Laoshan Black

Tea type
Black Tea
Black Tea Leaves
Brown Sugar, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Burnt Sugar, Cocoa, Dark Bittersweet, Dark Wood, Honey, Molasses, Roasted, Roasted Barley, Tannic, Cotton Candy, Graham Cracker, Green Beans, Sweet, Toasty, Umami, Wet Wood, Graham, Wood, Chocolate, Cream, Honeysuckle, Toffee, Baked Bread, Black Pepper, Malt, Nutty, Smoked, Smooth, Marshmallow, Flowers, Roast nuts, Cherry, Creamy, Fig, Fruity, Grain, Raisins, Sweet Potatoes, Vanilla, Apricot, Nuts, Oats, Peach, Broth, Tea, Brown Toast, Roasted nuts, Earth, Licorice, Peat, Plums, Butter, Toast, Wheat, Dried Fruit, Stonefruits, Rose, White Grapes, Coffee, Rum, Salt, Smoke, Oak wood, Cacao, Stewed Fruits, Black Currant, Toasted, Cinnamon, Dill, Chestnut, Burnt, Cannabis, Hops, Coconut, Toasted Rice, Soybean, Butterscotch, Custard, Walnut
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Fair Trade, Organic
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205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec 5 g 11 oz / 323 ml

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  • “Yes, I’m drinking this again! It’s my birthday, so I can drink anything I want! Of course, I can drink anything I want any day of the year, but this seemed like a perfect start today, & it...” Read full tasting note
  • “Brewed up a bunch of this quite strong for icing – I’ll see how that fares in the morning! In the meanwhile, I’m enjoying a second infusion, which, possibly because it’s more than double strength,...” Read full tasting note
  • “I snagged 4 oz of the autumn version of this tea after feeling a bit anxious about the last of my spring tea getting sipped down. Now I’m pretty much at peace, enjoying the strong chocolate/barley...” Read full tasting note

From Verdant Tea

This is one of the pioneer black teas from Laoshan. The village only started experimenting with making black tea out of their uniquely bean-like green tea a year or two ago.

Early steepings are remarkably smooth and creamy, reminiscent of a floral Big Red Robe in their creamy and luscious texture and heady orchid floral notes. The signature chocolate and barley flavor is more muted to balance with the subtleties of the texture. The best way to describe the sensation of drinking this tea is that of handmade butter caramels melting on your tongue.

Later steepings see a shift towards fruity raw cacao flavor, and strong Madagascar vanilla bean. The barley notes remind us of our time in a Tibetan village on a high plateau watching the barley harvest and breathing in the smell of the roasting grains over a wood fire. The aftertaste remains extraordinarily thick, like homemade whipped cream. Mr. and Mrs. He, who cultivate this incredible tea on their small farm in Laoshan Village have outdone themselves with this precious spring harvest.

Region: He family farm, Laoshan Village, Shandong

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879 Tasting Notes

335 tasting notes

How’s it going, Steepster? Apparently I’m only on here once every week or so now.

This is a sipdown! In recent days, I’ve gotten especially addicted to my super-perfumey Russian tea, so I kept expecting to be drinking that as I sipped this cup and then… heeeeey, that’s not perfumey, that’s warm and chocolatey. Mmmmm.

I’m going into a tea funk. I’ve gotten so lazy with it, I just don’t want to fiddle with waiting for the kettle, then waiting for the pot, then cleaning out the infuser before I make another tea. I’m debating the idea of getting some new flavors in my cupboard, but with all the ones I don’t drink regularly anyway, I feel guilty adding to that if they’re all just going to sit there and get old. The perpetual tea drinker’s struggle, right?


Nice to see ya ;-)


Get rid of everything you don’t love. I think that’s a good general rule to live by – works for the kitchen, tea cupboard, shoe closet, bookshelf, phonebook…

Terri HarpLady

I need to follow Anna’s advice, not so much regarding tea, but regarding everything else I my life… If I don’t love it & use it regularly, it should go


It frees up a lot of time and space, that’s for sure.


Y’all are so right about getting rid of excess stuff. You know, that thing I’ve been meaning to do for… oh yeah. Forever. :P

Anyone want Harney & Sons Pumpkin Spice? I have two tins of it.

