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  • “Mmmm morning latte again because of the horrible weather. I seriously have zero desire to go to work today especially since its been late work nights the past couple. While this is pretty tasty,...” Read full tasting note
  • “I just gave my mom some of this mixed with milk, and she’s like, did you come up with this yourself? Hahaha. I will probably make it again for her with a bit more matcha in it since this was the...” Read full tasting note
  • “Okay this is my first review of the awesome cheesecake matcha. So first things first you can buy it at and I highly recommend that you...” Read full tasting note
  • “Oh… YUM! I’ve had this twice today, actually. The first I served traditional style, in a bowl, whisked with water until frothy. It was good like that. But for the serious YUM factor, you’ve got...” Read full tasting note

From Red Leaf Tea

When the much loved cheesecake is combined with exotic Matcha, the resulting Cheesecake Matcha is unforgettable and very delicious. With its creamy and buttery undertones and a hint of Matcha spiciness, a Cheesecake Matcha treat can easily take its place among the everyday favorite snack choices. This versatile treat adapts to the palate and can sometimes taste salty or creamy or sour depending on who is enjoying it. This varied taste makes this delectable treat truly exceptional and very favored among those who prefer non sweet snacks in their refreshment alternatives.

Cheesecake Matcha is an acquired taste that can be developed over time and combined with many other food items to make the experience very enriching on the palate. This delightful snack is perfect for senior citizens looking to expand their daily snack alternatives with low sugar choices. It is an excellent choice in any social setting where different cheese platers are on offer because, its unique taste is unmatched. Its pungent and lingering taste can be sampled by adventurous people who want to partake of the offerings in the world of truly delicious cheeses. This is because, Cheesecake Matcha can easily stand in a class of its own in terms of deliciousness and mouth watering appeal.

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159 Tasting Notes

1725 tasting notes

Bananas are bullies. Yep. I’ve added this to my smoothies before, but today was the first time where I removed the banana entirely. Today, it was just almond milk and pear. And oh boy did it ever make for a creamy cheesy delight! Kindof stale tasting, but only on the occasional sip, and that could be the almond milk.
A spoonful of sugar seriously punches it up.
I’m not sure if this one is worth re-ordering, but my experience today certainly has me questioning that!

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62 tasting notes

Oh sweet heavenly goodness! This matcha makes me laugh. I bet I sound like a crazy person now so I will explain why it makes me laugh. When I was told I had a gluten allergie it sucked big time, alot of food has gluten in it. So for my birthday all I wanted was a gluten free cheesecake. So me and my friends went on this huge adventure around town to find a gluten free cheesecake for me. So we found this little bakery online that sold glutenfree cheesecake I was so excited and happy. So we went to find this place, we got lost 3 times bused all around town, walked in circles for i don’t know how long, then it started to rain. We almost gave up but we finally found it in this little hidden strip mall. So we all ran into the store and there it was, so we asked for one which they had in the back and got it all packed up ( everything gluten free seems to cost so! much more!) and started back to my house. Well as soon as we got home we took it out of the box. And jeeze! glutenfree my butt! all they did was scrape off the crust! So when I think about anything cheesecake that is the first thing I think of.

Now enough babbling, so what I got was Size: Small (30 grams), Quality: Basic Grade, Flavor: Delicate. One of these days I’m gonna have to try different flavor strengths and compare. So I made this into a iced latte because cheesecake is usually cold so I wanted my matcha to remind me of a real cheesecake. I first tried it without sweetener then with it. I have to say when i added the sweetener I found it gave it more of a real cheesecake sweetness. But it has a sweetness on its own, but im a lover of everything really sweet so it depends on your preference. And its not a fake store bought taste, its a made at home with love cheesecake taste. Got it here

I also made it into a smoothie. I made my matcha the normal traditional way, then added half a cup of milk, a bunch of frozen raspberry my matcha, and blended it all up. And OMG raspberry cheesecake anyone amazing! The sweetness of the raspberry and the cheesecake is perfect, my drink didnt even last 5 minutes. But now im sad cause its gone.

Its rich and sweet and delicious. What more can you ask for! I have to say thank you to Red Leaf Tea for making these amazing flavors, being allergic to everything really sucks and having all these lovely flavors of things that don’t make me sick means alot, so thank you! Im sure everyone who drinks there tea is thankful, but to me its something special.

