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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 45 sec 10 oz / 295 ml

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Lapacho is also known under the name Taheebo, Pau d’arco, or Tree of Life. The infusion is made of the inner lining of the bark of the Lapacho tree. The tree grows high in the Andes of the South American rainforest.The Lapacho’s inner bark was one of the main medicines used by the Incas and has been used for over 1,000 years by the Callawaya tribe, descendants of the Incas. It is said to have a positive effect on the immune system. However, this was not confirmed in clinical trials.Lapacho makes a pale yellow infusion and has a hint of spicy notes. The recommended method of preparation is to let the tea simmer on the stove for 5 minutes, and then steep it for another 15 minutes.
>>Lapacho, also known under the name Taheebo, Pau d’arco, or Tree of Lifenatural orange flavour

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8 Tasting Notes

676 tasting notes

Thanks again to Indigobloom for this sample!

I Googled this Lapacho when I read that this is an Andes inner bark herbal tea with medicinal properties. Hum. I wish I could ask my Aunt Lois if she ever used this herb. She lived in the jungles for many years and is a nurse in Ecuador and Peru. I’m sure that in the 1940’s-1990’s there were many things that she learned that are now forgotten in her Washington nursing home at age 92. She’s the one who told me to drink Mate de Coca (coca leaf tea) for my heart when I went to 15,000 ft. altitude in the Andes years ago. Anyway, Google said there are no known health benefits to date from Lapacho but there have been some ill effects to pregnant animals so pregnant women should be careful drinking the tea. This does not concern me at my age but others be advised.

All that being said…phew…I simmered this herbal blend on the stove for 15 minutes and poured myself a nice orange scented mug full. The flavor was sweet orange and had another very strong warm taste that I could not put my finger on. Almost a baked vanilla cookie while still warm from the oven taste. The tea has a fresh flavor and unique and is creamy. No bitterness or tannin.

There are those who are looking for the edge of the forest…looking to the fields and bushes, for the ancient herbs and cups of many cultures. This is one of those little gems.


Thanks for the info about lapacho and pregnancy! Not that it currently is an issue for me, but it’s something to keep in mind, since I have this tea from Indigobloom as well, and also Amaretto from DavidsTea, both of which contain it.


Look it up…judge for yourself. I was reading the pro’s and con’s and until I would know for sure…I’d keep reading if I was wanting to have a baby. Also I read that not all the ingredients disolve in water. What does that mean?


Oh yes – would certainly look it up if I thought it would be a concern, but would be more likely to just avoid it entirely just in case. I just like having little tidbits of info like that, kind of a heads-up sort of thing to investigate on my own.

And, I have no idea about the ingredients not dissolving in water. Sleepy brain can’t even start figuring that out right now.


You are the plant doc! Get some rest!


The research I did said this is reputed to help with cancer… but there have been no tests done to prove it. I read the part about pregnancy as well, which I was a little perturbed to learn about! But I figure… a cup or two can’t hurt right?
I was looking around, and it seems that wikipedia give a similar warning about pretty much every beverage out there lol (coffee, alcohol, mate, tea…)
I’m interested to know how you like this simmered vs the regular “tea” way, since I’ve only ever made it the lazy way haha


I think it was easy and tasted good simmering a long time like you can do with a rooibos. I got a scratchy throat from it though like a reaction and had to rinse my mouth and drink water.Never had this happen before! Could be simmering concentrated too much!
In all a learning experience!


oh, scratchy throat… that’s not good! I get that with green tea sometimes, or white.


What I found out is that the base is part of the bean family as is Rooibos and I am allergic to BEANS but had no idea this was bean! Arf! No more Rooibos for Bonnie! No wonder I feel like a truck ran over me and a dessert is in my throat and my lips are burning.


oh no, that’s terrible!! no more rooibos/lapacho for you :(
Atleast you know now!

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807 tasting notes

I love this stuff! First of all we burn this wood as an incense. It smells AMAZING and clears negative energy from the home, if you believe in those things, and well, we do. Also it is medicinal as well which is a huge plus! I have a bag of this stuff shredded like in the tea. I have steeped this before in the past and drank it regularly but with most things I tend to go in spurts then get on a new kick and forget about it. I’m bad like that. Regardless, this is YUMMY! As others have said – it is truly orange flavored – very natural – NOT artificial at all!
I love the woodsy flavor, this is something I will either try to recreate here at home or just say forget about it and order from The Tea Haus!
Thank you IndigoBloom for reawakening my love for this tea – well actually introducing me to this form of it! :) LOVE it!
Steeped 15 minutes in boiling water as opposed to directions but directions are best for getting the most medicinal quality from it. It still tastes great and has the medicinal qualities either way.

Boiling 8 min or more

heheheheeeee I’m glad you like this!!


