Bamboo Integrity

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195 °F / 90 °C 6 min, 0 sec 22 oz / 650 ml

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From Zen Tea

Fresh, brisk, and tropical blend of ingredients combining the natural taste of Kaffir limes, fragrant lemon grass, the subtle spice of ginger, and all-natural bamboo leaves make this blend a true taste experience for all the senses.

Ingredients: Apple bits, carrot bits, bamboo leaves, lemon grass, verbena, ginger slices, sunflower petals, natural flavour.
preparation: 2 teaspoons, boiling water, 5-7min

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24 Tasting Notes

1497 tasting notes

Interestingly, the bag says steep this at 203F, and when I did, this is SO good! I mean, it’s good at boiling, but it’s infinitely better at a slightly lower temperature. Holy moly! Increasing rating.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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2290 tasting notes

This is SO good tonight.

Delightful apple-citrus-lemongrass-verbena goodness.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

i love this tea. we are friends it and i… =0)


It is a friendly tea… :)


Lucky you- yours is the post that is frozen at the top of my dashboard! :P


Yup, first onmy dash too!


LOL, me too. This post is going to go through the roof on likes. ;-) Now it seems my “explore” is stuck as well. Sigh.


LOL Oops!


Yup…This must be the post that broke Steepster! :-D


Humph. I hope it was worth it OMGSrsly! :P


It totally was! ;)

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390 tasting notes

MissB must have a JustJames algorithm predictor! this herbal was bang on for me! i’m not a big fan of herbals that pussy foot, i prefer ones with intrigue!

the carrot and apple are beautiful baselines for the blend, sweet, but not imposing, adding depth but no tang…. which is ideal! the rest of the components hold all the kick: the lime, the ginger, even the bamboo holds a bit of an edge.

charming! habit forming.

i think i read that it carries a fairly significant whallop per 100g— honestly i say it’s worth it.

Boiling 8 min or more

$10 for 100g, and because it’s such a light tea, you get quite a bit. Plus, right now it’s on sale for 50% off. So glad you liked it! I’m trying another along this vein right now that I’ll probably send you to try out as well.


I love this one two. what’s great is you can’t over steep it. I’ve left it in my traveller tumbler all day, and resteeped it as well.


I might have to pick up some more of this one. I didn’t realize it was on sale!


i swear i read somewhere it was 19$ for 100G. it’s always nice to be wrong!!!


Tea friends… I ordered more. You are all tempters of the most dangerous sort. :)


Carrot? Cool! This sounds wonderful!


This made me restock it again. James the $19 is for the coconut oolong.


oops…. well at least i didn’t fabricate the number entirely? lol. haven’t ha my tea yet! shhh.


It took me till noon to have my first cup today too!

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564 tasting notes

Sipdown #2 for the day. I was browsing the herbals in Steepster’s “explore teas” function and found that half of the ones on the first few pages are “black-herbal blends,” “green-herbal blends,” “white-herbal blends,” or even “pu-erh-herbal blends”! Let me tell you something: if a black tea is blended with green tea it can still be called black tea (or green tea), but if an herbal mix is blended with black tea it can no longer be considered herbal. I made a cup of this in protest. My next tea search is probably going to be herbals, but that might wait for summer. Right now I’m happy with my oolongs and blacks.

Overleafed compared to what I’ve been doing, but apparently it’s closer to the suggested preparation. Oops! As a result this is stronger and even more delicious. When prepared like this the apple and ginger are stronger, whereas the last cup was mostly lemongrass. Sad to see this one go!

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1220 tasting notes

I picked this out with the intention of drinking it cold, but I was very curious to try one of these bamboo herbal blends hot.

It is very hard to measure this tea out because everything is big. Big leaves, big chunks of apple and carrot, big bits of lemongrass and other herbs. I feel like I’m making soup!

The lemongrass is a very strong scent, so this is not for the faint of heart when it comes to that flavor. Funny story, I know I have said before lemongrass reminds me of Fruit Loops. I don’t know how many of you watch Top Chef (or at least did before it got kind of lame) or are familiar with Richard Blais, but his burger restaurant has amazing milkshakes and one is always a cereal flavor. Right now it is Fruit Loops, and it is topped with lemongrass foam. I knew I wasn’t crazy.

That is really what this tea tastes like, fruit loops. It’s not entirely coming from the lemongrass, because you can definitely taste apple, lime, and carrot too.

Bamboo is so interesting, it’s cooling right? So even though this is a hot tea, I get the sensation that my mouth is entirely cooled after each sip.

Overall, it’s an interesting tea. Kind of like a fruit tea, but not too tart, because it has a nice hint of spice from ginger. I wouldn’t have known it was ginger if I hadn’t looked it up, but ginger combines so well with lemongrass I just like to picture them always together anyway.

I will have to give this a try iced also. I think the tropical fruit flavor of it will be good iced, it’s got a similar profile to Bamboozled, which I love iced.


This sounds like the result of a Breville and a Vitamix being naughty. (It also sounds really good!)

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600 tasting notes

A review of Bamboo Integrity by Zen Tea life

Company: Zen Tea
Tea Name: Bamboo Integrity
Tea Type/Varietal: Herb blends
Region: Canada
Steeping Vessel/Amt. Leaf: cup/ loose herbs
Plucking Season:
Liquor Color: bright pinkish orange with yellow base.
Leaf Characteristics:


1st Steeping:
Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit
Time: 5 minutes

That song that says: The weather outside is frightfully cold or so…I reached for my tea cup and scooping out some of this fine bamboo tea for a cup of goodness and warmth. I add the boiled water to it and inhale the aroma as the tea is steeping, steam rising from my cup and filling my nostrils with quite a lovely fragrant of lemon grass, ginger spices, carrots and apple bits and after scooping out some of these delights I sip and sip my tea and it is just what I was seeking as the spices of the ginger fills me with warmth and joy; that peaceful feeling in having found goodness and all that it took was to fix a cup of this tea and voila…I am at peace if only for this moment in time.

