Vanilla Citrus Spice

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Black Fruit Blend
Black Tea, Cinnamon, Coriander, Dandelion Root, Ginger, Orange Peel, Vanilla Bean
Bitter, Cinnamon, Orange Zest, Smoke, Spices, Cardamon, Cocoa, Vanilla, Orange, Sweet, Baked Bread, Molasses, Nutmeg, Raisins, Citrus, Spicy, Butter, Coriander, Chocolate, Citrus Zest, Leather, Pepper, Ginger
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From Verdant Tea

“Our take on the classic black tea citrus and spice pairing with rich creamy vanilla…”

Yunnan black tea at its best has the most exquisite citrus and spice flavors to it. A good Dian Hong is cinnamon sweet with orange aftertaste. We decided that we would take this most beloved flavor pairing and bring out to the forefront through a satisfying blend that is beautiful hot and iced.

We start with Zhu Rong Yunnan Black, a spicy and full bodied tea with notes of sweet potato and cayenne. Next we bring out the citrus with orange peel, and draw out spice with ginger, cinnamon, and coriander. Finally, we emphasize the sweetness of the tea with generous whole vanilla bean and toasted dandelion root, creating a creamy and full bodied blend.

Ingredients: Zhu Rong Yunnan Black, organic orange peel, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic coriander, organic vanilla bean and pods, organic toasted dandelion root.

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108 Tasting Notes

1113 tasting notes

This is an excellent tea for Fall! Makes me think of spiced sweet potatoes, warm cider…stuff like that :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I wonder where I went wrong with this one.


Everyone’s taste buds are a little different…

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206 tasting notes

I have to say this was just not my cup of tea:/ I was very excited for this, but I couldn’t finish it. And thats saying something. I think this is where I ran into my problem with the Ginger Spa Blend from Verdant as well. The strength of the ginger and coriander was way too overpowering for me. It smelled nice, and if you can tolerate the sweet and spice this would probably be a fantastic tea. I just wish I had the taste buds for it :/ :/


Oh, that’s too bad. This is actually one of the teas on my to-try list. Do you feel it was too strong?

BrewTEAlly Sweet

ya for me it was too much:/


Maybe I will like it…I dig the ginger spa…I’ll try it tomorrow maybe. Or the sweet cinnamon pu. Can’t decide! :D


Sounds like it might be up my alley, too—I like my teas super strong.


I feel you haha
I’m not a huge fan of teas that are super sweet or spicy and I’ve tried a couple of verdants teas and they’ve been amazing and I’ve tried others and I haven’t been able to finish it :/


Wiicked- I think it’s because verdant doesn’t use “flavorings” just spices and real stuff!


Yea but I can’t stand the taste of flavourings either which is why I was suprised

BrewTEAlly Sweet

thats what i love about verdant. the natural(ness). I just for some reason cannot stomach the spicy teas:/ and ginger teas. :/:/ I love strong teas, just not spicy or ginger(y) apparently…


I love the fact that their natural teas with no candy or flavourings
I just can’t handle too much ginger

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1060 tasting notes

Received my Verdant order and had to give this one a try. After reading so many tasting notes on it I was excited to finally have it in my cup!

Since I’ve been reading so many tasting notes I was able to skip the guess work and just follow Sil’s instructions. I used 1 tablespoon of leaves letting them steep for six minutes. The results were lovely. Lots of vanilla and citrus flavors. I’m not sure if the cake-y bread-y flavor is from the Yunnan or one of the other ingredients, but it works and it works well. This one’s a winner.

This has been in my cup for most of the day. It’s such a wonderful tea, and the fact that it resteeps so beautifully is just icing on the cake!

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871 tasting notes

I am glad I got a chance to grab some of this before it was out of stock.

