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From SerendipiTea

Soft, fragrant & nostalgic. For this unusual combination we have to thank Liz. Thanks Liz!


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17 Tasting Notes

1112 tasting notes

I’m mmmmeeelllltttinnnnnnggg!!! Ahhh. I love this chamomile tisane not only for the taste (apple mango mmmmm) but the feeling of relaxation it gives. I’m yawning as I type! I had a rough day of registration (including getting cursed at!) so I really needed a little something nice to help me have a good night’s sleep. Goodnight Steepsterites!

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I like the feeling of relaxation you got, but not the cursing! Sleep well!


Must get this tisane. Must!!

Sorry about the registration woes. Is it over soon?


Boo to the cursing! But thank god for relaxing tea! :)


Tea and a blankie (actually a quilt made by somebody who loves you) doesn’t fix everything, but it fixes an awful lot!


gmathis – I agree! I have two crocheted blankets I made for me ‘n my husband – I hope that counts :) I am planning to work on my first quilt this winter break. My mother and grandmother didn’t sew, knit, or crochet, but I take a lot of comfort from my grandmother’s kitchen items that I inherited :)

Jaime – it’s sort of ongoing because then we have drop/add, then grading. All opportunities for students to not get their way (for a reason! I want to emphasize that I was enforcing reasonable University policy and not being harsh or “letter of the law” , then behave badly over it.


And that’s why I brought cookies to the registrar’s office whenever I had to go visit. They weren’t bribes (I had my ducks in a row long before registration time came), but more “I’m sorry you’re having to deal with these other people”.


Jaime – I would have loved you! I don’t think things are as bad at most places as they are here – it’s a small private expensive university and these students are really out of hand. I swear they were not this bad when I started. There has been a real cultural shift in the past 10 years. I can’t wait to complete my education and get out of here.


I’m of the firm belief that cookies make everything better.

I went to a small, expensive, Baptist-affiliated college. I know the exact kids you’re talking about. I’m so, so sorry.

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615 tasting notes

Tea #33 from Another Traveling Tea Box

It dawned on me that y’all are probably getting sick of me popping up on your dashboards so often. Fear not; I’m down to the last 10 or so samples from this box (that I wanted to try).

This would be a good night time/relaxation cup, or with honey. It’s very (VERY) dominantly chamomile, so if you don’t like the taste of it move along. If you do, this is pretty nice. There’s a subtle appley tartness hiding in the cup that adds a little interest and keeps it from putting me to bed. Otherwise not much of note here.

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921 tasting notes

After much debate and talking with Ben, both of us have decided that I need a sun-lamp, because my SAD is just awful. Each winter I turn into this pitiful, miserable, pain filled lump…clearly I am actually a plant, though not a coniferous, alas. I used to think I had SAD during the summer as well as winter and I would just deal with it, but thinking things through I tend to just feel grumpy and uncomfortable in summer because I loathe the heat, it is just me being a big baby, but in winter I just get kinda catatonic, one step away from hibernating. Next step is to research a good sun lamp, any SAD people out there with suggestions?

It is time to delve into the pile of notebooks from long ago, filled with tea notes of yore! Today we are looking at Monk’s Mead by SerendipiTea, a blend of Apple, Apple Flavor, Chamomile, Mango, Mango Flavor, and Rosehips, all organic and natural! This tea is supposed to evoke the taste of mead, and I have never had mead, the closest I have had is Oenomel, or Grecian Honeyed Wine, so I cannot say how close this tea gets to its goal. The aroma is pretty great, blending dried apples, honey, and the straw and vaguely fresh apple aroma of chamomile. At the very finish is a slightly citrus sour note from the rosehips, though that fades really quickly.

You know one of the things I kinda hate about chamomile? It gets sooooo stuck into the fine mesh of the steeping basket, meaning it is a real pain to clean, other than that I love the stuff. The aroma is primarily chamomile, blending straw, pollen, strawflowers, and a touch of apples. I pick up a gentle note of mango at the finish, but mostly this is all chamomile all the time. The liquid is a blend of mango and apple with a slightly sour note and a finish of pollen and strawflowers.

The first thing I noticed about this tea is the utter lack of anything but chamomile, the front taste is all chamomile all the time, with strong notes of pollen and wildflowers fading to apples. That apple note builds from a distant apple memory to a full on baked apple, with extra sweetness from the mango. At the finish there is a note of honey, with a slightly sour citrus note, it lingers for a while, making me salivate from the sourness. This is not a bad tea, it did not wow me overly much, but I found it pleasant, I think I would have liked it a lot more if it lacked the rosehips, since for me this tea shined most when it was very sweet.

