Pumpkin Pie Matcha

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From Red Leaf Tea

Despite its unique name, pumpkin pie tastes very similar to sweet potato pie. It is sweet on the palate and when combined with the enriching hints of exotic Matcha, becomes more balanced and delectable on the palate. Pumpkin Pie Matcha can be adapted to suit the occasions of young children because of its sweet beckonings and also the occasions of adults because of its delectable taste. This understated delicious snack can be an excellent choice as an in between meal snack for those who are not afraid to experience true adventure. It’s surprisingly sweet taste both delights and enriches the palate with unexpected pleasure.

This delectable snack can easily hold its own in an assortment of refreshments on any table. With its bright colored appeal and interesting taste, Pumpkin Pie Matcha brings wonderful surprises to any culinary offering. Although it may be understated, this exceptional Matcha treat always over delivers its special flavor to its avid takers. It forms the perfect habit for those looking for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack to delight in as they watch the time silently go by. Pumpkin pie Matcha is unforgettable because of its hidden promises and surprisingly great taste on any palate.

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119 Tasting Notes

62 tasting notes

So today I decided to make my own pretzels for some reason, so while I was waiting for the dough to rise I made myself a cold latte with this. So I was all excited for it, it seems someone had used all the milk! But I needed my matcha fix so I tried it with almond milk. YUM! its brings a amazing nuttiness to the spiciness of this matcha. I think I might be making them with almond milk from now on yum.


I wonder if you could make matcha pretzels? That would be tasty!


Oh with that new matcha salt from DT would probably good on top of it! And matcha added to pretzels would be good too :)


Matcha sifts right in with flour, it would be possible!


I see a cooking experiment in the near future….


Pumpkin pie matcha pretzels with cinnamon sugar… it must be done!


Amazing! Oh now I want to do them now! lol


ahhh here’s those homemade pretzels ;)

Daniel Scott

Pumpkin pie matcha with ALMOND milk?! Sweet jesus, that sounds like it would be amazing!


sounds yummy :D


Its amazing! I’m going to try it with other flavors and see if its just as good with others. Its a great alternative if you can drink milk.


Looove almond milk lattes, so sweet and yummy!

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304 tasting notes

I have had this everyday! So smooth, spices are perfect..overall a perfect cup of tea.


oooh, I’m excited I just ordered this.


Amy: my daughter has already finished her large tin and I have offered to give her what remains of my small end when she comes to visit this week! I think you will like it a lot. As a hot chocolate replacement, it is divine. One cup milk warmed in microwave with one teaspoon sugar, lightly blended, equals magnifico!


Grrrr, autocorrect! Small one, not small end!


thanks, I will try it that way!

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1247 tasting notes

Oh yeah! I needed a treat this morning. Yesterday’s interview was almost 2 hours long and was just questions. I admittedly was eyeing if I could install a zojirushi in my cubical if I got this job. I had to bomb home, grab my jiujitsu gear and bolt to class. I then passed out after all that.

I did 1/2t of this matcha with a 1/2 scoop of Caramel Matchaccino, mixed with soy milk. AMAZING! I didn’t need sugar, and since this pumpkin pie matcha is really spiced, the spices were not as strong and rounded out with the caramel.

Yum, healthy matcha and caffeine! Better than treating myself iwth that pumpkin pie fudge I made.


Pumpkin pie fudge? OMG drool

I bet matcha could be incoporated into a fudge recipe and I bet it would be DELISH!

Oolong Owl

http://auntpegsrecipebox.blogspot.com/2010/10/pumpkin-spice-fudge.html recipe I used. Really rich!

Oooh matcha fudge would be deadly!


Thank you for the recipe! :D


Ooo, that looks good. I love how one of your considerations is how you will drink tea at work! :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Drooling! The tea and the fudge!

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133 tasting notes

With the start of September I have been craving autumnal flavors, especially pumpkin. So needless to say I was really bummed to find that the post office was holding my latest Red Leaf Tea order over the Labor Day holiday. Was I being punished? Probably not, but it definitely made receiving it today all the more exciting!

