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From Mandala Tea

This beautiful green tea is a handmade masterpiece. Premium grade green tea leaves are scented with natural jasmine flowers that create a soothing aromatic experience while enjoying this tea. The leaves are shaped like pearls which are each formed by hand. It is a joy to watch the leaves unfurl as they steep. This is an extremely unique tea that produces a satisfying cup. It is a thoughtful gift and an interesting experience to share with guests.

We source such incredible jasmine pearls that several tea shops buy from us saying they’ve never found better jasmine pearls anywhere!

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15 Tasting Notes

2816 tasting notes

I got this as a free sample from Mandala Tea and was by and large cursing my luck because I don’t really like most jasmine teas, I find them to be overdone and soapy and perfumey.

As far as jasmine goes this is on the better end of the spectrum for sure. I used a small handful of pearls in my infuser mug and it was fun watching them open up. I love the aroma of this and wish I could take a bath in it. I was holding my nose up to the steeped leaves and found it very relaxing. When I am feeling wealthy there’s a jasmine shower gel I like from Lush called Flying Fox and I find it sooo soothing.

The tea liquor is a light yellow and it smells nice sitting alongside me this afternoon. Good for a relaxing moment. Oftentimes jasmine upsets my stomach even though I love the way it smells, so I’ve been trying to take small sips of it here and there. It’s very light and sweet and the jasmine is fairly sublte and not too overpowering. I am picking up some light vanilla and creamy notes which is making this nice. Those of you who are really into drinking your jasmine need to check this one out.

As always I am grateful for the sample but probably won’t buy any… I do have anxiety at work sometimes so I’ll have to see how I do with it. Might be good for medicinal purposes, hee! :)

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 45 sec

“It’s not you, it’s me” : )


ha. I actually thought this and the Teavivre jasmine pearls were both ok.


I have a LS with popped Jasmine flowers and they mellow the flavor a bit. Can’t taste any floral either.


Hi Amy! Had I known you weren’t into yasmin I’d have never sent that to you. We sell a ton of them to other shops and all over. I included them last time because I saw a reply that you had made to another who had reviewed our jasmine pearls stating that you hoped to try them someday. No more jasmine for you, I promise!!


Ha- Garret it is not your fault! This is one of the better jasmine teas i have had so consider that a compliment! :)


May this tea calm your anxiety. :))

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4847 tasting notes

So delicious! Definitely one of the better Jasmine Pearl teas I’ve encountered. Sweet, buttery and rich, the jasmine notes are subtle and soft and exotic. No soapy notes here, just gentle floral tones and sweet, fresh flavor.



I might need to try it. Everything I’ve had so far from Mandala has been good!


Hum! interestingly good and simple review. I must remember to make mention of yours when reviewing Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Floral Tea. Key words to look for buttery. I don’t like soupy or buttery. Good review I guess.

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6770 tasting notes

Many people have said they aren’t fond of certain Jasmine teas – I certainly fit in that category…at first I thought it was because I just wasn’t a fan – but over the last 2 years or so – I have noticed – I am just very picky when it comes to Jasmine’s – I guess! So…here’s what I think of this one from Mandala…

Before and After infusing I could smell a little Jasmine in addition to a little something else…it sort of smelled like Apricots or something like them! The pearls UNpearl near perfectly.

This is a very mellow, sweet and smooth, near buttery-textured Jasmine. It’s NOT soapy AT ALL and it’s not overly floral tasting either. It has a pleasant aftertaste and as nice and even from start to finish!

This is right up there with all of the things I look for in a Jasmine.

High remarks and ratings from me!


this is a very nice tea and I don’t even like jasmine. :)


I don’t want you to think that just because I own Mandala Tea I am happy to hear this. It reaffirms for me how great our source is for our jasmine pearls. Green jasmine is not a tea that I ever really cared for. I find most of them overpowering (likely to make up for low quality green tea and/or artificial scenting). But when my connection sent me a sample of these 5 years ago, I was pretty excited. And despite having hundreds of teas at my disposal, I find myself enjoying these pearls a couple of times a week. They work great in controlled steepings and I also enjoy them in the tea glass style of brewing, too, where they stay immersed in water for hours, sip down halfway, add more water, sip and on and on! I’m really happy you enjoy them, too!!


Went to add this to my shopping list and it’s already there! :D

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1231 tasting notes

I’m doing it again. My brain thinks I should blog review every new tea that passes through. The problem is, if I do that and get no new tea, I’m covered for the year and probably the samples will go bad. Sigh. Doesn’t help that Mandala Tea gives out great samples – I can tell there’s thought put into it and a nice size for a couple cups.

So, I’ve had a couple dragon pearl teas in my life. I’ve quite like the Adagio one. Mandala? What the, smells so good and blows my in stock brand outta the water! I caught my roommate sniffing this one a couple times.
Taste, even better! The jasmine is fantastic – not overly perfumely or chemically, with some sweetness. The tea base is buttery smooth. The adagio one’s perfume is edgy bitter and the base isn’t as good. Okay, I think when I restock my old jasmine pearls, I’m going to restock with this one (if I can even drink my old one again)!
enough sample left for one more cup!

