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So my day started off kind of shitty. I woke up and had to tidy the apartment since someone said they wanted to come see it. They were supposed to arrive at 3 and at 4:30, when they still hadn’t showed, I messaged them to find out they forgot. So now they are coming tomorrow…provided they remember. It just sucks because I stayed in all day waiting for them.

Anyways, after realizing they were not coming, my roommate and I decided to go out. Our plan was to go eat dinner and then see Captain America. After grabbing our tickets, we headed over to a bubble tea place for dinner. It was nice because it was the first time in a long time where the two of us just hung out, as opposed to us staying shut in our rooms 24/7. Plus, I got to have some delicious tea:

First, I had a Fresh Taro Milk Tea with bubbles, which was delicious. Yummy latte, fresh taro, and bubbles…can’t ask for anything more :). Then, since we had time to kill before the movie, we went to a Korean supermarket and bought both Barley tea and Buckwheat tea to see how they compare to my beloved Soba Cha. And then, we hit up DAVIDs to redeem my free cup of tea for signing up with their frequent steeper club. I got Gold Rush because I figured that is expensive so it was a good tea to get for free :P. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as it normally is since it seemed weak but it was free so I wasn’t too upset. Also, once I was at DAVIDs, I ended up buying a couple of samples and 100g of Birthday Cake because I have a problem.

Anyways, right now I am sipping away at the Barley tea we bought and though I think I prefer Soba Cha, this is a close comparison for those who can’t easily get a hold of Harney and Son teas. I would say the only difference is this is more like wheat/grains while Soba is reminiscent of a hot cereal. Both are good though :)

Oh and Captain America was quite great in case anyone was wondering.


I think we all have that “one” tea that we just can’t resist…


Taro milk tea is amazing!


Captain American!!! I’m tempted to bundle our toddler off and go check it out but… but… she’snot ready for a full-length movie.


Sounds like an awesome evening! A bubble tea place just opened near us and we’re obsessed! I’ll have to try taro milk tea sometime!


boba? barley tea? Captain America? Sounds like my kind of night! :)

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Harney & Sons – Soba Tea, Roasted Buckwheat
Yunnan Sourcing – Himalayan Black Tartary Buckwheat Roasted Tea

I adore H&S Soba Buckwheat tea. H&S is a bit expensive to ship to Canada. Was looking for another example of this tea. I’ve looked for roasted buckwheat at local health food store but haven’t been able to find any. So, when I saw something that looked similar at YS I was quite excited.
I’ve made a cup of each using the same steep parameters. 1 tsp/8oz 100C 5 min
I used Davids steeping baskets in my Noble cups, so each tea was steeped in the same vessel and I’m drinking it out of the same cup.

Dry – the H&S nuggets are a little smaller and a little darker in color than the YS version.
Dry smell – really they both don’t smell like anything.
Steeped – Again the H&S is slightly darker in color.
Smell – the H&S smells more toasted, the YS is similar but not as strong.

H&S is for sure more toasty/roasted. The YS is sweeter and more grainy. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to articulate how I feel about this. I like them both – if I weren’t drinking them side by side, I’m not sure I would think there is much difference. But I am drinking them side by side. H&S is more flavorful – I think it’s more fun, like a kids cereal. YS is more subtle and more natural – it’s more adult.
I think the YS version would benefit from a longer steep time – I think the bigger nuggets need a bit longer steep time.
All and all I am really happy with my YS purchase, I am going to be perfectly happy drinking this, and considering how cheap it is – that’s just a bonus. Do I like H&S better? yes I do, but only marginally better. I’m not sure what I rated H&S – but right now I’m thinking H&S 95 – YS 92.

Both these teas make me happy.


Awww, thanks for doing this dexter…I will now purchase in confidence the day I finally order from YS! I just can’t live without soba cha :-)

Cameron B.

I love my noble cups! :)


Glad that you enjoyed them!


I’m so glad you did this. I wondered myself. I just ordered some of the H&S (because I needed TINZ) and then I saw the Teavivre one. Thanks Dex


Oooops, I mean YS, I was thinking about the Golden Monkey I just recently compared. But yes, I ordered the H&S soba and I’m looking forward to it. And I’m afraid YS might become a new addiction


Thank you Dexter. I love side by side reviews. I like that you made it in the same vessels. I see YS addiction in a near future, haha




Oh, that’s good to know! I like Soba Cha, but don’t have any plans to order from H&S. Alternatives are always nice. Thanks!