Aweee that sucks about the bday cheesecake – wow some people think they can get away with that?? How WRONG! Well I am glad you have this now :)


Yeah it sucked, but this is just as good :)


I totally feel your pain, Cedes! I am gluten free as well, and I don’t even bother with gluten free baked goods most of the time, they can just taste so odd.
We went to a wedding this last weekend and the bride has celiac, so they served gluten free cupcakes. The texture wasn’t quite like a regular cupcake, but it at least tasted like one. :)


Yeah it totally sucks, oh I want cupcakes now :)


That’s just wrong what they did to your cheesecake. How frustrating. I am fortunate that I’m not allergic to gluten, however, I have found a couple of gluten free bakeries around the area (of Portland, OR) and I’ve tried their wares (I’m a cupcake fiend) and seriously, if I had tested them blindly up against a cupcake with gluten, I would not have been able to tell you which was which.

I hope that you can find a REAL bakery that is able to prepare you a REAL gluten free cheesecake with the crust sometime. In the meantime, this Matcha might just be a good substitute.


Amen LiberTeas! I have had some amaaaazing gluten free goods (some with matcha!) from local bakeries! It can be done!


I’m hoping to find some places when I go into the city. But thanks it gives me hope that I can find something tasty somewhere :)


I’ve had a lot of gluten free things, especially bread and it’s often very tasteless.. unfortunately. When I went to a farmer’s market in Boulder, CO there was a company selling gluten free goods that were amazing. My bf who was with me was like “This is awesome” but I had to tell him that not all gluten-free things taste that good . LOL.


I’ve tried bread a couple times it tastes like I’m eating sawdust yuck. But I don’t live in the city so I’m limited to frozen foods. I’m going to need to go backery hunting now :)

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361 tasting notes

I’ve been trying to cut down on my sugar consumption lately. I’m done having babies so it’s time to attempt to reclaim my body… hasn’t been nearly as easy to bounce back as it was pre-babies. So… I’ve given up one of my favorite things. Honey. Not for good, but until I feel more like myself again. Cue search for alternative sweeteners…

I like honey because it’s a whole food. No processing (I use raw unpasturized). Even Agave nectar is processed. Stevia is a chemical and tastes awful. So I was at New Season’s and asked the nutritionist for some help. She steered me to Yacon syrup. It’s a whole food and in 2 TBSP there is only 40 calories and I only ever use 1 tsp max of any sweetener. I tried it last night with some black tea. It tastes pretty decent, but can definitely overshadow the tea. Kind of a cross between molasses and maple syrup, but with a kind of nutty flavor to it.

So last night I was thinking of teas that yacon would mix well with and I thought my flavored matchas would go well and I was right! The cheesecake matcha mixed with the yacon syrup is so friggin good. Kind of nutty cheesecake flavor. 1 tsp yacon, 2 tsp matcha, 12ounces of water. YUMMMY. So creamy without any need for milk, which I normally add to matcha. This will definitely be turning into an afternoon ritual! I’m anxious to try it with the caramel or the creme brûlée or the caramel popcorn!!!! So fun!

p.s. I know Dr. Oz did some kind of special on Yacon. I’m not into all that stuff, simply like it for it’s sweetening effect. All of the miracle pill/syrup/diet stuff drives me crazy.


i dunno what yacon is..but it makes me think og bacon made from yaks. so i’m going to picture that instead..


Would definitely make for some interesting flavored matcha!




LOL @Sil & yacon! a logical portmanteau of yak & bacon ;p @TastyBrew i agree- stevia is awful! i truly can’t stand it..has a horrible aftertaste…if that’s the only sweetener available, i’ll just drink the tea plain..


Yacon bacon will be the next dieting craze soon. Like candied bacon with less calories.

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635 tasting notes

This is one matcha that I inhaled long, slow, deep breaths of the dry aroma. It smells very interesting. Definitely good, but hard to describe. Creamy, sugary, buttery? I think that’s the aroma. It’s hard to be sure because it also smells like matcha. LOL!

At first, the brewed aroma was awful! It was potent and chemically and made me say, “Oh dear!” But I think that happened because I made it concentrated and then diluted it. Once diluted, it smells more like the dry aroma with a nice matcha grassy undertone.

