers in my ears and singing “la la la la la” really loud so that I can’t hear you)


Stephanie, I know what you mean about cough syrup (not in this tea as I haven’t tried it yet) - a lot of flavored teas have that smell to me to varying degrees but I haven’t had a single instance in which it didn’t resolve on steeping. I’m convinced it just has to do with how concentrated they have to make the flavor to get it to taste the way they want to after the tea steeps. I am lucky, too, that I don’t hate cherry cough syrup. :)


I know I can’t help the bad association. Cherry cough syrup has ruined berry-flavored teas for me! And even a vanilla-flavored tea—I’m looking at you Vanilla Sunday Blend! (eyes the blend maliciously)


Cherry Cough syrup :/ EEEEEK


i kinda like cherry cough syrup blush

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119 tasting notes

I was out pretty late last night for an Oscar party and so I’m not even going to pretend that I’m “all there” right now.

I was looking through my samples from Bonnie and I saw this, and I’m really in a no nonsense mood and there were two of these in sachets, so I decided to just make them.

One thing I love about Harney’s sachets-They’re done really well and they put a good amount of tea in the bag, and I can steep them twice, which I can’t do with a lot of sachets.
One thing I don’t love-The tags aren’t long enough AT ALL so it always falls in the cup and it’s a pain in the butt to get out.

I am always impressed with Harney’s teas. Always. I haven’t tried one yet that has disappointed me. This is no exception.

It’s fruity and smooth. I was afraid it would just be like Lady Grey from Twinning’s but it’s not at all. In fact, it’s not even an Earl Grey. It’s a fruity black tea that is so lovely and sweet.

Definitely purchasing a full size of this one, thanks Bonnie!

Sachet in mug, boiling water for 5 minutes (second steep boiling for 7 minutes), added a little milk and sugar

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Tower of London is similar, but I think I may like it even better! Paris is classic. I give it to people who come over and say they are not tea drinkers.


I’ve never had Tower of London, but I did read through the discussion thread about the two, and I would be curious to compare the two and see the difference for myself.


Send an addy and I will get some to you!

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251 tasting notes

Oh Paris, you are a wonderful afternoon tea. And breakfast tea. And anytime tea. Complex and smooth like your namesake city. Dark fruits, vanilla, and is that a hint of bergamot? She’s a keeper!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

This really is a good anytime tea!


It’s also great iced too if you haven’t tried it.


Yes! I’ve had it iced as well and it’s so good.


I love Paris. Magnificent tea!

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615 tasting notes

This is pairing so so well with the maple shortbread cookies I’m eating.

Aaaaaand they’re gone. :(

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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51 tasting notes

This was a sample from momo’s awesome tin of teas she brought me when visiting, so nice of her, thank you again Amanda! :)
I’ve been wanting to try this tea for a long while but have been scared of the mentioned bergamot as I just can’t get over the soapyness of earl greys.
The dry leaf of Paris smells very pleasant, yummy, and welcoming. 
Brewed it’s smelling a little bergamonty which worries me… but surprisingly doesn’t taste like it at all! I added a little sugar and yes, I like this! 
The word sophisticated immediately comes to my mind when describing this tea. 
It tastes a little fruity, a tad lemony, and has a perfectly smooth and lovely black base. I’m sure there is more going on taste-wise but I need more cups to discover it fully. It is very very good. It is definitely the best fruity black tea I have ever had. Will certainly get a tin of this at some point. 


I am reading the reviews for this tea and Florence as well since yesterday and you convinced me to add it to my shopping list !


Oh that’s awesome! I hope you like it.


Those two are my favorites of Harney’s “City” blends! Good choice :)

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187 tasting notes

Well, you all moved me to have a sip of Paris this evening.

And you know what this tea is?

Marco Polo’s little brother.

Do you know what I love about this tea? The fact that it’s a flavored tea that almost tastes like an unflavored tea. It tastes like the flavors are inherent in the leaves instead of coming from outside agents.

But anyway, let’s get to the tea itself. Paris smells amazing. If the city smelled this good, I’d probably never leave. I’m getting lots of strawberry notes, mixed with a bit of bright fresh notes, and yeah. It’s less strawberries-and-cream than Marco Polo, but it probably smells equally amazing. I’m serious. MMMM. SMELL IT. LOVE IT.

Anyway, this one steeps up a very pretty burnt amber color, and the smell coming off the cup is surprisingly not that deep. There’s mainly the smell of black tea, and… that’s about it. There’s the faintest of berry tones in the background, but if you gave this to me without me knowing if it was flavored or unflavored, I’d lean heavily towards unflavored.

So let’s move onto the taste, because there’s some damned complex things going on here, and it’s all pretty subtle. In a wonderful way.

There’s definitely a taste of black tea. I don’t know what to peg it as, but it’s probably Ceylon? A nice, high-quality one if it is. The berry taste, even though it smells like strawberry to me, is more evocative of raspberry. It washes over the tongue then bottoms out into a bean-y vanilla flavor that’s almost reminiscent of cocoa beans. And the finish? Something citrus! It’s not exactly bergamot flavored. It’s an echo of bergamot. Like someone sprayed it in the air yesterday, and you’re still catching the tiniest wiff of it in your nostrils the next day.

Overall, it’s a similar flavor profile to the famous Mariage Freres blend, but I’d give Marco the slight edge. Marco’s quite a bit more floral as well.

But I’m most surprised at how well the flavors meld together into the actual flavor of the tea itself. If you know me, you know that I love unflavored teas that evoke flavorings of their own organically. Paris is sort of like that. It tastes like an unflavored tea that’s calling up all these flavors inherently.

The tea’s cooling down now and the bergamot is coming out a bit more to the forefront, a sparkling fresh slight-tartness that complements the slight astringency very well. It’s about evenly matched with the berries at this point. And the berries are definitely more in the aroma as well. There’s a juicy sweetness as well.

Okay, this is totally nom. And I mean totally. Thank you to the always lovely takgoti for giving me a mini-mountain of this to sip and mull over and enjoy in all its wonderful glory. And thank YOU, Steepster, for getting me to drink this delicious concoction tonight!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Oh man, I must have Marco Polo!


Om nom nom nom. Definitely gonna have to find somewhere I can buy Paris…!


I’m sitting here sipping this now and have to thank-you for putting it into words as I was struggling – complex & subtle, just that hint of something other than pure black – strawberry vanilla citrus .. I concur! :)

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