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Bergamot, Citrus, Jasmine, Butter, Earth, Floral, Goji, Vegetal, Green, Sweet
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  • “I’ve been waiting for this tea to arrive, so curious about the use of Frankincense in tea. It is curious also that my new blog (soon) is called tea and incense and that the incense I use at home is...” Read full tasting note
  • “Sipdown! I’ve done quite a few of those this week :D anyways, I thought I could sip this one away because today it has been reblended, so if I get a strong desire for it, I can order more before it...” Read full tasting note
  • “Having the cold steep from last night. It is a good mix of citrus and floral, yet smooth. The Frankincense I think is what is making it smooth. It sometimes can toast a little soapy but I did brew...” Read full tasting note
  • “Thought I’d try a couple new teas tonight. I may regret this, as it’s “lights out” in like 11 minutes… Anyways! This was one of the lucky winners. I’ve been super curious, so into the infuser it...” Read full tasting note

From Verdant Tea

A unique Earl Grey made with Tieguanyin and laced with saffron and frankincense. . . .
Traditional Earl Grey is a classic, great for every season, but we have always thought that bergamot is such a bright flavor. What if the brightness of Bergamot could be balanced and tempered by darker woodier notes for a tea that could be both comforting and uplifting for the winter months? This was our goal in blending the Earl of Anxi.

We start not with a black tea, but with our famous Hand-Picked Tieguanyin to give the bergamot a cleaner base to integrate with, and reinforce the floral citrus notes. We draw out the citrus sweetness with a uniquely creamy and rich orange peel, and crystallize the florals into a prominent position with jasmine blossoms.

To create the darker more comforting brew we are looking for, we add a creamy, savory base with generous use of Spanish saffron threads. We deepen the sweetness with the caramel fruit notes of goji berries, and to bring it all together we employ the resinous woody notes of pure wild-crafted frankincense sap. This acts as an intriguing base that unifies all the flavor elements and evokes a mountain temple with incense wafting through the air.

Taken together, these ingredients yield a tea that is sweet and creamy, cleansing, and at the same time warming and vaguely intimate because of the saffron and frankincense. Brew up a big pot as a cold-weather companion that evokes the warmth of summer.

Ingredients: Summer Harvest Tieguanyin, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Jasmine, Wildcrafted Frankincense Resin, Organic Goji Berry, Organic Saffron

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76 Tasting Notes

250 tasting notes

IT HAS ARRIVED! Yesterday, my university mailroom sent a notice that this package had been processed…three minutes before they closed, and I was 10 minutes away. Regardless, I managed to reign in my not insignificant ammount of rage, and calmly waited until they opened this morning. After getting back to my dorm, I opend the bag, and was nearly overwhelemd by the strength of the aroma. The citrus and spice overwhelms everything, and I had to take a moment as I wasn’t quite prepared for such a strong aroma.

After I got over the initial smell, I put some in my brew basket, and fired up the electric heater to test the flavor. I followed the directions on the Verdatn Tea website, and used near-boiling water and let it sit for 2 minutes. The resulting tea smells like a fine cup of Tieguanyin, but with subtle fruit and spice notes that lurk beneath the surface. Contrary to the dry aroma, the taste of the tea is smooth and refined, the flavors of the orange peels and the goji berries working together in harmony to accent the tieguanyin, but not to smother it. The delicate green oolong taste still controls the foretaste, and it fades away while allowing the other flavors like orange, berry, and jasmine to take over during the trasnition to the aftertaste. This is certainly a tea with hidden depths, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

Second cup, same preparation as the first. The frankincense has started to develop. I know it’s the frankincense, since it reminds me of my great grandmoster, who used to have it in her home, and who smelled like it after she came back from church. It’s really taking me back to my childhood, and is truly an interesting experience. Another interesting thing is that the orange flavor has subsided a bit, but the goji berry is still fairly strong. Teh jasmine seems to have subsided for now, but the saffron shines through during the aftertaste, which results in a pleasant and flavorful finish. After this cup, I can’t wait to see what else this tea has to offer.

