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  • “Sippin’ on watermelon matcha and life is GOOD! I chose this flavour because I just knew it would make a totally refreshing iced summer beverage! By george – it is all that and more! I’m not sure if...” Read full tasting note
  • “Having the Watermelon Matcha on it’s own today… when I typed in this tea into the search here on Steepster, I noticed a combination of Watermelon and Peach… and I think that might be pretty good,...” Read full tasting note
  • “I knew this was coming today, so I stopped and bought a quarter of a watermelon on the way home. Except of course, the stupid train aggravated my back so I took pain meds and now I don’t want to...” Read full tasting note
  • “Second Red Leaf matcha of the day! I am actually feeling kind of icky and nauseous, and don’t want any actual food so matcha is pretty much my food for the day haha. Okay, maybe not the best for...” Read full tasting note

From Matcha Outlet

This slightly sweet Matcha treat with its watery velvety essence is an excellent accompaniment at any table of refreshment alternatives. This is because; Watermelon Matcha is a balanced treat that has something to offer to anyone with the willingness to partake of it. It brings out the taste in many foods and drinks and adds some of its own essence into any food or drink it is included. Watermelon Matcha slowly grows on the taste buds of those who choose to enjoy it.

This treat is balanced by the presence of watermelon’s fresh sweet undertones and Matcha’s light oriental charm to make a treat that is unforgettable in the light touch it leaves on the senses. Watermelon Matcha is the right snack to take when a person wants to refresh themselves and renew their taste buds to accept and appreciate new sensations and unprecedented adventures. This exceptional treat also makes the perfect appetite enhancer and aperitif.

Company formerly known as Red Leaf Tea.

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28 Tasting Notes

516 tasting notes

Sippin’ on watermelon matcha and life is GOOD!

I chose this flavour because I just knew it would make a totally refreshing iced summer beverage! By george – it is all that and more!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stop drinking it tonight – I need to figure out the quickest way to make this into a smooth iced tea that is portable! But maybe matcha is best enjoyed from the comfort of my home in my favourite matcha cup. :3

Iced latte with coffee cream! mm watermelon and cream is totally working – Love it!


I am wanting to try my hand at making some matcha ice cream with this. Perhaps the next time I’m at the store I’ll get the ingredients I need.


Alright, I keep seeing all your flavoured Matcha’s. What does Matcha itself taste like? I’m thinking I may need to try some flavoured matcha

Daisy Chubb

mmm any matcha icecream you attempted would be delicious. this one is seriously awesome with heavy cream so that would hit the spot! Luxury really!

@tattooed – matcha kind of tastes like green tea on an intense scale. It’s a bit grassy and smooth, sometimes astringent or spinachy. Do you have a starbucks around to try a green tea smoothie? Or a DavidsTea to get a tea to go? I think those would be the best ways to get an idea of the taste before committing to buying a lot! :)


@DaisyChubb: what options did you select for this tea? I got the basic matcha with the “distinctive” flavoring, and it turned out perfect for me.

Daisy Chubb

I got the basic flavouring with the basic matcha! I feel it could use a little more flavouring if I order it next time, so I think you may have picked the perfect amount!

Daisy Chubb

That said, it’s still pretty flavourful this way – I couldn’t mistake it for any other flavour :3


A watermelon tea doesn’t sound good to me, but a watermelon Matcha does! :))

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4843 tasting notes

Having the Watermelon Matcha on it’s own today… when I typed in this tea into the search here on Steepster, I noticed a combination of Watermelon and Peach… and I think that might be pretty good, so maybe I won’t finish off my Watermelon before I open a package… and I think I will open a new Matcha tomorrow because I want to have a new review up for Friday, when Red Leaf Tea posts it’s new sale. Don’t want to potentially miss out on something awesome!

Deliciously watermelon-y, this Matcha. The vegetal notes seem sharp at the moment, I am not sure why that is. It is not off-putting, but it is different, because I’m used to the vegetative notes being smoother in Matcha and they certainly were the first time I had this… even yesterday when I mixed it with the boysenberry. I must have added a bit too much Matcha or perhaps not quite enough water. It’s still very good though, just a little different.


I put watermelon and peach together in a smoothie, I need to have them together without the smoothie part soon!


Mmm… that sounds yummy too.


This is the next matcha I want to get yumm.. Im still waiting to try my first one. Oh reviews make me want to buy everything!


