Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea Fujian

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Oolong Tea
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Ash, Chestnut, Chocolate, Musty, Roasted, Burnt, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Earth, Astringent, Mineral, Spinach, Cocoa, Seaweed, Stonefruits, Smoked, Smooth, Spicy, Sweet, Smoke, Floral, Tobacco, Autumn Leaf Pile, Baked Bread, Dried Fruit, Grain, Wood, Mushrooms, Roasted Barley, Honey, Yeasty, Cream, Espresso
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200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 45 sec 6 g 10 oz / 297 ml

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  • “thank you cavocorax for sending this one my way. I struggle with roasty oolongs. There’s something about SOME of them that i dislike, while others i love. I dislike the aroma from this one in dry...” Read full tasting note

From Teavivre

Origin: Wuyi, Fujian, China

Ingredients: Tea buds covered in white tips, with one or two leaves

Taste: Warm roasted aroma with delightful floral flavor

Brew: 3-4 teaspoons for 8oz of water. Brew at 212 ºF (100 ºC) for 1 to 3 minutes (exact time depends on your taste – a longer time will give the tea a stronger taste and color)

Health Benefits: Wu Yi tea has the highest amount of polyphenol which is a natural antioxidant that comes in the tea. Many signs of aging include dark spots, wrinkled skin, roughness and related blemishes-people have reported a decrease of these symptoms with regular drinking of wu long tea.

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117 Tasting Notes

63 tasting notes

Not feeling very talkative right now since I’m dealing with a migraine this morning that was developing when I went to bed last night. But I decided to still try a new tea anyway. Let’s see how that goes.

Following Teavivre’s recommendation of steeping for 30sec, 1min, and 2min in boiling water. I used one whole sample of 7g in 200ml of water.

1st steep: I was surprised opening the pack when I got the strong scents of burnt wood and roasted peanuts. There was a real sweetness in the background of it all, best I can say was like stone fruit. The wet leaf had these as well, but also the definite smell of cooked vegetables came first…the sweetness reminding me of Brussels sprouts (a good thing—I love them!). In the cup the combinations of all these aromas made me picture peaches and plums grilling over a wood fire, and still the nuttiness of the roasted peanuts. As I write this, it sounds absolutely delightful and like something I would normally rave about. But I’m not feeling like that. I’m chalking that up to the migraine. Apparently my senses are working, or I wouldn’t have got a lot of these flavor-pictures (if you know what I mean). But the emotional aspect just isn’t clicking right now. It’s more like I’m doing my duty of reporting for you and the benefit of my memory, but I’m not begrudging it.
2nd steep: Now I think I understand what people are saying about oolongs changing flavors with each steep. It’s still smooth and thick feeling, but there’s just a touch of astringency developing. And it’s still got the roasted aromas but more of grains rather than nuts this time. But now that’s joined by the sharp sweetness of dried apricots, and maybe a little spice. It feels juicy and almost “chewy.”
3rd steep: Still smooth and thick, and absolutely no astringency. The roasted aromas continue with a buttery sweetness that reminds me of baked apple.

I wouldn’t have thought until very recently that I would like smokiness in tea at all, and roasted flavors also just didn’t sound like something I’d really go for either. Well, there’s been a little bit of smokiness in a couple teas I tried last week, and it was added a nice depth to those. And today’s exploration into roasted flavors really brought out some new flavor profiles to my tea experiences. It danced around with a few different fruit flavors through the steeps and it worked really well! I’ll have to try this tea again when I’ve got the full capacity of my senses and my emotions so I can be as deliriously happy as I think this tea wants to make me!


Oh boy! This is the free sample on the way in my latest order! Feel better!


I hate, hate, hate, (wait for it) HATE migraines. Hope you feel better soon.


Yeah, unfortunately they’re chronic and I’ve honestly always had them. I’ve just had to learn to suck it up and get through my day most of the time. And now I can’t let them get in the way of a cup of tea, can I?


I hate migraines soooo much…

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1355 tasting notes

Continuing my floral tea route tonight I decided on an Oolong and chose Da Hong Pao from my Teavivre samples. I have a bag from Canton Tea Club that I have yet to brew but I haven’t been in the mood so this will be a test. If this goes down well tonight then maybe tomorrow I can blog it.

Still brewing in my gongfu tonight with my 7g sample.
3 steeps:30s,1m,2m 100ºC/212ºF

The raw tea consists of large, thinly rolled dark brown leaves with light tips. They smell floral and sweet with a wonderful musky autumn leaves scent blended in. I can also note there were no sticks or stems amongst the leaves.

