Chocolate Cherry Bomb!

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From The Tea Spot

This chocolate covered cherry will having you feeling like a kid in a candy store! Think hand-dipped chocolate cherry truffle… sweet, plump, juicy, decadent – without the calories. Its cherry scent and velvety smooth chocolate notes work to enchant, but not overwhelm. Handcrafted from two black teas this gourmet cherry delight is a dessert tea that you can enjoy even for breakfast. The base of black leaf teas from India and China is balanced, deep, and strong enough for milk and sugar, if that’s your cuppa.


Gourmet Chocolate Cherry Tea Handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado Tea Origins: India & China Sample = 5 8-oz Servings 4oz Bulk = $0.16 / Serving 1 LB Bulk = $0.12 / Serving 40-45 mg Caffeine / Serving Gluten-free & Sugar-free

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17 Tasting Notes

8269 tasting notes

sipdown….not that i’m concerned about that until next weekend since tomorrow i pick up the travelling tea box and tuesday i’ll be getting my american tea room order. so no point in even trying to work on sipdowns until i get those teas in, my swaps out and the travelling teabox out. heh This one hasn’t been too bad, but likely not a reorder.


OOooooh! what’re you ordering from the American tea Room?


I haven’t found a cherry tea yet that I thought was any good…


i ordered brioche finally – poor tastybrew can stop having to send me samples to tie me over lol as well as 11 other sample sizes and a larger size of the caramel black…never tried it but figure if i don’t love it, lots of ppl like caramel blacks heh


Amy – most of them are pretty much cough syrup. the chocoalte offsets that in this one so it’s not like those types but it’s also not cherry enough


oh! didn’t know they had a caramel black. I should look into that.

Terri HarpLady

I tried teaspot’s chocolate cherry bomb awhile back. It was good, but also not something I’d buy again.


Hmmm. I’ll have to try this one today now that you guys have reminded me of it! Also, it’ll get me closer to a sipdown!

Sil have enough for 2ish sil sized mugs haha

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6770 tasting notes

This smells like Cherry Garcia Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s!

This is truly amazing! The flavor makes me melt! The Chocolate is sugar-sweet yet creamy and complimenting. The Cherry is juicy but isn’t loud or tart…it goes perfectly with the chocolate. Everything goes really well with the heavy black tea base! The levels of flavor for all of the ingredients are just perfect! JUST PERFECT, I tell you! The black tea base has a hint of cookie…that type of bready-chewiness to it.

I cannot express how much I am loving this. I’m saving enough for 1 or 2 more tries but am sending the rest to my awesome Sororitea Sister LiberTEAs!!!

I was going to give this a 98 but…I think I have to push it to 100. It’s very rare if I push the 100 mark, but I can’t get over this one! A true comfort tea for this crazy day! YUM!

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3262 tasting notes

I have a tendency to shy away from cherry flavored things. They usually taste like cough syrup, or some phony cherry kind of taste. So it took several orders from the Tea Spot before I got myself to order this sample size from them. I’m really glad I did!

First off, the tea base is a mix of Indian & Chinese black teas. I have to say at this point that I’ve always been happy with the Tea Spot’s black teas. This is no exception: It is both bright & deep, bold & smooth. It has the croissant like pastry taste that I love, & then they layer in the chocolate, which makes me think of their Bolder Breakfast or Chocolate ‘O’. The Cherry flavor is there, but not so prominent that it takes over. It’s more of an enhancement, & gratefully it doesn’t taste like cough syrup, candy, or anything phony.

I drank half the cup plain, & that was yummy. I added a little stevia to the 2nd half (cuz this was suppose to be my dessert), & it’s a real treat!


Nice! This one is on my wish list!


While I don’t shy away from cherry-flavoured tea samples, I do approach my first sip with some trepidation for the same reason. It’s a relief to hear that this one doesn’t taste artificial!

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1220 tasting notes

Hello world, I’m your wild girl, I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

This is a bit cooler than I wanted it to be, but it’s okay, because I got Sebastian to eat. I figured out he is male, he’s got some recessive parakeet gene where he will have a purple nose! So that’s interesting. I was talking to him about his name and he chirped, finally. But I think he’s actually VERY young so he’s not too sure about himself getting around the cage. So I had to put seeds on a dish and hold it for him, and same with a bit of water.

So this tea, I added a bit of agave and coconut milk creamer because it just seems like this tea calls for it. Indeed, it is like Cherry Garcia ice cream in tea form. I actually kind of wish I skipped the creamer, but it’s still so good. Makes it a bit more like those boxed cherries that are out right around now.

The cherry flavor is awesome too because it does not taste medicinal at all. The chocolate is just enough to not have me calling for more. Or maybe I’m not feeling that much like chocolate…although I guess I am since I picked this out.

In the future I would definitely consider getting a larger amount of this than a sample if I continue to like it this much next time I get around to drinking it.


You are so funny!


hahaha! at first, I wasn’t sure who or what Sebastian was! Until I read the part about the seeds, I thought he was a boy!! Quite funny :-)


I read it as, “I’ve got Sebastian to eat” so I immediately thought of The Little Mermaid. I thought you were having lobster or something. LOL!


Hahaha I named him for my favorite Formula 1 driver, but after saying it so many times I started thinking of The Little Mermaid, which also reminds me of when my boyfriend took me to see Anthony Bourdain a couple years ago.