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525 tasting notes

Chocolate and rose? How is this possible? This tea exceeds expectations. I think I’ve got allergies or I’m getting a bit of a cold, so I hope I’m getting all the nuances here because this tea deserves it.

This tea somehow really reminds me of rose flavored truffles. Mmm… and vanilla! So smooth! I don’t even like black tea! I’ve clearly been drinking the wrong kinds! Wow. This is so desserty and malty! A dessert tea without dessert flavorings! Mmmm… I definitely smell honey in the liquor. Most black teas I’ve had just beg for a bit a cream but this tea…it would be sacrilege to add cream to this. Gotta savor it just the way it is! Not a hint of astringency! love this!


Welcome to the dark side!

Terri HarpLady

I love this tea too! It’s everything a black tea wishes it could be!

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364 tasting notes

A friend of mine is going through something awful and there isn’t much I can do to help and it makes me sad…

So I turn to Laoshan Black this morning cause it seems to be my comfort go tea whenever I feel life is being unfair.

Its beauty and craftsmanship reminds me that there will always be beauty in this world no matter how bad things get sometimes.

Thanks for the welcoming and warming feeling LB, that’s just what I needed.

(Sorry, see some other notes for “real” description)


Hugs to you and the friend, both. It’s hard when you can’t fix it.


Feeling powerless is an awful feeling, especially when it is in relation to a situation that is affecting someone you love. I am sending of positive chi, warm hugs and sloppy baby kisses and smiles from my little one. Hang in there to the both of you.


You guys are just the best, thank you XOX

Aww…sloppy baby kisses… Will try to channel all the good vibes towards my friend…thanks.

hugs I’m thinking a good thought for you and your friend


Big hugs to you and your friend. Seeing someone you love struggle is never easy. I wish you and your friend lost of peace and comfort.


Hope things get better! It blows having to watch people you love struggle, but sometimes just for them to know they have your support is a big help!


It’s awful to feel so helpless in the face of someone you care for struggling through something awful. All I can say is that your support and love probably means more to them than you can understand. Hugs.

Terri HarpLady

I can tell you are a wonderful friend, TF, & sometimes that is all one can be, & sometimes that is all one needs. I’m sending some good vibes from St Louis, on the wings of plucked harp strings.


I hope things turn around for your friend. I’m glad they have someone nice like you to stand with them.


Thank you so much for your kind words all of you…I am in awe at how nice and caring this community is…I’m sending all the good vibes to my friend, she really needs them.


@ all y’all – my cobbler is smelling pretty dadgum good

Terri HarpLady

I can smell it all the way in St. Louis!


It turned out really well Terri – it works really well with the blackberries. I mad some coconut whip to go on it and its great! Thanks for the recipe :)

Terri HarpLady

Now I’ll need to make some this week

Terri HarpLady

Maybe I’ll make some coconut milk black raspberry ice cream to go with it!


Oh that sounds so good

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1328 tasting notes

I actually received my Verdant Tea order a couple of days ago, but then I felt a bit under the weather and in a general bad mood for a couple of days. It’s not very conducive to trying new stuff, so I saved it. This morning, after a three hour nap yesterday and a full nights sleep, I’m feeling less worn out, so I gave it a go.

I couldn’t not buy this one. At the same time I bought it with many considerations first. You see, it has been so very hyped on Steepster lately. Everybody and their grandmother has tried it and they all think it’s the best thing north of the Alps. That sort of stuff tends to make me lose interest. Hype is the reason I’ve, for example, never actually watched any of the Star Wars films in full. It’s also (part of) the reason I’ve never read the Hunger Games series and don’t really intend to. (The other reason being that any book that comes with glowing recommendation on the front from Stephanie Meyers does not exactly win points with me. I have tried Twilight. Utter tripe.) I suppose my problem is that I expect I’ll just get disappointed.

So yeah, I ended up buying this one in spite of all of the above because I found the company’s description genuinely interesting, but I am still approaching this first cup with part expectation, part nervousness, part concern, part fear of disappointment, part sceptism, part curiousity and part excitement.