Thank you, Teavivre for sending the package my way, thank you for this experience; for allowing me to review your teas. This is a wonderful tea.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Carrots? Cool! You’ve done it again … made me want to try another one!

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103 tasting notes

So this is very interesting; the most unique tea I have tried so far! It looks really neat huge chunks of carrots, apple, bamboo leaves and lemon grass. Brewed hot I mainly taste lemon grass with a bit of carrot (my scoop of this ended up with quite a bit of carrot pieces). I have the rest in the fridge to try cold. So far it might fit the bill of a non tart herbal blend that I have been searching for. However I will wait to rate this until I have tried it more.
I have to add that when I let my son smell it he said it smelled like citronella tea!

ETA: really nice as an iced tea all the flavours seemed to meld together and I ended up with a nice light lemongrass tea


Depending upon what kind of flavors you like, I’ve tried a few non tart herbal teas, but I’m not sure if they would suit your taste. If you don’t mind the taste of rooibos, I recommend trying a maple flavored one. (I’m not really a fan of most rooibos teas because I find them a bit woody, but I still enjoy the maple ones if I’m craving something sweet). There are also a few mint chocolate versions out there that are pretty good, but are also quite sweet – reminiscent of an after eight. I remember going on the same quest for a non tart herbal, and since I was so picky with rooibos also, I was overjoyed when I found honeybush blends. The main complaints that I’ve had with a few honeybushes, is that it can sometimes come out a little watery, but overall, it’s one of my favorite non tart herbal blends to date.


Awesome thanks for the great ideas! I have been trying some Rooibos teas. I like a creme au caramel one and a pear one. I will have to try a maple one…sounds like it would be nice. Haven’t tried honeybush lately so I will get some of that next!


mmm…Creme au caramel sounds yummy

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3797 tasting notes

I’ve never had a bamboo tea before! Somehow I knew it would be a bit plain tasting but this blend is really nice because it has some interesting ingredients: apple, lime and carrots. These ingredients spice up some plainer leaves. The lime is definitely evident from the fragrance of the dry leaves. The lime is perfect — just the right amount of tangy without being overdone. The sweetness of the apple and carrots cuts down the lime anyway. But the carrot isn’t terribly noticeable to make it weird. The second cup is completely different — still sweet and very smooth but the lime seems to be lost now. It is tough to say what flavor is from the bamboo and what is from the other ingredients, but this is a very different cup than any other tea. This blend is very refreshing. This would be the perfect representation of a bamboo tea in my tea collection! Zen is very selective and they make sure they are stocking the perfect blends. I just checked and the summer sale at is STILL going. Tempting!


Oh man, I just ordered from Zen Tea, but after reading your note I want to try this one. On to my shopping list it goes….

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183 tasting notes

I’m afraid I don’t “get” this tea. I see the big pieces of apple, carrot, and bamboo in the mix, but all I taste is the lemongrass. As my cup cooled off, I thought I got a hint of apple, but honestly I think it may have been my imagination, as I was trying to pick out flavours other than the lemongrass.

I like lemongrass, so the tea tasted fine to me, but I think I was expecting a bit more from it. I see that others have prepared this as an iced tea. It’s not how I usually drink tea, but I’ll try to remember to do this one iced next time.

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 30 sec

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188 tasting notes

I’ve been wanting to get this in the fridge as a cold steep for some time, but somehow couldn’t muster the effort to do it. When it’s chilly out, I find I would rather have something warm in my hands to drink.. especially now that I found loose leaf teas late last year. Actually, this is one of my first attempts at cold steeping.

I do have cold juices in the fridge, and the occasional soda, but I don’t find that I make much tea in the winter months… and this winter just seems to linger on. I think that another reason I don’t often make iced tea in the winter is because I always add fresh spearmint from our garden in the summer and it just isn’t the same w/o it. Maybe I’ll have to dry some this year so I have plenty to add to teas next winter!

I cold steeped this one a few days ago in the fridge for the day and strained it in the evening. I took a bit out to try it myself and sent the rest with Hubby to work. Last night he came home and was asking if we had more of “that tea”. Of course, he was speaking of this one.

Cold steeped this one comes across as sweet, lemony, and refreshing… I added my normal touch of sugar to this one. Nothing acidic or tartness in this one. Just smooth and refreshing. This is my first try of bamboo tea, so I couldn’t pick that out. This would be a nice summertime drink.

I went online to Zen teas website to see what all they offer and see what the cost of this one was and it wasn’t currently on their website, although they did have one w/lemongrass and cranberry that sounded like it might be a nice summer blend. I am coming around to citrus in tea… Thanks to a few kind people sending samples my way!

I have another bamboo one to try cold steeped and we will see how that one turns out. Hubby is ready to explore the cold steeped blends on his days at work… So, I’m going to have to figure out a system to have them ready for him. He usually leaves when I’m still sleeping, so would need to have them ready for him to grab and go w/o straining them himself. I’m thinking I will steep them during the day and strain them in the evening after dinner. I will likely be shortly behind him in my interest in cold blends and will try what I send with him daily to get a taste for what we might want to order for larger batches this summer.

175 °F / 79 °C
carol who

I can’t wait to try some of these teas as a cold brew but I just haven’t been able to in such cold weather (Illinois). :( Maybe spring will come soon!


I’m right their with you carol who… I’m in Indiana. :) Hi fellow Midwesterner! Yesterday was so nice..!

I’m not quite ready for cold brews myself but want to get a head start so I know what I might want to order before summer gets here.

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