First sip…and the verdict is……delicious!! YUM!! This stuff is sooo good!! Just make sure you get the right water to leaf ratio and then you’re golden! Mmmm, this is uber delicious. I can’t even think of any other descriptive words. I just want to drink more of it! Oh, and I forgot to mention that this is the basic grade matcha with robust flavoring.

No clumps in this one. I did a better job. ;) Awww, but my cup is empty. :( I’ll just have to go make more samples to appease my newfound love of flavored matcha. Thanks so much to Indigobloom for rocking my world!! This is definitely one I’ll buy!

175 °F / 79 °C

yeayy! so glad you liked this one :P


I broke and placed an order for this and a few other matchas today, hehehe. Can’t wait to get them!!

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807 tasting notes

Cheesecake Matcha

Buy it here:

Your crazy if you don’t get some NOW as it is on sale for 11.19 – that is an insanely low price for an amazingly good matcha – both in flavor and base quality! I love Red Leaf Tea the company, their service, their dedication to customer support and involvement and their teas, especially their matcha but they offer many other wonderful teas as well.

This particular matcha tastes EXACTLY like cheesecake and not that fake cheesecake made with inferior “cheesecake” stuffing stuff you can buy pre made in the store but real cheesecake made at home from scratch or from a fine restaurant or bakery!

It is not overly sweet either which I was surprised at because I honestly was expecting something more fake tasting and overly sugary.

I was both surprised and pleased when I took my first sip and realized this was the real deal! I still am amazed that Red Leaf Tea can get such excellent flavor from all natural sources into a matcha!

This flavor melded perfectly with the green tea base giving it a beautiful slightly sweet and creamy earthy flavor! I imagine it would be insanely good in a white base as well!

Now I will admit this is not my all time favorite flavor from Red Leaf but with so many to choose from that is not shocking I mean everyone has their own personal flavor favorites and I am not the ultimate cheese cake fan, although lately I have been sipping a lot of cheesecake flavored teas and I do love a good slice of cheese cake now and then but there are other flavors for me personally I would prefer but again that is just a personal flavor favorite thing and has NO reflection on the amazingness of this matcha flavor!

You can almost taste the crumbly cheesecake crust in this as well as the taste of the filling so you do get that whole cheesecake experience.

My matcha was composed as the following:

Size : Small
Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust
Storage : Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g)

The tin is 4.00 extra but well worth it as it has a nice screw on lid that keeps you from spilling your matcha and makes scooping much easier than out of the bag!

I have been perfectly happy with the starter grade of matcha but there are other grades you can purchase. I drink most of my matcha in lattes so the grade is not AS important to me but I have also very much loved the Royal grade as well. Also consider the many options of base matcha Red Lead offers because they have recently expanded the selection to include Black and Red as well as a 50/50 blend of green and white!

Between the amazing flavor offerings, the many ways to make your matcha personal to your taste and the supreme customer service and support Red Leaf Tea offers you can’t go wrong!

Now if you want to get yourself some of this cheesecake matcha and get it at a steal of a deal do so as soon as possible because deals like this only last so long!

Here it is again

And if you are reading this after the amazing deal is over please know its still worth every penny of the full price and you should’t cheap out on yourself when selecting a matcha – you won’t be disappointed in Red Leaf matcha and I can’t say that for all matcha out there – only Red Leaf so far has put a smile on my face!


ooooooh, can’t wait, I ordered this! My first matcha ever!


i can’t decide whether i should order this.. still don’t have my first order, no clue if i LIKE matcha but tempted… and then if i i pick a different flavouring strength lol


Yay Tigress!
Sil – do you even LIKE cheesecake? Don’t get it just because it is on sale especially since it is your first matcha – unless you like cheesecake! I don’t want your first experience to be with a flavor you don’t care for!
I could send you a sample you know! PM me.


Azz – technically my first order was the Caramel matcha but it’s still in transit lesigh I was REALLY hoping it would get here before the long weekend. I’m always torn with cheesecake. I’ve had REALLY amazing cheesecake that was to die for and i’ve had cheesecake that i couldn’t stand eating. But my thought was that you can mix this plan cheesecake matcha with other flavours heh


Exactly! I almost did strawberry / cheesecake last night but didn’t since I needed to review it still.