The aroma of the dry leaf and the aroma just when pouring the water on are very close to one another. It’s very sweet and cocoa-y. No, not cocoa. More like chocolate. A sweet milk chocolate. I’m reminded of that choco-milk powder I used to get at my gran’s house as a child. It came in a large yellow box with a rabbit on the front. I’m not sure if she gave me that because she wanted it to be a treat or if she had got it in her head that I couldn’t drink milk otherwise… If the latter, I wasn’t about to correct her, was I? (And that stuff, by the way, looks really strange when served in a coloured glass!) So, childhood association to my gran. This tea is already well on the way to awesome!

The aroma after it has been steeping is different though. Gone is the milk chocolate sugary powder stuff, and now we’ve got something that is much more like cocoa rather than chocolate. It’s a much deeper and more complex aroma. Along with the cocoa, there is also something very grain-y and another note which I can’t really work out how to describe. It’s a sort of inbetween thing of woodsy and leathery, kind of pipe tobacco-y but at the same time, so not like that at all. On top of all that, there is a rather prominent spicy note, but I can’t work out if I think it’s a note on its own, or if it’s just another aspect of that indescribable woodsy, leathery, tobacco-y, not-tobacco-y note from before. How very difficult.

So there’s a lot going on here aroma-wise and the flavour is no different. Actually, I find it very similar to the beloved Tan Yang Te Ji ♥ (which is STILL being held hostage by tax and customs, argh!). Already here I can say that YES, this tea does indeed very much live up to all the hype. Of course, with the Tan Yang association, I might be rather biased. :) It has that same cocoa-y flavour profile, but I find it to be more grain-y than the Tan Yang. It even has that same sort of fruity aspect to it. Not any particular fruit that I can think of, just some sort of generic fruityness.

Another tea I’m reminded of in this cup is Keemun, and that’s because of how strongly the grain-y aspect is coming through. Keemuns are, for me, very grain-y and have a sometimes floral but most times pseudo-smoky aspect to them. This tea makes me sort of try to imagine a Keemun which has been stripped of that top layer. What’s left then? Grainy-ness. Keemun is another very favourite tea of mine.

This particular tea I find to be a mixture of the very best bits of two of my favourite types. The Keemun with the grain and the Tan Yang with the cocoa and fruit-y business. It’s more Tan Yang than Keemun though, which suits me fine because Tan Yang is my absolute all time favourite. And at the same time, this also strikes me as being very much its own. It may taste like a mixture of the two above, but I cannot bring myself to believe that you could blend those two and get this result. Something similar perhaps, but not the same at all.

Generally, it has a lot of what I tend to think of as ‘Fujian-ness’, this tea, but it’s not Fujian grown at all, is it? I need to consult a map and find out where in China Shandong is. Still on the coast but much further north from Fujian, bordered to the north by the Hebei province which is where Beijing is. Funny, I would have thought that with such similarity in flavour profiles they would have been a lot closer to one another. There must be some similar growing conditions in those two areas. Shandong is also just to the north-east of Anhui which is where Keemuns come from. That explains that similarity. I need to explore this area some more, I think. What else grows there?

I see no reason to faff about with points here. This is a solid 100 if ever I saw one. I’ve fallen hard and will be coming back for more.

ETA: Second steep has gone all cinnamon-y! Forget about above comparisons, this is definitely new! I’ve never met a naturally occurring cinnamon note before. (I like it a lot better than if it had been actually cinnamon flavoured too. Not really a cinnamon flavoured fan, me. Uh, as in, not a fan of cinnamon flavoured things, not me being cinnamon flavoured…)


I will never read Twilight, and I resisted on Harry Potter for many years, and was doing the same for Hunger Games… but then I finally gave book 1 a try after meeting some people who were extras in the film, and I must say the unique heroine and intense story really grabbed me. I guess I just had to wait for the right time?


I read the first Twilight and thought it was superficially okay. In my opinion it ought never have been turned into a series. That first book would have worked far better as a standalone story in my opinion. I picked up the second book and it took me about a year to get through it, and gosh, did I despise every single character in it. I was fairly blinded by the newness of it with the first book but the second really brought home to me the very many problems there are with that ‘verse. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting the last two books read as well, mainly because I’ve heard the fourth one is even more ridiculous than all the others combined, but as I’d rather not have my brain melt and leak out my ears, I probably never will.

