Hot Cinnamon Spice

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Black Tea
Black Tea Leaves, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Orange Peel
Cinnamon, Citrus Zest, Clove, Hot hay, Straw, Cloves, Fireplace, Spicy, Sweet, Cocoa, Cream, Malt, Orange, Toast, Spices, Nutmeg, Orange Zest, Candy, Fruity, Honey, Cardamon
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  • “I’m not feeling particularly verbose today, but I just wanted to give this tea the shout out it deserves. It didn’t taste nearly as “zippy” to me this morning, although this is one of those teas...” Read full tasting note
  • “Gloomy, rainy … this calls for some Hot Cinnamon Spice! I believe this is my first of the season! What more can I say about a tea I drink at least once a week all fall and winter? The proof is in...” Read full tasting note
  • “Today was a great day for tea! I received a sachet of this to sample with the Cranberry Autumn and it smelled so good that I had to have it tonight. Good thing I don’t have a sensitivity to black...” Read full tasting note
  • “Tea of the morning….. Fall is in the air! Yay! I love Fall. This is my most consumed cool weather tea. Red hots in a cup, no sweetener necessary. It is like magic. Usual teapot method.” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

It’s spicy! It’s sweet! It’s Hot Cinnamon Spice! As delicious as candy, this medium-bodied black tea also known as Hot Cinnamon Sunset is naturally sweetened to perfection by a blend of cinnamons, orange, and sweet cloves. The remarkably assertive tea effuses a hot spicy aroma and sets off miniature fireworks on the tongue that’ll have you exclaim WOW! Our most popular flavored tea will no doubt become a favorite. As you savor each sip, a gathering of spices settles at the bottom of your teacup for a final indulgence in pure cinnamon bliss! This tea is also known as Hot Cinnamon Sunset.

If you are using individually wrapped sachets please note that each sachet brews a 12oz cup of tea.

This is one of our oldest flavored tea blends. John Harney developed it in the beginning of the 1980s.

Over the decades its popularity has only grown, and now it is our most popular tea. People love its combination of strong spices and sweetness. And since there are no sugars (we tested it), it is safe for everyone to enjoy.

China black is the base of this tea so the leaves are dark brown. There are pieces of cinnamon bark and orange peel covered with cinnamon dust. The liquor of this tea is a medium brown with orange hues. This tea has a very strong aroma of spices and citrus.

About Harney & Sons View company

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

317 Tasting Notes

84 tasting notes

i decided on this tea because i wanted something conforting as i have started walking on my bum foot now and it is alot of work lol. as im pouring my tea into my steeper basket im getting harassed by my cat :) i love when shes being social because shes VERY skittish and has anxiety issues. she was very interested in what i was doing so i let her sniff my tea and she let me know she didnt like it with a stinky face and become quiet :( (shes VERY vocal) i guess shes not a fan of cinnamon lol.

on to the review :)
well….this is interesting. and much different than adagios cinnamon tea. i assumed it would be like adagios so i added cream and sugar. its spicy…i didnt expect that. i enjoy the spice it makes it more interesting than adagios. more cinnamon-ie lol i am enjoying this fully :) my fiancee keeps saying this tea smells like fireballs lol i agree. this is my first Harney & Sons tea and their store/tea house is a 30 min drive north of me so i may be making a drive in the near future

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

I haven’t found a tea that a cat would seem to enjoy. I think I need something with a chicken or tuna flavor to it. Your lucky Harney & Sons is so close, you don’t have to browse through their awful website to find tea.


ive tried to go thru their website and i swear some of my brain leaked out of my right ear lol.

my cat doesn’t like anything made for human consumption, shes even stuck her nose up at salmon. she almost gets offended by my offerings lol.


Kitteh stinky face is so cute. You can almost see them going ‘eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwtakeitawaytakeitaway!!!’ and then the offended ‘how dare you bring such vileness to my presence, human?’

Have you tried letting her sniff something minty? Mine went absolutely nuts for peppermint herbals, but catnip had no effect. Odd.