I was thinking if i get this one, i could try caramel cheesecake and compare it to frank’s caramel cheesecake black tea that i just ordered haha matcha vs black tea..a fight to the last drop!


Im in the exact same boat, I really want to try the cheesecake matcha but I have never tried matcha in my life. Im still waiting for my order aswell for the caramel matcha, everything takes SO long to come to Canada.


Cedes….mine arrived today and given that I know next to nothing about what I’m doing when it comes to matcha I have to say its pretty good. I added mine to warm milk to make a latte and it’s wonderful. Th caramel taste is strong but not overpowering….I was worried it was going to be like eating a caramel…but instead it’s more like when you have the caramel taste left over in your mouth…not as intense. So the green tea still comes through. It’s…well I’ll review later tonight I’m sure haha


Thanks, I hope mine comes soon. I really want to get the cheesecake one but i guess i will wait. Im really new to drinking tea, Its only been like maybe 2 months that I have been drinking it.

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1474 tasting notes

Busted out the matcha again this ‘morning’ (it’s 1pm here), because I’m devoted to trying all of my various incarnations of these delicious drinks before I manage to share them all in swaps.

So cheesecake it is today, although there may have been some pineapple on the spoon as well from having just packaged up some for JennyFur.

Size: Small (30g)
Flavor: Delicate
Quality: Classic
Type: Regular
Quantity used: one matcha scoop in 8oz of cold coconut milk
Mixed with a chasen

All I smell when I open the package is butter. Creamy butter. Lovely, however not what I normally associate with cheesecake. Drinking it also gives me butter at the start – which is delicious! Still, I want more cheesecake-y tang. After about half of the cup is finished however, I start to get the tang – so maybe I just needed to use more chasen-whipping skills to get this right. Yum….

Hey, did anyone see the newest offering on Red Leaf yet? Starbucks-comparable green tea frappuchino. Oh.. this makes me excited. I used to down those things like nobody’s business…


Flavored matcha, it’s really a thing of beauty :) glad the cheesecake-y tang finally came through

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871 tasting notes

Made this one cold shaken, 1/2 heaping tsp in about 6 oz water. It is not as good cold as it is hot. But still delicious. I feel like I’m getting kind of a spice taste when it is cold, like cloves or nutmeg or something like that. Hard to put my finger on it. Still get cheesecake flavour but feels much more watered down when it is cold vs hot. I think next time I am going to try a full tsp and see if that makes a difference.

Edit: Had this one again this morning made with 1tsp of matcha. The taste was much better. Still not as thick and creamy as it is when hot, but I think some matcha flavours are just better hot and seem are better cold.

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1779 tasting notes

I’m getting near the end of this so I thought I’d better try this with hot water instead of milk because I keep forgetting that matcha doesn’t have to equal latte.

But it should. This one was better as a latte. :)


(I pretty much only drink my matcha as a latte.)

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137 tasting notes


My new matchas came in the mail today, and I had to rip into this one right away. I don’t have time to write a full review right now, but I couldn’t contain my excitement about the delicious concoction I made with this, and had to share with you folks immediately.

Ready for it?

Strawberry. Banana. Cheesecake. Smoothie.

It was possibly the best smoothie I’ve ever made/had. Sweet and tangy and creamy with this deliciously smooth cheesecake flavour that was waaaay more true to life and delectable than I expected.

Voila: my smoothie mix

-Generous helping of vanilla yogurt
-3/4 tsp sifted cheesecake matcha
-Handful of frozen strawberries & bananas
-Good pour of pineapple orange banana juice

All whizzed up in my magic bullet! It tastes like fruity liquid cheesecake (if liquid cheesecake were delicious. I imagine it would actually be kinda gross.)


…but as delicious as it was, I’ve gotta say, I was a little disappointed my smoothie didn’t change colour :P I wanted monster matcha green!


This sounds sooo good!




Oh my I need to do this too.


@softrevolution… you need a lot of Matcha to make it green. I usually add a tablespoon or more Matcha to my smoothies to get a green smoothie!


Thanks, I’ll have to try adding more next time! And I’m guessing the extra cheesecake flavour will make it even more crazy good.

