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Broth, Green Beans, Mineral, Nutty, Pepper, Soybean, Spices, Umami, Vegetal, Asparagus, Chestnut, Corn Husk, Grass, Hay, Honey, Lime, Spinach, Creamy, Sweet, Vanilla, Garden Peas, Beany, Peas, Lima Beans, Roasted nuts
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From Verdant Tea

NOTE: New Spring 2012 Harvest

The nuance and texture of this early spring picking is one of the most fine and complex that we have seen from Laoshan Village. The body is perfectly smooth, silky and creamy, while the aftertaste lingers in the back of the throat with a sweetness that only an early spring tea could achieve.

The dominant flavor is that of oat cereal and vanilla soy milk. The green qualities of the tea come through not as an assertive grassiness, but more as the sweetness of fine Belgian Endive, or hearts of Romaine. In later steepings, there is the taste of green beans baked crisp and caramelized, along with fresh, fragrant notes of sugarcane.

The leaves are so tender that after the tea is steeped out, you can eat the leaves whole for a sweet, delicate snack.

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80 Tasting Notes

141 tasting notes

Thank you LiberTEAS for this great sample!

I must say this is one great green tea!

There is much more found in this tea than grassy notes only; there is a nice thickness to this one, as well. It seemed full and creamy even on my third steeping of these leaves. The fluid is smooth, slightly sweet and has great substance.

No wonder why this one is such a favorite among many of the reviews! I’m hoping to stock up on this tea in the near future.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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174 tasting notes

Upon opening the bag I see a dark green tea. I get whiffs of a creamy, vegetal tea with a hint of smokiness. Brewed this up gaiwan style at 175F. The wet leaves smell sweet, vegetal and creamy.

Taste reflects the smell. There is first a sweetness that hits your tongue and a wonderful green vegetal taste with a creaminess coating your tongue. At the end of the sip is a slight saltiness with a hint of smokiness.

In later steepings I started to get hints of something else and couldn’t quite put my finger on it (or would that be my tongue?). Searching though other tasting notes I found what I was looking for…walnuts. I believe I found that in Amy Oh’s tasting note.

This tea by no means blew my mind like most Verdant teas do, but it doesn’t mean it’s not a good tea. I just find Verdants green teas to be a little less mind-blowing than their other teas.

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 45 sec
Autumn Hearth

Agreed. But I personally find it hard for greens to be mind-blowing in general. They can be nice and Verdant’s are some of the nicest I’ve had, but they don’t have me bouncing up and down nor swooning.

Jim Marks

As much as I love green tea, I find that it is very difficult for green tea to stand out from the pack.

Invader Zim

I love green tea, but I always seem to expect more out of it even though I know I shouldn’t.

Jim Marks

I don’t even own tea balls or baskets.


Sorry Jim the comment jumped to the wrong post and I erased it. Someone else was putting Dragonwell in a teaball which I think might not make the leaves the happiest.

Invader Zim

Woo, I was starting to reread my post thinking that I had typed about using a teaball! I can’t remember the last time I used one.

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525 tasting notes

I finally opened my sample packet of his from spring. I know. I need to work faster. :(
It was cool seeing Laoshan tea in its green form. Cute!
The taste was very umami. Reminds me of a mellow miso. I felt like I was sipping broth. Love broth. :)

I need more time in my life to just sit and appreciate tea again. When I do have time I spend time with friends and do chores and stuff. No tea reflection time. So my notes have been shallow of late. And I write them so long after drinking I only remember pieces of what I’ve drunk.

Anyway. I glad I tried this! Tasty.


with you on that sistah!

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368 tasting notes

I’m always amazed at green teas that are so sharply, deeply, assertively vegetal as wet leaf but which produce thick, soft cups.

This is one of those teas.

Suger snap peas. Fresh from a garden, not the store. Maybe just a bit over-ripe, a bit of the sugar has gone bitter, but that’s what makes them nutritious, right?

The color of this liqueur is fantastic in my pale green gaiwan with the emerald koi around the edges.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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1473 tasting notes

So there are two absolutes in my tea-drinking habits:
1. I will only like a green tea if it is heavily flavored, and even then, it’s iffy.
2. I take my teas with sugar.

And yet, here I am with a straight green with absolutely nothing added to it, and I’m loving it. Loving it! I’ve been absolutely aching to try this tea since I first started chatting with the owner of Verdant Tea, David, about tea folklore and he shared the story of this tea with me.

