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  • “Decided I wanted minty matcha but wanted something else to go with it so this one has the normal amount of mint matcha and then added to that a normal-ish amount of berry matcha since I have a...” Read full tasting note
  • “HOLY MINT, Batman! Thanks to my Sororitea Sista Azzrian for this one, too! Many of you know how I LOVE mint! Well, this Mint flavored matcha takes it to the NEXT level! POW! POP! PUNCH! ...” Read full tasting note
  • “MMmmmmmMINT Matcha is JUST what I needed to help round off my matcha supply! I love mint but need to be in the mood for it. Luckly for me that mood comes fairly often! Mint is eye opening,...” Read full tasting note
  • “Ah mint. My wife and I both adore mint, but I’m a spearmint girl, where she’s a peppermint lover. And these are two very different mints. But I have love in my heart for mint teas. My childhood...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

Do you add Mint to your diet? Arguably this is the most recognized herb out there. There are many ways which are available for you to add mint to your diet. The most desirable way which most people favor is to drink Mint Tea. It is recommended that you drink between one to two cups per day.

Ever wondered why most restaurants hand out mints? The most widely known use of this herb is to help with indigestion, upset stomachs and stomach cramps. Well know you know. It can also be used for many purposes such as a strong stimulant that can improve your appetite.

Although there are hundreds of varieties of mint. Most of them originate from Europe and Asia as well as a few varieties from Australia and the America’s. Mint is used for both medicinal and culinary purposes throughout the globe and it can be used to treat pain and sensitive skin. Our 100% Matcha Tea with Mint is the perfect combination for a great sense of well-being.

Mint also offers the following benefits to name a few :

Reduces Headache pains
Relief from congestion
Prevents infections
Soothes the digestive tract
Relieves diarrhea
It’s time for that cool refreshing feeling. Perfect for that after dinner relaxation to soothe your stomach. Our Mint Matcha Tea flavors and health benefits are retained as our raw and organic fruits are freeze dried and ground into powder to offer the best quality.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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15 Tasting Notes

771 tasting notes

Decided I wanted minty matcha but wanted something else to go with it so this one has the normal amount of mint matcha and then added to that a normal-ish amount of berry matcha since I have a bunch of that still. The mint sort of overpowers the berry and it tastes much more like matcha than usual but I like it, it’s pretty good. A little more bitter than normal but otherwise okay.

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6768 tasting notes

HOLY MINT, Batman!
Thanks to my Sororitea Sista Azzrian for this one, too!

Many of you know how I LOVE mint! Well, this Mint flavored matcha takes it to the NEXT level! POW! POP! PUNCH! BAM!!!!


HELLO! Mint! Mint! MINT!

It smells like mint but the taste is actually MORE intense than the aroma! PURE MINT!

The powerful 1-2 punch of MINTY goodness deserves HIGH RATINGS in itself! This is down right marvelous!

BUT…you have to LOVE mint! Thank goodness…I DO! This is – dare I say – perfect!?

I can’t think of a more minty Matcha – so – until then I must give it a 100!

Sure, I like the Wintergreen Matcha, too, but it does taste just like those wintergreen lifesavers – which even tho they are minty-fresh – I perfer this one over that one…mostly because this just seems like straight-up MINT – extract, perhaps?



LOL Im tickled you love it so much! :)




wow, proof you do love mint!

Denise @ Nature's Tea Leaf

Is this a peppermint or spearmint. I’m curious to try but I love peppermint and HATE spearmint.

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807 tasting notes

MMmmmmmMINT Matcha is JUST what I needed to help round off my matcha supply!

I love mint but need to be in the mood for it. Luckly for me that mood comes fairly often!

Mint is eye opening, awakening, and also helps soothe a troubled tummy.

We had some really good Japanese food last night at a great restaurant but all of us were having some tummy “issues” last evening after dinner. This mornings mint matcha which you can buy here is really helping to settle the tummy woes.

When I opened my bag from Red Leaf Tea the aroma was striking! I instantly thought “ohhhh yessss this is IT”. It had some slight resemblance to Spearmint gum, and while I do also detect peppermint flavor here I would have to say the mint used is mostly spearmint. Now with that said – whatever mint this is – which is arguable – this is a perfect blend of mints period.

