English Toffee Matcha

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Matcha Tea
Matcha Powder, Natural English Toffee Flavoring
Cream, Toffee, Butter, Nuts, Caramel, Chocolate
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  • “oh. my. god. So i made this into a smoothie with coffee matcha (2:1 Ratio) and oh.my.god is it amaaaazing. I may need to do this again!” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m still working on perfecting this matcha… I can’t seem to coax the flavours out that I’m expecting… must clear palate, take deep breath, and go in with no expectations! More on that later, I’ll...” Read full tasting note
  • “Hm. I really wish I’d ordered this, and my other bags in this order, as Robust, or even Distinctive level. While I can taste this as being English Toffee, it’s weak at best. I want more, more,...” Read full tasting note
  • “Time for another matcha review. Seeing that my Caramel matcha kicked the bucket, I thought it would be appropriate to start this one. As a side note, I’ve never actually tried English toffee...” Read full tasting note

From Red Leaf Tea

English Toffee Matcha is perfectly sweetened for being the best addition to many favorite sweets and other baked products like cakes and biscuits. Its sweet toffee essence makes it the perfect flavor for many treats for both special occasions and ordinary days. This sweet flavor is also ideal for adding to the sweet taste of many bland tasting treats and making them more edible and enjoyable. English Toffee Matcha makes the perfect choice for many children snacks.

This excellent flavor is ideal for many social occasions where people want to experience a difference in the making of every day treats and snacks. This is because; it adds its special sugary essence to the overall taste and gives it a heightened sense of tastiness. English Toffee Matcha with its easily recognizable appeal can turn and ordinary social event into an extraordinary adventure full of different essences and heightened flavor. This is the perfect accompaniment to any tasty treat.

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57 Tasting Notes

1473 tasting notes

Now, I have to say, I am wildly impressed with Red Leaf Tea. With the sheer amount of matcha I’ve been getting through this promotion, I was starting to feel like I was taking advantage of their goodwill and resolved to hang up my reviewing hat, saying that I had tried all the flavors I wanted to try. Imagine my pleased surprise when I mentioned this in a review and they responded to let me know they were releasing new flavors soon and encouraging me to keep trying new ones and keep reviewing! I know they read all reviews posted and I’ve received wonderfully kind responses to my reviews and emails to them. Their customer service is stellar and it makes it so that I want to recommend their teas to everyone I meet (and I do!). And while yes, I have gotten a ton of matcha through this promotion, I’ve also gained an adoration of matcha that will keep me coming to them long after I really do stop reviewing their product. But by now they know me, and they know my reviews and they’re just wonderfully kind to me. When I received my package yesterday, I found a little matcha spoon included with my order! I don’t know if it’s a promotion I just didn’t see, or if it was for me specially, but it certainly made my day!

I don’t know an awful lot about English toffee, but what I do know, I like. I got this one to try with my wife, in an effort to get her to like matcha. We’ll see how it goes!

When I opened the package, (found here:http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/english-toffee-matcha.html) it smelled a lot like the Caramel Matcha from Red Leaf Tea, which is very promising. I love their Caramel matcha. Brewed up, it still smelled like caramel, but with a hint of chocolate. And that’s exactly what it tastes like, caramel mixed together with tasty, tasty chocolate. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but this is very, very good. Very sweet too, but not overwhelmingly so. But then again, I like my teas sweet. But when I see pictures of English Toffee, this is what I think it would taste like, so yay! I love that it even tastes like that crunchy caramel….mmm. This would be a very good starter matcha for those who like sweet things, English Toffee especially. I might even win my wife over with this one!


I’m glad to know about their customer service. I am planning a fairly large order of several companies toward the end of the summer and I will most definitely be getting some of their matcha.


Awesome! I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them.


O.o Is there any matcha you haven’t tried from Red Leaf?!


There are a few ;)


I was just asking Krystaleyn about the Free Matcha promotion, and I am thrilled to read about your admiration for their service! :) I sent in my first review yesterday. About how long does it take for them to get back to you? I am super excited.


It depends on how swamped with reviews they are. Sometimes it takes as little as a few hours, but it can take up to a few days.

Matcha Outlet

If you don’t receive a gift certificate within 24-48 hours, PLEASE send us a reminder. Checking the reviews and working on new flavors is a bit time consuming, and the program has been more successful than we imagined. Our apologies for the longer wait time.

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3656 tasting notes

When it comes to this matcha, delicate is just far too subtle. I am having it tonight combined with a chocolate smoothie mix and I am getting nothing from it at all except for a hint of sweetness here and there. This is probably not going to be a reorder for me but if it is, it will be at a higher flavoring level.