I resisted HP for quite some time as well because of the hype, and also I believed it to be primarily for children. It wasn’t until one day I went to the public library and as I was walking up the stairs to the door, a woman walked down the stairs already with her nose in a HP book. While walking down stairs! O.O It’s a wonder she didn’t break her neck. It made me give them a shot, though. Best thing I ever did, I’ve made so many online friends because of those books. :D

I did consider Hunger Games for a while, before discovering SMeyers recommendation on the front, but when I read the back of it, it really didn’t sound much like something I would enjoy regardless.


I was super resistant to Harry Potter too. I was starting to crack when I was visiting Boston, and was sitting in a cafe filled with Harvard students with ALL their noses in the latest hardback one that had come out days before. It took my friend literally HANDING me the first five books and BEGGING me to read them because she knew I’d love them to actually read them, though. Lord, I’m stubborn!!! I love them so so so so much!


Oh, and I loathe Twilight. I read the first one because I thought as a future teacher, I should know what the youth of America was wild about. The writing is so poor. I would expect a 12 year old to write better. UGH. This is not even getting into the messages that are in the book. No, no, no, no!


The funny thing about Harry Potter, is that I initially thought it was a kiddie book, and then getting to the last bits of the series and finding out that parts of it are really dark and violent and scary, especially in the final book, but really starting as early as the third. Gosh, was I proved wrong. :)
But at least it got me pulled out of that ’children’s book, therefore can’t read’ thing which is just plain wrong. If not for Harry Potter, I would never have picked up the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage or the Skulduggery Pleasant books by Derek Landy, and I love those.


I think the best children’s literature is that which an adult and child can enjoy together. Chronicles of Narnia and Redwall come to mind; I have very warm fuzzy memories of enjoying them with my favorite 6-year-old. I’m on a “comfort read” kick and have reacquired several of my favorite Laura Ingalls Wilder books … every bit as good as when I read them till the covers fell off in grade school!


Awesome tasting note. It’s so easy to fall hard for this one. I do believe this is the show-stopper of black teas. Such a captivating profile it has!


Gmathis, I haven’t read Redwall, but I think I might have attempted starting it once only I couldn’t get into it. Narnia and the LIW, though. I loved those. I also enjoyed the series that focused on Rose, written by her stepson (I think), but I’m not sure I ever finished that one.

Geoffrey, thank you. :) It has very quickly taken a favourite position with me. I think I would even put it in as second favourite, just below aforementioned Tan Yang (♥)

David Duckler

This makes me smile! Tea just seems to encourage the discussion of literature and culture in every environment it is present. Wonderful!

I am glad that the humble Laoshan Black is so moving for so many people. I think that the Steepster community alone has single-handedly influenced the family who produces this to keep experimenting and improving. It is only their second time making black tea after all. I try to pass on all the compliments when I am able. I am hoping that they will take it as a challenge to keep getting even better for the Spring 2012 harvest.


If you haven’t read it, I recommend the Ralph Moody books, beginning with “Little Britches – Father and I Were Ranchers”. Wonderful books! Very much like LIW but written by a man.


You can’t tell, but I’m clicking the little like heart eleventy-billion times.


On the book topic: I am partial to any movie or book that is in the sci-fi/fantasy
genre, and some of my friends are too (many of us fall into the stereotypical DORK category, well, at least I judge I do).
Some of them (all guys) won’t even touch Harry Potter, let alone Twilight, as if neither are hard-core enough.


I consider myself to be as devoted to Tolkien’s works and the LOR as they come, and yet I really enjoyed J.K. Rowling’s books. I haven’t read any of the Twilight books, but I did see the first movie, and against my own male tendencies to dislike anything overly gushy, romantic, or too ‘lite and fluffy’ (the opposite of hard core, I guess), I liked it. They way I look at it, my friends are simply missing out. No big deal. I’m sure I am missing out on things because of my misconceptions/preconceived notions/prejudices.

And on the tea: Angrboda: It’s amazing how many flavors you can find in this tea. I still have a loooooooooong way to go. But I am learning. Thank you for your detailed experience. So much to explore and experience in a simple black tea! : )


One more thing: some of the coolest characters I have ever read about I ‘met,’ and will never forget, in those books, like Mad-eyed Moody, and Hagrid. And, although I’m male, I can probably identify most with Hermione; she’s great)!


You write the best tasting notes! So rich and full and informative – you make me want to do research! (and spend money…) Inspiration!


Thank you Nurvilya. How sweet of you. :)


This is really really wonderful. Thank you so much for sending me some – though it just might change my parameters of what I want in a chinese black tea.

