2011 Spring Nan Nuo Mountain "Ban Po Lao Zhai" Old Tree & Small Tree Tasting Pack

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“Both of these teas are nice and smooth, with a golden amber liquor, and a refreshing, clean taste. Having unpacked the unmarkerd paper canisters from their platic bag, I left myself with no...” Read full tasting note


This is a learning Pu Er pack, to teach Pu Er lovers on how to distinguish the taste & aroma difference on old tree vs small tree Pu Er.

The two teas are from the same tea farmer’s two different tea plantations in Ban Po Lao Zhai village of Nannuo mountain in Menghai, Yunnan. The old tree Pu Er is from the tea plantation over 400 hundred years old tea tree; the small tree Pu Er is from the over 80 years old tea plantation.

The two teas, though from the village & mountain, due to the trees age different, their taste and aroma differs a lot. The old tree Pu Er tea is with thick, sweet tea taste and strong Chaqi.

Vintage: 20011 Spring

Picking standard: One bud with two leaves

Fermentation: Raw

Brewing vessel: Recommended Gaiwan

Brewing guildline: i)Gaiwan: 8 grams per time (180ml Gaiwan); the first several infusion is 92-95C degree or 190F for about 10 second; then the later is about 15seconds. P.S, pour the water around the edge of Gaiwan to avoid burning the tender tea buds; don’t pour the hot water on the tea leaves straightly.

Do not use any strainer/filter to filter this tea; as it is clean enough; Also, use the strainer, will greatly influence the denseness of the tea liquid.

Infusion time: i) Gaiwan: at least 18 times of the old tree Pu Er; around 13 tims infusion of small tree Pu Er.

N.W: 50g of each tea.

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