Third cup, four minutes. The frankincense is really, really strong now in both the aroma and the flavor of the tea. There are still otehr flavors, mostly the orange peel and the saffron, lingereing yet not strong enough to really shine amidst the frankincense, but I’m not really complaining. This tea has undergone such interesting transformations, and I suspect that it will continue to do so for a long while yet.

Forth cup, two minutes. The tea is actually pretty cloudy. It’s like a fine Japanese green tea, but the color is wrong. I suspect that this is because the frankincense is really starting to disolve into the tea, since that is still the dominant aroma and flavor. Unfortunately, stuff has come up, and I can’t take the tea with me, so I have to cut this one short. I’ll try to get another cup or two in before I go to bed.

…Well, real life decided to crash with me tonight (figuratively, not literally), so I’m not going to be able to taste more of this tea today. Sorry about that…

Music of the DayPrelude (oud) dir. Jordi Savall

Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FBlA_iGZu4

This is from another album that I bought (I really, really, REALLY can’t resist historically-informed performances), which is another book/CD combo. It’s a lovely album, full of music with rich histories, and the book has lovely essays on the history of Jerusalem.


I’m interested in how you like the tea at about the 3rd steeping when the incense really kicks in.


Nice! Thanks for providing the link!

Joshua Smith

Bonnie – I actually can’t wait for that either. You made it sound so good, that I’m really excited to taste it.

ashmanra – You’re welcome! This particular album is pretty easy to find on youtube, unlikke the other two I have. You also might like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YHM7sD-3-w


My kind of music! Great with this tea. http://youtu.be/gGg6wta1qWA (this is about an hour long run of background Arabic music (Dance ASHMANRA).

Joshua Smith

So far, it sounds very nice. I don’t have time for another cup, so I’ll sit and listen to this for a while before going to my last class of the week. Thanks for the link!


Lol! I will! And Sam puppy will probably dance with me!


Sorry about whatever crashed in life…from my long years I know there are these times and they come and then they go. I hope this is swiftly over then good for you again. You described the tea well.

Joshua Smith

Thanks Bonnie! A friend of mine has been having medical problems this semester, and she ended up in the hospital again…hopefully this is the last time, she’s already missed more than a week’s worth of classes.


Thanks for the update. Prayers for your friend! She’s fortunate to have you!

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1708 tasting notes

I survived Black Friday. First time ever participating in the event. I got some stuff at BBW and the Bay, and got a free gift from Rocky Mountain soap company. I walked into Teavana and was there for all of five seconds before walking out, and neeearly bought the last tin of Sloane’s Peaches and Cream at Chapter’s but then realized I probably wouldn’t like it despite the $3.75 price tag (yes, you read that right. I’m strong-willed).


Despite the fact I have a final presentation that I haven’t even started preparing for yet, since I feel like I’m getting sick again (oh great…), I thought I’d try my sample of this I ordered back in August and put off the schoolwork even more.

Frankincense! That’s crazy talk. This actually smelled very peppery when I opened the packet. And I’m afraid of the jasmine but this will nevertheless be an experience.

This kind of tastes like freshly cracked black pepper. I haven’t had a steak in fifteen years, but I swear this tastes like a mix of black peppery seasoning that you’d slap on a steak that just had its arse BBQ’d off. Or like black pepper-encrusted beef jerky. I think you get my point. And that’s not really a bad thing.

Perhaps the frankincense is giving off that smokey vibe. Not smokey at all like a lapsang, and not earthy like a pu-erh either. For once in its life, the jasmine has decided to pipe down. Usually it won’t shut up. This is an interesting tea, alright.

The golden liquor is most likely due to the saffron but unfortunately, I don’t get any saffron. But considering all the notes it’s competing with, you really can’t expect to detect it.