The dry tea smells very much like a chai. My first cup, I only used 1 tsp as that is my normal, even though the Verdant site recommends 1 TBSP. It was quite thin and watery. Not a whole lot of taste. So the second cup I added another tsp ontop of the prev steeped leaves and steeped again. It was better this time but still not as strong as I had expected. It tastes similar to a chai, but not as spicey. There is definitely a vanilla taste. There is a slight citrus/orange peel taste but there is more of an orange smell than there is a taste. The black tea tastes malty and spicey, but not overly spicey, just enough to give it some warmth. There is a bit of a cinnamon bark flavour at the end of the sip. I feel like the aftertaste is a bit astringent, but that could be the way I brewed it. Next time I am going to try a longer brew to see if that makes the tastes pop a bit more.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Oh darn, it’s out of stock now? I REALLY like it a lot! I don’t think I wrote a tasting note yet though. I’m falling behind with that again. Dx

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1779 tasting notes

I thought I would make this up as a reward – I just got my first interview scheduled! Woo! (It’d been about 2 weeks since I started applying, and I was starting to wonder if I wasn’t going to be shortlisted anywhere – maybe I had a typo or something? IDK. So, phew!) It’s a company that does 3D printing so I’m really excited about that, but when the recruiter asked me about my salary expectation I gave her a number that was too low.

I hate being on the spot like that.

So now, if the interview goes well, I’ll have to try and negotiate. (stupidstupidstupid)

At least I’ll know what value to give the next interviewer if this doesn’t work out?

Anyway… this tea is supposed to make me feel better and focus on the good parts! This might all work out! And I might just magically arrange daycare in time for me to start a job etc.

It’s not working. Time to go unpack more boxes and fidget anxiously.
And listen to NIGHT VALE. (best podcast ever you guys, why aren’t you listening to it?


Ugh. I hate it when you’re asked about salary expectation. I’ve always found that I have two conflicting answers in my head: “Please hire me and pay me whatever you want. I am desperate and need a job yesterday.” and “Well, I didn’t go to school for nothing, you know. And my mom thinks I’m worth it. In fact, I’m pretty decent stuff, come to think of it. Yeah, I do deserve a decent salary, don’t I?” and it’s like, what do you ever say to that question? Anyway, glad you got an interview!


Yay, interview! I would recommend writing down different expectations for different jobs and keeping the list nearby so you can refer to it. Another thing is you can say that you also expected 3 or 4 weeks vacation, or extra sick/child care days, or whatever extra benefits that would boost the salary in a more hidden way.


Keychange – that’s it exactly!

And a lot of admin jobs I found that actually listed salaries were way down in the $10-12 range, so I didn’t want to say something that was double or whatever. But I probably went too low if I want to make a decent wage AND pay daycare. And I am worth it? IDK. I have a lot of experience doing office manager sorta things, shipping/receiving, customer support etc. I’m not just someone who can answer phones.

And OMGsrsly – thanks! That’s a good suggestion! I never think about that sort of thing. Part of the confusion was my last job paid me an extra 5% that I could use towards RRSP’s (but they paid it as cash so I could spend it too) and that inflated it quite a bit! And I forgot to calculate that in.


oh man! A friend is trying to get me hooked on Night Vale. You just reminded me that I should download them.


Yes! Do it! It really gets great! :)

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1184 tasting notes

Quick note to self: pay attention next time you drink this!
I drank this yesterday but had one of those gulp-the-tea don’t get to sit down for a minute kind of days!

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635 tasting notes

Sipdown #52

The dry leaf aroma is citrus spice all right. The brewed tea aroma is heavenly and enticing! I haven’t tried Zhu Rong straight yet, so it’s a little difficult for me to distinguish the flavorings from the base. It’s one great melding of flavors to me. The coriander in this is an interesting twist. It’s spicy and noticeable and yet very well blended into the mix of flavors. I really love this!

The first cup disappeared in record time, so I immediately made a second infusion for 5 minutes. While it was steeping, I Googled coriander seeds. It turns out that they’re the same thing as cilantro! Who knew?! I absolutely detest cilantro, but I like coriander. Strange, right? Am I the only one who finds that weird?