Steep 1 – 30 seconds
Orange gold in colour with a roasted, sweet and floral scent. Lightly roasted in flavour balanced with sweet floral highlights and a little nuttiness. Only a hint of perfume but overall well balanced.

Steep 2 – 1 minute
The orange colour is wonderful to look at. Dominance wise the flowers have taken over the roasted flavour with the dry perfume after taste remaining at the same level. Sweetness still lingers to create a light tea overall that’s smooth and delicate.

Steep 3 – 2 minutes
Now it’s a similar strength as the first steep. It’s still smooth with no bitterness and the dry perfume flavour is at a minimum. There is also still a little sweetness amongst the floral tones and that wonderful roasted almost baked warmth.

I found the quality of the leaves to be very good which was shown in appearance and taste. It’s not my favourite Oolong but as a floral tea it’s great. My mouth is left with a sweet floral after taste that is sitting very nicely with me. I can definitely see why this is so popular.


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6770 tasting notes

Thanks YET AGAIN to LiberTeas for this one, too!!!

This was Charcoal-like with a sweetness and a dry taste in the after taste. I actually like this one chilled or iced a bit better than hot. It’s sweeter and seems more complex as it’s cooler. Puts a smile on my face!


This is a really good tea. I enjoyed it and would consider it to be of high quality. I also think people who enjoy teas like Dan Cong and Taiwanese Oriental Beauty will enjoy this tea too since they all seem very similar. Take care and like always keep on steeping.

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709 tasting notes

Whoops, this is yet another overdue review on a tea from Teavivre. Out of the package, this one has a very bold aroma, roasty and rich with some completely unexpected cocoa notes, but also an earthy, mossy smell. That last note is one which I have grown to appreciate – this is a tricksy oolong, putting me more in mind of a black tea. I love black tea!

I used the whole sample in my perfect tea mug with water that’s probaby around 90ish degrees. The steep was around 3ish minutes, yielding a liquor that is dark for an oolong but would be light for a black – a warm yellow, reminds me of an IPA or similarly styled beer in colour. The steeped aroma is subdued cocoa, with some dark earthy notes – almost reminding me of peat and cocoa. I don’t know why I say peat as I’m not completely sure what that smells like, but that is what comes into my head.

First sips are rich, earthy. I get a fairly bold roasty oolong flavoured, with a hint of spice at the end. Maybe something cinnamon or nutmeg? It’s a little sweet at the finish, unexpected but really nice. I get the sense that there is a bit of bitterness lingering underneath at all, but it isn’t fully developing, so it just gives a sense of complexity. This is a fairly bold tea and could handle additions if you were so inclined but certainly doesn’t need them – the mark of a good tea, in my books.

I have had a couple Big Red Robe oolongs now, and I must say that I really enjoy them. The flavours remind me of black teas more often than not and they’re nicely complex but still drinkable. This one almost has a savoury aspect, it puts me in mind of of a nicely seasoned roast. What is going on in my head today?! IF I can get teavivre.com to finally accept my credit card, this one might get slipped onto the order. Very yum.

EDIT to add that as it cools, I get a smokey note. It explains the sense of tobacco I was getting earlier. This is the second tea I’ve had recently with that slightly smoke that develops late in the game and I am liking it. Maybe I’ll be able to try a Lapsang some day.

PS – This reminds me a lot of the Teavivre Dragon Pearls. What’s up with that? : )

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281 tasting notes

Thank you to Angel and Teavivre for this delicious sample!!
My samples came today, yaaaaaay! This is the first one I picked out to try. It smells amazing, both the dry leaf and the brewed tea. I thought the leaves smelled rather chocolatey, but the brewed tea aroma reminds me distinctly of honey on a warm, soft freshly baked roll. I am currently on the third steep and it still smells this way.
Taste is roasty and sweet. I really like it, and I’m super glad I picked this one first. Another one to put on the shopping list!

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

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615 tasting notes

Fiance and I finally finished off the tea soda mixture today (yay!) It was probably good for 16 or so 14 oz cups, so it definitely lasted a good bit.

This is a sample I got from TeaVivre. Thanks so much to Angel and the TeaVivre team!

Dry, this leaf has such a wonderful cocoa smell, with a small amount of autumnal notes, like wet leaves and moss. This is the perfect tea for the kind of brisk weather we’re having now!

I brewed this western style (mostly because Fiance insisted on a cup too!) so, I popped two heaping tablespoons for 16 oz and went just over two minutes at 212F.

First Steep:

Steeped like this, there are very strong notes of cocoa and a rich earthiness. A toasty, nutty note pops up when the tea hits the roof of my mouth and then lingers through the sip. There’s a slight sweet fruit flavor (kind of peachy, with floral highlights) that hangs on the throat and becomes the aftertase. There’s a slight drying feeling but it’s not distracting.