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3229 tasting notes

So I received my redirected matchas yesterday, woo! As I’m heading into the lab, a shot of energy seems appropriate, so time to try the much-loved cheesecake matcha. I ordered the robust strength with the regular base, as that seems to be the preferred combination here.

When I first tore into the packet, I have to say that I was surprised/shocked to smell not cheesecake, but strawberry. A similar thing happened to me with the Madagascar Vanilla, where I smelled not vanilla, but strawberry. A bit disappointing, as I was expecting a strong tangy cheesecakey aroma. Upon further sniffs, I detected a bit of a milkyish, possibly cheesecakey flavour, but given that this is “robust”, I really expected more.

As usual, I decided to make this into an almond milk latte. I used 2 heaping teaspoons of matcha whisked into hot milk, then mixed with cold almond milk. To my surprise, the latte tasted like nothing but a generic matcha latte. Not even a hint of cheesecake. So I added another generous tsp or two to a new small bowl of hot milk, whisked, and added it. Same deal. And keep in mind… I think I’ve used about half of my 30g packet by now. This is one EXPENSIVE latte… I added some maple syrup as sweetener (no other options), and now I have quite a tasty drink… but definitely not what I was expecting. I can almost smell cheesecake if I sniff quite hard, and a sip of the latte leaves a bit of a cheesecake aftertaste, but this is unfortunately not what I had hoped it would be. Perhaps the cheesecake blends in too well with the almond milk? I wouldn’t have expected that, given how well my delicately flavoured Caramel matcha worked with it (and also, I tried a taste of the plain milk + matcha and couldn’t taste cheesecake either). I would love to blame this on my tastebuds or something, but I have a series of other teas with me that I can definitely smell and taste quite fine, so that’s not the problem.

Oh well. I do love the caramel matcha, so perhaps will simply stock up on that one instead!

ETA: It just occurred to me that I may have made a fatal error by drinking almost my entire latte on an empty stomach… uh oh…

Iced 8 min or more

That’s odd mine definitely smelled like cheesecake (it overwhelmed my kitchen) so I’m not sure why yours smelled like strawberry, did you have strawberries on the brain?


Nope, wasn’t thinking about strawberries at all. And it’s funny, as I’ve been sitting here, I keep randomly smelling strawberry again. There are these asian strawberry/cream candies in little red wrappers that I love, and that’s exactly how it smells. It doesn’t particularly taste like strawberry, though.

Matcha Outlet

I’m very sorry that you did not like it. Please contact me regarding this product.


I just had a similar experience today!!!! with the cheesecake matcha. I wanted to try it a few different ways before writing my review.
I got milky candy, but not cheesecake. not strawberry either though. Definitely not what I expected, and nothing like the other ones I tried. Well, my base was lower grade this time than my previous purchase


Yeah, based on the previous reviews and given that I ordered “robust”, it just wasn’t anything like what I expected. Yes, milky candy would more accurately describe the flavour I got (plus yummy matcha base!), but even that was pretty weak.

@Red Leaf – I do want to clarify that there’s nothing inherently wrong with the matcha, nothing tasted “off”, and I certainly enjoyed the latte I made! Cheesecake, though, it was not :(


Also, I’ve only ever ordered the basic grade, and delicate flavouring (in the whopping three previous matchas I purchased); this was my first foray into a stronger flavouring. Based on the strength of both the caramel and green apple, I was expecting to be knocked out by the cheesecake! (The vanilla was definitely not so potent.)


I didnt get much Cheesecake flavour from a hot latte either. Cold, though, it really shines. It is now my favourite and most used matcha ever since I tried it in a smoothie. It tastes incredibly tangy and true somehow. But hot, I find it’s just meh.


thanks for the tip, I will try it via shaken bottle method next :)


Kittena and indigo….you two are weirdos :p


agreed!! haha
I suspect it would have been alot better with royal grade. and my fave cheesecake is the ricotta/“light” kind so that might have something to do with it? shrugs


softrevolution – this was a cold latte, so I don’t know what went wrong. I think I’ll be getting more to try and see if it was an off batch; my palate isn’t usually super far off from everyone else’s! I was really looking forward to the tang, and with the upcoming end to the free matcha program, was thinking to place orders for a large amount of both the caramel and cheesecake matcha, so was disappointed when it wasn’t as good as I expected. (I still have to pick up a bunch of the caramel though…. deeeeelish!)

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