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From Teas Etc

Think palm trees and island breezes.
The rich coconut flavor minging with the lovely taste of red rooibos is tropical and tasty.

Creamy sweet flavor and a lovely caramel finish completes the experience. Naturally caffeine free, this addictive and delicious no-calorie treat is not to be missed.

Coconut Custard Tea Type: Rooibos

Ingredients: Rooibos, shredded coconut and flavor

Contains: Coconut

Origin of Coconut Custard : South Africa

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Direct trade quality loose leaf tea for more than a decade. World Tea Championship winners in 2008 & 2009. USDA Certified Organic. Based in US with buying office in China.

34 Tasting Notes

6770 tasting notes

So here’s the infamous Coconut Custard everyone has been talking about lately! Thanks to SoccerMom I get to try it as well! Thanks SoccerMom!

Since all of the reviews for this have been so detailed and lengthy I am not sure if I will have anything new to add…but here are my findings!

It’s quite dark in color once infused and it seems 2 small slivers of coconut decided to dive into my cup! They must have wanted a morning swim! :) I’m fine with that…why not…it’s FRIDAY!!!!

It smells like coconut cookies, almost.

It’s VERY smooth and pretty darned-tasty! First I taste a hint of typical rooibos taste then it’s coconut and then a cookie or pastry type taste and then almost like a coconut/creamed cheese type breakfast danish and then pure coconut. The after taste is coconut and cookie and then creamy coconut…OH YEAH…there’s the custard! It seems from the first sip to the aftertaste this continues to morph, and morph, and morph…but I LIKE complexity. It sooooo works here! YAY!


Janefan Delete less than a minute ago

this sounds great. I love coconut! Glad to know the creamy/custard aspect is actually recognizable.


blegh, I’m having a “bad tech day” – kinda like a bad hair day…

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160 tasting notes

This is a sample that I received from Auggy in swap, thanks Auggy! Being a rooibos, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up on my own, but I am really happy to get a chance to try it since I do love coconut. It is pretty to look at with the red rooibos and abundant coconut pieces. I sniffed it, and it smelled super coconutty with an aftscent of feet… Sweaty feet… Needless to say very confusing and unsettling. This didn’t stop me from continuing with my brew… The show must go on…

While it brewed the scent was creamy and coconut filled. The odd rancid scent was still there in the background. Now I start worrying… Is the tea going to taste like that? Oh dear…

First taste, unsweetened, was awful. It was pure rancid coconut. I sweetened it and it was bearable, but still had the rancid aftertaste. I added milk, still undrinkable. Since I was in my Mom’s company while I had my tae, I let her try it. She didn’t taste the stinky feet, but didn’t love it eather. I sadly ciuldn’t drink it and had to be dumped out.

While it was a disturbing tea experience, I am still happy I got to try it! Who knew that something that everyone loves I wouldn’t like at all… Oh well… There are still a bunch of things on my list to try! : )

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Stinky feet….MMMMMMM…sounds delicious! :))


Eweeee lol


I was not fond of this either…


Custard Tea in and of itself does not sound appetizing for me. YUCK!


Hahahaha, sweaty feet! I love it! :D

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714 tasting notes

Steep Information:
Amount: 3 heap tsp
Additives: none
Water: 22oz filtered, boiling
Tool: Cast Iron Teapot with Mesh basket strainer
Steep Time: a little over 5 minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: Coconut, Nut, Sweet
Steeped Tea Smell: Nutty, Coconut, Sweet
Flavor: rooibos
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: coconut, and then COCONUT CUSTARD
Liquor: Deep dark orange red brown

Thanks to SoccerMom for turning me on to this tea.

First, you smell the tea as it comes up to your nose and you smell coconut custard.

MilitiaJim is flummoxed how something can smell like a texture, but it does.

Then you sip, at first I was sad, it was rooibos. Don’t get me wrong I love rooibos but I wanted coconut custard.