What Cedes said. :D


hmmm watermelon that one going on my shopping list with all my other matcha from red leaf some day they will receive a order with 40 tea on it lol

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1220 tasting notes

I knew this was coming today, so I stopped and bought a quarter of a watermelon on the way home. Except of course, the stupid train aggravated my back so I took pain meds and now I don’t want to touch a knife for a few hours. But still, I had to try this immediately especially since I finally got a legitimate matcha making whisk. Although I had discovered that my smoothie maker attachment for my hand mixer did an excellent job.

I of course spilled everywhere but that’s the cup’s fault. After seeing aisling of tea’s note that this had that bitterness of the peach, I used room temp water and all is well.

The watermelon was a bit light, so I added some sugar and now it tastes a lot more like sweet, juicy watermelon mixed with matcha. Drop in a touch of cream, a couple ice cubes, and this is the perfect mid-afternoon refreshment in the summer.

Later on though, the smoothie attachment is coming back out, along with the watermelon and some of the mint in my garden.

This is also probably the most realistic tasting watermelon tea I’ve had. I enjoy Luscious Watermelon but if given a choice between it and this matcha, I’d take the matcha. Out of all of them I’ve tried so far from Red Leaf, I think this one is tops in combining the flavor with the matcha itself.


You gotta be kiddin!

Invader Zim

You should put some matcha on your actual watermelon and see how that tastes!


Ooh, I’ll try that for sure!

Daisy Chubb

Yes! Ordering this for suresies now :D


Arrrrgh. Must. Review. Matcha.


I can’t wait to order this……

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470 tasting notes

Second Red Leaf matcha of the day! I am actually feeling kind of icky and nauseous, and don’t want any actual food so matcha is pretty much my food for the day haha. Okay, maybe not the best for you, but it’s sooo good!

I really love watermelon, but so often it’s just a bit icky and gross and artificial in tea, candies, pretty much anywhere you’d put watermelon. You know, like a Jolly Rancher! Confession: I actually do like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. BUT I don’t want my tea to taste like that! I want fresh tasty watermelon. And I do trust Red Leaf to deliver on really authentic watermelon taste!

My matcha is as follows
Size: 30g (small)
Flavor: Distinctive
Quality: Basic

I almost went with robust flavoring but I am really glad I didn’t: the flavor here is stronger than the cheesecake, which is the same level. Maybe the fruit is just more powerful tasting! I think Robust would totally drown out the matcha flavor, which I definitely don’t want.

In the bag, this smells… like a Jolly Rancher. Uh-oh! I wasn’t too worried, since often sitting around in the bag have a much stronger and more artificial smell than the actual taste. I didn’t really want a latte for this, so I decided to experiment with a smoothie! I have no clue how to make a matcha smoothie so this was definitely a bit of a mad scientist project.

I first sifted & prepared the matcha extra strong. I tasted it at this point, and wow! Too strong and a bit bitter for my taste, but the watermelon flavor was spot-on. Kind of like a plain matcha was made with watermelon juice instead of water! Hmm, now I wonder if you could do that—make matcha with juice or something instead of water. I do have some tamarind juice in my fridge, I’m tempted to make the caramel matcha with that!

I popped the mixed matcha in my food processor (yeah, I don’t have a blender haha) with some chunks of fresh watermelon and ice, then blended away. When it was done I added a splash of milk as well, because milk and matcha go together like… well, watermelon and summer!

OH MY GOD. This is sooooo delicious! Juicy, fresh, amazingly bold watermelon taste. The milk adds some really nice creaminess, but it’s still refreshing. This is summer in a glass, sweet and cool and just.. uhnf, I am in love. Everything I have tried from Red Leaf so far has been beyond my (admittedly high) expectations. I think I am a matcha addict now! You can find this matcha here:



That is why I go for the distinctive level too. I like a good amount of flavor, but, I don’t want so much flavor that I don’t taste the Matcha. Your smoothie sounds like it was amazing. Today, I plan on tasting the Plum Matcha … I know that my Matcha order that I placed earlier this week will be here either today or tomorrow, so I need to get busy and try the Matcha that I already have… PLUS I need to order the bavarian cream and the cookies and cream. Gah! I’m so bad!


I’ve had my eye on the plum matcha, but I think I am going to go with pear first. Eventually I’d like to try ALL of them haha


Me too. Although I’m hesitant to try the hibiscus one. LOL! I’d definitely recommend the pear first. It’s really good!!! I loved the plum too… it was very yummy… but if I had to choose one, I’d choose the pear.