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62 tasting notes

Mathcathon! Number 3 today. Okay I saw toffee and was like yum! This is my third matcha today and im all energized! I find when I drink them I don’t get the energy boost some people speak of but now that I’ve had 3 I’m ready to go. Get it here: https://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/english-toffee-matcha.html

So reading the reviews I read that English toffee was toffee with nuts and chocolate, okay so its like bumped up toffee um sounds delicious. I was a very picky eater when I was young and being now diabetic I don’t really do alot of sweets so I have not tired alot so this is a great alternative. So what I got was Size: Small (30 grams), Quality: Basic Grade, Flavor: Delicate. First off the smell guh its intoxicating its sweet and buttery and mouth watering! If its as good as the smell I am going to like this one very much! So I find I prefer my matchas cold so I made this into a iced latte. First sip okay yeah chocolate sweet toffee like, let it get a bit colder GUH! I need to hoard this one so good! I love toffee and burnt sugariness except it getting stuck in my teeth, this is perfect. Its sweet and chocolaty and earthy and sugary and perfection in a glass. I need to make this with almond milk to help the nuttiness come out. Why didnt I get this earlier. O well I have it now and will drink it with love until its gone :)

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160 tasting notes

This was my first matcha experience and I don’t know if I can live without it now! I tried it a few ways; mixed with hot water, shaken up in a cold water bottle, and in a smoothie. I loved it in the cold water and the smoothie the best. In cold water it was like a grassy earthy yet sort of rich and thick drink that was nice to keep on my desk throughout the day. As a smoothie I added a teaspoon to almond milk and mixed fruit and it added a SLIGHT grassy earthiness, but mostly a freshness that enhanced the flavor of my drink.

The flavor of this matcha truly shows it’s quality, it is fresh and crisp. I ordered the basic grade of flavoring so I didn’t have a ton of the flavor that people say comes with the robust setting. However, this was a great way for me to try matcha for the first time, I could really tell what the taste of the tea was like without too much added extra.

This is an amazing way to get your antioxidants, speed up your metabolism before a workout, or simply to enjoy a strong fresh green tea at its most natural and pure form. You can buy your own here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/english-toffee-matcha.html and I highly recommend you do so!!

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304 tasting notes

Let me start off by saying that I don’t like anything Green, until now! This matcha has captured my attention in an everyday sort of way. I don’t own a tea bowl, tea sifter or a bamboo spoon, but I can still enjoy this tea everyday.
When you first get your package, it is flat. Try to remember it is a powder chock full of antioxidants. I read the brochure that came with my order and then I got down to the business of adding this tea to my cupboard.
The first thing I did was to pour my matcha into a tea tin. I did not know (until I read that informative brochure) that I needed to store the tea in the refrigerator or freezer, so I figured the best way to protect it was to get it secured in a tea tin. I took a whiff and then admired the vibrant green color. The smell is intoxicating with toffee goodness. I quickly measured out ½ tsp of matcha into my coffee mug, ½ packet of raw sugar and 2 ounces of hot water. I used my mini wire whisk to create a nice foam, then I topped it all off with 2% milk.
Today, I had this tea without the added sugar. I liked it, but adding a wee bit of sugar really brings out the toffee flavor in this blend.
I have sampled a lot of different teas. Some I liked, some I hated. This English Toffee matcha by Red Leaf Tea is expertly blended to provide the tea drinker a unique experience. Here is the link on this matcha so you can read more about it on the official website: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/english-toffee-matcha.html
English Toffee Matcha is rich in flavor. It is not bitter or grassy. Remember I stated I have tried a lot of different teas, black and green. And the green teas have not been on the reorder list, but the tides turned when I discovered matcha from the Red Leaf Tea Company. I have been a tea drinker for the last four years. During this time, I have been looking for and longing for a tea that is creamy, milky and full of flavor. I tried a Milk Oolong, thinking it would fit the bill. But no, it did not. Let me tell you that my socks have been blown off by this blend and with the stellar customer service (I got my tea order in two days and I received a USPS tracking number by email) Red Leaf Tea provides, it only encourages me to keep drinking their teas. I have finally found my all time favorite tea and who knew that the answer to my tea dilemma would be green.

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882 tasting notes

I could have sworn I did a review for this.. anyways… It smells delicious. I can’t seem to slap my craving for something sweet in the face. I also haven’t had matcha in FOREVER.
This is very satisfying. It’s creamy and has that buttery flavor of toffee. It’s very smooth and sweet. Mmm :)

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9 tasting notes

I think I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Red Leaf Tea’s amazing flavoured matchas.

My first matcha from Red Leaf Tea! I also purchased Caramel, Cheesecake, and Pumpkin Pie (All top-rated on Steepster…I had to try them!!)

You can buy it here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/english-toffee-matcha.html

Grade: classic
Flavour: delicate

So from my previous tea-tasting experiences, I’ve come to associate ‘toffee’, ‘caramel’, ‘pecan’, ‘butter’, or any sweet-related adjectives with a single tea taste. Truthfully, if you blindfolded me and had me smell 5 different teas and match them to their name, I’d do it wrong.

The first thing that hit me when my Red Leaf Tea order arrived was how each tea smelled EXACTLY like its name. I ordered English Toffee and Caramel (among others), and they each smelled very distinct and amazingly authentic!

