Yunnan White Jasmine

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White Tea
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Floral, Jasmine, Sweet, Vegetal, Smooth, Fruity, White Grapes, Cream, Green Beans, Melon, Strawberry, Vanilla, Apricot, Grass, Honeydew, Honeysuckle, Mango, Marshmallow, Oats, Peach, Creamy, Sweet, warm grass, Candy, Flowers, Hay, Pine, banana, Perfume, Honey, Pepper, Peppercorn, Spicy, Blueberry, Apple, Spices, Sugar, Banana, Cinnamon, Caramel, Custard, Frosting, Grain, Pastries
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  • “Backlog – my boyfriend finished off our bag of this, haha about time too, this one was from about last year at this time, my first ever Verdant tea! A darn good one I might add, I’m sure this will...” Read full tasting note
  • “So given the still-unhappy state of my stomach, and queasiness that comes with thoughts of any sort of flavoured tea (by that I mean confectionary-flavoured; fruity or jasmine is fine), I opted for...” Read full tasting note
  • “Today this tastes… floral, creamy, and banana like. I haven’t been using enough leaves. I need to buy a gaiwan and don’t have my gongfu pot here, but maybe I can try short steeping the rest of my...” Read full tasting note
  • “I do enjoy a good jasmine from time to time, & this one is really wonderful, IMO. I don’t have any revelatory tasting notes to reveal about it, I think I’ve written a few reviews by now. But I...” Read full tasting note

From Verdant Tea

Flavor Profile: This jasmine has helped us understand what jasmine is all about. It starts with a silky smooth silver needle white tea from Yunnan with notes of cinnamon sweetness. Jasmine blossoms are scattered around the tea while drying for several nights in a row, and removed in the morning to be replaced by fresh blossoms, scenting the tea in the traditional method. The result is a perfectly integrated flavor, that starts off with the textures of a white tea, and sweetness drawn out and extended by a silky jasmine aroma. Continue steeping this out, and an intriguing apricot jam flavor starts to come out and compliment the subtle spice of the yunnan white. In later steepings there is even the slightest hint of pine needle.

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218 Tasting Notes

2815 tasting notes

Decupboarding. I gave this away to a friend of mine who will appreciate it much more than I do. Jasmine tea and I are not happy together, I have to be honest. I seem to like some green jasmine pearls now and again, but that’s about it.


Jasmine is a hit or miss with people, you either love it or hate it. At least someone will enjoy it! :)


Thite Jasmine pearls can be good too, and I know you like a more mellow Jasmine scent


I’d rather just pass on the jasmine, really…

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9069 tasting notes

soooo you know how sometimes you think you should branch out and try things that you might not like just in case your taste buds have changed?

shudder yeaaaah… mine haven’t. LOL Picked this up as a sample with my last verdant order and sadly i couldn’t even manage to drink half the cup. Floral much? Jasmine… check! In to the spreadsheet it goes.

Not rating this only because i know that it’s ME not the tea in this particular instance.


I have learned, I do NOT like jasmine! lol


yeah i’m with you on that one. gah


i’d take a steaming mug full of coconut oolong before jasmine anything i think…


I’d drink lapsang souchong before another jasmine tea! lol


Last time I made jasmine tea it infected my timolino for a week. The smell would not go away.


Hahaha you guys. I actually like the Yunnan White Jasmine on occasion (I have plenty of it though, Sil :P), but definitely understand how it could be offputting. I think, for me, it requires less leaf to be maximally tasty, as too much makes it wayyyyy too floral!


oh i like lapsang..well some haha


I think lapsang taste like a cup of smoked cheese. lol


Hmmm, I was kinda wandering about the floral level of this one. I got a sample from Dinosura. I will take your advice Kittenna about the leaf amount. I don’t normally like jasmine, but Verdant seems to find ones that I do like.


Well, the tea base here is lovely, which is probably a big part of it. I’ve had samples from more than one batch, though, and IIRC one was definitely more floral than the other. Also, keep to a short infusion time.


I love this one!
Definitely keep the steepings short on this one though. It can get overwhelmingly flowery if steeped too long.

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525 tasting notes

Ever try to enjoy a bit of pumpkin custard while your dog cries and looks longingly and pitifully at your food? I felt like the hugest jerk in the world not sharing my my dessert with him. So then I let each pup get a lick. Those darn cute faces get me every time. My dogs own me.