Fiance said this cup had a really comforting, pleasant taste.

Second Steep (~3 min 30 sec):

This cup is more floral and sweeter, like carmelized sugar sweetness. The highlights are brighter, and the flavor is more nuanced in general. The cocoa is slightly less defined, and gives way to a more mossy earthy flavor. Such a smooth cup! The astringency is also less here.

Fiance has now decided that it’s the toastiness he likes.

Third Steep (5 min):

This one is more caramelized sugar and mineral than nutty or chocolatey. There’s stil a lovely subtle floral aspect to it, the fruit is more apple than peach now. The aftertaste is like a lightly toasted wet rock.

A delightfully warming cup and a great floral oolong when I want something less green tasting. Yum!


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212 tasting notes

This is another sample from Angel and Teavivre. Thanks! I remain very impressed with Teavivre after tasting this one.

I brewed this up gringo style since I was making a bazillion gallons of iced tea while I was in the kitchen. Brewing in the gaiwan takes far too much concentration to be multitasking like that. I weighed out my sample and decided it was enough to use in my ingenuitea and I followed the directions on the back of the package.

I found this to be excellent, a complex tea with different hidden flavors to surprise me. At first I thought it was mineral with a hint of that floral taste I got with the high mountain oolong. I let it cool down a bit. I generally don’t drink my tea very hot. Now I’m getting a toasty roasted, nutty flavor. It still has the mineral quality to it, but there is a new sweetness wrapping every thing together. There is a pleasant aftertaste which lingers on for quite some time.

This tea deserves a permanent spot in my cupboard. This is one I can curl up with and enjoy all day long.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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58 tasting notes


Dry smell: The first thing I noticed was the deep, earthy, chocolate aroma. It has a slight pungency but not in a bad way.

Wet leaf: When steeped the leaves get an earthy smell but also has tones of lilac coming through.

Flavor: The tea is very floral but still has a deep earthy flavor when left for a longer steeping. It has a slight tartness in the back of your throat when you swallow, but the aftertaste is a nice, light floral note.

I got 10 6 ounce steeping with 5 grams of this tea and probably could have gotten more. It is a nice summery/spring tea and I’ll definitely be buying some to have on hand. It isn’t going to be my every day tea but, on the right occasion, it is really nice.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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525 tasting notes

This is so sweet! Like brown rock sugar! I love the floral aroma. It’s also got the something that reminds me of autumn. I find that this is common in dark oolongs. If you close your eyes to inhale the aroma and then sip, it’s really like being outdoors in the woods when the leaves have mostly fallen to the ground. I’d even say it’s out in the woods during late morning after the dew has dried but before it gets too hot. It’s one of the warm autumn days with chilly mornings and evenings. One of those beautiful clear days where you don’t know if you need a jacket or not. Mmm…makes me long for fall…which is almost here! I know this because even though I have a giant pot of Oriental Beauty in the fridge, I woke up craving hot tea, which is why I brewed this. It was so chilly this morning, my puppies were sticking their cold noses into my armpits and backs of my knees. They’re lucky their cute.

Back to the tea! Where was I? Sweet, autumnal, floral and woodsy (but not woody. Wood is a funny word when you think about it.) Very tasty and warming. The second steep is proving to be as delicious as the first. The first steep was sweeter and more floral, but this second one has a more prominent roasty woodsy taste. I really think I’m starting to enjoy darker oolongs. At least when they are smooth and tasty like this one. :)

I really love hot tea on chilly days. soon…

On an unrelated note, I’ve been playing Magicka with my sister. Are any of you familiar with this game? It’s sort of really hilarious. Especially when it’s me and my sister playing because we have this terrible tendency to accidentally kill each other because we thought we hit the “heal” button when we actually hit the “Fire” button. We both learned the revive spell pretty quick. :)


lol what fun! :)

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328 tasting notes

Tea provided by Teavivre for review

After trying this with short steeps, I brewed it in a teapot today. The result was a bit different, and better in some ways. I noticed a lot less strong charcoal flavour, and more of a smooth and sweet liquour.

Overall I prefer the flavour of short steeping this, but it’s still nice from a teapot. If you drink a lot of tie guan yin western style, drinking this da hong pao might be a nice change of pace. It’s a very different experience, but still a good cup of oolong.

I’ve never really been charmed by da hong pao before, but I can see why people like it. With my limited experience tasting this type of tea, I cannot vouch for it’s quality. That being said, I didn’t find any of the flavours to be off putting.

400ml, 5g, 3 steeps (1m, 2m, 3m)

200 °F / 93 °C

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