Earl Grey Cream

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Bergamot, Vanilla, Cream, Creamy, Pepper
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  • “This was in my cup for most of the day yesterday. I wanted to relax and play video games with my family, and this was the perfect tea to sip while getting my butt kicked in Mario Kart and while...” Read full tasting note
  • “So now that it’s actually kind of cold out (-6 C), my office is actually freezing. So cold. I am bundled up in my sweater and my scarf I got on the weekend, and this tea is keeping me warm enough...” Read full tasting note
  • “Earl Grey Cream? Good LORD it’s Earl Grey Cream! Smell it out of the bag and the first thing I smell is CREAM! Super super sweet CREAM! I have more of this tea than I originally intended. I was...” Read full tasting note
  • “Tea #38 from HHTTB2 I can’t get over how sweet and creamy this is! This is amazing! The leaves just smell sweet and vanilla-y. I want to fall into this cup and just chill for a couple hours. All...” Read full tasting note

From Zen Tea

If you are fan of Earl Grey and hae not tried this, you are in for a treat. Cream Earl Grey has a taste that is smooth with vanilla overtones which stand out above the premium bergamot flavor the signature taste of Earl Grey. Our flavoury Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy taste. An excellent all day tea with a superb finish.

Price: $9 /100g

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120 Tasting Notes

73 tasting notes

I received this pleasant surprise in the mail yesterday from TeaTiff, who is providing me with a welcome distraction from all my green-tea tastings lately! (Gotta throw in some black teas here and there, because, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as good as a deep, dark, rich cup of black tea to help one wake up and power through the day!)

I decided I couldn’t resist trying this sample first, because for some reason without intending to I have ended up being sort of on a little Earl Grey kick…I first tried that green EG, then the one by Williamson, and now, this fabulous cup of perfection. I am so spoiled to have enjoyed these really nice Earl Greys over the past two weeks, and this Earl Grey Cream is the icing on the cake, the piece de resistance, the…(okay, I think you get the point, haha) It’s AMAZING!

Oh gosh, the flavor: SO good! It does not have a super strong Ear Grey flavor, but that’s not to say it’s weak. It just tastes as though the bergamot has taken a respectful step to the side to give the cream more of the spotlight on center stage. (This is CREAM Earl Grey, after all) The bergamot is there, it is present, singing out it’s lively citrusy notes in harmony with the star of the show: the lovely cream! Mmmm that vanilla cream flavor is outstanding, belting out its melodiously rich, smooth song just like a famous opera singer! The cream mellows out the citrus and astringent black tea qualities, but is delightfully well-balanced with the other flavors. A nice sweet robust black tea flavor still shines through, so you don’t forget you’re drinking a black tea!

Overall this is deliciously rich and robust, yet sweet and creamy; it has no bitterness or sharp notes. It has a light citrus flavor, calm and soothing, like orange blossoms. Simply superb!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Lovely review Charissa, I share your enthusiasm, this is my favourite earl grey :-) I love that the creamy part is not overly vanilla, just perfectly balanced.


Thanks, TeaFairy! Yes, it’s hard to contain the enthusiasm on this one…it’s just so good. :-)


This is my go to tea these days. If I am not feeling excited about anything tea wise, or just have had too many disappointing cups, this one always brings me back to that zen tea place.

I think you should be a description writer for tea companies. I think you could sell me about any cup with how you world things. Love it!


Thank you so much for sharing a sample of this with me, TeaTiff! I am completely hooked. And I’m glad you enjoy my reviews, though I don’t think they’re nearly as good as some of the things other people have written here. But I’m glad my English major is coming to good use! haha

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149 tasting notes

Drinking this right now, and it’s absolutely perfect. I had planned on adding cream and sugar to it, but after taking the first sip, I decided to forgo those plans, since it’s so creamy as it is. :D
My kids are watching the earlier episodes of Naruto Shippuden, which I’d watched years ago. Each time I revisit that series, though, I’m reminded how fantastic the soundtrack is… I found myself searching for a specific track after hearing it, remembering that it was one of my favourites… The only version I could find, though, had english dubbed voices going over the music. argh!
Anyway, this tea is really lovely for today… creamy and bergommoty and just plain great…. the perfect companion to anime soundtracks and knitting projects. :)