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361 tasting notes

I’m on vacation and haven’t been on the internet at all but had to login today because it’s my 1 year steepsterversary! 1 year ago today I stumbled upon this site when looking for a good vanilla black tea. A year later and I can’t even imagine what life would be without all my steepster friends. Thanks for welcoming me and teaching me so much!

I have been drinking this during our whole trip. It’s just really friggin good. And it was the straight black tea that got me into straight black teas and I would never had heard of it if it wasn’t for steepster.


Happy Steepstervarsary!


Happy happy!


Yay! Happy Steepsterversary! :)


Yay! Happy anniversary :)

Terri HarpLady

Yayyy!!! :)

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863 tasting notes

So, I think I want to name my gaiwan Midori. It means green in japanese and I am apparently unable to muster up anything more creative. But I think it looks like a Midori. I do have a problem with anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, actually. Can you tell? :)

Anyway, after doing the initial rinse, the leaf smelled SO. GOOD. Chocolate and the blackened potato note I recall from having this before.

1st steep = 15 seconds. Now the leaf smells less like chocolate and more like char. The liquor smells similar. It reminds me of the Anxi, actually. The taste however is cocoa powder and honey, with just a little of the burned note hovering on the periphery. This is much more complex than the Anxi ever got for me.

2nd steep = 25 seconds. I am working on being faster with this but I can’t seem to just add an extra 3 seconds on per steep – it takes that long for me to get the lid on the cup sometimes, since I get easily distracted watching the color seep into the water. The liquor smells and tastes predominately cocoa now, and is honey colored. This is really encouraging! I’m still really hoping for some cinnamony notes to come out because that cinnamon + chocolate combination was the thing I loved about my initial Lao Shan black experience, and what was missing from this batch the first time around. Fingers crossed!

3rd steep = 45 seconds. THERE IT IS. OMG happy happy. Cinnamon brownie I missed you! I’m probably going to go even slower than normal drinking this steeping because it’s my favorite. This is the whole reason I bought Lao Shan black. The leaf has gone back to smelling like just cocoa powder, and the liquor is lighter than

4th steep = 1 minute. Mmm. The liquor is even lighter in color but this is all baking chocolate. The cinnamon is gone, but that’s okay – it’s kind of fun knowing that I’ll only get to have it for that one small steep – that makes it even more valuable of an experience.

Sigh. I took so long to write this that my Breville’s turned off and I don’t have enough in it to start it boiling again. I’m being lazy – too lazy to refill it apparently. So I’ll keep the leaves and probably try for a few remaining steeps later tonight.

Yay for more playtime with Midori!


Can’t remember if you brewed this western style,but if not…it is the preferred method for this tea. Usually the opposite is true,but Laoshan Black is an exception.


Huh, that’s funny. I did brew it western style both times I had it previously. The previous batch was amazing that way- this batch , it was kind of underwhelming. For the new batch so far I would definitely have to say gongfu is preferable. For my taste buds at least. Have you tried the new harvest yet?


I personally love the name Midori, it’s so cute sounding and playful.


I second that. I love the name, and the idea of naming teaware.


Thanks guys! I have a tendency to name EVERYTHING (cars, stuffed animals, etc) so I couldn’t just NOT name a vital part of my tea collection – especially when she’ll be with me for quite a while (I hope!).

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1711 tasting notes

300th tasting note! I’ve enjoyed this precious gem a few times before but haven’t bothered writing about it until now.

Of course, this note will be old news to a lot of Steepsterites already, but I still need to rave about this velvety, malty chocolate wonder. It’s utterly amazing how this doesn’t have any additional flavours, because I’d swear that this was infused with cacao.

Currently on my second steep but there will be more to come, as everyone who’s tried this knows how Laoshan Black is a killer multiple steeper. Both the malt and chocolate are going strong. There’s a natural sweetness swirling around in here too. Brown sugar perhaps?

I got my mom to taste it this time around and while she doesn’t get the malt, she tastes the sugariness. The only thing I have left to do is keep steeping and sipping away whilst I wait for Purolator to deliver a parcel.


Congrats on #300! That’s a good tea to celebrate with :)


Yay! Congrats on reaching 300!


Congratulations on your 300th note – what a great milestone!