As I swallow the sip I start to taste coconut shell, then coconut.

Then I swallow and there is the coconut pie! Delicious.

Strange the flavor is all in the swallow.

Post-Steep Additives: pinch of German rock sugar
sweeter, yum!

Resteep: 7 min, weak, 10+ min, weak but drinkable

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Wow, a 95?? Yay! A tea that has passed the AmazonV test! It’s been awhile since you’ve rated over mediocrity. :) I have this, and will be re-visiting it because of you. :)


LOL! yea i am pretty fussy I was one of those kids who had a peanut butter and fluff sandwich every day because nothing else would do for years :)


This sounds wonderful! Suddenly I’m craving my grandma’s homemade custard pie with nutmeg on top.


ooo, ooo! @gmathis I think perhaps i will put a little nutmeg in this with the pinch of sugar!


YEA!!! I am SOO glad you liked it!! Sometimes just because you like it (meaning me) doesn’t mean the other person you are recommending it to will. Isn’t this like one of the best rooibos blends ever?? I’ve never purchased 8 ounces of any tea or rooibos but I proudly have 8 ounces of this and I am going to make a cup right now!


I am sure it helps that i like coconut, like coconut custard and like rooibos :)


I don’t like all coconut teas though. I didn’t like the GM Coconut Pouchong. I guess that’s why I am so happy I found this one that I do enjoy.


Mmm…this sounds yummy. I saw a frozen coconut cream custard pie at the store today, but I didn’t buy it. I’m not a big fan of coconut (bad experience with coconut rum one night when I was a teenager) but coconut cream custard just sounds like it has to be good.


Shanti, your coconut rum story sounds very similar to my Riunite Lambrusco experience of the early 90’s. ;)

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1112 tasting notes

In all of my time of drinking rooibos, I have never tried it with any kind of milk…until last night! I put a squeeze of agave nectar and a splash of half and half into this tisane, and wow! It was much more tea-like and enjoyable. The dairy really brought out the custard aspects of this blend. My husband said,“This is the best rooibos yet!”

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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314 tasting notes

I’m finding myself drinking this a lot for someone who doesn’t like rooibos! It must be the yummy sweet coconut flavor. It’s comforting and warm and it kind of makes me feel calm and sleepy. Very good for nighttime.

Upping the score again!


I’m so happy to read this! I just ordered a sample of this and now I can’t wait :)


I’m surprised how much I like it now. It really is soothing!

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257 tasting notes

I’ve got to thank Soccer Mom for sending me this tea. I have parted ways with Rooibos teas, but this steep was a timely admonition: I should not make sweeping categorical break-ups with all teas based on a rather small sampling.

Firstly, the coconut aroma is deeply enticing. Secondly, steeped, this is a smooth sweet coconut with no woody or sawdusty rooibos overtones. The aftertaste was excellent. I felt that I had been drinking a nice creamy coconut drink. No tell-tale woodiness! It was nice to have a tea-like beverage to drink in the evening. I may have to order this.

6 min, 15 sec

it’s it fabulous! SoccerMom is a coconut custard pusher ;)


Oh!!! If Soccer Mom is dishing out…I will take some! LOL


Doulton, Glad you liked it now on to the important part can Mr. Custard compete in the realiTEA show for coconut flavored teas/beverages or what?? ;P

Tea=Bliss, I am not stingy I don’t mind sending you a sample if you’d PM me your address. (I am a coconut custard pusher though) :)


And it’s a good thing to be pushing, too. Who knows how many addicts you will create with your generosity?


beams happy addict right here NOMNOM

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604 tasting notes

Another cup of this before bed.. surprise, surprise! I am really liking this tea at a lower water temperature. Tonight it’s smooth and sweet, just the way it should be!

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308 tasting notes

I drank a cup of this last night after dinner. Is this the best rooibos ever? It might be. This is so yummy. And, I only ordered 1 oz of this! :(

I was worried I wouldn’t like this because everytime I see coconut with tea, I think it is going to be like a pina colada. The thought of that makes my stomach turn. But, since I liked the Golden Moon Coconut Pouchong and everyone was giving this such good reviews, I had to try it.