For those who know their mints some really prefer one type of mint over another. Spearmint to me is sweeter than peppermint and there is less of a bite to it. Some may beg to differ since most people are used to peppermint candies but in its true form I find peppermint to have more bite, sharper than spearmint and spearmint more sweet naturally. Regardless of what type of mint you prefer I have to say this Mint Matcha from Red Leaf does in fact taste very natural! A perfect union of mints!

This is an excellent mixer as well. Of course you will want to use a little less mint matcha in your blend along with another matcha but I choose to blend mint with mocha this morning. The mocha I used a full scoop and the mint just a half of a scoop. I can taste the mocha very well and the mint does not totally over power it.

This mint does not in any way taste like mouth wash or toothpaste. It is quite enjoyable. I am so glad that I purchased this one and will absolutely keep this as a stash regular.

Also I notice that the mocha base is providing a nice creamy backdrop to the mint matcha! Ohhhh I MUST try a french vanilla / mint blend as soon as possible – I am thinking “Grasshopper” flavored matcha here! Oh yeah!

My matcha was composed of the following:

Size : Small
Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust
Storage: Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g)
As always remember to grab up one of the screw top tins when you place your order! Excellent tins – air tight and keep you from making a matcha mess when you scoop!
I don’t like scooping even regular tea from bags – tins are the best and I love the ones Red Leaf sells!

So all in all I could not be happier that I went for it and grabbed this Mint Matcha from Red Leaf!

Go get some for yourself now!


Hmmm I should try this one sometime. I occasionally want to have matcha but I only have ‘regular’ and a Chai sample (which is very good but I make it into a latte type rather than just tea). Sounds good and refreshing.


Spearmint is my favorite, too! Peppermint is a little harsh to me when compared side by side with spearmint. This sounds like a good matcha!


It is truly so enjoyable. Its even better than brushing lol – I have the freshest breath right now AND an EXCELLENT flavor left behind haha.


That look so good red leaf tea matcha look so awesome just bad that matcha trigger my seasonnal allergy because i love matcha so how can i not love mint matcha (i really really love mint )? gonna give it another try maybe i was just unlucky with the one i have


Zoltar what if you got white or black matcha instead of green? Maybe it is the green only that triggers it?


that worth the try the worst than can happen is the allergy will still trigger i was waiting for the allergy season to end before trying another kind maybe if the real allergy is no more there the one triggered by the matcha would not be so bad because they have so much matcha choice i just want to try them all !

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1473 tasting notes

Ah mint. My wife and I both adore mint, but I’m a spearmint girl, where she’s a peppermint lover. And these are two very different mints.

But I have love in my heart for mint teas. My childhood summers were fueled by Lipton tea bags with fresh mint set out on the porch to brew in the sun. Picking mint and just chewing on it as we played in the sun. Heck, my college days were fueled by mint juleps and raspberry mojitos. Mint and I are good, good friends. And a Shamrock Shake is a must-have for me every March! At least, it was until I found out about my dairy allergy.

Which is what brought me to this tea, Mint Matcha (found here:, was a desire to make my own version of the Shamrock Shake (which is essentially a vanilla-mint milkshake from McDonalds) with vanilla and mint matchas and soy milk or ice cream. But for the sake of this review, I’m drinking this matcha the way I drink all my tea, no milk and some sugar.

Earlier today I made a cup of this for a friend of my wife’s, who I am eagerly trying to seduce to the ways of matcha with my Red Leaf Tea collection, and I fell in love the second I opened the package. It smells like a smooth creamy mint. When I commented on how good it smells, my wife agreed with me…and she doesn’t even like matcha! I can’t wait to have a cup of this myself!

My wife’s friend (who needs to be on Steepster, darn it!) says this tea tastes like Christmas (which may have something to do with the Rudolph travel mug I sent it to her in!). This made me think of my favorite tea of all time, Santa’s Secret, which is a vanilla-mint black tea, so I have high hopes for this one.