Upon opening tearing into the non-resealable foil packaging, the robust pumpkin pie flavoring filled my nose. It was AMAZING! It smelled exactly like a spiced pumpkin pie was sitting in my kitchen.

I immediately made this into a cold latte based on the delicious smell alone. All I could think of was “WOW!”. Two ounces of warmed water blended with the pumpkin pie matcha (found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/pumpkin-pie-matcha.html ), a smidge of sugar and a healthy 6 ounces of icy-cold milk later, I found myself speechless! After downing the entire cup in record time, I must admit I really want another one! This is Fall in a cup!

My default ordering for Red Leaf Tea has become robust flavoring. I love flavoring, what can I say? In this particular offering the spices are rich! Cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg – they all mingle with the pumpkin without overpowering it. It sort of reminds me of the old Starbucks Pumpkin Pie coffee lattes I used to look forward to around this time of year. I loved them so much I’d try recreating them at home. Well now I don’t have to! There’s a much healthier version right here without the added sugar.

Regret began to fill my mind – I really should have gotten more than a small, robust blend! This will not last me very long.

165 °F / 73 °C

Ahhh, ordering from Red Leaf Tea must be so difficult because so many sound amazing.


mmmmm this sounds amazing!

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470 tasting notes

I had enough on my gift certificate from the caramel matcha review for 2 and a half small matchas, so after cheesecake and watermelon I needed a third. I couldn’t quite decide, but I do love pumpkin pie so I went for that one! I found myself waffling after the purchase. Maybe I should have gone for pear or english toffee? But the second I sniffed this I knew it was the one. First, off, this is how I got my matcha:

Size: Small (30g)
Flavor Level: Delicate
Grade: Basic

I went for delicate flavoring because pumpkin pie is a really overpowering flavor and I didn’t want the matcha to be overshadowed. I think it was a wise choice, because right off the bat the flavor is like BAM in your face! You can smell all of the spices: clove, cinnamon, ginger, mmm. And, of course, pumpkin! I love pumpkin, it’s so great for all sorts of fall-themed sweets. My favorite is pumpkin fudge!

Anyway, I was preparing my pumpkin pie matcha latte when my boyfriend came in and said (and I quite) “shit, make me some of that!” From across the room while I was sifting the matcha. Yup, it’s that strong! So I ended up making two mugs haha. I decided to prepare it a little differently than usual, as a hot latte! Instead of mixing it with hot water at first, I just used hot milk! 2 ounces at first, and then the other 6 once it was properly whisked. I was a little worried about clumping, but it came out really well and blended perfectly. It also foamed even better than it usually does! I’m sure it’s just because I whisked extra hard in an attempt not to mix it up, but I do love that foamy surface.

This is AMAZING. I have loved all of the matchas I’ve tried from Red Leaf (this is the 4th) but this is the best. It squeaks out just over the caramel. The spices are really strong, especially the clove. I love clove, so of course I was very happy with this! The nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger are also present. Then the pumpkin: creamy, smooth, squash-y. Uhnf, sooo tasty! Then the grassy, sweet matcha comes into play. It keeps this delicious concotion from being overly rich and dessert-y, in fact I could drink this ALL day! In fact, I already want to make another serving even though it’s far too late to have so much caffeine. You can find this matcha here


And I really can’t recommend this one enough! If you’re on the fence about choosing a flavor, go with this one. You won’t regret it! Unless you hate pumpkin pie, and well… who hates pumpkin pie?


I am so glad you wrote this! I am mostly doing matcha ( I will be having my first ever matcha later this morning) for my daughter and she is crazy for pumpkin anything. I just got an email from her that she made oatmeal cookies and used pumpkin pie spice and nutmeg instead of cinnamon and loved it. This will have to be ordered soon!


That’s so sweet, I think she will love it! And those cookies sound delicious, I do love oatmeal so I might have to try that out.


I just ordered it! I was going to get French vanilla and spice up hhubby’s Instant Breakfast but the more I thought about this review, the more I thought this one needed to be next!