This smells amazing. In the dry leaves, I smell coconut and some kind of liquor. When brewed, I taste coconut, vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon. It made me immediately think it was like a cookie in a cup. Then as I drank more, I started to get the ‘custard’. Sooo yummy. I was planning on making a cookie after tea (I have some frozen cookie dough balls in the freezer for emergencies), but after drinking the tea, I no longer even wanted the cookie. Great side effect.

If you are a rooibos drinker, run and order this.

~1.5 tsp to ~11 oz. I added the worlds smallest drop of agave nectar to this.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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911 tasting notes

So yeah, I totally caved on the Steepster Select the other day. And hello fast shipping – my order got here today! Honestly, it was non-rooibos-loving Doulton’s review of this not-tea that made it first catch my eye, then Steepster Select and the forces of boredom shopping pushed me over the edge.

I’m so glad it did. Look, I wasn’t expecting much. It’s a rooibos. My greatest rooibos-related hope is that I can drink it without making an “eew, icky” face. But this stuff? This is good. Well, as long as you like coconut, which I totally do. The rooibos flavor is barely a hint and even that hint backs off to a mere wisp of wood as the tea cools a tad. Instead, this tea tastes of delightful coconut, lightly toasted to give it a bit of a crisp texture. In fact, it reminds me of the bestest coconut tea in ever and ever, SerendipiTEA’s Burroughs’ Brew. I taste no custard but the coconut is so yummy I just don’t care.

I’m so glad I caved on the Steepster Select and followed Doulton’s example like a little sheep. Because this is good stuff. Totally will be buying this again.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Yes another convert. :)


Yes! It’s like trickle down economics but with tea conversions! :)

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111 tasting notes

Okay, last time I tried this tea I was sick so I couldn’t review it properly. I have been asked by Lori what I thought about this tea (I could have sworn I had started a tasting note?) anyway Lori asked me just yesterday what I thought of this tea and I told her let me try it again (Even though I was sick the first time I tried it I thought it was good) so I wake up this morning to a 20% off coupon on Rooibos from Teas Etc.

What a timely coupon this rooibos is good!! While I don’t think … hmmm no I’ve never actually had coconut custard I have had many a coconut meringue pie and I would have to say this reminds me of coconut pie in that the rooibos plays back up and I would compare it to a crispy crust and the coconut flavoring is the coconut creme center NOM.

It’s good if you like coconut i’d recommend it and I know some of ya’ll are going to get a little mad but I like it better than GM’s Coconut Pouchong. Sorry but it’s just how I feel. :)

Gotta go and place my order at Tea’s Etc now!

Update: Okay so it’s no secret I love to have Teavana’s My Morning Mate almost every morning so today I added a little of Tea’s Etc Coconut Custard Rooibos and it only added to the smooth flavor of the mate I love to mix rooibos and mates!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

share the coupon shaaaaare
oh man, my poor cupboard, but coconut and rooibos!


Upon closer inspection I think it is an exclusive coupon. I will find out when I place my order (just to be sure) Don’t worry though I’m going to order enough to share with you AmazonV! (you know I got your back) LOL


Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! I have a tea’s etc coupon: AMZAP – 20% off anything, the only thing is I just got it (I ordered tea’s etc off Amazon) and they sent me this as a courtesy but it ends 3/31/2010 (TODAY).


sneaky store, and WOOT!


Okay so I looked in my tea cupboard and thought I really need a cup of coconut custard and while reaching for it I saw my totally sad 52Teas Chocomate (which I’m not crazy about) starring at me and so I decided to mix the two (I’m hoping for the tea equivalent of an Almond Joy but will settle for Mounds) well taste wise it’s not to bad maybe a little Mounds tasting! Certainly better than plain chocomate.

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