St. Petersburg

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Black Tea
Bergamot, Berries, Caramel, Chinese Black Tea, Vanilla
Caramel, Fruity, Bergamot, Spices, Vanilla, Floral, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Tart, Berries, Citrus, Red Fruits, Tea
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Loose Leaf, Sachet
Fair Trade
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200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 45 sec 3 g 13 oz / 378 ml

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  • “More sample stash busting, woot! Apparently I said earlier that I would probably cold-brew the last of this tea, but that was a lie. I had just the right amount for another Kati cup full of tea, so...” Read full tasting note
  • “I am entirely too grumpy today for a gal who has found out that she earned an A in her class! I am hoping that this tea full of delightful things – berry! caramel! bergamot! – will calm my cranky...” Read full tasting note
  • “Even though I apparently didn’t get all the cinnamon flavoring off my basket, this tea was so much better. Bonus: the adorable tin. I really like this tea, it’s fruity and caramely, but I don’t...” Read full tasting note
  • “I think the caramel and the red fruits in this tea combine in such a way that makes it taste like tea lightly flavored with red berry syrup. There’s no tartness usually associated with things red...” Read full tasting note

From Kusmi Tea

Russian blend of Chinese black tea with natural scents of bergamot, red fruits, vanilla and caramel.
Created to celebrate the tricentennary of the city of St Petersburg.

Tasting advice: delicious plain or sweetened

This fruity tasting tea has been created for the 300th anniversary of Saint Petersburg where Kusmi Tea was orginally founded in 1867.

Origin: China
Main flavor: citrus with gourmand note
Quantity needed: 0,1 oz.

Time of day: afternoon
Ideal water temperature: 185°F – 195°F
Recommended brewing time: 3-4 min

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125 Tasting Notes

99 tasting notes

I was really excited to try this one! Kusmi’s blends all sound really unique and yummy. :) (I really wanted to get their Russians or Essentials samplers, but both are out of stock, and I’m impatient, so I bought this and Prince Vladimir, since these are the ones I wanted to try the most. :P)

The leaves smell reeeeally yummy. :) I definitely smell the bergamot, but the caramel also comes through really well. The vanilla and fruit are there too, but to a lesser degree.

Brewed, I smell black tea with a hint of caramel. Mmm.

Drinking it, I definitely taste the fruit. It’s nice! It’s not too overpowering. And I definitely taste the caramel, too. It brings some creaminess to the tea. It’s really smooth, anyway, but it just makes it even yummier. :) It did get a liiittle bit strong this time, though, so I’ll have to experiment for next time. :P But it’s great for this morning! :)

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Didn’t even see the Essentials sampler. I wish they actually offered 1oz sampler tins individually for purchase.

the quiet life

I know, right? 4oz is soooo much tea. :( (Not to mention expensive!) It’s a good thing I like it, lol. There are so many other Kusmi teas I want to try, too, but it’s hard when the smallest size they have is HUGE!


Likewise, luckily they are opening a store in NYC soon =] Scoreeee! Haha, I should be able to sample everything there. Just sent them a message so I’m curious as to what they will say about sampler sizes and the future.

the quiet life

Oh, nice!! I’ll definitely have to go once it’s open! :) And hopefully they’ll decide that sample sizes are the way to go.


Ricky – for real!?!?!!? Do you know when it’s scheduled to open?!!? I really need to plan a tea extravaganza NYC day post haste!!!


Apparently some time in May, I saw it on their twitter feed.


That’s fantastic!!! The future is bright for tea lovers :)


Okay, so they said they will be offering same sampler sets on the website in their store. The store is located on Third avenue & 61st Street. What else, oh yeah, they said they might offer other one ounce samplers in the near future after the store picks up some momentum.


I have a box of this at home, I ration my kusmi teas all the time… I try and get the most out of each bag, only because I don’t live near a place that sells kusmi and they are pretty much on the expensive side. Aside from that I love the taste it of the tea, I have to totally agree that it is not overpowering at all, it is the perfect amount of tea to relax and enjoy.

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1220 tasting notes

Yaaaaay my teas showed up. I wanted to try this one the most so I had to make an entire pot of it first!

[Sidenote: Does anyone want to do a quick check of a couple informal reports for me? I ended up with a partner who was too good to actually do a peer review for me considering she only uploaded one of her reports instead of two. They’re both just over a page long so if you’re someone who has to regularly write memos, esp. trouble/investigative reports, you would be REALLY helpful unlike this girl.]