Ummm, I should try something minty. Hey looks she’s chasing her tail right now =]


:D i will deff try this when zoie decides to grace me with her presence :) she doesnt act like you would expect a cat to act with catnip she just eats it and rolls in it then when its gone she gos about her business :)


Wait cats eat catnip? Haha, I thought they just sniffed at it. My cat just sniffs it and walks away. She’s a strange kitty. I’m making her my tea sniffer now, she didn’t enjoy my two rooibos teabags.


AWW :D how old is she? if shes young then it may not do anything for her yet. yeah my cat eats it lol. my other cat Kurtis at my parents will murder for even the smallst bit of catnip he gets violent! i always let my cat sniff my food or drinks when shes around shes so nosie lol


i love when they make that face too :D


? I’ve never had any problems with Harney & Sons’ website, what don’t you like about it?


She’s 4.5, still really young. I have three packs of catnip and it doesn’t affect her the slightest bit. I chase her around trying to get her to eat wet food though, she hates it. She’ll keep backing up and eventually into her water fountain. She’s so silly. It’s so sad, she only wants dry food. I mix it, she won’t eat it. Argh fussy kitty.

@Jillian, Harney & Son’s website is a bit annoying to navigate.

1) Click on type of tea
2) Click on a more specific category
3) Click on the tea itself
4) Add to cart or click on the tea to get a better description (Adding to cart redirects you to the cart itself).

That’s four clicks for one tea. Adagio still has the best interface.


Yep, some cats aren’t affected by catnip at all, and others go crazy for them. My cat doesn’t care much for it (never seen her go crazy or drooly or rolly or eat it), but she seems to know that catnip smell = thing for playing with. I think she likes ziploc bags and tiny pillows filled with them because they’re light enough for her to kick around the room (her preferred way of playing).

I’ve heard of people drinking catnip tea before. It’s supposed to be relaxing… :x


my good friends cat is terrified of wet food lol where my cat demands it lol. ive only seen one cat drool over catnip. my sisters late cat “fatty” (we were children when we got her) she would drool, her nose would run and tears flowing shed make cute little happy noises too :)

i wanted to try that but i dislike the smell of fresh catnip so i was wary of it…then we had a storm and my cat nip died from the pot falling upside down and us being out of town :(


I’ve never smelled fresh catnip, but dried catnip smells pretty good..just not like something I’d want to drink.

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615 tasting notes

There’s no orange or clove flavors present — this is all cinnamon spiced. I saw a lot of reviews saying Red Hots and Big Red, and they are very, very apt. It really is melted Red Hot candy in a cup! Sweetness and all.

For not being sweetened, this is intensely sweet and only gets moreso as the cup cools. There’s also no real tea taste. It’s not a bad thing, but if you prefer your teas a bit more orthodox, this probably isn’t the cup for you.

Thanks KallieBoo!!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

Wow, sounds good!

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2272 tasting notes

This is one of the many teas that crossed the table this weekend. Liquid Red Hots candies is the best description I can give. If you want a tea that will make you wave bye-bye to the sugar bowl, try this. It is so sweet that one person actually told me it was good but had too much sugar in it. There is no sugar. None. Zip. Nada. Not any. The cinnamon blend is simply that sweet, and reminiscent of Penzey’s Cinnamon Blend if you have been fortunate enough to cross paths with it. (Their Vietnamese is our favorite cinnamon, though. ZING!)

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6770 tasting notes

Pretty much tastes like the liquid form of a medium strength “hot ball”…not really that wonderful…but I am sure it could be used for seasoning something…just not a serious black flavored tea…oh yeah…not much black tea flavor at all in there, just a heads up.

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558 tasting notes

Wow, this tea is sweet and a delicious way to end the evening. I enjoyed a sample courtesy of Batrachoid. Thank you so much for including this in our swap. I am impressed at how well flavored this is. I must order more of this. I think my local Barnes and Noble carries it in sachets, but I’ve heard rumors that it isn’t quite as flavorful in the sachets. Loose may be the way to go.


