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  • “Grazie, Azzrian! I went outside to check my mail but nothing was there, so now I am of course cold. This was in the nearest container full of tea, and the first one I grabbed that I’ve yet to try,...” Read full tasting note
  • “Good Morning! My grandsons, Ian (11) and Donovan (9) spent the night and this morning they asked for TEA before anything else! (Well trained boys!) (Mom is away with 15 year old daughter Kiah...” Read full tasting note
  • “Sipdown! 817. Wow – I was pretty harsh on this tea last time! I still don’t think that there’s anything particularly special about it, and I don’t really taste anything resembling honey nut...” Read full tasting note
  • “Well, I funny story with this one. I actually had this tea few days before Nicole kindly sent some to me (thank so much!) except it was called Tealux ‘Honey Pistachio Biscotti’. So it’s the...” Read full tasting note

From Kally Tea

Ciao a tutti! Here is a treat that tickles the senses. Taste the authentic Italian baked biscotti, with hand roasted pistachios, and a little honey flakes adding a touch of sweetness, all blended into a mix of rich Indian and Ceylon black teas. Baked goods! Oh Mama Mia! What can be better while sitting in your own café?

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14 Tasting Notes

1220 tasting notes

Grazie, Azzrian!

I went outside to check my mail but nothing was there, so now I am of course cold. This was in the nearest container full of tea, and the first one I grabbed that I’ve yet to try, so it was clearly a winner.

I was thinking it would be very almond, but the predominant smell is most definitely honey. I get the same taste from this tea as Bonnie: it actually reminds me far more of baklava than it does of biscotti. This has quite the bold base tea! It’s malty, but it blends so nicely with the sweet honey. The nuttiness adds a good bit of savory flavor to the cup, but I am still enjoying it a lot.

I don’t think it’s something I will buy for myself, but I will have no problem making myself a cup with the rest of the sample. It will definitely come in handy on a much colder day, preferably in the morning!

Funny story I have to tell now that I remember. I bought a couple tins of tea when I was with CupofTree and I left them in the paper bag and stuffed them in my suitcase yesterday morning. So what happens in the security line? They cannot see into the tins or whatever so a TSA agent has to take them out to inspect. I’m like seriously, they are tea. So of course they checked out as not being drugs but tea, and at least the agent was a super nice lady. In Atlanta they are SO mean which I thought was funny because on Saturday night, I was saying that the bartenders at the wedding were like genuinely touched when you thanked them. And people kept telling me it’s because people aren’t nice in Florida.
Anyway I was glad I had not purchased any oolong.


Try bringing tins back from Peru! I brought some Pecans and got the 3rd degree like I was a drug dealer!


My worst ever flight experience was in high school, taking my bassoon on an airplane. TSA could not figure out what the heck it was.

“It’s a musical instrument.”
They stare at the x-ray some more…
“I pinky swear it’s a musical instrument?”


Why would having purchased oolong have been a problem? (I’m tired and sick, maybe I’m missing something here…!)

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676 tasting notes

Good Morning!

My grandsons, Ian (11) and Donovan (9) spent the night and this morning they asked for TEA before anything else! (Well trained boys!) (Mom is away with 15 year old daughter Kiah learning about sustainable living. The 6 other kids have been farmed out to friends because dad has to work weekends.)
When I picked the boys up from school yesterday,we went straight to Happy Lucky’s for tea. This is expected. Tea with Grandma!

This review will be a combined one. We are writing it together.

All the boys have their own gonfu tea sets, and a collection of tea’s at home. (They admit to drinking tea more in Winter than Summer)

The mood this morning was snowboarding competition (Red Bull Snow Scrapers) on a sports channel. (not a bad backdrop for drinking tea)

Both boys were in PJ’s on the couch with trays and mugs. I fixed a pot of this tea and poured some for each boy and myself. We smelled the wet leaves.
Ian said the leaves smelled like Chai.
Donovan agreed the leaves smelled like spice.

We all began drinking tea which was lightly sweetened, and then we added a little cream. (This was the request of the boys)

I thought the tea tasted a little perfumy. This might have been the honey flakes…not sure. I had noticed big flakes of pistachio nuts in the dry leaf. At first I thought the tea tasted odd but later, I began to like the taste. The flavors reminded me of Italian and Middle Eastern Pastries.