Fortunately, they are not interested in my tea so I don’t have to feel bad while I enjoy a cup. :) I had a terribly stressful day at work today. Called someone early in the morning to get some info. She directed me to someone else. That person directed me to yet another person. And so on. Until about 4pm when the last person I get directed to directs me back to the person I had called in the first place. It’s such a classic failed bureaucracy situation it’s almost funny. Now I’ve been directed to yet another two people whom I will call tomorrow morning. Someone save me.

Anyway, despite the fact that I know white tea can get me pretty wired sometimes, I really needed something that tastes soothing and delicious. Jasmine tea is perfect for that. And Verdant is guaranteed quality.

First whiff of the dry tea was heavenly. I absolutely love the smell of jasmine. The scent has me practically salivating. It also reminds me of peach. I can just feel the sticky sweet juices from of perfect summer peach. yum. The liquor is a very pale grayish brown. Not the most attractive color, but it’s all about the taste! and the taste here is fantastic! Juicy and floral and exactly what I need. There is a pleasant drying effect here as well.

Did I mention how I love the dry leaves? They are like little fuzzy twigs. Awesome!

There is a funny taste here, but I suspect it’s my kettle because my mom has a kettle that gives a similar taste to her water. Gotta boil some water in a pot and see what happens. Will withhold rating until then.


Endless work loops are funny until you’re the one stuck in one.


I can see this situation working well in a comedy skit. :)

Donna A

I can so identify-going through a similar experience since August with my idiotic health insurance company over a claims processing error due to a glitch in their computer system. They say they are’t given access to see the Explanation of Benefits that they send me, which if they could, my problem would be solved. I’ve been on the phone for hours with them drinking endless cups of tea! Great review-this is one of my two favorite white jasmine teas, the other being from Teavivre.


The reps don’t have access to info that’s sent out to their customers? Whaaa’? Good thing you have tea to give you the energy for these endless repetitive phone conversations. :)

Donna A

Mercuryhime, you can’t make this stuff up!! I’m an RN and know a little more about jumping through the bureaucratic health insurance hoops than a lot of folks. Yes, I’d go crazy if I didn’t have tea. The one representative who had half a brain and was actually giving me some hope is out for surgery. He gave me his private company email address since you can never get the same person twice with this company. By the way, without naming it, this is a large inefficient company whose name starts with U, same name as my country.


Hmm, my health insurance starts with a B. I hope they’re better. :)

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39 tasting notes

It’s been about a week since I first tried this tea, and I’ve now had four extended sessions with it. Four times in one week. . . . that should say something about how much this tea has impressed me. It’s had the same effect on everyone I’ve showed it to. People put their nose in the bag, take a nice deep inhalation and come up looking like one of Odysseus’s doped-out sailors on the Island of the Lotus Eaters. This was exactly the effect it had on me too. Let me put it this way, with jasmine scented tea I normally take a whiff and think, “Bluh, jasmine, I don’t want any.” But with this one, I catch its fragrance, feel goosebumps, and think, “Mmmmm, jasmine, I must have some nooowwwww . . . .”

The taste delivers in spades. I would have to say that this is the most enjoyable white tea I’ve tried to date. Interesting comparison occurred today by happenstance. I brewed up some of this after I woke up, and did about 4-5 gongfu infusions in my gaiwan. Then I left the apartment to visit my parents’ house for the day, and while there I took the opportunity to try another jasmine scented silver needle white tea that one of my mother’s friends had sent her recently. The fragrance of that one did not inspire me, in fact it produced the normal reaction I mentioned. The taste was also nowhere close to being in league with this one, it was actually pretty bitter by comparison. Not entirely un-enjoyable, but it barely held a candle in the sunlight of this Verdant tea.

I came back home, now at the end of the day, and decided to brew up the tea still in my gaiwan until all flavor was exhausted. It took me another 5 gongfu steepings! So the general experience has been that this tea will typically give generously for about 10 gongfu infusions. There are so many things I love about this jasmine white, but I’ll reserve for you the pleasure of making your own discovery of most of them. One quality that I can’t help but comment on though is the exquisite texture this tea leaves on my tongue. The sensation is like a dusting of powdered sugar. It’s heavenly!