So yeah I made a pot of tea expecting to have two things to edit and I only had one. I’m trying really hard to give her the benefit of the doubt but in class she’s like, oh I’ll have it there in a couple hours! And nope.

I love this one! I’m not really picking up on caramel at all, but the berry flavors are nice, along with the slightly floral flavor. Maybe that’s supposed to be the bergamot? It’s really not coming off as citrus for me.

I took the water off the stove before it boiled so maybe I will let it actually boil and see if that coaxes out a bit more, maybe steep it a bit longer. I like how it is right now though. It’s like a smooth berry Earl Grey.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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1904 tasting notes

I’m revisiting a lot of my old teas in an attempt to use them up before they go stale. Looking back on my old note on this tea I’m a bit surprised to find that this time I can in fact taste the red fruits that I couldn’t before. They’re subtle but similar to the grenadine flavour in a Monk’s Blend.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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773 tasting notes

i love my 5 russian tea sampler pack i got from kusmi!
the tins are lovely. each smells so potent and decadent. and the russian theme adds a bit of romantic stoicism to each sip.
it’s a literary cup!
my boyfriend declared that the tea was ‘so smooth!’ on first sip, and he didn’t even know what kind i gave him. he could just tell that kusmi was different from the others i’d been brewing for him. and i think that says something.
i don’t get that heavy of a citrus flavor, but it is there. definitely. it adds to the dryness overall.

has anyone made a spreadsheet for their tea?
if so, what kind of info did you keep in it?
am i over doing it?
i mean, steepster has all the info anyways kinda right, so is this really necessary?
and i could just keep a list of the special steep times for the exception teas?
my sister’s friend said i need TEAHAB.

we all just wanna drink our tea down to a manageable amount don’t we?

many of us have decided to try to not buy more tea in 2013 until we drink what we have and make room for the new purchases. i’m no exception. i also have 2 drawers of tea in my kitchen (*see ref a & b) and a 3 rd that i call ‘the-tea-i-shouldn’t-have-bought’ drawer because i have no proper place to put it. it’s the drawer where i put my new orders when they arrive, as a holding place until i have an empty tin or something available for storing them in.

well yesterday i freed up 3 tins and this morning i just finished this tea, St. Petersburg, as well.
goodbye St. Petersburg. you are a healthy stable cup and i will see you again i’m sure.
and i will also use your tin for years to come.



I’m just checking out their website now :) What would you recommend?


i’ve only tried the 5 russian tea sampler ( and i got a big tin of the Caramel because it seemed to be highly enjoyed on steepster. but in the future i will just get more of the mini-tins definitely. i will easily buy another mini-tin assortment before the winter is up, so that is what i recommend. just pick one that speaks to you.

(i noticed that some people mail each other tea in snail mail regular card envelopes. idk how they keep the tea from getting all smushed and crushed up, but i’d be happy to TRY to send you some caramel if you want.)


Thanks :) Actually I’ve done some swaps and so far everything has arrived to me intact. I’d love to try some if you’re willing. Was there anything you’d like me to send you?


i think next time i might get the “Afternoon Teas” assortment. that one looks good to me at the moment. :)

i’ll send you a message about mailing!

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871 tasting notes

Thanks Sil for this one!

I have been wanting to try Kusmi for a long time. Glad to have had the chance to try this one. Before I double checked the description of this tea, I smelled the dry tea. It smelled like vanilla and cherries. Then I smelled the brewed tea and it smelled like a generic Ceylon breakfast tea. So my first thought was that there was some scent contamination. Then I read the description and thought, well I was right on the first smell. As the tea cooled, the brewed tea began to smell more of caramel, vanilla and cherries. After seeing the suggested brew temp of 195F, I think I might have used just too hot water, and that is why initially there wasn’t much smell. Happy it ended up working out in the end though.

The brewed tea tastes of vanilla and cherries. As it cools more and more, it has a thick, creamy texture. There is a very faint, sweet, citrousy type flavour, like orange campino candies. But I am not getting too much bergamot. This would definitely make a great after meal tea. It keeps getting better and better as it cools.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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358 tasting notes

I have always wanted to love Kusmi tea – the tins! So pretty, and stackeable (a really important attribute for residents of my tea corner). But whenever before I have had Kusmi tea, I have always been underwhelmed. It´s not totally fair to judge a tea by how it´s prepared on cafés and teashops, so I have always meant to give a fair trial to Kusmi tea. And this is it, got 50 grams of St Petersburg (and such a pretty pretty bag they gave me!), brewed it semi-carefully ( tap water, attention to temperature, and medium attention to time) and well here goes.