Anyway, the second cup is still tasty. This is a very nice, intriguing blend. The only thing I’m missing is the vanilla. If it’s in here, it’s very light. I prefer vanilla teas to be in-my-face strongly vanilla. This is heavier on the citrus and spice and reminds me of a nice calming herbal blend. It is quite a relaxing cuppa.

I steeped a third cup for 8 minutes; it was less spice and more citrusy tea. I suppose that’s to be expected. That first cup was magic though, and now I’m wishing I had a lot more! I MUST resist the urge to pick up more. Why do Verdant teas have to be so darn good? *Sigh. Someday.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

Mmm, you’re making me feel better about ordering some of this. The mixed reviews had me going back and forth.


I don’t know why this tea has so few reviews, and so few glowing ones at that. I think it’s magnificent!

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749 tasting notes

My Verdant order was waiting for me after I got off work today. Yes!

This I added into the pre-order after the fact, when I saw it was finally back in stock. I wish I had ordered more. It is so tasty, in a way unlike any other tea.

It’s light, yet not light, and so creamy and cake-like, yet not completely cake-like. What an awful description. The black base is so perfectly balanced with the herbal aspects. Nothing is overwhelming or underwhelming. Truly a perfect balance. I could drink this constantly I think.

I’m resteeping now. Oh yes, and it’s comforting. Ahh comforting teas are the best after long, somewhat frustrating days in an office.

[1st steep 1.5 tsp @ boiling, 4 minutes \\ resteep @ boiling 6-7 minutes]

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251 tasting notes

Dry: A beautiful tea blend by Verdant. This would not look amiss sitting out in a decorative bowl with its long and luscious tea leaves, orange peel bits, coriander, vanilla bean pieces, and other lovely ingredients. It smells spicy, sweet, and citrusy- very potent from the bag. My husband could smell it several feet away when I was preparing the infuser.

Steeped: Clear golden brown liquor. The fragrance wafting from the teacup is nothing short of potent between the spices, citrus, and a nice tea base as well. If you like flavored teas with only a tiny touch of non-tea flavors, then this is not for you. The name for this tea perfectly describes the lovely aroma around my kitchen right now. :)

Taste: This tea has a nice AM kick! Sparkling orange meets cinnamon and coriander zest. I swear there is even a tiny touch of cayenne to the flavor, though that might be the Zhu Rong peeking out between the layers of actual spices and vanilla. After the initial wake-up sip, it mellows out and the creamy vanilla and sweet potato-y flavors appear blended in with the other notes. This is complex and lovely (as I’ve come to expect from Verdant) and has an almost bakery quality. I feel certain it would make an interesting iced tea as well once it warms up outside. I am enjoying this experience quite a bit!

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Yes, spicy is good in the morning!

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142 tasting notes

Blerg. I hate it when I’m out of step with the other reviews. And I was super excited about this blend. I’m just not getting…wait, wait, wait. Whoa. Let it cool. While it’s generally true my teas taste better when I’m patient and let them cool a bit, this is rather dramatic. Oh my goodness, the tea-leaf base notes, spices, and brightness, and warmth…It’s the grown up version of Constant Comment (to return to my supermarket guide to teas). Yes. Yes, I will buy this again. I will drink it hot in the winter and ice it in the summer. I will require all my friends to ‘just try it’.

And with that, I guess I’ve finished my 50th tasting note since joining Steepster on…January 16th (writing this on January 31). * drops the mic * * twitches a little * * googles ‘tea rehab’ *


hahaha nice mic drop ;)




haha Yay!

Terri HarpLady

hehehe, glad you’re here! Congrats on that milestone!
As a member in real life of an actual 12 step group, I can attest in truth that this is the most relapsing group of addicts I’ve ever known! The good news is, we don’t lose our families, our jobs, our homes, etc over tea (that I know of). You fit right in!


Well thanks to all for being so welcoming! Already learning lot from this crowd.


Haha! Tea rehab is a place where you might find some of us… Or should I say many of us? All of us???

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