I even broke out the YiXing teapot we got as a wedding gift and then never used. This is lovely. Incredibly, wonderfully lovely. It tastes green and crisp and delicious. And yes, we both taste snap peas!

David Duckler

Excellent! I am super happy that this tea can give you a rewarding flavor well outside what your “absolutes.” Laoshan tea just stunned me the first time I tried it. There is nothing quite like it. I am lucky to have the trust of the farmers who allow these tiny crops to be exported.

The new autumn harvest will be in next week. I can’t wait to try it!


Wow! I too, add sugar or other sweetener to all my tea. Very interesting.


I had some earlier today and it is quite good.

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300 tasting notes

I was encouraged that I could brew this in glass with simple pouring and a strainer, so it was my consolation tea after my gaiwan cracked this morning. Mmm smooth, velvety consolation. It was probably my imagination running away with itself, but when I opened this bag for the first time I smelled cool crisp spring air. Such a deep, green, beany smell. It is a rich green without being overwhelming, it could be said to be both light and full.

I had thought that I had ruined the second steep it was a bit astringent, but it survived into the third unharmed, all sweet, creamy and with a hint of nuttiness just starting to develop. Just need to brew with care. My toddler has gulped down the last two cooled cups and says its very good. Husband says its green but not his cup of tea. Oh well, more for us. Later infusions reveal a minty quality.

I’m not capable of describing much else today either but I do want to say that I have been retrying a lot of the green teas in my possession and while I have a few nice ones I was beginning to feel that greens in general were a bit boring. This tea reminds me how lovely they can be. I will continue to enjoy this tonight and looking forward to comparing it to my complimentary sample of the Autumn Harvest and their Dragonwell style counterparts. Thanks to David and He Family for offering such an exceptional tea.

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6770 tasting notes

Toasty, Nutty, and Sweet are my first thoughts about this tea…but here is a more in-depth look…

I love the way these leaves look! They are like green-grey thin curly-Q’s. They smell like a semi-grassy green and a vegetable-esque green type of combo!

The taste is very nice. A hint of grass but more roasted or toasted nutty-goodness (maybe more almond or cashew to be more specific on the nuttiness) and I love the sweetness! There are hints of lettuce-type juiciness to this too! On the end of the sip it’s a tad buttery!

This green tea isn’t to be taken for granted! It quite complex and I LOVE that!

The after taste lingers of peas and sweet onion but also a creamier green tea! WOW! I like this! This is a FAB Green Tea!

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607 tasting notes

I’ve finished off the pouch of this tea & now I’m a bit sad as I don’t have any more. I’ve spent a boatload on other teas and held off on a Verdant Tea order. I know I’ll have others to drink, but Verdant teas are so special.

I almost didn’t want to make this last cup since the leaves at the bottom of the pouch were a tiny bit crushed and very small. In my experience, the last cup made from tiny leaves is usually very astringent and not nearly as enjoyable as the first. This particular cup isn’t the best cup I’ve had and it’s actually on the verge of being too bitter, but I still taste those flavors that I love. It’s grassy and a little bit creamy. I liked the Summer Harvest more (it was more creamy.. and those notes of soy milk… mmm..) and have yet to try the Autumn Harvest.

This has been a solid and very nice green tea to have in the cupboard. I’ll be looking forward to buying more in the future!

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124 tasting notes

Trying green tea again today… the leaves smelled great.
And hurray, I like it! Oooh complex and interesting.
A nice fresh green flavor upfront that fades into a tin aftertaste that makes the green taste like something mixed with petrichor.
It is slightly creamy, I’m thinking of creamed green beans? There is a great back of throat feel that lingers in a buttery creamy way. This tea is really like having a great bowl of vegetables on a rainy day.
I feel like the more tasting notes I make the more permission I give myself to be incredibly associative. It’s helpful to me to look back at, probably not too helpful to everyone else though!
Listening to Stranger in Moscow which is one of my favorite “rainy day” songs – perfect compliment.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

I find your flavour associations helpful. =)

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215 tasting notes

O devoured tea …
nary drop, nor bud, nor twig
yet escapes my heart

170 °F / 76 °C 1 min, 45 sec
Charles Thomas Draper

I am following you but oddly none of your reviews are visible….

Pamela Dean

I’m definitely uncloaked here, as far as i can tell … (palms turned up)

Charles Thomas Draper

PS, I love your rating system….

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