I saw the buckwheat tea on YS website last time I ordered but having a bad experience with some local buckwheat tea at the Korean/Japanese market , I was very reluctant. Thanks for testing them. Next time I order from them I’ll be sure to add some buckwheat tea.

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2201 tasting notes

Sipdown, 146. Here’s a true mystery tea… a gold-foil packet of black tea from China from Sil. At least I know approximately what it is! It looks and smells fairly similar to the Tan Yang I brought back from China myself, though with a few less golden tips.

Interestingly, this one smells more chocolatey than I would have imagined, close to Laoshan Black. Definite toasted grain notes, but no honey or caramel. It’s a little more charcoaly than I would prefer, but overall pretty good. I think I steeped it a little strong, which may be contributing to that sensation. Still, an enjoyable cup for the afternoon.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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390 tasting notes

i had a bit of ‘little litchee raspberry’ from yyz and an assam from MissB, no time and deadlines everywhere i look. chucked them together and wunderbar! back to the grind.


Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Have fun! We miss you though ;-)


miss you too! =0)


There you are!


last semester was like a high school dance…. lol.


Aww, I’m sorry. :(


it’s going to be great… somehow i managed to impart to the NGO that i’m working for that i really know what i’m doing (? how did i do that again?!!!) and now i find myself with a surprising (did i say intimidating? i meant to say intimidating) amount of responsibility. =0\


You can do it, James! You have a bunch of tea loving cheerleaders on here. :)


i am channeling yoda: do or do not…. there is no try.


To help you cope, let me know if you want some tea from my cupboard, it’s finally all up to date! No swap, just a one way trip to BC, you obviously don’t have time to waste right now on anything else :-0


you are so nice to me… =0)


For real, don’t be shy, just let me know whenever :-) At 258, my cupboard will thank you!!!


hmmm… i might! lol. ;0) (who doesn’t love tea parcels!!!)


Hahaha. Why isyourcupboard so high tea fairy :)


My dear sweet/evil friend Sil, first, you inspire me to «clean» my cupboard, then, you send close to 30 samples my way!!! Awww, you are so sweet my darling :-)


giggling that’s what friends are for!

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335 tasting notes

Gunpowder & Mate by Teapots & Treasures

Not the best morning. Bit stressed out, all the little things. Woke up from a creepy-ass nightmare a bit before 6 AM and never went back to sleep. Need the good stuff.

This green taste is cleansing and refreshing this morning. Already starting to feel a bit better. I never thought this would be a staple, but apparently it’s about to be.

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Great Canadian Travelling Tea Box

I’m being lazy and not creating a new tea page for The TeaCupany Green Mandarin Orange. I brewed just over 1tsp in a 12oz mug, 175 degrees for 3 minutes which is pretty close to the instructions.

It’s not bad. Green tea is one of the few types that I can easily drink unsweetened (prepared correctly that is), but with that being said, none of the flavors really pop when I do that. I faintly taste lemon and maybe a little orange, but it’s an afterthought, not the main event. I bet I would taste more fruit if I sweetened it, but given that this is one of the few types of teas I can do without, I’ll sip the rest of the cup as is.

0 OZ / 0 ML
749 tasting notes

I had my morning cup of Irish Cream Breakfast, but I didn’t write a note for it. I didn’t bring tea to school today, so now I’ve arrived home and I’m making a resteep of Japon with 1/2 tsp. of Cacao for a little extra oomph.

My stepdad called me today to invite my to Jamaica from March 28-April 3! I was so excited, then it hit me I present my conservation poster to the department March 28. And I have a psychology presentation April 3. Of course. I plan on speaking with both profs tomorrow to see if I can’t present a day or two early. What do you guys think?


Certainly worth talking to them about it? You wouldn’t want to ask and miss out on the vaca when you could have potentially gone.


That’s what I figured too Lala. I feel like if I ask to present early rather than late it won’t look like I’m just trying to get an extension. I don’t think the department presentation will go over, but it won’t hurt to ask.


Maybe you can arrange flights so you can still go, just different flights. ? I’d hate to miss a trip like that if there was a chance you could make it work


I asked my parents that but it’s a coordinated group vacation thing. In fact, they’re even flying me home to fly out from there versus the city I’m in, because apparently that’s how it has to work.


I don’t think anyone would fault you for wanting to present early if it’s possible to do so. If the March 28 one can’t be pushed up maybe you could meet them down there? I know you said it’s a coordinated thing so it might cost more to do that but it sounds like it might be worth the additional cost (within reason) to get to go as family thing.