I better get to my work because I’m getting Earl of Anxious here.


Ha ha. I always think of this one as Earl of Anxiety!


I love this tea!


i can send you a sachet or two of the peaches and cream later


This tea fascinates me. I don’t drink it often, but it’s a tea to be savoured. Just be careful you get all the melted frankincense resin off your strainer!

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409 tasting notes

I ended up unexpectedly out in the cold today (free outdoor Aerosmith concert less than a mile from my apartment, on a day I took off from work? Ok!) so needed a real warm-up tea by the time I got back. Fortunately my Verdant winter order has been patiently waiting for me to have time for it.

This is delicious. Quite fruity, from the goji and bergamot, but also very creamy in taste and texture, and the Tieguanyin really ties it all together. I wouldn’t present it to anyone as an earl grey; the bergamot is there, but it’s one note among many. I don’t know exactly what frankincense tastes like, but this blend definitely achieves it’s goal:a bright tea with bergamot that it also uplifting, comforting, and warming.

190 °F / 87 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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1779 tasting notes

Ok – time to be brave today and try this tea! The little bear is distracted with Sesame Street and a ham wrap so I should be able to give this tea the focus it deserves!

First sip is… pepper! Then light oolong notes paired with jasmine floating in the background, followed by what I assume to be the frankincense and saffron. (I haven’t had them before so can’t tell what’s what). Aside from the strong pepper notes, I’m also getting the creaminess that’s sorta soothing.

I can get behind this tea! It makes me feel alert, yet relaxed; warm and comfortable. I don’t think this would be a ‘must-stock’ as there are other Verdant blends I enjoy more but it’d be interesting to try again in the future.

I’m looking forward to see how the flavours change with the next steep (or two?)

I love how we all can drink the same tea and get different things from it. Reading everyone else’s reviews shows me that I’m the only one who was hit by the strong peppery notes!


Careful with your brewing basket. The frankincense resin melts and can be difficult to get off. Stainless baskets are better than Finum plastic baskets… (I love this tea!)


Thanks for the heads up!


I just opened my new package. It smells different from the old stuff CrowKettle gave me! I understand how you get peppery notes. :)


“It makes me feel alert, yet relaxed; warm and comfortable.” Totally agree!


I just realized we’ve got 4 Verdant tasting notes in a row (on my feed at least!) Glad to see I’m not the only one craving them today.

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122 tasting notes

I was excited to try this tea after discovering how much I like Tieguanyin. What a curious blend! It’s very colorful and right on top I had a little chunk of sap. I’ve never had tea with sap before, this will be interesting.

Woah. This ish is intense. In such a good way. It’s like David (I’m just assuming he made this, I’m sorry if I’m offending the tea-maker or tea-team) got to the heart of the Tieguanyin and then brought out all the flavors with this blend. It all works, even though on paper it seems like it might not.

This is a complex and delicious tea. I’m looking forward to the resteep as most of the leaves have not opened yet. Could this get even better? Anything is possible!

The tea looks different now — the orange peel has plumped up and looks brighter, the leaves are expanding, and the sap has turned white and is melting all over everything. The smell is slightly different, too.

YUM. It does get even better. I don’t have the words to properly describe this tea. I wish I had more linguistic talent! Some of you Steepster…ers are so poetic!

Overall, this is another amazing blend from Verdant. I highly recommend it to everyone. That’s something (out of many things) that I love about Verdant. They offer those little sizes so you can get adventurous and try new stuff. If you don’t like it, no big deal. You aren’t stuck with an ounce or two to pawn off or left to molder. I’ll enjoy the rest of my sample soon — no need to let this one go!

I don’t know who I am — a blend person or a straight tea person. I’ll try one of Verdant’s wonderful teas and nod assuredly to myself, “Ah yes, I do not need blended nonsense. I’m a straight tea drinker.”