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec
Charles Thomas Draper

I may have to get some….

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676 tasting notes

First review from a generous sample that David included with my Verdant Tea order.

This is my 100th review Woo Hoo and a big thank you for all encouragement and comments to a newcomer to the tea community especially to David at Verdant for personal notes and samples and Angel at Teavivre for samples both companies being highly regarded!*

I’ve only ever tasted really good Jasmine tea which is fortunate so I was looking forward to this Yunnan White. The timing on my steep was 3 minutes which produced a lovely blush pale golden tea. Some Jasmine’s knock you down with floral scent but not this one. It’s more refined and gentle…a peach, jasmine, paperwhite floral with a hint of pine finish, if you can imagine such a thing. There is a creaminess and spice tingle on the tongue. We’ll see on a further pour what develops. Very delicious.

Second steep Oh My this is a bit fizzy on my tongue when hot and still lovely and creamy floral but I got distracted and put my cup down. The tea cooled. Oh well, it’s probably ok, I thought. OK? it was GREAT cool! No longer fizzy but just short of buttery and definately SILKY SMOOTH oh yes it is! Sometimes we all know how tea cools and goes all bitter, but this stayed lovely. I didn’t steep more than 3 minutes so that is important also. Quality tea has to be respected for potency… zillion proof tea needs restraint compaired to fluff and dust. I’ve been drinking so much tea that I’m going to get wicked and slice a 3 inch California strawberry and plunk it in a tall glass with the remains of the second cooled steep and a few ice cubes. Be right back…….pause…..ummmm ummmm that’s good!

Invader Zim

This sounds delicious!


Congrats on 100 tasting notes! Yay!


Awe shucks!


Congrats! Knew you’d go far with that wit of yours! always a pleasure reading you, enjoy the next 100!!!

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90 tasting notes

Oh Steepster! It’s been too long!

This past month has been a real challenge. First a close family member passed away, then things took a bad turn at work, and now a major problem has surfaced in my personal life. I’ve had trouble sleeping so I’ve been limiting my tea drinking to earlier in the day only. And I’ve been drinking it mostly to wake up, rather than enjoying it like I used to. But I want to change that; I want to get back to savoring it.

One of my favorite things about tea is the way it allows you to slow down and focus on the moment, and I think I need that right now. It’s the first day of a new month, and today I’m going to start over, beginning with mindful tea drinking. Because sometimes all you can do is focus on the things you can control, one step at a time.

So I’m starting with one of my favorite soothing teas. Thank you AureliaFish for sending some of this my way to hold me over until my order came in. This tea is so lovely and delicate; beautiful long white leaves softly kissed with jasmine. It’s crisp yet cozy, subtle yet complex, savory yet sweet. It reminds me that life can be complicated, but there is beauty to be found if you take the time to look for it.


So sorry for your loss..and everything else! Hope things will ge better soon for you Alysha…your approach makes sense, one thing at a time :-)

Terri HarpLady

Glad your here Alysha, & so sorry for your loss, & all the rough turns. I’m with you on the baby steps, & the mindfulness as well.
Savor the moment!


Thank you guys for your kind support :)


Hang in there!


Memory Eternal to your loved one. Many here including me are available if you need a friend.


Thank you; your caring thoughts are very much appreciated :)

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600 tasting notes

A review of Yunnan White Jasmine by Verdant Tea

Date: 10/29/2012
Company: Verdant Tea
Tea Name: Yunnan White Jasmine
Tea Type/Varietal: Green
Region: Lincang Region, Western Yunnan
Steeping Vessel/Amt. Leaf:
Plucking Season: Spring 2012
Liquor Color: very light yellow
Leaf Characteristics: Silver Needle White tea, 100% bud material, picked and steamed, then allowed to dry with fresh jasmine petals changed out once a day for seven days to absorb full fragrance.


1st Steeping:
Water temperature: 175 Fahrenheit
Time: 2 minutes

Note: I use one teaspoon of leaves per cup of water and steep for 2 minutes with 175 degree water, and waited for the leaves to have sunk to the bottom of my cup. This is a lovely tea to view; the leaves open up but in small roll like since they are more like pods and there are small flower that floats atop of the water. The effect is kind of like in a pond…with some flowers floating on the water.