If I can even have the April 3 one moved, I would absolutely do that Morgana. I have a feeling that’s what will happen. My mom said it would be difficult, but I think we can all pull a few strings. :P


It’s all I can focus on tonight, rather than what I should be doing haha!


Hopefully you can work it all out – a trip to Jamaica would be fantastic!


Fingers crossed! That sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Terri HarpLady

I went to Jamaica once. Somewhere around here there is a pic of me with my entire head done in tiny braids. I left it in for the rest of the cruise.


That’s awesome Terri! When we went to Dominican I had my whole head done in wee braids. With beads haha.

Terri HarpLady

yup, I had the beads too! It was great! I didn’t have to detangle my hair for almost a week, but then the rude awakening happened when it was time to take out the braids…my hair is very long…it took a very long time…


Oh man, beach vacation! That will be a blast!!!


I really hope they would let you work around this! It’s so annoying to miss a vacation because of school. Ultimately, life’s too short.

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206 tasting notes

So my tea of the morning was an interesting blend from ashleyef. It is part Butiki strawberry oolong, part David’s banana oolong, and part David’s vanilla orchid. I love oolongs. I was originally interested in a different oolong from her and have been dying to try vanilla orchid so she suggest this blend she combined. I have to say…it smells lovely. And the leaves are beautiful. I loved watching this steep. As it cools it gets better. The different oolong bases are amazing. Indescribable. You can taste the after notes of banana and the creaminess of the vanilla. There are slight floral notes from the orchid. The tart yet sweetness you usually find in a strawberry come at the very end. I have to say… BRAVO ashleyef good blend. I would have never guessed to put them all together. And thank you for sending me an exceptionally large amount of it:) I hope to share it with stephanie and others soon!


You’re welcome! I’m glad someone else could enjoy it. I only put them all together because none of them worked for me on their own, but they definitely work well together:)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

They definitely did surprisingly!


Wow interesting!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I’ll have to send u some!


Butiki strawberry oolong was disappointing to me :\ Thanks for the idea on making use of it!


yeah, have to agree with yappaychappy….. i have these insanely high expectations of our Ms Lim, so when she’s merely ‘really good’ (by comparison to others) i find myself let down.

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1719 tasting notes

Thursday is shopping day. My grown son lives next door and he often goes with us.Today my wife and son decided they were going to die if they didn’t stop at Starbucks. I despise even the smell of coffee. I find the baristas don’t understand tea well enough to order hot tea and besides I am not a big fan of most of their offerings. Bored with green tea frap. My son suggested pumpkin spice without the coffee. Instead I opted to have them make a pumpkin spice frappuccino with matcha. Everyone including the barista flinched. What do they know, they’re coffee people.

In fact it was absolutely delicious. I think I have a new drink for the next month or so. It was made with 2% milk and half the pumps of syrup. For once they actually listened on the syrup. The matcha mixed seamlessly with the pumpkin and spices. It was almost dead on to biting in to cold pumpkin pie as my family always makes it.

Looking for something new? Give it a try and see what you think.


Hah. I can see them flinching. Idiots that don’t know anything.


(chuckle) (snortle)



The DJBooth

Then there’s those of us who used work there and experiment with the matcha. Mixed with espresso…espresso and chai :)


Our store seems to be a training center for new recruits before sending them on to other stores. About the time you have one that ‘gets it’ they disappear. And I guess to be fair, they are a coffee shop.


DJ – my son would declare you his favorite barista ever! So, do they actually not have sugar free syrup? I can’t imagine I am the only one that doesn’t want a 600 calorie cup.

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704 tasting notes

Drinking an iced jasmine tea that my roommate made :)
First time drinking jasmine iced and I actually really like it!

Dude. So I dont love my roommates, as much as my previous ones, but like my two of my roommates now DRINK LOOSE LEAF. THEY REFUSE TO DRINK BAGGED TEA AND IT’S GREAT. I obviously trump them on like… the tea craziness scale, but I’m just happy that I live with people who appreciate loose leaf :)


Actually the first jasmine tea I ever had was iced and I had it that way for years before ever trying it hot


Jasmine is the first tea I’ve ever fallen in love will, since waaaay back in 4th grade! Now I’m in college and I just had it iced.
I should really try my teas both iced and hot from now on :)


That sounds like double the tea to me…excellent :-).


I cold brew jasmine quite a bit. It’s really nice that way.


I feel you. My wife and sister both drink loose leaf with me and I have four friends who come over regularly who appreciate it too and it makes me SO HAPPY. Why do we love sharing our tea? It just makes happies in me to have people appreciate something I love so much.

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