Hesper June

Yeah! 300! Thats awesome!


Hurrah for 300! And I really can’t wait until this tea is restocked!


Thanks everyone! I was unaware that it is out of stock AGAIN. My, they can’t seem to keep up.


spring harvest is inbound though..this month

Terri HarpLady

300! WooHoo!

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294 tasting notes

This is my morning-noon tea. Firstly it is the spring version. In my humble opinion it is one of the best black teas I have had the pleasure to sip. I still have a decent amount left thankfully. The aroma is heavenly and the flavor is so sweet and complex. Truly a treat for any lover of fine black tea….


I’ve shared this with so many people who are blown away when the discover this is a black tea. The creamy, chocolate, nutty flavors amaze

Charles Thomas Draper

I do find it to be very different from the fall harvest.


Agreed. I found some spring harvest a while back, and I was amazed by how much it reminded me of chocolate silk pie.

Charles Thomas Draper

It is amazing how a season can change things….


I share similar feelings about this tea. I did have a Korean Dan-Cha just recently which comes close to my love for this tea. While exchanging emails with the vendor over it, the word ‘velvet’ was mentioned by him in reference to the tea. I have to say it was a very proper descriptor.

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421 tasting notes

This is turning out to be an “all time favourites” tea day. A very good day indeed :)
I will try to get some sipdowns in later on today. Or just stick to really good tea that I know. We’ll see…

Terri HarpLady

I love all day favorite tea days!


i’m tempted to get the verdant gift set even though i’m sitting on about 3oz of this tea already lol


Sil, I almost got that one too, but I went for the Mt Ailao (aka Master Han) gift set, since I’m not a fan of greens, and I don’t know anyone who’s a green tea fan and would appreciate the gift. Most of my friends drink black tea, and I’m gently trying to introduce them to oolongs and puers. Also, my bank account would have broken up with me (November is it’s cruelest month, bringing black Friday and cyber Monday out of the inter web).


NofarS – not the terroir sampler – there’s a new one it’s LB in a 3oz tin and some honey to accompany it :) so just LB…no greens! (ick)


Oh no, Sil, why did you tell me that! wail. Dammit, now I want it, even though I really can’t justify it. I’m stocked up on Laoshan Black as it is.


haha now you see my problem! :)


Oh, I love the idea of an all time favourites tea day!!! Too late for that now, I’ve already «contaminated» my day with not so favourite ones. But I’m aiming for that tomorrow!!


i may have to join you in that tomorrow teafairy…today is a sipdown, explore my cupboard day heh


Yay, Sil you are welcome to join, I have the whole day to myself tomorrow,
fun, fun fun :-) Today is random tea day for me, so pretty much the same as you!

Terri HarpLady

I’m afraid to look at the verdant gift sets…I’ve already spent too much. Of course, I have enough of all my favorites to last for months, so when someone is whining about not having any Zhu Rong, for example, I can be your hero & send you a surprise (you know who YOU are)

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321 tasting notes

Last night I went bowling with a group of friends. I’ve only ever bowled candlepin (little balls), but most of the other people had bowled regular. I think candlepin is a MA thing… ah well. I wasn’t the worst, so that’s okay.

We all came back to our room afterwards, and I (of course) offered everyone tea. My friend Ana said to me “Hey, can you show me how to drink not-bagged tea?”

I was so proud.

I brewed a pot of this for us, and she loved it. Another tea convert…

There’s a DAVIDsTea 3 hours away, just over the Canadian border. I sense a road trip in our future.


Hooray! A convert!


I might could handle your kind of bowling. I can barely Wii bowl conventionally ;)


Haha I’m awful at Wii bowling!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I’ve noticed that once someone tried loose tea, they immediately become loose tea drinkers. haha :)


True! It’s just SO much better than bagged.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I think that bagged tea CAN be REALLLLY good, but it’s rare. Most people that drink bagged tea have a mouthgasm when they try loose tea, probably because they have been drinking mainstream teas (horrid, haha).


No, it’s true. I drink bagged tea too, it has its place. But you can’t beat the depth of loose.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Yep! I also enjoy (maybe a bit too much?) the whole process of brewing a single cup of loose tea. It’s one of those practices that can turn a bad day around, just taking your time, making a cup and relaxing with it, maybe even having a personal tea party! :)

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