Early Spring Yunnan Silver Needles

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White Tea
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Typical Preparation
Use 17 oz / 500 ml of water
Set water temperature to 175 °F / 79 °C
Steep for 3 min, 0 sec
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“This pale yellow tea belies its simple color by packing a good deal of complexity and flavor range into my cup. It does not have some of the overwhelming vegetal taste of the greens (which I do...” Read full tasting note
“Another very nice session with this tea today. Mellow, delicate, floral, delicious. A good start to the day, with about 6 infusions.” Read full tasting note
“A favorite of mine for it’s cooling qi. Lightly buttery, ever-so-slight astringency, and vegetal overtones. Quite a complex taste, I can’t quite call it camphorous but I seem to feel it somewhere...” Read full tasting note
“A sample I’ve been eyeing for a while. My fail yesterday made me want to try another white. I’m a bit of a masochist that way. This makes a pale yellow clear tea that smells sweet, like nectar. It...” Read full tasting note


This batch of Silver Needles is from the first pluck of the Spring, 2010 season. The buds are a little bit smaller than last year’s harvest due to their early harvest and the unfortunate drought conditions in Yunnan so far this year. The flavor is smooth, delicate and sweet, and, if you haven’t tried a fresh harvest of white tea before, I highly recommend giving this tea a try.

Full Product Details:
This silver needles white tea is composed entirely of hand picked tender young buds from tea plants grown near Pu-Erh City (formerly Simao City) in Simao County of Pu-Erh Prefecture (see map) in Yunnan province. These pretty young buds are covered in the downy white hairs typical of Silver Needles, or “Yin Zhen” style white teas. It produces a light colored liquor with a subtle grassy-sweet aroma.

White teas have the reputation of having the highest amount of antioxidants of the styles of tea because of their unprocessed nature. Folk wisdom in China says that white tea also lowers body temperature, so they are considered ideal for hot weather. They are typically steeped at a lower temperature than other tea types, so they also have the reputation of having lower amounts of caffeine in the infused liquor than other teas. Whether these claims are true or not is up to the scientific community, but it is definitely true that this is a very pleasant and refreshing tea for any occasion.

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