I don´t really like it. It smells interesting, very interesting, caramel and bergamot and fruity, very intense. Brewed, I get fruit and caramel and interestingly the bergamot is not overpowering. But rather than a symphony the flavours are all like an instrument tuning, a lot of flavour and it seems to be clashing somehow. And I I do not like the base tea, must retest again, it came up bitter. I will keep retesting, got nearly 50 grams to play with, but maybe I can not brew this up any better than those cafés. Meh.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I’m with you regarding this tea…meh…bof bof et super bof but on the other hand I keep the idea I am maybe too hard with this brand because I expect too much from it


I do not know if it was expectation – I mean it would be useful to like it, I so like the tins, but not sure I am really biased to expect a lot! So far I have had their tea in cafés or tea shops, I could always blame not loving the tea on it not being done properly ( even if I sometimes have fallen in love with teas when having them outside home) so I was a bit disappointed this first time I bought it home.

This brand is so ubiquituous, it´s so trendy, lots of gourmet stores have it and quite a few places serve it. Very chic. And OMG have you see their little sampler packs? soooo cute. But I think if it was expectations my reaction would be sort of different, it would be more “well I am a peasant and obviously can not understand what is going on here” which is my reaction to fancy Darjeelings or japanese teas (though I am starting to really get japanese teas). But this one, my reaction was more immediate, it was as if I could taste what this tea was about and just was not impressed. Too much stuff and the base, bah, I am a peasant regarding Darjeelings admittedly, but this base tea is even more peasant than I.


I have 4 big tins …250gr of 4 of their teas…I gave all the st Petersbourg to my mother+ half of my Nanah à ma menthe. I keep the big tins and I can put my mariage frères or dammann frères in it :)
I have a small set as well, very cute; I reuse the small tins to take other teas to the office


I faced this same problem, and I have stumbled upon the secret to this tea (and many others of the Kusmi flavored black teas). Lower the temperature to around 185 Farenheit, and steep the tea for much longer: 6-7 minutes. You’ll be in tea heaven.


Thanks I will give it a try! 85 C google says, will keep it in mind.

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786 tasting notes

Smells good.

I get a non-specific fruity flavor and mild bergamot. I think I need to try this again when I’m paying more attention. I had this at work and kept having to concentrate to keep my mind on my task as hand and forgetting to notice what I was drinking.

It wasn’t bad – I did finish the cup. ;)

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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358 tasting notes

This one called out to me this morning when I was trying to decide what tea to have. The dry leaves smell lightly fruity, like a fruity currant aroma. There is also a hint of sweet bergamot and caramel. The tea in the cup has a black tea and bergamot aroma. There is a malty flavor with a slightly sweet fruity finish. There is a strong citrus aftertaste that is just a little too lemony for me. I like this tea, but I don’t think it will become a favorite of mine. It’s a nice version of a light Earl Grey, but fruitier and sweeter. Thank you, whatshesaid, for this sample!

-Dry blend has medium black tea leaves and twigs.
-Dry leaves smell lightly fruity and of sweet bergamot and caramel. Tea liquor aroma is of black tea and bergamot.
-Tea liquor is a clear medium orange brown color.
-Malty flavor with a slightly sweet and fruity finish. Strong lemony citrus aftertaste.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Very good tea. Malty flavor with a hint of fruity and citrusy sweetness. Main flavor is sweet lemon.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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408 tasting notes

Well, how to say that in English…the word BOF in French is exactly the expression of my feeling about this tea.
I cannot say I like it but cannot say the inverse.
I recognize some qualities but I am very disapointed by the difference between the smell of dry leaf and what I get in my cup.
Maybe too much caramel vs red fruits for me.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 30 sec

I think you got the idea across that you don’t care for the tea and that there was a disconnect between the aroma and flavor that was disappointing.


“Meh,” peut-être?

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409 tasting notes

Pretty tasty – fruit and caramel, yes – but I think I liked Prince Vladimir better. This reminds me of something I’ve had before, but I’m not being able to place it. Blue moon, maybe? Except that it really doesn’t have the apple notes, hmm.

It is very nice, and sweet enough to drink plain, but would probably benefit from a dash of sugar. I’ll try that next time, since Kusmi considerately puts 2 of each tea into the sampler!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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