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From Red Leaf Tea

Bubble Gum Matcha with its exciting gummy essence and fruity tinge can give any snack or treat a new trendiness. This is because; this unique flavor can be tailored to enhance different combinations that can give an ordinary snack a fresh new twist. This gummy flavor is especially suited for the snacks of the young because its familiarity with them lends an added appeal. This makes Bubble Gum Matcha snacks become instant favorites at the special occasions of young children.

This unique flavor can be become as easily recognized as many other known flavors because of its special standing and origin. It is ideal in enhancing the excitement of many special occasions where people look forward to new trends in refreshment offerings. With its no-ordinary appeal, Bubble Gum Matcha can easily acquire a loyal following from anyone who is adventurous enough to appreciate all the possibilities there are within the world of snack alternatives

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18 Tasting Notes

4457 tasting notes

Sipdown (178)!

This matcha is listed in two different places, and apparently I’ve written one review under this listing (other than this review) and then the review from last night under the second listing. Blah. I don’t know which is the ‘proper’ listing, but since this is the one I had in my cupboard then I guess I’ll just stick with this one.

Anyway, here’s the link for my review from last night – I don’t particularly feel like deleting it and reposting.


I prepared this in cold milk again today, since I really enjoyed it that way last night. Same preparation exactly, although this finished it off. Now that I’ve found a way I really love this, it’s a little harder seeing it go.Maybe once I’ve found enough flavoured matcha that I love I’ll be able to justify putting in an order, and perhaps this will make it into that order.

Thank you VariaTEA and consequently, Cavocorax for the sample!


I gave in to ordering because I let a friend try Cookies & Cream and she loved it so much she was going to order anyways. Then I offered to split it so we could try a bunch of flavors and she was very happy to do that. Alas, the tracking number for that order said it was delivered on the 13th but I don’t have it :(

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3191 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (164)

I took Roswell Strange’s advice and prepped this as a tea soda. However, my prep was different than hers as I took 1/2 tsp and mixed it in 8 oz of club soda. The result is not half bad. The bubblegum comes through as a candy sweetness. The slight chemical taste I got in the matcha originally was drowned out by the different chemical taste of the carbonation. Nonetheless, it was a tasty drink so thank you to Roswell Strange for the suggestion and another thank you to Cavocorax for sending me the sample of this unique matcha.

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1220 tasting notes

This is one of those where I have no idea why I picked it out other than I could go for some more bubblegum flavored stuff in my life. My jaw does not get along with bubblegum so I’ll take the flavor when I can get it!

I’m drinking this before I get to studying for an international finance test tomorrow. It is SO good. I’m surprised more people haven’t picked this one up yet. When I opened the bag, it just smelled like bubblegum.

Bubblegum screams cold drink to me, so I whisked it up in some room temperature water, added just a little bit of milk, ice, a couple drops of agave, and filled the glass with water. This is hard one not to polish off ASAP! I think next time I’ll use a bit more matcha, in fact, I may make another because I’m supposed to be studying and doing a horrible job of it.

I may have to try it unsweetened, because it seems like it might be sweet enough on its own. But I thought about 52teas’ SBT bags and how the bubblegum really popped with just a little agave and had to just go with it!

It tastes just like bubblegum, and the matcha isn’t too strong. I am pretty sure I only got this with the lowest level of flavoring too.

This one is a lot of fun!

I made a second cup and didn’t add anything extra to it. It definitely works this way too, but a little sweetener brings out the bubblegum even more!


Oh I really want to try this one.


I don’t know something about DRINKING bubblegum flavored anything seems wrong to me. Is it like a Hubba Bubba Pink bubble gum – or like the photo more with the sour like middle?


I guess like the pink kind? :( Not being able to chew gum makes it hard for me to tell since I just have nostalgia to go on! But if the ones pictured are sour then it’s definitely like the big pink pieces.

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1434 tasting notes

Wow. This is by far the most unusual tasting and difficult-to-review tea I’ve ever tried.

Size: 60g (Large)
Quality: Basic
Type: Regular
Flavor: Delicate
Mixed with 8oz coconut milk and 2tsp Truvia, mixed with a chasen.

This is very strongly scented; my 5-year-old even recognized it instantly as chewy pink bubblegum. It mixes easily, and tasted just okay without sweetener. With sweetener however, holy moly. It’s like I’m drinking pink chewy bubblegum, including that chewy mouthfeel. Really a challenge to describe, and again my son commented that it was like drinking bubblegum. For me, this is a weird concept my brain couldn’t wrap around… I’m so used to spitting out gum when it’s done. Drinking something that tastes identical to it? Uh… brain confused.

