Butterscotch Potion

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White Tea
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Butterscotch, Caramel, Floral, Peach, Spices, Cinnamon, Honey, Peppercorn, Vanilla
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185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 10 g 12 oz / 362 ml

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From Tealux

One of the world’s most beloved confections has found its way into your teacup. Embrace the buttery warmth of this golden-hued white tea infusion as it dances on your palate and illuminates your soul.

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14 Tasting Notes

1683 tasting notes

Oh wow this is good. This is really good. Amazing even.
What a lovely surprise… as I was having a rather low/crappy day and this just made it so much better!!
I’m noticing an intense butterscotch note all through the sip and aftertaste, along with a slightly astringent white note. Also, it is very sweet, like eating a butterscotch candy. Seriously, I have that aftertaste lingering long after a sip. and now I’m sad that my mug is empty.
First infusion was beyond stellar. I’d rate it 95. Second was predictably weaker and less round in flavour so I’d go with 83… which leaves the true score somewhere in the middle! (since I can’t see a number as I move the slider).
There will be future orders of this. I am so in love, this potion has certainly worked it’s magic on me!


Yum. This is going on my list.


I’ll look for your review! :)


I can haz a try?


Yezzzz of course! I think it may be a bit overly sweet for your tastes but only one way to find out :P
(it’s almost there for me, even out of those I add sugar to. Somehow my tolerance goes up with butterscotch and maple)


Indigo, have you tried many teas from Tealux so far? I just lost it this afternoon and placed a crazy order with them. They allow sample purchases, their green and oolong selections drove me nuts, had such a hard time deciding!!


Hmm, I think this is the second one I tried from them. But I have a bunch of other samples to go through. Btw the samples are pretty big. Enough for atleast 4 cups! Probably more like 6.


Great, Thanks for letting me know :-)


Enjoy! hope you didn’t get the Blueberry green one. That was nasty. though if you did, and love it, you can have mine LOL


Thanks for the generous offer, but no I didn’t get that one, thankfully! it’s that bad? I have ordered a couple of flavoured ones, but mostly straight greens and oolongs… From the description, I have high hopes for them!


It has something called Senna leaf in it, which is what I think threw me off. I’m excited to try the rest of my samples! :)


Ok, weirdest thing ever, I swear I had read a review you’d done of this tea comparing it to something else… and I disagreed and made a comment… but clearly I was wrong. I’m so confused haha.

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3134 tasting notes

Looks like I’ll be doing some tea-adding in the near future…

Anyhow. This tea! Smells absolutely divine. Much like versions of Coconut Creme from various tea companies, but this doesn’t look like them (there are peppercorns), nor is this supposed to contain coconut. However… it definitely tastes much like it. There is supposed to be cinnamon in here, but I’m not really picking up on it. Mostly I’m tasting a sweet, coconutty white tea. I suppose it could be the butterscotch that’s coming off as coconut… I’m getting a bit of a dark background flavour here though, that I don’t recall tasting with Coconut Creme. And, I feel like the peppercorns are coming through a bit. Similar blend though! I was expecting it to be more like DavidsTea’s Buttercream, which it isn’t (unless my taste buds/memory are misleading me, and that’s what it does taste like, not Coconut Creme!) Which is actually increasingly possible the more I think about it…

Regardless, I like this. A light, sweet, desserty tea. I’m glad I just have a sample though, since it’s pretty similar to something I have in my cupboard!

And thus begins my foray into Tealux’s teas…

ETA: Yep. I still can’t figure out which tea this reminds me of. One of those two. But, there is definitely cinnamon in here (noticeable in the second infusion), which is NOT in either of the other two. It was already obvious that it wasn’t an identical blend to either of the two I mentioned, just has many similarities. Good, though.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 15 sec

Kinda reminds me of Gold Rush. Or maybe that other mulberry Davids tea


Definitely doesn’t remind me of Mulberry Magic, I was getting more of a vibe from it like the other two teas I mentioned. Will have to try things together at some point.


