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Black Chai Oolong Blend
Black Tea, Cacao Nibs, Cardamom, Ginger, Oolong, Saffron, Vanilla Bean
Butter, Cardamon, Chocolate, Floral, Fruity, Ginger, Malt, Vanilla
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205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 45 sec 11 oz / 335 ml

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From Verdant Tea

“An inspired blend of Phoenix Mountain oolong and black with rich chocolatey spice accented by the sweet florals of whole vanilla bean and marigold. . . .”

After countless requests, we took up the mission of formulating the best chocolate chai in the world. Instead of a traditional black tea base, we opted for a mix of two Mi Lan, or Honey Orchid varietal teas from the Phoenix Mountains. The Mi Lan Oolong gives a fruity and sweet juiciness to the whole mixture, while the Mi Lan Black provides a rich caramel thickness and satisfying malty thickness. Combined, their flavor profiles already suggest chocolate, so it was easy to pick out a light roasted organic cacao nib, and organic whole vanilla bean for blending.

The opening flavor in this chai is that of a satisfying, freshly frothed Mexican hot chocolate. The flavor of sweet ginger and buttery saffron follow, with cardamom for balance. Next, the base tea itself really shines in contrast with juicy fruity bursting texture, like eating the best red grapes ever. The sweetness does not fade, instead, it is brought out by the floral whole vanilla bean that we mix in generously.

This chai is one of our favorite projects so far, and blends great with milk or almond milk, and honey or agave. Iced, this one performs just as spectacularly, with more vanilla floral notes coming through.

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71 Tasting Notes

148 tasting notes

Today was a rough and long day, but I’m very happy to say that I got to pick up my Verdant Tea order! And I even nabbed it from the post office before school, which meant I got to brew some of this up in the morning (and then again when I got home, and again just now).
I love this tea. The choice of floral oolongs is absolutely perfect. The chai is delicately sweet which comes out more as it cools. I taste dark chocolate, vanilla, and spicy coriander, almost reminding me of peppercorns.
This is so delicious.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I hope things are better now that your day is over!! (Of course, tea always helps!)


Much, much better! It started with knocking on my door, and a construction guy saying I had to move my car right then so it didn’t get towed (PG&E is redoing the pipes in my area). That was followed up by some crowded bus rides and 8.5 hours at school, and I was ready for rest and tea. :)

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174 tasting notes

I am, as are most others, constantly looking for that one chai, the perfect chai. It has lead me to this tea. I have high hopes for this one because of the base teas used, a mi lan dancong and a mi lan black tea. I have yet to try the mi lan black tea by itself, but I did get a sample for basing it off of this tea. But I love mi lan dancong from verdant, which makes me hopeful in itself, plus there’s the lack of so many overpowering spices. There’s only a few. Plus, the saffron, marigold, and vanilla added to make this super creamy has me giddy.

I open the package and I smell the chocolate, vanilla, and cardamom as the predominate notes. There is a bit of ginger, the heat of it almost makes this smell like a Mexican hot chocolate…yum! There dry leaves are pretty to look at as well. The mix of the mi lan teas and lots of marigold petals contrasting.

I brew this western style, 205*F at 1 minute via Verdant instructions for this. The wet leaves smell juicy and cardamom-y. I can smell the dancong and the black tea. I can smell the chocolate, the creaminess, and a fruity-floral note.

The infusion is a nice golden color. It’s lighter than I would have expected it to be, but it’s still a rich gold. The infusion has the most spectacular aroma…homemade pumpkin pie! Oh good lord, I could sit here all day just sniffing this! I can’t get past the pumpkin pie smell to get anything else, then again I don’t want to! I love homemade pumpkin pie, it is my favorite pie, my favorite dish of the autumn season!

When I finally stop sniffing my tea enough to get a sip out of it I am not necessarily bombarded, but my tongue is trying to taste everything at once! At first there is that juicy quality from the dancong. There is a stone fruit note followed by cardamom. Then there’s vanilla, creaminess, a stone-mineral note, honey and caramel sweetness, a hint of chocolate, with the heat of ginger in the aftertaste. Whoo! and that was only the first sip!

