Peanut Butter Pie Matcha

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From Red Leaf Tea

One of the best treats anyone can prepare for any audience irrespective of their different age groups is Peanut Butter Pie Matcha. This is because, when the innately nutty taste of well loved peanut butter is combined with the less sweet and exotic tasting Matcha, the resulting Peanut Butter Pie Matcha treat is singular in its ability to deliver exquisite delight to the palate leaving a delectably unforgettable aftertaste. Peanut butter Matcha is an extraordinary treat because of the addition of the novel Matcha trace.

Peanut Butter Pie Matcha is an excellent snack for young children because, over and above its nutritional excellence, its taste is sweet, nutty and gratifying. Its special coloring will also draw many curious and interested takers. For many nut-loving adults, Peanut Butter Pie Matcha holds a special place in terms of deep palate delight and the feeling of being satiated as they continue to indulge in the depths of this nutty delight.

This versatile treat can also be made to suit the outside temperatures without compromising on overall satisfaction. On cooler days when venturing out is more uncomfortable, a Peanut butter Matcha treat brings its exceptionally warm richness into the day. On warmer days when fast energy loss is likely with the high temperatures, this delectable treat provides cool consolation and relaxation to while away the time soaking in the sun’s beneficial rays. Peanut Butter Pie Matcha always delivers its mouthwatering goodness wherever it is.

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19 Tasting Notes

1434 tasting notes

Ah, peanut butter. I LOVE it. A bit too much in fact. There were days not that long ago where I’d down a whole container of Peanut Butter Chocolate Haagen Daz in less than fifteen minutes. I would do (almost) anything to have that flavor again. And so, I bought this matcha. I have some Bavarian Chocolate as well, and will mix them eventually.. once I’ve had them both solo.

Size: Large (60g)
Quality: Classic
Type: Regular
Flavor: Delicate
Preparation: one heaping matcha spoon of matcha mixed 9oz cold coconut milk using a chasen

This is definitely one I want to try as a Distinctive or even Robust flavoring, because I can barely taste any flavoring at the Delicate level. Having said that, it definitely smells like peanut butter, and the taste teases me. As I demolish the cup, it tastes more and more like peanut butter, and I want to see if I can get the flavoring to pop a bit more so that I love this, instead of just like it.

EDIT: Once I got to the bottom of the cup, it was most definitely a peanut butter matcha, including mouthfeel. It’s almost like this one needs massive sweetener to bring out the flavors, which surprised me. Upping rating, because at the end? Amazing!


Why is peanut butter so addictive? There are times when I just want to eat a spoon of it plain. You make me want to get this next order.


I don’t eat it anymore as I’ve got legume issues… with a LOT of sweetener, this is an excellent fix. Once I’ve gotten through this 60g I’ll definitely order again, however I’ll try it at Distinctive level.

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871 tasting notes

This is my first real dessert type flavoured matcha. I have been sticking to mostly the single fruit flavours or the flavours like French vanilla, etc. So this is my first “complicated” matcha, being of more than one flavour.

The dry tea smells nutty. Like nutty peanut butter. There is definitely a pastry smell to the dry matcha. I made this cold shaken in a water bottle. 1tsp for 8 oz cold water. At first I could taste chocolate notes. Not quite milk chocolate, maybe a bit of dark chocolate but still sweet. Almost like dark chocolate chips. Then I could taste the nuttiness. It is definitely peanut but I would not say it was peanut butter. It was missing that smooth butter part. The liquor, even though it was cold shaken, felt thick. There seemed to be a bit of a spice taste, maybe nutmeg or something. I added a bit of white sugar to sweeten it up a bit, but it was actually quite sweet on its own. I would compare this one to a peanut butter cup, more than a peanut butter pie. I think this one would be delicious as a latte as well.

This one was robust flavour, basic grade.
You can find this matcha here:


Ah, so glad you got this robust! I grabbed it delicate, and while I like it, it’s one of those that definitely need a stronger flavoring. I’ll definitely grab it at robust next time, thanks to this review.


I get most of my red leaf matcha with robust flavouring. I have found it doesn’t work for everything though. Some of the fruit flavours (peach) and the earl grey tasted pretty chemical to me as robust.


I managed to drop down to dinstinctive for most and still really enjoy it, though some of the fruit flavours need to be delicate of, like lala said they are stupid chemically..

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470 tasting notes

My parents requested candy for Christmas—not as a present, but they asked me to make some to go along with dessert. I was already making Pannetone Eggnog bread pudding (yes, as delicious as it sounds) and didn’t feel like making anything elaborate, so I went to my old standby english toffee. But with this matcha, since I just got it in the mail!