Tea’s color is most lovely, with this first steep, it is a lovely very light yellow and as I steep this tea a bit longer, tea’s color did brightened to a pale yellow, more yellow than white or that light green when first steep.

Throughout all of this description is the tea’s aroma and it is that of Jasmine, full of the fragrant perfume of Jasmine and there is not mistaking of this. And when tasted I did not like it since scent is too over powering.

2nd Steeping:
Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit
Time: 2 minutes

Note: I let the water boil fully and steep the leaves for the same amount of time as before. What I want is less of the jasmine fragrant and to just enjoy this very mild tea with its strong perfume. And with more water added the strong, heady scent of the jasmine does dissipate, allowing for a more sedate cup of this tea. And it is fine with me for now.

This tea has a heady floral bouquet and does make this tea reviewer think of a pond with lilies, and lilacs that floats about in the pond. I am not sure if the jasmine plant is one that floats around in ponds, but could as well be.

All of this is suggestive of another’s tea description by Verdant Tea, of which they stated: Shui Xian is a tea shrouded in mystery -its name is either a reference to a Taoist immortal, a spirit of the water, or the narcissus flower. This triple-meaning is fitting for the immense complexity and richness that the tea offers.

Anyhow, this imagery / description seem true of this Yunnan Jasmine Tea. I did view the silver white needles and the buds of the plant as well. This is a lovely tea and for me I must learn to appreciate the headiness of jasmine flower…made popular in China and is rich with antioxidants and vitamin C and to help sooth the digestive system, as this is the benefits I hope to obtain/gain when drinking this tea.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I am fortunate to still be amongst the like of Steepster folks and i am able to sample some of the finer teas; world famous like this Yunnan White Jasmine. I just want to say thank you to the Steepster community. Thanks!


I have some Shui Xian or what is often called water sprite.
Mine is in the shape of a green wrapped pillow too large to fit in a steeping basket. It tastes sweet and lightly floral. Very good tea!


Steepies are great people!


This Shui Xian was small individual pods rolled up, they were not leaves and there were about two small flowers in the teaspoon I had today. It is nice tea; first you go woof this is powerful scent and after several steeps it is adjusted to enjoyable drinking for this reviewer. There is a simple science experiment students gets to conduct while in school science class: you take a bottle of ammonia (newly) and take it to class room and open it at one corner of the room and monitor how the scent/aroma/smell travels to the other end of the classroom. So when the bottle is first opened, the smell is strongest in that corner of the room and as it reaches the other end of classroom it is not as strong. I am not making sense; but when I was younger it was an experiment done for my science lab class…don’t remember much else etc. Consider this an analogy to the Jasmine aroma/heady scent.

I am not inviting explosive in classroom or suggesting harm. It is a heady with the fragrant bouquet of the Jasmine that is all. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am not always sure if sincere. My life has such turmoil; in knowing your place and playing dumb etc. I know nothing at times since some are deem to know just by ethnic makeup.


What a beautiful review!

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84 tasting notes

Beautiful long leaves with an immense jasmine fragrance – gorgeous to watch brew.

Taste is silky soft jasmine with a refreshing coolness that must be the pine needle reference, and is wonderfully delicious.

Sweet cinnamon, cool pine, incredible jasmine – a soft, fragrant and extraordinary tea.

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6770 tasting notes

Oh wow! This is the cleanest, sweetest, crispiest, nicest Jasmine I have had to date! Most Jasmine’s I can take or leave…but this one…I will TAKE any day! Very nice! No funky floral aftertaste…smooth and fairly creamy, even! I really like this! Very VERY good!

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321 tasting notes

Thanks to Invader Zim for the sample of this! (I’m typing on the iPad as I wait for my car to be fixed, so please forgive any spelling errors!

I wasn’t paying attention and mistook this for Teavivre’s white jasmine, so I only got one steep out of it. It was only the next morning when I saw the empty bag on the counter that I realized.

It was delicious, really delicate and soft and just a little bit sweet. The jasmine wasn’t overpowering. I only wish I had more to say! I’ll leave off the rating because I cant really rate it very well right now.

Invader Zim

I haven’t figured out if I like Verdants or Teavivres white jasmine better. Both are incredibly delicious!

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