English toffee is delicious! I dislike sugar in tea, so a little milk was all the sweetness I needed. The matcha flavour complements the toffee-ness really well! I’d describe it like sticky toffee pudding with a dollop of green tea ice cream on top! Yummyness! My first Read Leaf matcha has set the bar high and I can’t wait to try more!

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1355 tasting notes

I want to apologise for being inactive. A lot has been going on recently. I had my driving test and study before hand, of which I failed and have had to re-book. That was very upsetting, the nerves got the better of me and I made stupid mistakes. So this left me feeling down, as did the fact that if I want a car I need to find a job and save up for one. My husbands money is covering everything else but we can’t get a car as well, so for the last month or so I’ve been job hunting. After starting at one place and fainting on my first day, there has been no other progress. I was messed around a few times with training and supposing to start work but at the last minute they let me down. So needless to say everything has left me feeling about an inch small and my depression got the better of me. Hence no blog writing, no SS posts, no Steepster posts and so on. It’s been difficult and I’m just back on the road to recovery. This really is a long story put simply into a small paragraph, please know it was not my idea to leave the wonderful tea community for the time being but was rather something I needed to do. I was away from most online communities but continued to cross stitch as a sort of therapy, stitching away my problems.

Anyway that is enough of that, I’m not back to bloody depress people! So today I’m drinking this English Toffee Matcha which was with my last RLT order. I tried it originally in normal flavour but thought I would order distinct, to really see what the difference was. It actually does make a substantial difference, this one is creamier and more toffee flavoured though it does still have some of it’s Matcha flavour characteristics. In the background especially; for example it starts off creamy, sweet and toffee but turns stronger and slightly bitter with mild grass tones. Despite that it leaves a very creamy after taste in my mouth, making it seem that the Matcha qualities were just a figment of my imagination…until I take another sip and taste them again.

This truly is delightful and I’m glad I went for distinctive. It was worth the extra money for it :D And this still tastes like English Toffee so I’m happy on all levels.

I will be working on articles hopefully this weekend, if not the start of next week. I have 2300 Magic The Gathering cards coming tomorrow so I will be busy sorting them out before I go down on Sunday to play with people. So please forgive me for that additional delay, but believe that I am back and plan on staying. It’s time to stop letting my depression get the best of me.


Cyber hugs! So happy you are back and finding the things that build you up, like the simplicity of a good cup of tea, and sharing with friends!


woot woot! glad you’re back! we’re always here for ya.


2300 Magic cards scares me. I am lazy and like the pre-built decks, whenever hubby and I make a deck I can’t get the balance right. Have fun though! Go with Forest, it’s the best. :)


So glad you’re back as well, and I too am back from some time away from steepster. Depression has a way of tricking you into thinking so much less of yourself, and I’m so glad you’re making an effort to connect with communities that have uplifted you. :)


Happy that you are back and feeling much better! I hope tea and Steepster helps with your recovery! <3


Great to see you back and I hope things will get better for you from here!


Welcome back!! don’t worry you are not the only one to have been inactive and/or depressed for a bit. But now that your back we can cheer you up!!


sorry you have been going through a difficult time!


Welcome back! I’ve been massively inactive due to depression and anxiety too, and have discovered that the tea community is so understanding, so don’t worry about it! If you need time off take it. But I’m glad you’re back and overcoming it. Good luck with your driving retest, too!

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294 tasting notes

Got this in a swap from Ost
Decided to follow Red Leaf’s cold latte directions for this. I added some sweetener, and I’m definitely digging this method of prep. The latte gets a delicious foamy head and everything. As far as the matcha itself, the base is got that typical yummy taste that I can only describe as matcha. I can drink a sweetened unflavored matcha latte and be perfectly pleased. As far the English Toffee, I’m not getting too much of that. I’m getting a kind of sweet butteriness, sort of caramelly, but less caramel than the Caramel Matcha. I see that some people had to add a little more to coax out the toffee flavors, so I’ll try that next time. Still delicious though! (:

Iced 0 OZ / 0 ML

I put milk in a shaker, add matcha and sweetner then shake it til frothy and well blended :) Cold or hot, delicious. :D


I usually put milk and matcha in an old empty butter container (ghetto I know) and shake that, but I still get some little clumps. This time I did 1/2 tsp matcha, ~1 cup of milk, 4 ice cubes,and sweetener into a blender and blended away. Zero little clumps and a thick foamy head. I’ll still use the shake method when I don’t feel like washing the blender afterwards, but I prefer the blender.


Ooo…I’m going to have to try to prepare matcha this way. That sounds incredibly delicious…Starbucks Green Tea Frappe, you better watch out:P tehe.

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237 tasting notes

Nooooo, mj1851 sent me her last teaspoon of this and I screwed it up! I made a smoothie, but used too much ice and although I can taste the matcha, I can’t taste the flavoring. I love matcha so I’m happy, but I wish I would’ve been able to taste the toffee.
Boo :( Definitely have to place an order with red leaf teas now. Thanks for enabling mj1851 ;P

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