Ian and Donovan said they liked the tea. Ian said the tea tasted like coffee and Chai (flowery sweet). (Who’s coffee had he been dipping into at home?)
Donovan said the tea tasted like the Assam Strong Malt tea that I let him taste at Happy Lucky’s yesterday (good call).

True ‘drinkability’ test? The boys finished the pot of tea!

I’m not sure why, but this was a quirky tea. A different taste.
If you get a chance to try this tea, don’t judge too quickly.
Think about Baklava with pistachio’s and honey that you find in authentic Middle Eastern shops. This tea tastes more like those than Biscotti I think.

Gotta go watch TV with the boys!

Hesper June

What a fun review!
I enjoyed the boys comments, they have very intelligent opinions (I wonder where they get that from;)
And you are one awesome Grandma, Bonnie:)

Terri HarpLady

Great review! You are an awesome gramma!


What a fun way to enjoy tea!

Daniel Scott

They have their own gong fu sets?! Holy crap, I’m jealous of little kids. Well-trained indeed, and well-raised, from the sounds of it!


Uncle Aaron lives in San Francisco and went to Chinatown and bought each of the boys boxed tea sets for Christmas. Big hit indeed! I supply tea. When I take them to Happy Lucky’s individually they pick out a tea to drink and I buy some for them to take home. The 11 year old likes Puerh.


I’m with Daniel on this one.

Kally Tea

I have to agree with everyone above… You are a great Grandma!
Also, a wonderful review of Sally’s favorite morning blend. We are so happy the boys and nanna enjoyed it. Want to sit down and watch TV with you.

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5948 tasting notes

Sipdown! 817. Wow – I was pretty harsh on this tea last time! I still don’t think that there’s anything particularly special about it, and I don’t really taste anything resembling honey nut biscotti, but it tastes like a decent, ambiguously flavoured tea, which I’m perfectly happy to drink. I do wish it had more flavour, but part of that could have been age. Hard to know.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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3708 tasting notes

Well, I funny story with this one. I actually had this tea few days before Nicole kindly sent some to me (thank so much!) except it was called Tealux ‘Honey Pistachio Biscotti’. So it’s the same blend with different sellers and different names. I could tell right away by the name, the look of the tea, and the descriptions of the ingredients. haha. I find both blends are missing the promised pistachios! I don’t see any in the picture of the Kally, but I do see one right in the forefront of the Tealux! Maybe they float to the bottom of the bag. (Some nice pistachio blends are SpecialTeas Vienna Winter Green and Fusion’s Pistachio Lime Mate, Butiki’s Pistachio Ice Cream). So I can’t really say much more about this one that I didn’t say about the Tealux. Both are mild flavored black teas that are sweet tasting, with yummy looking almonds. I’m not sure how much it tastes like biscotti. But it’s pretty good. It has a bit of a drying mouth affect though. BOTH blends have misleading descriptions… it seems more like almonds and coconut to me rather than pistachios and biscotti. So I wonder if all of Kally’s teas are the same as Tealux’s or if they have multiple different sources? I’ve seen another almond tea that has more than a few brands with the same blend. I’ve got two of them (Teavana and American Tea Room) and I just saw another one yesterday. Who are the original blenders and why don’t THEY sell their own blends? It’s interesting!

ETA: I shook up the Tealux two ounce upside down thinking the pistachios would float to the opening where I could see them when I opened the bag. Nope. No pistachios.


There’s another company who has at least 3 of the same blends as DAVIDsTEA.


I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve been told that Metropolitan teas supplies atleast half of the North American market. Good chance that is where this blend came from :)


That is interesting… I found the metropolitan site and they don’t actually show the teas they have online, you have to request a catalog. It would be nice if the tea companies would mention where they get their teas so you aren’t buying the same blends over and over again. Though I haven’t had that problem yet!


I think they prefer to stay on the wholesale side of things. Oh and I’ve heard terrible things about their customer service!

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790 tasting notes

Mmm. This has a definite honey taste. Not a fake honey either, but a real honey. I get no nut taste at all, though. The black tea base is very nice. I can’t tell if it is the honey or the tea base that gives it a noticeable dryness which increases as the cup cools.

Overall, though, I will say that the initial impression of the 4 Kally teas I have tried thus far is that they are some of the smoothest black teas I’ve had. I’m not sure I’ll keep this around but I will certainly enjoy it while it lasts!

