Tai Mu Ye Sheng White Tea

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Origin : Hu Lin Village, Fu Ding, Fu Jian Province
Plantation altitude : 280 ~ 400 meters above sea level
Harvesting : Early Spring 2011 (pre Qing-Ming)
Tea varietal : Fu Ding Da Bai Hao varietal
Grade : AAA
Yixing teapot pairing : Ben Sha Lu, Pin Zi Ni, Qing Shui Ni

Harvested from abandon tea trees that were owned by local production team. Entirely hand-made and sun dried white tea made using Fu Ding Da Bai Hao tips and tender leaves. This unique white tea exhibits a good amount of white fur on a healthy pale green tea leaf. This is a sign of quality in white tea as fully white leaves (fur and leaf) show that the tea went through a process using “liu huang” which consists in making the overall looking of the tea whiter. The dry tea leaves offer a fresh roasted green bean fragrance with a hint of sweet cereals. The wet tea leaves give the same sweet green bean fragrance but sweeter and they are complemented by a delicate flowery layer. The tea liquor is pale yellow, as it should be, and the nose reminds a little sweet nutiness. The tea soup is quite thick showing that the tea comes from healthy trees. Taste is sweet, with some eggy edge and a long and pleasant aftertaste.

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