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871 tasting notes

I got this one in basic grade and robust flavour.

On first sniff after opening the package it is delicious watermelon scent. Almost like watermelon gum or candy. It almost has a caramel scent to it. Not sure if it is supposed to have that or if there has been some contamination.

I made this one a cold shaken in a water bottle. No sweetener added. It is absolutely delicious. Very refreshing and thirst quenching. It tastes like watermelon gummy candies. Not quite authentic watermelon but also not overly artificial either. I get a bit of a creamy, caramel type flavour in the aftertaste, but it is not bad.

I would be interested to to add a bit of sweetener to see what it does to the taste. Also, not sure if ts one is going to be good hot, but I will give it a try anyway.

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62 tasting notes

Yum watermelon! When I opended the package of this all I could think was summer! And why didnt I get this before the summer eneded. You get this lucious sweet smell that just fills my house, its smells like joly ranchers! Everytime I open the container everyone in the house knows exactly what I’m doing. So what I got was Size: Small (30 grams), Quality: Basic Grade, Flavor: Delicate. I had to try this cold first. So I made myself a Iced latte, I can taste the earthiness of the matcha but there if this sweet juicy watermelon taste that is mouth watering. I have to say out of all the matchas I’ve tried so far, this is the one that I taste the matcha the most. I did get it in delicate I bet this would be amazing in robust!

I made my latte by adding 1 tsp of my watermelon matcha and put it through my sifter. Added 2 oz of hot water and started whisking away until its all was blended. Added ice to my glass, then mixed about half a cup of milk into my bowl with the matcha. After everything was mixed together I poured it into my glass with the ice. I did add a bit of sweetener to bring out more of the watermelon sweetness. Yum this is the perfect drink for a nice summer day. I only wish watermelons where still in season, after reading reviews of people putting in watermelon chunks I want to try it.

Its lucious, its sweet, its earthy, its great. Alot of the times with drinks that have watermelon flavor they just dont taste like watermelon at all. This is a very authentic watermelon flavor to me. Its crazy who would have thought watermelon and matcha would go together, but it does and its delicious. It amazes me how Red Leaf gets there flavors so spot on. Here is the link if anyone else wants to try this delicious flavor http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/watermelon-matcha.html

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172 tasting notes

This is a sample I received from Azzrian, thanks Azz. I’ve been very curious about Red Leaf’s flavored matchas as a lot of people really seem to enjoy them. I decided to brew this one up today as it’s a beautiful day, nice and cool while still being sunny and bright. This matcha really seems to fit that mood.

I wouldn’t say the watermelon flavor is exactly natural tasting, it’s verging on candy-like but it still tastes bright and fresh somehow. Despite the matcha being “starter grade” in this particular matcha, it’s still smooth and only has a little bit of bitterness. Really, I don’t see the point in paying for a high-quality matcha as an option for a flavored matcha anyway.

But this one goes down smooth, it’s nice and refreshing, and most of all it’s just a nice change from the typical tea-fare. Thanks again Azzrian, I’m gonna have to order some of Red Leaf’s matchas for myself.


You are so welcome! :)

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127 tasting notes

Got this one as my first matcha. It’s basic grade, with distinct flavoring.
I have been flip flopping/experimenting with this one for a while now, but I think I’ve finally come to a conclusion:
I’m not a big fan. Kind of disappointed.

The watermelon isn’t what I was expecting. Instead of juicy, fruity, and realistic, I’m getting artificial, slightly chemical, and rather bland.
I’ve tried it iced, warm, hot, in a smoothie, in milkshakes, with sugar, using less matcha, using more, etc… I don’t know. I always get the artificial taste. Maybe my taste buds are off?

That being said, it isn’t what I’d call horrid. I’ve kinda gotten used to it. I can drink it (I prefer it with warm water) without feeling sick… but I don’t crave it, and I’m never really excited about it. It’s just more of a, “Hey, I have that matcha to get rid of, and I could use some caffeine…”.
I was hoping for a lot more out of this one… hopefully I like the Blueberry/Strawberry custom mix I have waiting to be opened. Once I finish this one off, I’ll dig into that.


Yech, honestly not surprised. Most watermelon flavoured stuff is super artificial. Sorry you were hoping for more.