Update: It does resteep decently for a second cup, though the honey is lessened a bit.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Makes me excited for my Black Friday order coming from them


I just got this today – it was my Black Friday order. :) So I got plenty of this to last me awhile and to share. :)


Haha yeah because of the double up, Indigobloom and I went in together on a purchase so it was like it was all 50% off. I think we each picked up like 19 teas haha for about 20$


Yeah, it was a great deal. I’m pretty sure some folks are getting tea for Christmas. :)


19 tea’s?! Wow!


Bonnie yeah…. Prices were totally reasonable since it was basically 50% off and getting 2oz each….and then we figured might as well hit the free shipping mark….aaaand I had a 15% off coupon since it was my first order. So yeah lol

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4843 tasting notes

I am just finishing up a cup of this tea now. It is my first tea of the day (it is 5:30 pm!) because we had a bunch of errands to run, and I felt myself NEEDING tea about midway through those errands. I kept thinking of this tea and told myself that my patience would be rewarded by tasting a new tea.

And it definitely was rewarded. I really like this. It has a fresh baked cookie kind of taste to it. I find that the black tea base is a bit lighter than I would have expected – I thought that more Assam would have given it a stronger sense of that rich, bake-y kind of taste, but I think that the lighter base allows for the flavors of the nuts, honey, coconut and chrysanthemum to come through. I like the way the chrysanthemum highlights the honey flavor especially.

I like this tea quite a bit, and it makes me look forward to the other teas I have to try from them.


Sounds delicious.

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358 tasting notes

First cup of the day from the Traveling Tea Box. Last night was a somewhat late night, and even after sleeping in, I definitely needed something to wake me up this morning. My mom and I went to see Cesar Millan last night, and it was a very good show. That man amazes me with what he is able to do with dogs!

The dry leaves of this tea smell strongly of honey. I can detect a little baked cookies aroma. The tea itself smells wonderfully of warm cookies with a hint of sweet honey and nuts. The tea has a slight oily sheen on top, which I am guessing is from the nuts. I love biscotti, and the flavor of this tea is very close. The flavor is of fresh baked biscotti with a nuttiness to it and a honeyed sweet finish. There is a light nutty and bready aftertaste that is very satisfying. I added some sweetener, which really didn’t make much of a difference either way, but adding milk brings out a silky smoothness which feels quite nice. Now if we only had some biscotti in the house to go with this cup!

-Dry blend has small black tea leaves with slivers of nuts.
-Dry leaves smell strongly of sweet honey with a hint of baked cookies. Tea liquor aroma is of warm cookies with a hint of sweet honey and nuts.
-Tea liquor is a clear dark brown color with an oily sheen on top.
-Fresh baked biscotti and nutty flavor with a honeyed sweet finish. Light nutty and bready aftertaste.
-Best with milk. Sweetener optional.
-Very good tea. Sweet honey and cookie flavor. Silky smooth mouthfeel.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I took some of this from the tea box, but I’ve yet to try it. I might brew myself a cup this afternoon. Your description sounds wonderful!

Josie Jade

I hope you like it too, Veronica! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it this morning! :)

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6768 tasting notes

Black Tea, Pistachios, Honey, a bit florally, and a touch of sweetness!
It’s bold and burly!

The 2nd infusion is sweeter.

This is a powerful flavored black!
Creative yet true to it’s name :)

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1118 tasting notes

Backlogging from yesterday.

First cup of the morning. I’ve been holding on to this sample for a while, but when I was thinking about having a pastry and tea for breakfast I knew it was a perfect time to give this one a try. I chose to be lazy and have tea and toast instead of getting dressed and driving to the bakery. Some Saturdays are meant to be spent doing as little as possible.

Really good. Lots of honey flavor at the front of the sip with the cookie/pastry note coming after. There’s a very slight spiciness – something like cinnamon – that is really pleasant. It doesn’t overwhelm the tea in any way, but it really enhances to the cookie flavor. The honey flavor is strong, and this is a sweet tea. I didn’t see a need to reach for the sugar bowl. This is a definite plus in my book. I love having dessert teas that are satisfying and completely guilt free.

One more tea added to my shopping list. This is a good one.


With the appropriate toppings, spread an inch thick, toast definitely qualifies as pastry!

Josie Jade

Glad you liked this one too! :)

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59 tasting notes

REALLY wanted to try this one (smells DELICIOUS) but I looked it up first and noticed there was real honey in it :( Boo! I guess this is a fake tasting note because all I could do was smell it :(


oh noes :( that sucks


Aw, that’s too bad. :(

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