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34 tasting notes

I got this in the mail yesterday and drank some this morning as I was getting ready for work. Here lately my mornings have been a race to see how many caffeinated teas I can try before I have to leave for work lol and this was the last one I got in! This was my first order to mandala and when I opened the box there was a handwritten note from them, which I thought was really nice, and 2 samples which was also really cool because my order was small. I am very happy with the way they treat their customers so far! Would definitely re-order based on that alone. On to the tea… This tea smelled wonderful brewing! I love the smell of jasmine! It was not overwhelming though. The taste was subtle and not overwhelming. I could definitely see this being a jasmine tea for someone who does not usually like jasmine teas. The jasmine doesn’t hit you right in the face. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to try to the milk oolong that I ordered along with this!


Thank you for the review, my friend! Glad to hear you enjoyed the dragon pearls. It’s funny, before I found this particular producer for our dragon pearls, I never enjoyed green jasmine teas much. One of the differences is that these are authentically scented with fresh jasmine pedals and not sprayed with jasmine oils like many are. That is what gives this tea lasting flavor and the “not in your face” perfume wallop that some green jasmines have. I purport that authentic scenting is much more beneficial to flavor, mind and body. Enjoy! And thank you! Most of our customers report getting 10 to 15 steepings from the leaf. Grateful, Garret


Your welcome! Thanks for the info about the steepings… I am brand new to loose leaf tea and just now learning how things work. I figured it could get a couple but I had no idea I could get so many! That’s amazing:) thanks for an awesome product!

carol who

Also that from me. I had no idea either about 10-15 steepings and since i haven’t gotten into green jasmine teas yet it’s helpful to learn about jasmine petal vs oils.

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41 tasting notes

Don’t be fooled! I hate Jasmine Tea. I really don’t like it at all. That was until I tried this tea. I don’t know where in the world Garrett found these pearls (well presumably China) but this is by far the best Jasmine tea I have ever had. There is no astringency at all. The pearls are completely whole buds with no broken tea leaf to be found. Not only are these the most incredible Jasmine Pearls I’ve tried, they also go on and on for steeping after steeping, never losing flavor.

I really did despise Jasmine Tea. This one is so good I would not only drink it but would buy a few ounces for myself as well.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I’m with you on this, Nathaniel! I couldn’t find a jasmine tea that ever did it for me and tended to stay away from it. But with these I actually find myself brewing them up in my tea thermos at least once a week. And that’s pretty frequent, really, considering my love for hundreds of teas :) Thanks for the review!!!

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21 tasting notes

Only 3 pearls needed for one gaiwan, now that’s called efficiency. Steep time can go up to 10 minutes. Very enjoyable drink.

195 °F / 90 °C 8 min or more

I have found all of Mandala’s teas to be superb.


At Mandala Tea we had gone through a couple of different sources for organic dragon jasmine pearls. Each time, I wasn’t all that excited, though we sold alot of them because they were better than anything people had experienced before. When I locked in on this source, even I was pumped. And we’ve been acquiring our jasmine pearls from them for 4 years now. I keep trying other ones, but they leave me wanting good tea flavor or are overpowering in their jasmine (likely because of being sprayed with oils rather than authentically scented. So glad that you enjoyed these, Peter! Thank you for the review and thank you, too, John!

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147 tasting notes

Ok, about to brew some of this…I want a nice relaxing cup…and it’s jasmine…so we need fancy tea ware….

Opening the bag I would have to say I haven’t smelled a jasmine tea quite like this…I mean it’s jasmine and floral but it has this something about it….that makes my mouth water…like I need beautiful jasmine tea. And this smells beautiful.

It’s lovely. In fact compared to some other jasmine teas I’ve had…it’s on the light side with the floral. Very delicate and delicious. I’ll drink this on my day when I want just a touch of floral in my day.

I do say that the lingering taste in my mouth is barely floral at all…but very pleasant…it’s like you can just still smell the jasmine but not really taste it anymore….that’s the after taste.

It’s quite nice.

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8 tasting notes

I’m very particular about jasmine teas, but this one is definitely the best I have ever had.

First, it’s an absolutely beautiful tea. The pearls are exceptional and whole, and they unfurl into beautiful full leaves with no broken or loose particles. I don’t use any kind of infuser for this tea, simply put the pearls into a glass cup or thermos. Watching these pearls unfold and not having to worry about drinking any broken leaf bits makes this tea an aesthetic delight.

However, pretty tea doesn’t necessarily make good tea, but in this case, it lives up to its looks. It’s a very mild jasmine tea, not something so artificially or heavily perfumed that it no longer tastes like tea. Rather, the jasmine compliments the tea itself and is more of a background undercurrent – it’s something you taste in the body of the tea, which makes it feel like more a natural part of the tea, not something that is heavily overlaying it or dominating it.

It resteeps very well. I just pour more hot water into my cup/thermos when it’s nearly empty. I haven’t really tried the usual Western brewing method with this tea, but I imagine it would be very similar. It’s definitely a tea worth trying in a manner that allows you to enjoy the beauty of leaves as you drink it though.

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627 tasting notes

I enjoyed my sample of this. It was super mild, so those who fear jasmine might love this. I personally found it a bit too mild for me. I liked the perfume, but the actual tea itself took a backseat even still. Definitely enjoyable though.

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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