I added a little bit of farmers market clover honey and I found it made it too sweet. The natural honey-caramel notes makes this tea sweet enough that I didn’t need to add any sweeteners. Then I added some milk. I added too much, although it did help to bring out the chocolate note more.

In the second steep I got more chocolate, more cardamom, and the ginger moved to the tip of my tongue lasting into the aftertaste. The juicy quality wasn’t quite as strong, but the vanilla and creaminess was still there. I didn’t add any sweetener to this steep, but I did add some milk, less this time. It made it taste more like a chai, but more watered down at the same time. This chai seems too light to be able to really handle milk, but that’s ok because this is delicious without any!

The third steep I’m starting to taste the pumpkin pie I had smelled earlier…this makes me happy! I’m not adding anything this time as I’m finding it better by itself. While this is a delicious chai, I am still on the lookout for one that holds up to milk well as I seem to prefer chai lattes. I do have the Laoshan chai from Verdant, but have yet to try it.

The one thing I found very interesting about this tea is that while tasting all the notes and trying to taste it as a chai, my mind and tongue kept trying to taste the dancong notes by itself! This is an excellent tea even though it’s not what I was looking for in a chai! Great job Verdant!

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 0 sec

I recently made an order from Yogic Chai. If you’d like, when it comes in, I can send you some samples of their chai. It’s won quite a few of awards, although I’ve never had it.

Invader Zim

Sure, that would be great, thank you! What would you like in return?


Oh geez, you’ve sent me already so much already. I don’t mind sending it to you without anything in return.

If you want, I can also toss in some Tipu’s Chai Mix. It’s ground up chai that you just add water to (no milk or sweetener).

I’ll let you know when the chai comes in :)

Invader Zim

I love chai mixes! Thank you! Are you sure you don’t want me to send you anything?!


Haha. How about I take an IOU and you can send me something at a later date? I still have so much tea to go through that you sent last time. :)

Invader Zim

Ok, sounds good!

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212 tasting notes

We love chai so we had to give this one a go. I think this is a pretty good chai, but more complex than I can do justice to.

Chocolate and cardamom are the most prominent flavors for me. Ginger and vanilla play a subtle back up role. There is a caramel like sweetness that adds to the chocolate. It’s definitely malty and smooth with a full body. You know it feels wetter than normal. ha, how silly, perhaps juicy is a better descriptor.

I know there is saffron in here but as I’m unfamiliar with it, I don’t understand exactly what it is adding here. Look now we have another ingredient to brew on it’s own for personal understanding. It can be the yellow cup of death. :D

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

such a great yellow colour too.. perhaps the cup of pestilence? haha


Saffron has a distinct flavor which can be honey spice-like, aromatic and also warming. Only a little bit is used because this is a very expensive spice and too much would be bitter.


Want this baaaack lol sounds so tasty…

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2219 tasting notes

It was nice knowing you, tea! Delicious as always. Really light, but so flavourful with a really nice balance of spices. A little numbing on the tongue, but oh so comforting.




Bleh to you too! (Apparently I am 12.)

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123 tasting notes

Ok, sadly I don’t have a lot of time to do a good review for this or a lot of other teas sadly. I need to start backlogging and just taking quick notes.

Anyway, I just want to say for know that this tea is AWESOME. I feel like I am drinking chocolaty flowers. It is good warm or cold. Warm is more tea-like in the flavor, if that makes sense. When it cools it is creamy floral chocolate with caramel. This is also a very soft chai, so anyone afraid of spice should not be worried. The spices are delicate and add a nice back drop to the flavor. I can’t wait to do a nice long tasting with this one.

Steep: 4-5? and added 30sec each time.
Water: 16oz each steep
Leaf: about 4 teaspoons
Sweetener: less then half a table spoon per mug
Pot: Glass with brew basket

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

Chocolaty flowers?! Interesting. I’ll have to think about that when I drink some again.


Hope you try this with some milk and honey…my favorite way to have this tea.