It’s been awhile since I had it, now I wish they still carried it!


Oh, hehehe, this is where you posted the comment, lol! Which tea were you referring to? Gold Rush?


both actually!! but not really on the gold rush, if only bc it was so darn expensive

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283 tasting notes

“A little weird tasting, but not undrinkable” says TheTeaFairy in her note stuck to the ziploc holding this 2-cup sample. Naturally, I have avoided it and tried all the samples she indicated were her faves. So tonight, after missing again, I thought to myself: self, I bet you will like the ones she hates. So I grabbed the so called weird tasting tea!

Don’t you know it, it’s not weird tasting to me. And it smells like butterscotch indeed. I did add honey because it wasn’t sweet enough for me. It smells faintly of chamomile but luckily it doesn’t taste like chamomile. It almost tastes milky too, I wonder which ingredient does that.

I wouldn’t call this an amazing cup — my goodness, I’d have to read my notes and find which teas I thought were amazing because lately I have found them all to be missing something. Maybe it’s me. I know it is. I haven’t been in the mood.

Great light amber colour on this, not astringent at 3 minutes with 190F water. It’s not a bad tea. I wouldn’t rush out and buy it or anything, despite the alluring name. Thanks again to the generous TheTeaFairy who sent me so much tea I’m still working my way through it.


Lol, that’s funny…but we can say we have at least Phoenix Pearl in common :-)


I think we have a lot more in common.

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818 tasting notes

This tea is really interesting. Definitely not what I expected, but still good.

When I first smelled the dry leaf, I totally noticed the peppercorns, but it was a little butterscotchy. I thought, what a weird tea!

I steeped some up today. I actually resteeped it too.

The package recommended 194 degrees for 3-4 minutes, but that didn’t match up with how I thought a white tea should be brewed, so I did my first steep at 140 degrees for 2 minutes. This resulted in a slightly weak cup, with the dominant flavor being peppercorn. I could taste a little cinnamon too, but to me, it was like they were trying to make butterscotch flavor with a combination of other flavors and it didn’t quite make it. Not sure if they actual put butterscotch flavoring in, but it does say there is added flavoring.

The resteep was different. I decided to go with the package directions, and it resulted in stronger flavor, and a darker brew. What was interesting was I got a lot more cinnamon and the peppercorn was toned down somewhat.

Still not sure it is really butterscotch, although I may have messed up the flavoring with my first steeping. Overall, it’s pretty good, and warming. Good with a little sweetener to make it more dessert-like. I can imagine this being very cozy when the weather is cold, unlike today. Ha!

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183 tasting notes

I’ll freely admit that I bought this one because of the name. Butterscotch Potion. It just sounds so rich and decadent. I really like the smell of it, both dry and steeped. It does smell of butterscotch.

Taste-wise, it’s not as rich tasting as I expected it to be, but that could be operator error. I steeped it at 80C instead of the 90C that was recommended, mainly because I’d rather have a weak tea than an astringent one. I’ll try re-steeping at 90C later and see if that makes a difference.

It does remind me of some coconut white teas I’ve had, but there is that definite butterscotch taste that makes it unique. I was worried that the peppercorns would give it too much of a bite, but all of the flavours blend smoothly. I’ll buy this one again if/when I make another Tealux order (I have a LOT of tea to go through first. I wish some of my friends were tea obsessed so I could swap or split orders with them).

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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624 tasting notes

Another tea I’ve had for awhile and enjoyed many times but forgot to review. The brew temperature from Tealux says 194F. That seems just way too high for a white tea and I’ve been brewing closer to the 175F. Definitely has a smooth butterscotch flavour. The peppercorn is very faint and I only seemed to notice it when the tea cooled down more. It is just enough to add to the tea but not ruin the overall flavour. I’m not as experienced as some others on Steepster noticing the different notes but am working on it.