Meghann: loose is the way to go with this particular tea. I have found it to be true with just about every tea from Harney & Sons that I’ve had the opportunity to try both sachet and loose. But with this particular tea, the sachet has NOTHING on the loose version.


Agree with LiberTeas…. I ordered a mega box of the teabags for the convenience at work and although good for “teabag” drinkers the loose is a million times better!!!! Next time I am going to skip the teabags and just get a tin of loose for work and paper filters!


Side by side it’s like cinnamon essence versus snickdoodle mixing-bowl dish water. Honestly,I suspect it’s because the loose has whole cinnamon chunks and the bagged version has cassia bark as filler…

Meghann M

Thanks for the feedback guys! I was debating between the tin of sachets or getting loose online. After reading this, I will definetely wait and order with my next online purchase. Hoping to try the Vanilla Comoro loose next time too, as I went through my first tin really fast!

Meghann M

Thanks again for sharing with me Batrachoid, it was delicious. I better order while the free shipping offer stands as this is a tea I now CRAVE!


Quite welcome. =) I might take advantage of that shipping myself.


You know if you want tea in a special packaging Harney often obliges! I asked for a 7 oz tin of Florence because you could only buy 4 ounces or a pound and I wanted something in between. Within 3 hours I had a response and a link! They had made it. They will also sell you the tiny tins for 65 cents each empty. That’s a great bargain if you like to buy them for swaps or decorate them for mass gift giving. I can see little tins of loose Hot Cinnamon Spice for Valentine’s Day….

Meghann M

Very cool! I wish they would make the Tower of London blend loose, and have emailed about this, but nothing yet. Maybe I will see if there is a way to purchase just a 7oz tin of Vanilla Comoro, because as much as I’d love to own a lb, that would eat up my tea money for a month. Although with the amount I have, I think I better start streamlining if I want to move in July!


I agree Meghann! I have only had the sachets in the vanilla comoro and love it but would like it in loose leaf but really don’t want to buy the pound at a time. (Even though I know I would drink it all but it would be easier for me to buy 7oz loose)


They did write to me that they are considering making Tower of London available loose leaf because they have received a number of requests for it. Keep requesting! I know I have and I can hardly wait for that one to be available loose! I will probably be one of the first to purchase, I love it so much!

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390 tasting notes

this was a surprise free sample that came with my first order from harney and sons. thank you kindly folks!

i cheated… i peeked at the description an saw the word ‘assertive’. NO KIDDING!!! comparing it with another recent cinnamon tea sample from american tea room, this one with hot peppers, i actually think this one has more punch! it’s the cloves… must be. whereas verdant’s sweet cinnamon puerh is a completely different ball game with an entirely separate HOT element underscoring the cinnamon with the use of holy basil.

ha! and here i thought i didn’t like cinnamon outside of cinnamon buns.

very nice. very smooth. not benign or subtle in ANY way, and if you need to wake up early this will give you a significant jolt in that direction! oh yes… and i experimented: although there are chunks of orange peel in the blend it makes a beautiful uncurdled latte.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I really enjoy this tea, and I haven’t had it in awhile. Might have to fix that later today. :)

Hesper June

I also highly enjoy adding this tea to apple cider. Hot or cold its delightful!
I have brought it to parties and people always ask for my recipe.


nice idea Hesper June… never thought of adding it to apple cider!

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1904 tasting notes

Ewww! Blech! What is this stuff?! This isn’t tea – it’s liquid cinnamon hearts!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

SERIOUSLY!! Finally, someone who agrees with me! I couldn’t taste the black tea at all, but my mother loves it and actually asked me to order more for her (a first!)


i loooooove cinnamon hearts, and hence i love this tea


OMG – cinnamon hearts – I’ve not had that in years … now I am going to have to find it at a store tomorrow! Ah, the power of suggestion … is it not enough that I am constantly beset by lovely photos of all these yet-to-be-tried teas but now have to contend with wanting cinnamon hearts as well???? Oh, steepster!