I also added a layer of chocolate, because hey it’s Christmas and no one judges you for eating too much chocolate. The top layer was just not setting and it was getting kind of late, so I put it out on the back porch. Note that this happened on Christmas Eve… in NY. Yeah, looked out 10 minutes later and it was snowing. Aaah! Well, it certainly chilled the toffee to the right temperature, though it’s a little sticky on the bottom from interacting with the snow. Still delicious! I need to try this on its own before I rate it, but in candy the flavor is pleasantly subtle.

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599 tasting notes

Got a cup’s worth of this as a sample from Alphakitty when I told her to surprise me for our trade. So far it’s worked out pretty well!

The taste of this is interesting. I’ve never made matcha before so making it at work with a mug and a fork and some hot water is not the ideal circumstances, but I tried to make do. It was green, certainly, and not clumpy so there’s that.

This does taste like peanut butter, though I’m not sure about the ‘pie’ part. I also picked up a sort of…almost salty flavour, from the green tea itself maybe? Tasted almost like seaweed, though that must be wrong. It made the whole experience vaguely unpleasant. I have some black matcha at home that I will try soon so I hope that next try will be better.

175 °F / 79 °C

Green matcha can have a vegetal/seaweed note, I think if you don’t like green tea much black matcha will definitely be more pleasant!


Interesting, I hadn’t encountered that in regular green tea before so I didn’t know to expect it. I hope my black matcha experience will be better. Thanks for sending the sample though, better to know these things before I go out and spend money on it.


np, glad I could help you on your matcha journey! I think you’ll really like black matcha, it’s got a cocoa/chocolate quality that is really scrumptious.

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79 tasting notes

Still going through samples from Alphakitty, this was the second of two Matcha samples I got. I haven’t had the chance to try much matcha let alone any flavored matcha, so it was a great experience for me. I can certainly say that I am not a huge fan of matcha made straight, but so far as latte’s they are out of this world.

This matcha certainly has a peanut butter taste to it, it is almost perfectly balanced between matcha base and flavoring, but from what I have seen of Red Leaf you can custom order how “flavorful” your matcha will be, this will be fun for me!

I had a sample of a green base matcha and a black base matcha, and I must say the green base was not as pronounced as the black base. But in the long run both were delicious and have solidified my place with matcha. Thanks again for the swap Alphakitty, I got Smaug Tea and Oatmeal cookie left. But have been introduced to some very delicious courtesy of you!

165 °F / 73 °C 0 min, 15 sec

The flavoring on this one was delicate, so you can get it a lot stronger if you want!

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518 tasting notes

This is distinctive flavor and I’m really not sure I got peanut butter out of it. I had this as my usual iced latte. I didn’t blend it as well as I normally do, so some of that might have been my fault, but even at the end where I could see more of the matcha than I normally do, it still didn’t have a very strong peanut flavor. Ah well. It was sweet and creamy and just a touch peanut buttery.

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740 tasting notes

I made another cold matcha and waited for the right moment to finally crack this open. I have been craving watching Skyfall for the last few hours, but instead I’ve been diligently working on my conservation cue cards. This is my treat.

It’s very similar to Peanut Butter, but for some reason my mind has decided I’m actually enjoying this one. Maybe because it’s delicate? I feel the Peanut Butter may have been distinctive (note go back and check). Either way, I’ll be ordering more of this in the future.

Also, in less than a week now (by a few hours), I will be in Vancouver! I think I have my list of teas to pick up complete.


What are you going to get in Vancouver?!? Divine Temptation? Creme Brulee?


Bayswater: Creamy Rhubarb, Creamy Coconut, Creme Brulee, & Divine Temptation
Steam Tea: Canadian Maple Seduction (LOTS) & Fresh Bamboo Mint

If I make it to Granville Island Tea Co. I’ll pick up some Market Spice. :)


OMG Canadian Maple Seduction! Another tasty choice :)


Would you like me to get you some? :)


That is a very kind offer but I think I am okay for now.

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3191 tasting notes

Chocolate peanut butter pie smoothie…Yum!

Now off to a job interview…


Good luck on the interview!


Good luck!


Good luck!

Roswell Strange

Oh Good Luck!


Thanks guys although it turns out what I really needed luck with was getting to the interview. Somehow my GPS managed to reroute me to the location at the other side of the city only for me to realize too late, freak out, call my interviewer and reschedule, and then cry alone in a parking lot just from the stress of missing the interview. So now that is over and I am back home.

Christina / BooksandTea

Aww, that’s awful. I hope it works out.


Oh no, that’s too bad. Hoping the rescheduled one goes well! : )


Toronto’s really awful that way. As a result of amalgamation there are tons of streets with the same name in different parts of the city. As well, as we all know there are streets like Lakeshore that become blvd and road depending where you are. Its still a major problem for EMS. I’m not sure if that’s what happened to you, but I feel for you being late for things, missing transportation is a reoccurring nightmare for me. Sorry about your interview. It’s nice that they rescheduled. Best of luck in your search!

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