Cinnamon Cookie Puer

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Pu-erh Tea
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Cinnamon, Coffee, Roasted, Burnt Sugar, Cookie, Earth
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From Lupicia

Puer tea finished with sweet cinnamon, cookies, and coffee. Add a little milk for a creamy and satisfying tea break.

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29 Tasting Notes

676 tasting notes

Thank you Steepsters for being such wonderful uplifting Tea Friends

Dessert! It’s all about Dessert! Tonight I celebrate you all!

Don’t you love our shared little secret…the sweet lovely tea secret that we can pour in our cups and drink down without guilt! Cake tea, honey tea, cookies, strawberries and cream, spice and CHOCOLATE! There’s that almond biscotti flavor that lifted me up and carried me all the way to Italy…to Lake Como. The Russian Tea with cherry jam, and the Pineapple Oolongs and Coconut cream pie…making me get my hula on. Mercy!
Lupicia had this sweet little Puer…Cinnamon Cookie…laced with black tea, elderberry and cinnamon…perfect for a dessert treat tonight.
It tastes like a cookie. No kidding! I love the earthy flavor of puer…but in this case, I’m not missing it at all. (I really wouldn’t like an earthy cinnamon cookie. No, no, no.)

If something is this good… I think of ways to take it further.

I had a Blackberry Cabernet Matinee Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bar in the freezer.
Uh oh! I went and got it out, unwrapped the silky bar and broke off a chunk.
I ate a little bit of chocolate,took a sip of cookie tea…another bit of chocolate, another sip of tea. Uh! Don’t interupt me! A little bit of chocolate, a sip of cookie tea. (flavor blending silky and rich.Sinfully wonderful…superb!) Remember, I’m only doing this for all of you! ;)

Truthfully, you all bring me such joy. Applaud yourselves! Thank you for all the uplifting comments lately during the fires in Colorado!


I want this!


Thinking of you as I see those devastating photos of the fire and praying for your safety!


Just heard from Jason and he’s ok but his business in Colorado Springs is close to the fire!


Haha, Azzrian – you’re all about the cookie teas, aren’t you!

Bonnie – I’m going to have to try the chocolate, sip of tea, chocolate, sip of tea thing sometime. It sounds like a really great way to enjoy a bit of chocolate for dessert!


Glad Jason is safe, , hoping for the safety of his business as well! Thanks for keeping us posted Bonnie, I’m really glad you’re keeping in contact with Jason.


Chocolate is such a good pairing with tea, isn’t it? Sometime I get a really good chocolate bar and have a single square with a cup of tea. It stretches out how long I get to enjoy the bar, and I’m not eating the whole thing at once, which isn’t really good for my waistline :D


Thats what I do! Another pairing is a very smoky tea and sweet whiskey cheese and an apple or pair or smoky and chocolate. My local cheese shop does tea and cheese pairings!


Ooo, I never thought of tea and cheese. I will have to give that a try!

Jim Marks

I wonder how teas like this would work as a granita…

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1679 tasting notes

Cinnamon cookie? yes please!!!
Thank you so much to Bonnie for the sample!!
I haven’t got much time to write. I am ZONKED. My apologies for the hasty review!!
There isn’t much bakiness here, but I do find a slight shortbread sortof flavour. I think it plays of the pu-erh really well, as does the cinnamon. With some of my agave and milk, this came out to be super tasty. The spice factor really pops with added agave.
Anyhow, I can’t say it’s a dessert tea since it is caffeinated, but it certainly tastes like one!!
Gah, I am so sleepy after going to the gym and then a Tea Guild of Canada meeting. We blended our own tea! SO much fun :P

one more thing. I < 3 pu-erh!


Hi cookie!


C is for Cookie! YUM


What did you blend?! This must have been what you were talking about. Sad I couldn’t have been there :(


and cookie is for me!!! :P

Kristaleyn: an apricot rooibos and a black/rose tea. The rooibos hasn’t really settled yet, I don’t think. The black was pretty good.
I wish you could have been there!

Daniel Scott

Tea Guild of Canada? Is that something that only meets in the Toronto area? (That’s where you live, right?)


She’s only a bird in a Guilded cage.


@Indigobloom – sounds fabulous. Once I’m done my field work/cooking trials (sometime in June) we have got to make some more plans to meet up :D


Daniel Scott: yep, it’s only Toronto, sadly! but if you have enough tea peeps in Calgary I’m sure they’d love to have another branch…we could skype meetings!! haha
Bonnie: LOL I would never marry for wealth ;)

Kristaleyn: YES!!! let me know when you are free. We will party it up tea style!

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998 tasting notes

Thank you ifjuly for sending me a sample of this tea.

I like that the cinnamon is sweet rather than hot. I’m not really getting a lot of pu’erh, but it does add some depth to this blend. I’m not really getting a whole lot of “cookie” but this tea is sweet. Really sweet.
I like it, this was a really nice tea tonight.

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1887 tasting notes

I’m afraid I forgot who sent me this tea – I’ve got so many little samples kicking around that it’s near impossible to keep track of them.

This tea has a very dark, mocha-like scent with a bit of spice. I didn’t realize it until I read the package but aparently this is flavoured with coffee so I’m really hoping it doesn’t upset my stomach.

