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  • “So I finished off last night with 465 tasting notes. This is tasting note number 490. That means I have drank 25 cups of tea today. That can’t be good :S. Apparently when I compete, I compete to...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’ve tried this iced in store a few times over the summer, mostly because my kids are crazy about it. In store it is WAY too freakin sweet, belch. It does have a nice blueberry-ey flavour, if you...” Read full tasting note
  • “Well, there goes the days sipdown efforts… I got home from work today only to find that my swap from akgrowngirl had arrived, and she’d added in an extra tea – negating my two sipdowns of the day....” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m stupidly obsessed with this blend right now. I’m not actually sure just how that happened. I was walking around the store sometime a few weeks ago adjusting things and I felt a bit thirsty for...” Read full tasting note

From Teavana

Deliciously fruity and refreshing! This blend of our Blueberry Bliss Rooibos tea and Pineapple Kona Pop herbal tea makes a wonderful iced tea treat when paired with our German Rock Sugar. It is a caffeine-free delight that is great for the whole family. Includes 4oz of tea.

Preparation / Ingredients Use 1.5 teaspoons of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to just boiling (208 degrees) and steep for five minutes. For iced tea, double the amount of tea and the steep time. 8oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons of tea.

Ingredients: Green rooibos tea, apple pieces, blueberries, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), raisins, rose blossom leaves, rosebuds, marigold blossoms, mallow blossoms, black currants, rosehip peels, orange blossoms, beetroot pieces, hibiscus flowers, cornflower blossoms and flavoring.

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55 Tasting Notes

6440 tasting notes

So I finished off last night with 465 tasting notes. This is tasting note number 490. That means I have drank 25 cups of tea today. That can’t be good :S. Apparently when I compete, I compete to win. Go hard or go home. Alas, my worthy competitor, Roswell Strange, has fallen behind due to a bad tooth ache and winning is just not fun when it comes at the cost of someone else. So I hope you feel better soon and I am definitely happy to put off this competition for when we are both up to it. If nothing else, it definitely helped me explore my tea collection and make a dent in my stash.

Anyways, on to the tea…

Majority of this was sent to Pandeme but before weighing it out to send her way, I decided to grab just a few teaspoons for myself. I had a lot of this and don’t drink it nearly as often as I would need to to get through the amount I had so sending it away was a good plan. However, I am glad to have just a couple more servings for when the mood strikes because this is actually not a bad cup of tea. I definitely taste blueberry more than anything else but the Pineapple Kona Pop adds a nice apple sweetness and a hint of floral to the blend. All in all pleasant every now and again but not anything I plan on restocking once it is gone.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Wow! I hope they were SUPER SMALL cups.


8-10 oz mugs. It was probably not the best choice.


That’s insane. I feel waterlogged enough once I reach 12 cups. And let’s not start talking about the trips back and forth to the washroom haha.


Oh the bathroom might as well have had a revolving door on it because I was frequently running in and out.


That is a crazy amount of tea! I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit bit jealous of your tea drinking skills.

Also, I’m super excited for this! :D


I really hope you like it. And I don’t know what is up with Canada Post but I just checked your tracking # and for some reason it is still just listed as “accepted at the post office”. Meanwhile, a package I dropped off today is already in transit. GET YO SHIT TOGETHER, CANADA POST!!


Hahaha, oh the joys of Canada Post :P I know what you mean though, I mailed a birthday present to a friend of mine in Tofino two weeks ago and it is still listed as “sorting”…whatever that means.


That is almost better than USPS – I just checked an order number on a package from Red Leaf Tea and apparently it was delivered on the 13th. Unfortunately, I don’t have that package so I am a little frightened of who it was delivered to.


Ack! That is definitely the last thing you want to see when you don’t actually have the package.


25 cups! That’s reaching Sil-levels! :) Good luck with your Red Leaf package.




LOL. You drink huge cups of tea, Sil. Don’t front. :) (I’m eyeing the Davids Latte Mugs. 24 oz!)


moi? i fake innocence! or is that claim grin today is a good drinking day…i hope it continues over the weekend!


Ahhh I want one really badly. I was actually debating about putting all my teas that are in bags into the tins I have left. Then I figured I would have an excuse to place a Davids order and once I was ordering I could toss one into the order.

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297 tasting notes

I’ve tried this iced in store a few times over the summer, mostly because my kids are crazy about it.

In store it is WAY too freakin sweet, belch. It does have a nice blueberry-ey flavour, if you can get past the sweetness. So on my most recent trip into Teavana I bought the exotic iced tea set, mostly for my kids, but there are some flavours in it that I wanted to try.

