OLD VERSION - Evergreen Spice

A Chai Oolong White Blend from


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Chai Oolong White Blend
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Cedar, Clove, Cream, Earth, Floral, Mint, Peppercorn, Pine, Roasted, Roasted nuts, Spices, Vanilla, Butter, Cinnamon, Creamy, Smooth
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Typical Preparation
Set water temperature to Boiling
Steep for 5 min, 0 sec
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“HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I’m one of those people who spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day by myself. I’m probably not the only one…and after years and years, I don’t feel sorry for myself...” Read full tasting note
“This tea blend is Delicious! One of my fav WP blends already I need to get some more. It is very nice and soothing when made warm and it is extremely refreshing when made cold. The notes of pine...” Read full tasting note
“The Inspiration Evergreen Spice was inspired by the pristine evergreen forests and deciduous woodlands of the upper peninsula of Michigan! We started with a complex base of traditional-roast...” Read full tasting note
“This is absolutely lovely! Thank-you Brenden. :-D” Read full tasting note


The Inspiration
Evergreen Spice was inspired by the pristine evergreen forests and deciduous woodlands of the upper peninsula of Michigan! We started with a complex base of traditional-roast tieguanyin and aged white tea (yabao) before adding wildcrafted green pine needles and roasted red cedar leaves. This beautiful evergreen base is set on top of the perfect blend of organic spices and organic holy basil before being sprinkled with earthy spearmint.

The flavor of Evergreen Spice opens up with smooth green notes, while pine and cedar fuse with warming spices to create a very unique flavor synthesis. They are so well balanced that the spices almost seem to be emerging from the evergreen leaves, forming a beautiful layer of ethereal warmth. The middle of the sip carries creamy floral notes from the tieguanyin that are spun together with the sweet velvety freshness of aged yabao. The yabao naturally has pine notes, pulling all of these ingredients together as one. At the end of the sip, you get warm cedar, peppercorn, and earthy organic holy basil tied together with the earthy qualities of spearmint, and as the taste lingers on your tongue, you are left with the slightest hint of cooling mint — barely there yet vital to the beauty of the cup.

Both the green pine needles and roasted cedar leaves are ingredients only found at Whispering Pines Tea Company. The pine needles are sustainably wildcrafted by the owner and processed similar to white tea. The cedar leaves are roasted under low heat in 1 ounce batches to achieve a complex and sweet evergreen profile.

This is a perfect embodiment of the beauty of northern Michigan and will please any tea lover!

Brown Sugar
Warm Spice

How to brew the perfect cup:
Steep 1 tablespoon of leaves
in 8 ounces of boiling water
for 5 minutes.

2nd infusion: 5 minutes
3rd infusion: 7 minutes
4th infusion: 10 minutes

Traditional-Roast Tieguanyin Oolong
Sun-Dried White Tea
Wildcrafted Roasted Western Red Cedar Leaves
Wildcrafted Green Ponderosa Pine Needles
Black Peppercorn
Organic Ginger
Holy Basil
Organic Cardamom
Organic Cinnamon Pieces
Organic Cloves

Caffeine Content


About Whispering Pines Tea Company

Whispering Pines Tea Company is dedicated to bringing you the most original, pure, beautiful tea blends. We use only the highest quality ingredients available to create additive-free teas teas inspired by the pristine wilderness of Northern Michigan. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction and quality.

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