I love this tea. I’ve never had cinnamon hearts but if there anything like red hots I love them too!

Rena Sherwood

Sounds like one scary tea.


Yeah, I was sort of hoping for a bit mor tea with my tea. ¬_¬

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162 tasting notes

I. Love. This.

Almost out of the small sample I purchased so I need to restock this. Such a sweet treat and needs nothing added to it. I never tire of cinnamon (even though I can never spell it right on the 1st try) and love the way it pops in my mouth. Of course, I do happen to be the type of person who can eat atomic fireballs all day long. This reminds me of a subdued version of an atomic fireball but without the intense fire.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I love those fireball candies! but I’m not sure I want the sweetness in my tea, hehe! On the one hand, this never gets bitter…one the other hand I couldn’t taste the tea base at all, and thought this was an herbal tea until I read the ingredients! I ended up giving all of mine to my mom, who loves it, so go figure :) different strokes for different folks!


I’ve got to try this in the loose tea—the bagged version was so dull and I really wanted to love it!


You know what Alannah, the version I tried was bagged, too, and it was really dull! Now you’ve inspired me to seek out the non-bagged version :)


How interesting that the bagged version seems dull! I didn’t find the loose leaf dull what-so-ever and I only steeped it for 3 minutes. Wonder what the difference is between the two.


Hmm, by dull, I meant that I couldn’t taste any black tea and that was kind of boring for me. But it was really, really strong! And super sweet, which I didn’t like. :’(


Ahh, I see. I was able to taste the black tea but it definitely wasn’t the foremost flavor. And I loved the sweetness of it. Very yummy to me. It is so neat how everyone’s tastes are different :)


nods It’s so neat seeing how people react differently to the same teas. It’s been fun finding out what my preferences are as well…I never thought I’d be the type to turn down sweeter teas, but there you have it!


Or, perhaps I’m just a superfreak, since I love the Aveda tea and that’s kind of sweet, too :)

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8954 tasting notes

Had a cup of this in the afternoon while waiting on people to arrive to pick us up. Talk about a cup of cinnamon hearts. I don’t mind this tea, though I can’t say that I’d want to drink this often. It’s more of a special occasion, I’m craving cinnamon hearts kinda of tea :)

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612 tasting notes

Dry, steeping, and finished this tea smells just like cinnamon red hot candies, that dry-powdery-heat scent. The taste is quite a surprise—it’s very, very sweet, like “how is there no sugar in this?!” sweet, sweeter than the Steap Shoppe blends that contain stevia even. I still get that powdery gum feeling I tend to with explicitly cinnamon flavored teas, and I still can’t quite tell if it’s really there in the tea or I’m phantom associating because the flavor makes me think of Big Red gum and then my mind fills in the blanks. It’s not bad, but I’m beginning to think I only love cinnamon in tea when it’s in its bakery spice form as opposed to candy one (someone mentioned the different types of spices all called “cinnamon” and I wonder if that’s part of it too…), and I think I tend to prefer cinnamon-focused teas when the tea base is readily apparent (I rather like Joy’s Teaspoon Cinnamon Roll along with ATR Brioche and Steap Shoppe Cinnamon Swirl Bread and haven’t liked any of the cinnamon tisanes I’ve tried so far, and the black base here is not discernible at all). Drat.

EDIT: I see now another Steepster mentions underleafing this and liking it much more that way. Will have to try. If I could disentangle the Big Red gum connection a bit this would be a very handy tea on cold days—as keychange mentions it’s very good at making you feel warmed right up from the inside.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

i like to overleaf it and then add cream… 8oP


I’m with James here! Overleafing and a dose of cream seems to both temper the sweetness/dryness, and simultaneously thickens it up a bit so you don’t feel as though you’re drinking cinnamon gum water LOL.


i will have to try either, both ways! whee tea tinkering.

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