I must try this when I make a match purchase with them. I love pumpkin spice…


Wow pumpkin fudge…..I need that recipe lol! I think this will be on my short list of tea to get…

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514 tasting notes

Tis the season for pumpkin pie! And hey, happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! I am thankful for this matcha.

So frothed up on its own (no additions) it was quite spicy. Well, not spicy hot but tasted a lot like spices! The pumpkin was definitely in the smell though, so I knew it was a pumpkin tea and not just a spice tea! I did spring for Robust flavouring which might have been the result of the spices.

Of course, what’s a pumpkin pie matcha without a latte? This is where the tea did SHINE! I frothed up the matcha with a bit of brown sugar then added about ¼ cup warm water. I then heated up the rest of my Vanilla Almond milk, added it and topped the cup with a healthy helping of whipped cream – oh mama! The brown sugar brought out the sweet pumpkin flavour – I could even taste a bit of crust! I love when that happens.

To be honest, this isn’t my perfect Pumpkin Pie Matcha – I find the clove to be very overpowering, which I don’t mind, but I could use more pumpkin in my perfect flavouring. That’s just me though, everyone is different!

I definitely recommend this tea as a hot latte on a crisp fall day in your cutest flannel and plaid scarf. You can add in some friends to share, or be like me and keep it all to yourself.
Either way, here’s where you can find it: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/pumpkin-pie-matcha.html


Happy Thanksgiving :)


Happy Thanksgiving!


(it’s a few days early, but I couldn’t resist – it is pumpkin after all!)


I wish I had this, so I wouldn’t indulge in a full pie! haha I can’t help myself when it comes to pumpkin


Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Hope you have a relaxing weekend with many cups of yummy tea to offset the turkey dinner :)


Happy Thanksgiving (none of my pumpkin teas made it in time) so I’ll have to have some of my pumpkin chai later :D

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200 tasting notes

It’s fall, and you know what that means .. TRY ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS! In all serious, I’m not a pumpkin fanatic, but I do enjoy indulging in the various pumpkin related offerings this season, especially pumpkin pie. I’ve been underwhelmed with a lot of these desert matchas lately, but this one got pretty decent reviews (and it was on sale), so how could I resist? I got this with my usual “Robust” flavoring.

When I first opened the package the smell was AMAZING! It didn’t taste artificial at all and instantly evoked memories of Thanksgiving dinner for me.

Even though I’ve been “brewing” via the water bottle method, I didn’t even bother going that route. I knew this had to be enjoyed hot, so I brought out the gear. I whisked it up, added some milk, and took a sip. And man oh man, is this delicious. The pumpkin pie flavors really pop, especially the cinnamon. I think the spices are a little more pronounced than the actual pumpkin flavor, but it’s a delicious and yummy treat. I even added sweetener to kick it up a notch and it certainly did.

All in all, a fantastic desert and a lot less guilt after having this than a regular pumpkin pie.

As a reminder, you can get the matcha here:

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749 tasting notes

I am loving my new soy matcha lattes! I have four matchas in my cupboard and they are all amazing with plain soy milk. I can’t get enough!

Autumn is my second favourite season after summer, and as much as I hate to admit it, the Pumpkin Pie matcha was a good fit for this afternoon.


Yay, Autumn!

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863 tasting notes

Yay! I found my tin of pumpkin pie matcha when I was reconfiguring my cupboard!

Since I like these as a cold latte I had it as a dessert last night. I don’t really think I got much more than pumpkin pie spice and green tea flavor but that was more than enough for me.

Once I clear out my matchas I will definitely be placing a bulk Red Leaf order – these matcha lattes are going to be PERFEECT for desserts in the summer.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg

2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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124 tasting notes

My third (okay, fourth) matcha of the day because I have decided never to sleep again.
Okay, so this was great. At first, I thought it was overpowering in terms of the spices, but after I added milk and sugar it really tasted like pumpkin pie.
And now I can stay up all night considering that fact.


I think we should make this into a slogan.
Matcha: never sleeping again never tasted this good!

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