Thank you I do I do!

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1470 tasting notes

This was wonderful. I made a cup (not bothering to time it since I was in the middle of a round of Mario Party and that shit is intense!) and didn’t add much sugar. At first sip, I was unimpressed, mostly because I hadn’t added as much sugar as I usually do. I was distracted! It was earthy, though, and tasted like a real orange, not that cloy fake orange flavoring. I set it to the side to add more sugar to when I got a chance, but I found myself reaching for it again and again until my cup came up empty! Booo.

We had our…well my first visit to the Tea Haus on Friday and it was lovely! I wasn’t feeling well and so I ending up sitting at a table most of the time so I wouldn’t pass out and take out a table of teaware, but the atmosphere was lovely and the people working there were wonderful. We ended up spending way more than we intended, but I now own the cutest elephant tea for two set in the world and I have tins that are perfect for 30g of matcha! So it was money well spent. We plan to return many, many times!


Mario Party!
Best game ever.


We have Mario Party but it’s not as fun with only 2 people. : (


It’s also not as fun with only one person… I’m guilty of that haha

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3134 tasting notes

Wow! Tastes like orange pop with a bit of a woody flavour mixed in… but the bad thing? I’m getting a strong association to orange-flavoured alcohol that I have a less-than-positive memory of. Which makes me a little nauseated.

So, although this is probably quite good, it seems like I’ll have to wait a few years to actually enjoy it (i.e. until the association has fully worn off). Rating this reasonably high though, because it’s only the memories that are ruining it for me :)

Thanks for the sample, Indigobloom!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

aww sorry about the bad memory!! :(


Oh, no worries at all!! I did get through the whole cup, and it definitely tastes good, I just have to blame my youth for some really bad decisions that have ruined a few things for me :D


lol I know how that goes. I still can’t touch rum even after five years!


If ever a caesar-flavoured tea comes out that will be struck off my list too, haha. Something about combining caesars, orange-flavoured coolers, and kahlua mudslides just does not sit well in the tummy (and it’s been nearly 8 years for me!)


haha oh dear!! I’m not a big caesar tea girl myself. bleh


There, there. At one time in my misspent youth I mixed gin and Tab. Fortunately I recovered and went on to appreciate a stiff G&T.

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1683 tasting notes

I swear, I reviewed this already!!! Has anyone else experienced that? Knowing you documented a tea and then finding it missing not long after? It’s not my first time. (and yes, I’ve logged a bug report lol)
Anyhow, I’ve tried this both hot and cold now. Hot, it’s soothing and somewhat like tang, only… hot, with some woodsiness to it. Again with the simplicity! Cold, well, it’s pretty much the same only I find it gets a bit heavy and abrasive after half a cup. Perhaps if I took the time to brew it properly, I’d have better luck :)
No matter… Overall, I do like this one. It’s not love, but definitely like.


Welcome to old age. What year is it?


ha! 2001 isn’t it? ;P

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746 tasting notes

This one confuses me…the lapacho herb reminds me of Amaretto from DAVIDs and the Orange reminds me of Orange Blossom from DAVIDs as well…it smells soooooo good!

It’s too hot to take a sip just yet, but for now, I will breathe in deeply to the scent wafting up from my mug. This is only from the 5 minute steeper method too. I wonder how much more intense it would be with the stove-top method of preparation.

If this is truly medicinal, I may need to beef up my intake because I have been feeling so sluggish lately.

More later once it cools and I can take a sip….

Ok, so it is not too hot anymore in the burning tongue capacity, but still nice and hot to start drinking. I think I may have under-brewed this, either by not using enough leaf, or not letting it steep long enough, but it is a very nice herbal blend with juicy orange. It’s quite tasty actually, but just a little thin and weak.

Thanks to Indigobloom for this one, as I know I will enjoy this cuppa, and the one to follow.


Glad you like it!
I was at a local shop today and they had a version of this that I can replace it with. I was soooo happy to find that :D

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2216 tasting notes

So I, uhh, feel really bad about this one. It comes from Amariel ages and ages ago at the first meet-up! March, 2013. Yeah. I was sorting through my spreadsheet so I can drink up my oldest samples first. ~ hangs head in shame.

Thank you, Amariel! :)

I think I was scared of this because I looked it up online and there are some scary health things. But, everything in moderation, right? And it’s really, really good! The orange! The woodiness of the lapacho! Yum.

Not something I would have thought I would like, but now that I do I’ll keep my eyes open for it during future orders. :)

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I was also slightly scared of this one for that reason. I drank my sample from HI, but I don’t think I’ll order more, though it was tasty.


If I happen to order from a company that carries it I’ll probably get a small amount, but I don’t think I want to hunt it down and drink it every day.

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