I have been reading that. I do always put a little bit of agave in it, but I haven’t tried milk yet. I will have to try that the next time I make this.

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254 tasting notes

My wonderful husband made me a cup of this before he left for work, so I’m not entirely sure how he prepared it. Based on the somewhat thin flavor, I think he may have only used half the suggested dry leaves on accident, so I’m going to wait to rate and post more about it until I’ve had a chance to steep it up myself. But, shhh… we won’t tell him that!

Terri HarpLady

They always mean well :)

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757 tasting notes

Wow this is one deliciously beautiful tea!! It did brew up a lot weaker than I was expecting, but the taste is stronger than I was expecting from something that pale. I mostly get cardamon, and not really chocolate. I used the whole packet from Incendiare, but maybe this tea requires a larger amount since the leaves are so big and long??

It’s tasty, but not really what I think of when I hear chocolate chai.


I gave enough for one serving, and that is how it tastes to me too. I intentionally overleafed one time just to see what would happen and the cardamom was just amped up even more. No chocolate to be expected here.


That’s good then, as I might have overleafed were there more in the baggie. It was tasty enough, but the description led me to believe I would get a much more complex and rich taste, and I didn’t get that. I may re-adjust the rating a little higher, but I think it is a little more hype that what I got.


Yeah, this is basically just a cardamom marigold tea, not what I’d really call a (masala) chai. I’m going to have to experiment and mix it with others. As much as I love cardamom, you’re right, it’s not complex and rich enough.


What’s the name of the place in Edmonton? I might force DH to go there and get a chai on my behalf. :P

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1060 tasting notes

I really like this chai. It is spicy and smooth. The vanilla notes are amazing. All of the spices work incredibly well together. There is no particular spice that dominates the rest. So good.

There were two things that threw me for a loop. First, I couldn’t taste the chocolate. I could see the chocolate pieces in the dry tea, but once it was brewed it was like they never existed. Second, this tea has a strong honey flavor to me. I quickly looked at the other reviews of this tea, and I don’t see notes about a honey taste elsewhere. Now don’t get me wrong I really like this chai and will happily finish off the rest of my tin. I just wish I knew what my taste buds were up to.

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300 tasting notes

Ooo interesting. This is chocolate and chai in a very different way than I have experienced from Verdant, the natural notes usually coming from Laoshan Black, Big Red Robe or Zhu Rong Black. This is a very complex and unique. It’s stoney and savory, fruity and honey sweet and that’s not to mention the spice and cocoa which are lovely and present but my mind or perhaps my tongue is interesting in picking out the Dan Cong notes dancing around. Very nice, going to do one or two more hot infusions before cold brewing the leaves as I just picked up a sample size. It tastes like there is already milk in here, probably the vanilla, so I’m not going to do any additives. Really glad I got to try this. Well done Verdant!

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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1813 tasting notes

This one’s interesting. It brews to a pale golden brown, even when left for four or so minutes. I can see things I like in the dry mix, though — cardamom, pepper, fennel seed. There’s not a lot of tea leaves as far as I can see — it’s mostly marigold petals. I’ve never had an oolong chai before, so it’s a first for me.

Despite my reservations, I like the taste. It’s very pale in colour, maybe a touch on the weak side, but I can taste the spices, and it’s got a certain creamy edge to it. There’s a hint of pepper, a lot of cardamom, something gingery, vanilla (hence the creaminess, I assume?). I can taste chocolate, but it’s not particularly strong. It just contributes a cocoa note in the aftertaste and a sweetness to the overall flavour, and reminds me of hot chocolate more than anything.The base tea contributes a vaguely grapey taste, with a slight raisin note. It’s sweet, and contrasts well with the other flavours — certainly unique!

Not my favourite chai, but interesting to have tried. Thanks to Queen of Tarts for the sample!

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

If you’ve not read the notes on this one, most people like it brewed a long time and then add honey like a traditional chai. I have some blends (not this one) that have suggested steep times of 9 minutes! I finally preferred steeping this in milk with honey for the grandkids.

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