2012 Spring Premium Mt. Wudong Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) Phoenix Dancong Oolong

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“I haven’t had that many Phoenix Dancong teas before, but I never really was that fond of them until I purchased this sample. When I was about to place my order, I figured I could add some cheap...” Read full tasting note


This premium Mi Lan Xiang Dancong is from the Gonghou village(around the Fengxi reservior, around 400 meters above sea level) in Wudong mountain.

Well-selected the tea trees over 30-40 years old, made by the skillful tea people in Wudong mountain, our Dancong is Highly-roasted baked by traditional charcoal way; it enjoys strong, delicate honey aroma with light floral aroma as well; sweet taste with lingering after taste sweetness; rich & complex mouth feeling after sipping the tea liquid.

All of our Honey orchid & yellow sprig Dancongs are high-roasted by the traditional Charcoal method; so these two new teas, their charcoal aroma will disappear after 2nd infusion; then comes out the lovely floral aroma mixed with honey fragrance. .

Tips: for all high mountain Wudong Dancong, it has the honey aroma, but also wild-floral aroma as well.

Tea variety: 30-40 years old Baiye variety

Harvest time: 2012 spring

Origin: Gonghou village, Mt. Wudong, Chaozhou, Guangdong province

Picking standard: two or three half-matured tea leaves

Shape: tight, lightly-twisted stick shape

Dried tea color: bloom dark brown color

Aroma: natural, fresh nutty aroma, with unique honey & floral fragrance

Tea soup color: bright golden yellow

Taste: mellow taste, with long-lasting sweetness

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