Emily M

Yeah. The only watermelon tea so far that hasn’t had the artificial taste was from Butiki. I enjoyed that one…this one, not so much.
Oh well. You win some, you lose some.


Ah, haven’t tried that yet. I found DT’s Luscious Watermelon to be quite good, actually. It has real watermelon chunks in there.

Emily M

Really? I might have to give that a try. Thanks for the heads up.
I love watermelon so much, but have a hard time finding great tasting watermelon teas. Some end up not tasting like watermelon at all!


I love, love, love watermelon and Luscious Watermelon is one of my favs and now Watermelon Xylophone is as well. This matcha I didn’t care for at all. But don’t lose hope on matchas either :) I suggest caramel, cheesecake, or pumpkin pie from Red Leaf to try out for next time.

Emily M

Courtney – Sweet. I’m definately going to try some of the DT’s Luscious Watermelon. And I’m not giving up on matcha, just this one. Thanks for the suggestions! I still have one more to try before I buy anything else. I’d love to try a plain matcha eventually. Or a white flavored matcha.


I have the DT Grand Cru and it’s great. I haven’t quite mastered the traditional matcha but I add it to smoothies when I’ve got too many fruits going on to risk another flavour in there haha.

Emily M

Haha. Yum! Fruit smoothies. Now I want one.

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1473 tasting notes

There are few things in this world that scream “summer” to me like watermelon. Unfortunately, they’re one of those rare treats as my father is allergic to it, so I only had it at other people’s parties when growing up. Now, my wife doesn’t like it, so it’s rare I can convince myself to lug a watermelon home and slice it up, just for myself. But the local grocery store now has mini seedless watermelons for a good price, so I’ve already had two so far this summer and plan on going back for another on Friday. So much love for watermelon in my heart. It’s just juicy and delicious and amazing. I’m just curious, did anyone out there grow up salting their watermelon? Until I was 10, we lived in Michigan and I’d never even heard of it, but when we moved to Tennessee, everyone did it. It does bring out the juiciness of it, but it’s also, you know, terrible for you.

Now, I know watermelon can be a tough flavor for tea. Many people have tried (two come to mind in 52teas watermelon iced tea and DavidsTea’s Luscious Watermelon), but I have to say I wasn’t horribly impressed with those I’ve tried. So while I had to try it, I just had to, I wasn’t holding out a lot of high hopes for this watermelon matcha (found here:http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/watermelon-matcha.html). When I opened the package, I got juicy watermelon…but a hint of metallic or whatever it was that made the lemon, peach, and mango teas so bitter. But since warm weather has moved in, I’ve gotten into the habit of mixing my tea with room temperature or cold water, and it definitely paid off this time. I get juicy, creamy watermelon and absolutely no bitterness. Mmmm, this is good. This is really good. It’s light and refreshing and utterly perfect for these coming summer months…it’s gonna be a scorcher. This is the watermelon I’ve been searching for and I can’t wait to try it blended up with some fresh melon. This kind of tastes like a watermelon bubble tea, but without the overwhelming sweetness. Maybe I need to find some tapioca pearls. It reminds me of the Ten Ren watermelon oolong blended with fresh melon, not Freshly Squeezed’s idea of a bubble tea. I’m only a little bitter, I promise. But this is a definite restock for me, and one I will definitely be sharing with friends and family.


I really need to write up my Red Leaf Tea matcha review so I can start trying all these ones you’re raving about!


You do! I try to get all of mine done within the first few days of receiving my package, otherwise I just forget.

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33 tasting notes

This smells and tastes just like a watermelon jolly rancher, and let me say I love watermelon jolly ranchers! I ordered starter grade matcha with delicate flavor. The flavor is pretty nice and you can still taste the earthiness of the matcha. I really enjoy how the sweetness and earthiness come together for a very balanced flavorful drink. I would also like to note that I prefer drinking matcha cold, I just mix with a little bit of water until it has dissolved then add ice and some more water. It is delicious this way, and I also could not think of having hot watermelon matcha. This is my favorite go to morning drink, I often open at work and have to be there at 4:45 in the morning, this gives me a great pick me up and energizes me for work, and boy do I need it. I have yet to sweeten this, but would love to know what sugar or rock sugar does to the flavor profile, I would really have to lose the earthiness of the drink, and too much sugar could end up making this taste like kool-aid which I would not want either. Looking forward to ordering this matcha again soon!


Kasumi no Chajin

been curious about this one, thanks for the post

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