I’ve not getting ‘cinnamon cookie’ so much as I’m getting ‘mocha with cinnamon sprinkled on top’ from the flavour. The pu-erh is an interesting choice of base and I think it works quite well with the flavours, though I’m tempted to add milk to this tea to see if I can coax more of a cookie flavour out. Maybe next time.

Boiling 1 min, 30 sec

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863 tasting notes

Steeped 5 g. of this in 9 oz. water (the bag recommended about 2-3 grams per 5 oz. cup) at the below parameters.

The smell of the dry leaf had notes of coffee and cinnamon that were pleasant, and then notes of…something sour or metallic that was really off putting and overtook the good smells. (I’m wondering if it was the pu er since I’ve had problems with pu er’s scent before.)

Once steeped that sour smell goes away, but the resulting liquor was really thin in texture, despite that big amount of leaf I used. I had to add milk and sugar, and that brought out notes of cinnamon, sugar cookies, and the coffee. But still, there’s something lurking underneath that prevents all this from coming together for me. Maybe it is the pu er.

I will probably give this another shot, maybe with more leaf as it was so anemic on my tongue. But if it turns out like this again, I will not hesitate to give it away/get rid of it.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

Cinnamon, cookie and Pu-erh do not add up together very pretty in my brain… But some things work out surprisingly well… Sadly it seems like this isn’t one of those things…


I think it would be better without the coffee flavor personally…


@Ninavampi – no, it definitely didn’t work out well. I actually should probably lower the rating, because I couldn’t finish the cup. I don’t know that I can bring myself to try it again…

@Amy oh – I agree- I think that the coffee flavor really makes a very unbalanced blend. It’s too strong to let anything else share the spotlight, except for that weird, weird smell. Bleh.

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361 tasting notes

Still on my journey to find some puerhs that I like in addition to cinnamon swirl bread and aztec spice. This smelled very strongly of puerh dry so I wasn’t hopeful, in fact, I picked out what tea I would have if this needed to be dumped. Thankfully, no dumping necessary. There is an unexpected (until I reread the description) coffee flavor that either complements the puerh really well or masks it, i can’t tell. Either way, the cinnamon cookie flavor is great. If you don’t like coffee you won’t like this tea. I added frothed milk and honey and this tastes exactly like what I can only imagine a cinnamon cookie latte at coffee shop would taste like. I’m cool with it! I’ll make some for my mom. This is right up her alley.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

cinnamon swirl bread pu’erh? who’da thought!



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24 tasting notes

Another flavoured puer I was very happy to try!
As soon as I opend the package the sweet smell of cinnamon met my nose and made me want to brew it that much faster!
I love that LUPICIA uses cinnamon that is more on the sweet side than the spicey side. The sweetness of the cinnamon really makes it like a cookie. Totally reminds me of a snickerdoodle! And the puer tea base isn’t that strong, earthy puer flavour that the majority of them have! It is def. a very good tea to have after a meal or infront of a fireplace on a cold rainy day!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Yum! This is definitely going to go on my shopping list. I adored their strawberry chocolate puer.


yeah that ones really good too! but if you’re going to get this one, you should get the Sunny Fruits one too, thats my favorite out of the 3 lol


Mmmm…that one sounds yummy too! I need to make an order from Lupica soonish to renew my newsletter and replenish my cookie supply. These are definitely going on the shopping list.


I have got to try that!


yesh! and you need to try the Sunny fruits! It’s mine and Victoria’s favorite out of the 3! lol

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2816 tasting notes

wow- when you brew this up it smells exactly like a cinnamon cookie, I wonder how Lupicia does it…

This is kind of a pu-er for people who don’t really like pu-erhs since it is so heavily masked with other things. There is lots of sweet cinnamon here as well as some vanilla-y and coconut-y type notes. I love cinnamon so I enjoyed that aspect of it pretty well. Pu-erh was an interesting choice for the base of this tea – it does add a malty and earthy note here. This would be good with some biscotti to dunk in it. It is a tad bit too sweet for me, especially in the morning. I will need to try this as an after lunch or dessert tea instead.

Boiling 2 min, 15 sec

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81 tasting notes

Thank you Bonnie for this sample.

I made a hot pot of this tea.
I drank it for breakfast, paired it with cheerios and milk.
The taste was excellent, no milk or sugar needed!
My mom had a cup and said it was “delicious”
This is my second Puerh tea that I have tried.
The cinnamon stood out. What’s not to love about this tea?
Not bad! Thanks Bonnie

I am going to chill the rest of this tea.
Also I will check out soon.


I hope you watched cartoons too! Sounds like something I’d do!

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2246 tasting notes

Here’s Hoping Traveling Teabox – Round #5 – Tea #13
Another one I wanted to try! I love the idea of pu-erh, coffee & cinnamon, I’m not sure what these yellow things are. And I’m also not sure how these ingredients make a cookie. It’s tasty though! I wouldn’t mind if the pu-erh was richer, but it isn’t one with odd pu-erh flavors at least. There is plenty of coffee flavor with only hints of cinnamon. Just as flavorful through all three steeps.

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