Having said that, it is a perfect replica. It tastes a bit chemically, however so does bubblegum to me. I’ve already finished the cup, and I can still smell it.

Would I recommend this? Definitely, at no more than delicate level, and only if you truly love the chewy pink stuff. I like bubblegum, however I think I’d prefer chewing it to drinking it? I’m still so confused. High marks because it really is an excellent replica.


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1779 tasting notes

Backlog: This is one of the matcha’s I won and wow. It’s unusual? Once I got past how strange it is to drink bubblegum, I enjoyed it, but it was still weird as a latte!


whoa…does sound interesting!

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1158 tasting notes

Thanks to KallieBoo! for a sample of this in our mystery swap!
I don’t drink matcha very often even though I have 2 flavours from Red Leaf. I guess it is because I am not the biggest fan of green teas. However, I find flavoured matchas to be quite lovely.

This one is kind of weird. It tastes very much like bubblegum, the kind that I used to chew as a kid and blow huge bubbles with. But….it is super weird to drink bubble gum.


My thoughts exactly when I had this one, too. I think my kids would probably like it. My brain gets in the way of true enjoyment.


I haven’t tried this, but I imagine that it would be like the bubblegum-flavoured fluoride rinse I used to get at school.


It definitely tastes significantly better than that. It’s quite tasty, it’s just weird drinking something I only chew and spit out.


MissB is totally right…“my brain gets in the way of enjoyment”…..it’s like “no don’t drink bubblegum”

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2216 tasting notes

This is the 50/50 blend from Cavocorax.

It’s… weird. Sadly, even though I just shook it with ice and cold almond milk, it’s bitter.

The bubblegum flavour is pretty much SUGAR. It’s really sweet feeling, even with just unsweetened almond milk. The caramel I had yesterday wasn’t nearly as sweet.

I also feel like I should be chewing it.


While this is interesting, it is definitely not for me. Thank you for the sample, Cavo, but I think the rest of it will be donated to the grass outside.


To the grass haha. :P


It’s actually going to a friend who wants to try it. :)

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881 tasting notes

So after my cola matcha experience I had to go for another interesting flavor. Bubblegum matcha! Here is the link:

Anyways.. When I got it out of the mail box I was off to start my errands. I stopped at my dads and decided to open it there. OH MY GOODNESS. The smell of bubblegum filled the air! It smelled SO good even the dog tried to steal it away. My dad even said it smelled good and for some reason he will have absolutely nothing to do with tea. So you know it’s THAT good.

This morning I actually got a chance to make some. Seriously the water couldn’t heat up fast enough.. This matcha tastes exactly like bubblegum. No weird flavors going on here. It’s sweet and I feel like it works well with the matcha’s natural sweetness. After the first few sips I let the rest of it cool so I could try it at a lower temperature. It would be even better iced! At the cooler temperature it brought out the bubblegum a little bit more. It was nice :]
If you are feeling adventurous or in the need of something sweet I would recommend this matcha. This one is probably my new favorite and just might become the “must have” in my matcha collection :]

So here is the link for you one more time:

Go enjoy some bubblegum matcha! :D

175 °F / 79 °C

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23 tasting notes

first of all heres the link cause i know you will want to buy it:

this matcha was my favourite so far
it was amazing!
i have alot of friends who do not drink tea but i invited them over to try this tea because i knew it would sound interesting to them and it did!
we first had it hot and it tasted exactly like i thought it did whichw as great and all of my friends loved it
then we had it iced and it was even better which i didnt think could happen!
it was great iced because it brought out the flavor even more and i just found out that if you purchase one matcha you and write a review about it you can qualify to get a code that will give you your next matcha FREE!!

so back to the matcha!
this was a royal grade matcha and it really showed
i would love to try their straight matcha as this one was amazing and you could taste the amazing quality of the matcha underneath the bubblegum flavor which just added to the tast of the matcha itself
i would recommend this tea to anyone as i believe it is an amazing tea that anyone would love!
go buy it here!

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1723 tasting notes

This morning I had a hankering to try this cold, so I whisked 1/4 tsp into a shot glass of cold milk, as a kind of mini-milkshake trial. It’s good – I can taste the bubblegum pretty clearly, followed by the creaminess of the milk. It’s much like a latte, really, only cold, and a little more intense because of the volumes involved. The aftertaste is especially good – bubblegum is such an artificial flavour, but I was definitely in the mood for it today and I LOVE it! Thanks again to Roswell Strange for sharing this with me.

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