For blog and (crappy old) photos:


Yep, mine broke when I moved, and now I need one too. It really helped me with energy during the winter.


Anyway, I don’t know whether or not they will, but I’m currently trying to convince my health insurance to cover it.


That is actually a really good point, I should check with them to see if they will cover it since supposedly my insurance is really good (cough cough it is selective with how good it actually is)


Yeah, I think this differs a lot between insurance companies and states. I’m thinking mine was covered when I got it in a different state, but it seems to be more complicated where I live now. Basically, my family doctor hadn’t ever heard of one being prescribed here, so I had to find a psychiatrist who is willing to prescribe it and blah blah blah… It’s been a big pain.


But I think I got it pretty easily when I lived in Pennsylvania.


Ugh, that sounds immensely frustrating. It is always ‘fun’ getting doctors to work with you, especially when you have a previous setup going with a different doctor. Good luck!


More reason for me to move back home to Pennsylvania!


Thanks. I hope it works out for you too! The funny thing is, I currently have better healthcare than I did then. But my healthcare plan was designed for graduate students, who apparently tended to get depressed in the winter on a regular basis. So they were very used to approving these things.


I got one at Costco. And it’s actually pretty nice! I don’t use it every day, because the day after a sunny day I don’t need it so much… but I do use it.


Wow, that’’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen for one of those. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely do this if I can’t get it covered (I finally got an avatar).


I, uhh, got mine at Costco for $40CAD. hides So you see I couldn’t really pass it up even though it’s not a necessity for me.


Oh very awesome! I shall have to check my local Costco, I need an excuse to get an industrial size jar of kalamata olives again


I haven’t had one in a few years myself, but for the past 7 years I lived in the South and didn’t really need it. It gets dark much earlier where I live now, and I’ve seen a lot less of the sun. I’m checking the American Costco — it’s still a good price for these even if it’s a better price in Canada.


This is the one I had, and it was about this price before. Or at least it’s a newer version of the one I had:

It was fine while I had it but I would not get it again… The only thing that broke was the lightbulb, which would have cost $78 to replace so I just got rid of it. And I think I can find something that works just as well for less than $78 in total.

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336 tasting notes

My second tea for soothing the sore throat. I actually did about half this tea, and half spearmint. Chamomile and mint is my absolute trump tea for when I’m sick, but I didn’t have any plain chamomile so I went with this.

It was extremely smooth and soothing on my throat, but one thing that I think I’m learning is that chamomile just isn’t my favorite tea flavor. It helps my throat, but I basically only drink it when I need it.

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2247 tasting notes

’Here’s Hoping’ traveling teabox Round #2 // Tea #36
I love the name. This seemed to have other ingredients, but it really just seemed like oddly strong chamomile. Chamomile shouldn’t be this strong! The description mentions mango, but I really don’t taste it. I would love one good chamomile tea in my collection.. I guess right now it’s just Adagio’s Sherlock’s Molly Hooper. Sherlock!


If you like lavender, I highly recommend Butiki’s organic lavender chamomile!


I tried a sample of that one ages ago, it was delicious!


Thank you for warning me. I hate chamomile!

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424 tasting notes

Yet another from “Another Tiny Tea Box” – reading past reviews, I think this tea is well traveled! Initially it wasn’t so bad, just a really apple-y chamomile. But the more I drank the more thirsty I felt, and it wasn’t because the tea was astringent. It was really odd. I ended up not finishing it and chugging a lot of milk straight from the jug. Yeah, I’m that girl.

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52 tasting notes

any tea with chamomile, i expect to taste like chamomile and drink at bedtime. at bedtime, i want something sweet. the hibiscus in this is very tart! i also find it strange to drink a chamomile tea that is red in color, but that’s a very minor complaint. i think i would have liked the apple/mango/chamomile blend, without the hibiscus. tart chamomile is not a good thing. added sugar, but it just doesn’t work as a bedtime tea, and i don’t want chamomile in the morning, so there you go.

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Totally agree about the hibiscus it would taste a lot better without it

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167 tasting notes

Pretty good more drinkable than Chaucer’s Cup it’s not as tart but could be better

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