The dry.notes of the blueberry alone are so delicious, so much blueberry goodness. I live in Northern Ontario where THE best wild blueberries come from, so I know blueberry. The pineapple on its own smells gross. But I mixed em up anyways (this was my first go at blending teas together). I added 4 perfect teaspoons of each flavour to my steeping basket, plopped it into my pitcher added about 1.5 perfect tea spoons of rock sugar (had I been making this for myself i wouldn’t have added the sugar, but it was for my girls.), then I poured the boiling water over it. i allowed it to steep for about 15 mins as per the guy at teavana.

This is nicely blueberry-ey, it probably could have been sweeter for the kids liking, and could have been more blueberry flavoured for my liking. I’m not even sure that I get any flavour from the pineapple. What I definitely don’t get is a Rooibos taste, thank goodness!

Boiling 8 min or more

Stupid phone, I only added FOUR perfect teaspoons of each. Not 14.


As much as I have problems with teavana, I have to admit that I have a strange addiction to this tea. My mom has me make it for her all the time, haha


Hm, sounds interesting. I haven’t tried so much making any ice tea besides orange and mint, need to try some mixing. And I’d love to taste and compare the blueberries from Ontario to these we have here in Finland, although we’re still debating between friends if they’re called blueberries or in fact bilberries. They’re blue. They’re berries. And the debate goes on.


haha Charab, I think there is a difference between blueberries & bilberries. Our blueberry season is a fairly short window & it was way too hot this summer for our blueberries to prosper properly. The city I live in actually has a blueberry festival during the summer.

Insence, my only problem with Teavana is that there stuff is too light on flavour.


hehe, I think so too, since we’ve been taught since school that our berries are also blueberries in english, it’s just slightly different type I guess from the ones you have. Here we had amazingly good season, they were huge! Festival for them is only a right thing to do, that berry is just pure genius.

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14833 tasting notes

Well, there goes the days sipdown efforts…

I got home from work today only to find that my swap from akgrowngirl had arrived, and she’d added in an extra tea – negating my two sipdowns of the day. Curse the generosity on Steepster (not really though, you people are lovely)! Anyway, because I was back at where I’d started I felt I had to make the last tea of the day a sipdown so I’d made at least a little progress. I also really wanted to make this sipdown count so I picked this tea which I recieved as a surprise add in from VariaTEA in our first swap.

First time around I used half the leaf for a timolino full of this that I took to work – and I hated it! I’ve been dreading siping down the last little bit, and I always feel horrible throwing leaf out. I can’t pawn it off on Robyn either because the two things she flat out wont drink (she accepts most of my ‘toss away’ tea quite graciously) are coconut and pineapple, and this definitely has pineapple. I know I’m going to feel SUPER relieved once it’s out of my cupboard officially! So, this sipdown is definitely worth it and will make me feel like I’ve accomplished something significant today.

(Also, I think this is my first time noticing it – but this blend has raisins in it! YUCK!)

So for preparation I used the last of the leaf (nearly a tablespoon) for a 10 oz. mug, steeped in 10 oz. of water for a very brief 2 minutes (in the hopes of balancing out the fact I heavily overleafed). The colour is a funky purple. And the smell is majorly artificial blueberry with a generic, tart “tang”. Ick…

As far as taste goes, this is just about as bad as I remember it being the first time. Everything about it tastes artificial, cloying, and borderline chemical. It leaves a really funny “sour” taste in my mouth (sour as in “gone bad”), and the pineapple is so warped and distorted from any kind of actual pineapple taste. I’m drinking as big of gulps as I can manage, and choking it down like a champ. I can do this!

Semi side note: In anticipation of this being awful, I started cold brewing a jug of Blueberry Jam to enjoy tomorrow morning so I can have a real blueberry tea first thing – to counteract this lousy tea experience.

ALL GONE! Like. A. Fucking. Boss.

I feel very accomplished right now. I could have just tossed the leaf, but instead I fought through the cuppa, making this sipdown so much more worth it! Hell yeah! SIPDOWN!


OMG I am so sorry to put you through that torture. Honestly, life is too short to suffer through bad teas so just throw it out or send it away or swap it. At least it is done now and I will never send it to you again. Also, after our many swaps and reading your reviews, I am quite aware of your hatred for raisins and keep that in mind when I decided to add things.

Roswell Strange

It’s ok! Honestly, even if I had of noticed the raisins initially, I would probably have still tried it because I love pineapple. I don’t think there’s a single pineapple tea I’m not willing to try at least once. Pineapple trumps raisins :P Anyway, I’ve tried lots of good teas from you – so that more than makes up for the occasional lousy one.

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107 tasting notes

I’m stupidly obsessed with this blend right now.