Flavors: Caramel, Peppercorn

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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604 tasting notes

Butterscotch Potion. By Tealux


Western style, 10g/250ml mug

Dry leaf: Strong Butterscotch/caramel

Wet leaf: Strong Butterscotch/caramel, spices

I taste/smell: butterscotch, caramel, hibiscus(?), floral, spices, peach.

all in all, what a lovely tea! i rate a 100 :D

allthough, i’m not much for blends, however this one was yummy! i might order more. who knows ;) Update: its sold out :/

Flavors: Butterscotch, Caramel, Floral, Peach, Spices

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 30 sec 10 g 8 OZ / 250 ML

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1355 tasting notes

Upon opening the packet I am met with a large leaf and floral blend, which was not quite as I imagined it somehow. I was expecting pieces of butterscotch in the blend to create the flavour, instead we have ‘natural flavours’ in their place to create a synthetic version. With that in mind I give it a sniff, and while it’s sweet (and again floral) it just is not butterscotch like. It does smell creamy and well it’s still a pleasant scent but not quite right.

This will be interesting! I put two teaspoons of leaf (as it’s large leaf) into my steeping mug with 90C water for roughly 3-4 minutes.

The resulting tea liquid is golden brown in colour and bares a sweet scent that actually does resemble butterscotch rather well. Less floral than it’s raw blend form but not as creamy or thick as actual butterscotch.

In terms of flavour this is very pleasant, a dark, toffee and treacle mix (without a lot of sweetness) with some creamy, floral undertones that linger in the after taste. It’s not bitter but I think the flavours would be enhanced a bit better with some sugar or honey, just to make it more butterscotch like. Even without anything extra it still does have a butterscotch essence and though it may not be perfect it’s still very well created.

As it cools it becomes creamier and a little thicker in the after taste, particularly the floral tones. At this point I can taste the white tea a little better and it’s also becoming increasingly dry.

For more information please view the SororiTEA Sisters post.


That’s a great name for a tea that contains floral notes underneath butterscotch. Too bad there wasn’t more of the latter, though!


I always have to look up treacle, it’s funny that we don’t use that word in the US.

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1731 tasting notes

Today’s new start. I’m glad I finally broke in to my stash of Tealux teas, because they’re actually pretty good (in other words, a lot better than I was expecting). Sometimes I think I might actually have flavoured tea fatigue. Anyway, today is almost a Spring day, so I decided a white might finally be appropriate. I used 1.5tsp of leaf, and gave it 2.5 minutes in water cooled to around 180 degrees. The resulting liquor is a pale yellow-green, and smells remarkably accurately of butterscotch!

To taste, this is a slightly odder story. What I’m picking up on initially actually tastes more like coconut than butterscotch. It’s also really creamy and a little vanilla-like, and reminds me of buttercream cake frosting. I’m reminded more of butterscotch towards the end of the sip, once the coconutty flavour has faded a bit, and what’s left is sweet, smooth and buttery. It’s not butterscotch from the word go, though.

Based on this impression, I had another look at the bag. Apparently, this contains cinnamon, but I wouldn’t know it. It also contains peppercorns, but they do make themselves known in the aftertaste, after a couple of sips. A spicy warmth is building up at the back of my throat, and it’s not entirely pleasant or suited to my image of “butterscotch”. Hmm. Somehow, now I’ve detected the pepper, it’s suddenly all I can taste. Bad that.

My first couple of sips were really encouraging, but I think over the course of one cup, my enthusiasm for this tea has waned. It’s pleasant initially, but it’s not really butterscotch, and the pepper is just plain odd. Not a favourite for me.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp

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50 tasting notes

Delicious! There is a strong butterscotch smell which corresponds to taste. The tea is smooth with honey and a very mild cinnamon taste. The peppercorn is faint but lingers on the tip of the tongue.

Flavors: Caramel, Cinnamon, Honey, Peppercorn, Vanilla

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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