Then I’ll try a blend, like Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity, and realize that blends are amazing and a good blend really enhances the tea I love. I guess I just like tea, guys.


Great review, so candid!
Tea’s not too bad of a thing to like either! (`v`*)

High Adventure

Thank you! :)

Lily Duckler

Definitely passing your compliments on to David!! So glad you enjoyed :D

You were right- the blends are all his, and all of them have the goal of showing off something new about the traditional tea base (rather than covering them up). He once described it as helping dress Cinderella up in her gown and glass shoes for the ball. She was always the most beautiful person (both inside and out)- she didn’t need the dress for the prince to fall in love, but the finery and framing helped everyone see what they might have otherwise overlooked.


This sounds interesting. I don’t know about the sap part. I hate gin because to me it tastes like what sap smells. I’ve never tasted sap but I smelt it. As for your “linguistic talent” we’ll, you’re doing pretty good. I you didn’t have it, we’ll, you wouldn’t have said “linguistic talent” to begin with


The resin is worth reading about…it takes several healing oozes for the precious flavorful, healthful and fragrant frankincense that is so treasured to be produced and collected. It was after some conversations about the incense photo for my blog that David had this brilliant idea for Earl of Anxi. The way the incense melds with the tea is unique. Love!

High Adventure

You’re right, Bonnie — it is absolutely unique! I love it. That’s so cool that you inspired a tea!


No I didn’t, conversation did. Could have been anyone. I see you live in the Bay Area. SF BAY? I moved to Colorado from there. Grew up in San Jose but lived last in Morgan Hill and Saratoga (long story).

High Adventure

Yes, SF bay! I got my special education credential in San Jose — I live less than an hour north. It’s a wonderful area, but may be getting too expensive for my boyfriend and I to live here any more. Do you like where you are at now?

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300 tasting notes

I finally got this tea on Saturday but was very tired that evening and yesterday was spent at the movie theater, literally all day: Lord of the Ring Trilogy Marathon(extended edition). The first thing I noticed about this tea was the oolong not the spices. What an amazing harvest of tieguanyin, I can’t wait to brew it on its own! So smooth and rich a creamy and so well supported by the other notes, that are starting to take on more and more of an exotic quality as I sip and inhale. Soon I notice a feeling building up in my chest, cool at first, then heavy, it feels a bit hard to breath. Hmm drinking frankincense might not be the best thing for me. Still I resteep a couple more times until I am too tired. It is truly sumptuous and I am very grateful for the unique experience. However I can’t tell if the physical effect is normal or perhaps an allergic reaction, I do have so many sensitivities. For that reason it will not be keeping it on hand but I do recommend trying a sample, its worth experiencing.

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921 tasting notes

I have a sad confession, I have been staring at my computer screen for about five minutes with writer’s block. I am not blocked with writing about tea, I just cannot think of a good introduction to today’s blog. So just imagine I said something amazingly witty or incredibly geeky and I shall carry on with today’s tea!

Earl of Anxi by Verdant Tea is a blend made from Autumn Harvest Tieguanyin, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Jasmine, Wildcrafted Frankincense Resin, Organic Goji Berry, and Organic Saffron. When I read the list of ingredients my mind did this little freak-out and fizzled a bit…that is a crazy decadent tea that blends some of my favorite things! Tieguanyin (or Tie Kuan Yin) is probably my favorite Oolong, Frankincense is one of my favorite aromas, and saffron is one of my favorite flavors, consider my mind blown. The aroma is very sweet, mixing notes of honey, cherries, oranges, and the tangy sweet aroma of Goji berries. There are also notes of orchid and jasmine with a hint of frankincense as I pull it away. The blending of aromas is awe inspiring, I want to ingest it and wear it as a luxurious perfume. I feel myself being transported to an exotic garden on the Silk Road.