I’m not actually sure just how that happened. I was walking around the store sometime a few weeks ago adjusting things and I felt a bit thirsty for something cold so I snagged a sample cup to sip. I’ve had it many times before, of course, but that time something happened and now I’m seriously addicted to it. I fill my Timolino with it every night before I go home, and make it in the mornings before I go to work.

And it’s AT work. I’ve lost my MIND.

Also, I’m THIS many. holds up four fingers Everyone else in the store likes the chai/chai blend best or something, but me, no, give me the one that tastes like JOOS.

I had a mom in with her son in one of those packs on her back buying a pound. She admitted to also being obsessed with this blend, and says that her son loves it as well and that they go through big pitchers of it. He was SO cute – just old enough to be speaking a bit and he kept anxiously squawking, “Where my TEA? Where my tea?!” Not old enough to be patient through a five-minute steep, see…

Sorry that I’m not around, guys. One of our core staff developed some sort of family problems, and all his eight-hour shifts got cut, so we’re all pulling overtime right now to cover him.

Only two days left until I can officially review the new ones!

Autumn Hearth

Yeah… I would sometimes empty a cup at the end of the night to take home to the husband and toddler, or even chug a bit if I was thirsty just because it was cold, but not as cold as a beverage newly made with ice. My son would have some when he visited but he also drank the Monkey Picked.

I personally have an issue that they pick such a tart tea that requires so much sugar to offer as the cold caffeine free option. Picturing our old manager telling parents how good it was for their kids because you could control the amount of sugar they drink as opposed to juice, still makes me squirm.

And yes I have seen many an addict come in for their juice/kool-aid fix. But obviously we have differing opinions on sugar and that’s fine. I do look forward to your reviews of the new teas!

Daniel Scott

Oh, I tell parents it’s got a lot of sugar in it, and that kids might not like it without sugar. Thing is, it STILL has less sugar than a juice box! I tell parents to play “sugar ninja” and cut the amount of sugar in it verrrry slowly to get kids adjusted to the taste of it without sugar. (Or at least less sugar, if not none. I personally wouldn’t drink it with none, either! But I drank SO MUCH Kool-Aid as a kid, maybe my view is less militantly anti-sugar, LOL.)

Of course, that’s unlikely to work without also controlling the sugar in the REST of their diet, but I can’t control that.

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836 tasting notes

1.5 tablespoons for 375 ml

Extremely unpleasant aftertaste which I think is from the added sugar in the pineapple pieces. Tartness from the hibiscus is very apparent. The hibiscus does not seem to be well-blended. I can detect a little bit of the punchy-ness from the rooibos but the flavour profile is very much taken over by the pineapple and hibiscus flavour.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

This blend reminds me of fruit punch. It’s so much more like juice than tea!


Eeeeeps. I’ve always found pineapple in tea to be hit or miss

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75 tasting notes

This is one of my absolute favorites when I want a sweet fruity treat. It is pure tropical blueberry sweetness and I love it hot or cold.

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687 tasting notes

I tried this in the Teavana store again. It was actually cold this time. There is still a sweet, fruity flavour. A little too much sugar, but the blueberry, pineapple, and hibiscus was much better cold.

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30 tasting notes

Got this as a sample from an online order I placed this summer.
I am slowly trying to use up all of my fruity/iced teas that I have left from the summer. I also have pledged NOT to buy anymore tea until I have used up all of the ones I have. So, this tea is really nice.

Dry leaf nose: Pineapple, blueberry, rooibos.

Taste: Mostly blueberry, a little bit of pineapple.

I really do like the taste of this tea (iced). I haven’t tried it hot yet, and since my sample is gone I probably wont.

I may pick up a bit of this one when the TEAVANA store opens near me this fall. But, I am more excited to try their new GLOBAL TREASURES COLLECTION first. Maybe I will wait until next summer to pick it up.

But, nonetheless, this is still a great tea and I really enjoyed it. Have a great day ;)
EDIT- added a rating

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42 tasting notes

There are a few teas that make me forget all of Teavana’s transgressions and just sip sip sip to my heart’s desire. This is definitely one of them. Call me unrefined. Call me a newb. Whatever. I. Love. This. Effing. Tea. It’s mostly fruit with a dusting of rooibos. The blueberry flavor is so fresh and fruity. The pineapple is kinda blurred by the other random fruity nuggets that are thrown into this blend. I like really tart teas, but this is NOT too tart. It’s just right to compliment the fruitiness. I don’t understand the horrible reviews, unless they’re just Teavana h8ers or straight up tea snobs. I got 4 ounces of this for Christmas, so I’ll be set til summer… Mmmm! <3

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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58 tasting notes

A nice tea to enjoy on a hot summer day, but much too sweet when used as a hot tea

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