2005 Jinuo Shan You Le "Red Sun Drum" Pu-erh tea

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Pu-erh Tea
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Typical Preparation
Use 3 oz / 100 ml of water
Set water temperature to 195 °F / 90 °C
Steep for 0 min, 30 sec
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“Just had the softest expression I’ve experienced from this tea thus far. 6.6g in a gaiwan holding about 100mL using water just shy of a boil. Single rinse and untimed infusions starting around 15...” Read full tasting note
“sweet and fruity Beautiful cake glistens with shiny silverish golden buds. Distinct, whole leaves are easy to pry apart, as expected from a stone pressed production. Review is based on a few...” Read full tasting note
“This is one of the best Jinuoshan TF You Le cakes I’ve had. Probably the second best. It’s rather quickly aged, however not too much, no wet storage smell is there. Very powerful, fruity, flowery,...” Read full tasting note
“A very easy sheng to drink. Not terribly complex but powerful, smooth, fruity (peach and pineapple) with a moderate sweetness. Beautiful whole leaves with very few bits and pieces mixed in. ...” Read full tasting note


Aged 5 years in Banna * Purely You Le Mountain tea * Stone-Pressed

This is produced by the Jinuo Mountain tea factory of Xi Shuang Banna and is composed entirely of Early Spring 2005 You Le Mountain tea from 50 to 70 year old trees near Longpa village. Jinuo Shan is the name given to “You Le Mountain” by local Jinuo minority group that lives in the area.

The Jinuo Mountain tea factory was started in 2003 by a development grant given by the Xishuangbanna Prefectural government to develop You Le Mountain tea production with the aim to increase the standard of living of the local Jinuo inhabitants.

About the Jinuo minority group (translated from 2004 Guoyan Jinuo Minority cake nei piao by Aaron Davis):

The Jinuo ethnic group, also known as Youle, is unique to Yunnan. They primarily inhabit Jinghong municipality’s Jinuo mountain. The meaning of “Jinuo” in the Jinuo language is “descendants of the maternal uncle,” reflecting the fact that Jinuo society was once matriarchal. Jinuo people tend to live in open space cleared from virgin forest. Their grass houses are built to resemble Kong Ming’s hat [note: Kong Ming is another name for 3rd century Chinese hero Zhuge Liang]. They have a long history of tea growing, believing tea was given to them by Kong Ming. Consequently, they revere him as “father of tea.” Their primary cash crops are tea and rubber.

The tea itself is smooth and already suprisingly aged by its 5 years in the relatively warm and humid climate in Banna (Xishuangbanna). The tea is spring picking and thick and stout in appearance. The tea liquor is golden-orange color and with a fast sweet after-taste.

Special attributes:

Single-Estate You Le Mountain Early Spring Harvest Banna aged (one of the best storage conditions I have seen for a Banna stored tea) Stone-Compressed Traditional “primitive” processed mao cha
Date: Early Spring 2005
Net Weight: 357 grams per cake

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