His daughter was around 5-6 I think, and him and his family were in France. They ordered a big seafood platter, layers and layers of seafood. At the top is a lobster, and she grabs it. She yells, SEBASTIAN! and then tears right into it. He thought she was going to cry and not eat it!



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4847 tasting notes

Well, I am not as enthusiastic about this tea as the person who sent it to me was (thanks TeaEqualsBliss!) but, it is good. If given the choice between the Chocolate O from The Tea Spot and this Chocolate Cherry Bomb, I’d choose the Chocolate O. But, that is not to say that this one is not good also.

The black tea base is good and strong. Very hefty, even! Invigorating and a solid black tea flavor that doesn’t just sit off in the background, it is the strongest flavor. The chocolate comes through next and it is a deep, dark chocolate flavor and with the dry astringency toward the tail, it almost comes across as a powdery cocoa finish – like the dusty coating on a chocolate truffle that’s been dusted with cocoa powder. The cherry is soft and subtle, not a cherry cough syrup taste, it comes in softly and accentuates rather than attempts to overpower. It has a hint of tartness toward the tail which lingers into the aftertaste.

A really lovely tea from The Tea Spot. Thanks again for sending it my way, TeaEqualsBliss!

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1779 tasting notes

This was tasty but not as cherrylicious as I’d hoped. I think I prefer Chocolate “O” and Bolder Breakfast over this, but I’m still happy I tried it!

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615 tasting notes

She’s a cherry bomb
She’s a bullet in my head
Pull the trigger and I’m dead
Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah

I had to listen to Ash’s Cherry Bomb while I drank this. Which was weird because it ended up not being the same song my brain rememebered it as.

Oh well.

Both Shelley_Lorraine and momo gave me samples of this, so I’ll have enough to play with cream and sugar and other odds and ends… so yay! Thanks guys!

The base blend here is actually my favorite part of this (which is good, because it’s the primary flavor too). It’s, well, potent. It’s robust and smooth with that kind of malty yeasty pastryness that is so so good. The chocolate comes as a dust of cocoa powder with some astringency that pops at about the same time. And the cherry is really subtle. It’s not the star, but more of a layer of flavor enhacement. And it doesn’t have any of that medicinal cherry gross that a lot of cherry anything seems to.

I’m excited that I’ll get to play around with this because I’m torn as to whether this would sit in as a dessert tea or just a comfort tea. Either way I could see myself perhaps picking this up at some point.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

this is the only chocolate flavored tea I’ve found that I like. :)


I’m finding myself liking dark cocoa accents versus full on chocolate more lately. But I definitely get in moods where nothing but a milk chocolate-y mess will fix. :)

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604 tasting notes

[Backlog] – I can’t believe that I almost bought a lot of this tea. I saw it and was thinking about it.. but settled on a smaller size instead. All I can say is that I’m happy I didn’t buy more. The dry leaf and the brewed tea itself smelled exactly like cherry cough syrup. The cherry medicine flavor smothered the chocolate notes and eventually, I couldn’t even take one more sip. I’m sure that the black tea base is tasty, but my nose and tongue couldn’t get beyond that cloying, sickly, medicinal cherry.

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511 tasting notes

First a summary of my preferences:
*I love dark chocolate, not a fan of milk or white except as a pairing with something else
*I absolutely love the smell of cherry, artificial or not.
*I have yet to find a chocolate-only flavored tea that I’m crazy about
*I absolutely hate black forest pie (the one with the cherries and chocolate). . .go figure, but something about putting the cherries in there produces a chemical-like flavor that, apparently, only I can detect.

Yes, my taste-preferences are contradictory. But I am that way about a lot of things ;)

So, as for this Chocolate Cherry Bomb tea. I bought a sample for my husband, more so than for me. He loves cherry and not as sensitive to flavor peculiarities as me. But I always try any thing I get for him too because, why not?

So today is Easter. We don’t have children, but we don’t want to miss out on the childish fun of the holidays, so we always give a small basket to each other on Easter. Mine had a box of chocolates, See’s candies (the only chocolates worth buying lol). What a perfect time to brew up a dessert tea, I thought. It was soooo worth it. Seriously, you all have to have this tea with a piece of chocolate and remember to convince yourself that its not a sin. haha.

It has a very smooth, almost creamy texture like a hot chocolate (as far as a tea can be anyway) and the blend of chocolate and cherry comes out absolutely perfect. Neither overpowers the other.

Yay for trying my husband’s samples. (^o^)

Apparently, this tea only tastes good when I’ve been eating chocolates (which probably adds to the perceived creaminess). By itself, it’s not so great. However, as far as chocolate teas go, this is one of the better ones.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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60 tasting notes

I got this a very, very long time ago (okay not that long, but pretty fay back) annnd… I don’t remember who sent it to me. But thank whoever you are!

I am always apprehensive regarding chocolate teas, because they in my experience they have always been bitter, relying on the scent to provide a hint of chocolate. However, this was rather different. I thought that I did get the chocolate in the taste, and the base was well chosen; it definitely adds to the chocolate flavor. However, I didn’t get any cherry. Maybe this was just my sample, but there was nothing. Of course, for me that’s a plus, as I don’t really like cherries. In fact, I can’t remember the last time i ever had a cherry…

So, all in all, this was good for me. Not supercalifragalistic, but quite good. I’m glad that I have a pretty large sample of this; again, thanks whoever you are that swapped this with me!


Oh wow – I’d love to try something like this!

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