I have become a bit bouncy with excitement as I steep this tea. The steeped tea leaves are richly heady mixing the jasmine and orchid aromas from the Oolong. There are notes of chestnut, saffron, and the resinous aroma of frankincense. Lastly is a hint of orange that sneaks in at the end. The liquid’s aroma is intense, mostly notes of chestnut, saffron, frankincense, and orchid.

This tea is deliciously sweet, mixing honey sweetness and fruity sweetness. Orange notes are present and it blends wonderfully with the Tieguanyin, complimenting the orchid flavors of the oolong. There are midtastes of jasmine and goji berries, and it finishes with the resinous and slightly earthy taste of frankincense. Throughout the entire sipping experience is a gentle undertone of saffron which gives the tea a very exotic tone. As the tea cools it becomes a bit more chestnutty. With this steep all of the flavors blend together perfectly, no one flavor dominates, it is very much like an elegant dance of flavors in my mouth.

I was lucky to get a second steep out of this tea, but I was so enthralled with the tea I forgot to take a picture of it, tragic. The aroma is more orchid and chestnut, more ‘oolong’ and less other ingredients. The aroma does not lie, tasting this tea I notice that the Tieguanyin takes center stage. The taste is very mild with gentle notes of oranges and goji berries with just a tiny hint of jasmine. There is a slight mineral aftertaste that adds a delicious finish to the experience. As the tea cools it takes on a lemony quality. I have a hard time calling this tea an Earl or an Oolong, it transcends both and is simply an experience. This tea is exquisite, I could not drink it all the time because even though it is delicate, the flavors are so intense that I feel I would be overwhelmed and sent into a state of transcended reality. I have a special relationship with oolongs. I actually do not recommend drinking this tea with food or anything that would distract you from the experience of drinking it, and I certainly don’t say that very often.

For photos and blog: http://ramblingbutterflythoughts.blogspot.com/2013/11/verdant-tea-earl-of-anxi-tea-review.html


Lovely review!
And no worries about writer’s block, «So just imagine I said something amazingly witty or incredibly geeky and I shall carry on with today’s tea!» totally did it for me :-)


Hehe, yay! I am glad it worked :) Thank you!

Lily Duckler

Loved this review! Thank you for sharing it originally via twitter – I would have missed it in the feed, otherwise. This has to be my favorite part, though XD :

“This tea is exquisite, I could not drink it all the time because… I would be overwhelmed and sent into a state of transcended reality.”

Wow- THNAK you!! Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review, and for sharing your kind words with all of us.


I am grinning from ear to ear, I am so glad you enjoyed the review!! Thank you so much :)

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612 tasting notes

This is so buttery! It’s like drinking melted butter, with the slightest saltiness too (not unpleasant!). It’s also got that dry woody aspect I love and tend to associate with darjeelings, yum. The jasmine is mostly in the aroma with some at the end of the sip. This is very light on the bergamot; if you’re expecting your standard Earl here (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) you’ll be disappointed or confused. It’s more like the Earl Grey profile is one aspect woven into an entirely unique tea fashioned of many components—nods to jasmine tea, the tieguanyin base giving it a seasonal, woodsy aspect, heady smells of saffron and frankincense that make me think of the Middle East and going into shops with Middle Eastern goods as well as church services for special holidays (I was raised very old school ritualistic Catholic). But I think if you’re already into Verdant probably you recognize the uniqueness and innovation of what they’re doing most of the time, so it won’t throw you for a loop unpleasantly if you go in with an open mind. Even as a lover of those straightforward Earls chock full o’ bergamot (one of my favoritest smells ever for sure) I really like and admire this. I’m impressed how smooth and buttery it manages to stay despite all the other elements including the woodiness and incense; everything is in beautiful balance and interplay here. It’s like watching a framed piece of art as puzzle where the components keep moving, some to the fore and some stepping back as relief, where the vague overall picture is always discernible but its pieces keep swimming around shifting your attention to different details. That might sound too busy or stressful to enjoy, but the smooth comforting aspects keep any potential clangor in check.