Holy mint, batman! This is definitely a peppermint tea, with just a hint of the smoothness that reminds me of spearmint tea. Wow. I am definitely craving a raspberry-mint matcha mojito now. Yum, yum, yum. It’s mega minty in a non medicinal way and now I am dying to try it with the vanilla, but if I have any more matcha today, I’m going to explode XD. I love it! The burst of strong mint really helps wake you up too, and can definitely see myself adding this to my collection. And mint mixes so well with berries and fruit that I can see endless smoothie options here. If you’re a mint fan, I definitely recommend this one.

Daisy Chubb

Your reviews are seriously making me want to make an order tonight. So you deserve every bit of free matcha you get darling :D


awww, thanks! It’s true, I can’t stop gushing about these matchas to every tea lover I know and it’s partially because I sat down and took the time to do these reviews. And hey, if you order over 60g of matcha, the shipping is free! tempts

Daisy Chubb

New comment!
I am placing an order tonight after checking the bank and seeing that there is a perfect amount in the tea budget.

But now the dilemma is which one to start with ; 3; I’ll just read your reviews again. :D


XD I recommend the Madagascar Vanilla. Seriously, heaven on earth. Also, if you’re going for the free shipping, you can get 30g of three different matchas, it doesn’t have to be over 60g of a single flavor.

Happy hunting!

Daisy Chubb

Thanks for your help!
I totally have the Madagascar Vanilla in my cart, so now I know it’s staying there for sure! :)

Matcha Outlet

We are currently working on having 2 Mint Matcha tea since we have found 2 different ways to flavor it. We are looking for a new name for our second Mint Matcha. Any suggestions? If you like your new name and use it, we’ll send you a FREE 30g packaging :-)


Oooooh! Well, what does the second mint taste like? Is it a sweeter mint? Maybe a Bold Mint (the current one) and a Mild Mint?

Tina S.

Wintermint and/or (Re)freshmint?

Matcha Outlet

One will have natural mint flavor and second one will have mint powder only, so the flavor would come from the herb itself.

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516 tasting notes

Mint mint mint! This is my review of how to love mint matcha!
First of all – they’re both green! That helps with that feeling of “I’m drinking a strawberry flavoured drink but it’s green instead of red! Ow my brain!”

It freshens your breath! Don’t do what I do and make your matcha way too strong – otherwise associations of swallowing mouth wash come to mind. Oops!

It’s classy! Think of crème de menthe. Okay crème de menthe way be a little old fashioned, but it still hits the spot when you sip from crystal glasses. Drink this matcha from a crystal bowl! Now you’re fancy too!

It’s great for cookies! Peppermint shortbread is one of my favourite Christmas cookie flavours. Nobody will blink at a red and green cookie – so go for it!

It’s a perfect mixer! I know this is a strange and unorthodox review, but this is finally the part when I drink the matcha and love it! Chocolate mint my friends. I mixed a healthy dose (1/2 tsp) of Belgium Chocolate matcha with a small amount (1/4 tsp) of mint matcha! The mint is quite strong, but after experimenting I’ve found this to be my favourite mix. For an extra treat I add the matcha right into warm milk and froth it up!

It is delish and reminds me of an After Eight hot chocolate. If that’s not a treat, I don’t know what is!

Here’s where you can pick up some minty goodness, but be careful, it’s STRONG! (


This is random and not tea related, but your comment about drinking matcha out of a crystal bowl made me think of it…Did you know that crystal stemware is made with lead??? Yes, the lead that poisons people!! I couldn’t believe it! Check this out (and check out the date, 1991!!! How come I’m just now hearing about this?!):

Daisy Chubb

Oh I did NOT know that! Good to know! I actually don’t have any crystal, I was referring to a moment from the movie 28 days later! I’m not really at all fancy lol


I happened across that article when I was trying to figure out which crystal pattern to register for. Now I’m thinking I’ll just skip the crystal…LOL! My mom thought I was making way too big a deal about it, but better safe than sorry! I don’t want to have deformed kids and then find out it’s from drinking lead! Ahhh!!!


Yummy, liquified After Eights (or Andes candies). I think that’s how I’d drink this, too. Thanks for the great idea. =)


What flavor level did you get? Mint matcha does sound good to mix with other flavors.

Daisy Chubb

Delicate :)

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