This is my mid-day break during a harried work day and it’s ideally suited for the purpose—satisfying, comforting, pretty, all those pleasant aspects, but also with elements mysterious and unusual (dare I say exotic) enough to snap me into a different kind of awareness.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I’m Eastern Orthodox and if you look at my blog you will see my home censor with this incense in it. (I took the picture on my bed) David and I had talked about incense before he created this tea and I’m so glad that he used really good resin incense that has healing properties. If you read about frankincense, people still use it for medicinal purposes.
I love how it makes me calm.
The resin gets stronger as it melts with more steeping, so it is exotic and will probably remind you of your earlier days and holidays as you said. I hope your memories are joyful. Tea is wonderful for healing.


At the risk of sounding like one of those annoying clueless cultural tourists, as an outsider I’ve always been really moved by Eastern Orthodox tradition Bonnie. I think the rituals are beautiful and not too unlike what I grew up with, so yeah. I can definitely see how the incense would affect one physically and emotionally—I was surprised at how much this tea break affected my mood. I felt like rubble in my mind had been cleared away and replaced with a sense of tranquility and focused thought. Wonderful, powerful stuff. And thank you for wishing well of my trip down memory lane—it was indeed joyful and touching. What a kind person you are. The picture of your censor is beautiful; everything looks so sumptuous and inviting!

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1184 tasting notes

Thank you Lala for this tea!!
I used 1Tblsp for this cuppa.
This reminds me of Earl Grey Oolong by DAVIDsTEA but this is much higher quality and taste. It is buttery oolong foremost with citrus that isn’t quite earl grey because of the fruitiness from the goji berries. Floral notes hide in the background and slowly make their way forward.
I have no idea what saffron or frankincense tastes like so I can’t really comment on them.
I resteeped for 3 minutes and I found it tastes pretty much the same with a little more floral coming out.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Happy to hear that you liked it!

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2391 tasting notes

Backlog from Christmas Eve:
The perfect Christmas Eve tea! Frankincense! And Verdant! Verdant teas are for special times. (And Verdant’s picture just looks very Christmasy!) I’m sipping this while reading the last pages of Bronte’s ‘Shirley’. The list of ingredients here is very special – Verdant puts so much thought into their blends. First of all, it’s an Earl Grey oolong. I don’t think I’ve tried one of those before! This looks to be half oolong and the other half is the other ingredients. I used closer to two teaspoons though Verdant says five grams.. which I think is one teaspoon?

Steep #1 // 2 1/2 min //10-15 min after boiling
(Verdant suggests 194 degrees for two minutes.)
The fragrance before I even taste is very lemony! Tasting it… just lovely stuff. I can’t say I notice a frankincense or saffron flavor. But the bergamot and oolong is a perfect pair. I’m not sure why they aren’t together more. It’s just bright, fresh, lemony. Would I think this was a holiday tea? Not really. It’s very sunny – but that’s what you need in the winter anyway (Tell me about it – I swear the sun hasn’t been out for a minute in weeks.) This might be the tea I need in the depths of winter.

Steep #2 // a few minutes after boiling // 3 min
This one is much more like a typical oolong, but it’s still bright, orange, bergamot. The other flavors aren’t noticeable… even less so in the second cup. But it’s a very enjoyable bergamot oolong! Very well done. So fresh and sunny! I’d love to try more of Verdant’s bergamot teas.


I love this…here’s the deal about the incense though. Because the incense used true natural resin which melts (or releases) as it warms. I can smell it.
I took some to my Priest Fr. Evan (we drink Puer together too) and said “Tell me what this tea is?” Right away he said, “I smell Frankincense!” He surprised me…pretty good nose there.
As you resteep the tea, the frankincense will release more flavor and aroma…but you do have to let the steep go longer. (You can pick out the hard almost clear ‘stones’ of frankincense if you want to look at them).


It was awesome he could tell right away since it’s such an odd ingredient to have in tea!

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