Flavors: Bergamot, Cream

Red Fennekin

Sounds like a great tea for a great day :-)

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1015 tasting notes

TheTeaFairy wrote that this was included in my swap package because “my favorite and the fact that it is so smooth”
Ok fair enough – I may not like Earl Grey because I haven’t had the correct EG yet.
LOL That might be true, but this isn’t it. Sorry nope still don’t like it.
Thanks TheTeaFairy for trying. :))


Haha! Well, my fairy powers have their limits I guess :-)

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181 tasting notes

Tea & Cards TTB

Bloody delicious, this is…I’ve always been a fan of Earl Grey and I’m startled by how well it pairs with the cream flavouring (both hot and cold).

The bergamot is mellow and not overwhelming at all – while still being unmistakably Earl Grey – and then there’s this silky sort of vanilla-creme flavour that kinda slides around your mouth afterwards…it’s a simple sort of tea, but therein lies the beauty.

I’d drink it again, happily…and will probably order a batch when I clean out my boxes of samples lying around. :)

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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364 tasting notes

This morning I made fresh peanut butter to have with my toasts. It was warm and so creamy, I ate a big spoonful before spreading it!

Not all teas make the peanut butter list. (K S already know that) I usually have my regular straight Assam, Yunnan and Keemun to pair with it. Don’t like any flavoured tea with it.
You have to understand that I’m picky cause peanut butter is considered heaven food in my household.

K S mentioned in a recent post that earl grey came highly recommended on his PBJ tea list so I made a mental note of that (I personally am more of a purist, I prefer classic unaltered PB on my toasts, I ditched the J a long time ago).

So, I chose this favourite Earl of mine. I usually prefer this version cause the creamy part mellows the bergamot I sometimes find offensive in blends. The reason I like it so much is that unlike other EGC, this one doesn’t scream vanilla. I don’t mind vanilla when it’s done right, but it can be heavy and a little sickening to me. Here, it just rounds the edges of Miss Bergamot. It’s a perfect cup! And yes, it complimented wonderfully my PB toasts this morning.

So K S, thank you, earl grey officially makes THE PB list!!!


Wow, making fresh peanut butter! That’s ambition.

Mmm, this one is wonderful.


Lol, no merits here, it’s actually super easy when you have the tools. I have a high power blender (vitamix). I just buy a jar of roasted peanuts, and in 30 seconds I have fresh warm peanut butter! I make a one week provision every week end, it’s not really cheaper but it tastes so good, once you start you can’t stop!!


Nice! I read those vitamix blenders are very powerful. Maybe if I ever get a blender I’ll get that one. :)


Lol, I think I should just work for them, I’ve been such an ambassador since I got mine, I’ve convinced many people to buy one. It’s just a life changer, it makes hot soup within 10 minutes, it actually cooks by friction! So yes, hope you get to have one someday, much more than just a blender…


Wow, they’re expensive! Just looked it up. I had no idea they cook by friction. I was wondering why the peanut butter was warm haha.


When I have PB I like it on a Ritz. I do this often as PB is definitely heaven food. I often toast PBJ sandwiches in a skillet. Yumm. This is making me hungry. lol I have never made PB. The ‘natural’ ones I have bought seem to separate really bad. Maybe they have been on the shelf too long?


Oh, and if PB is heaven food (and it is), then EG is heaven drink. Sorry Sil, deal with it. ha


Heaven food: buttermilk donuts, lemon meringue pie, meat loaf (well, that’s soul food).


Fjellrev, yes it’s quite an investment and I first thought you had to be nuts to pay that kind of money for a blender, lol! Turns out it is worth every penny, as it replaces so many appliances…

K S, agreed that earl grey is also heaven drink, just like jasmine tea, it’s been part of my life since childhood…
I am so going to try a grilled PB sandwich now! Think it works without the jam??
Yes, can’t stand store bought natural peanut butter, they’re so hard to mix with all that oil on top. But when you do it yourself, you don’t have that problem, it doesn’t separate cause you put it in the fridge right away. So good!


Lol, gmathis, thank god it’s dinner time, so hungry!!!


You “ditched the j a long time ago” ? You ditched the j ?!!!? Why did you ditch the j ? Poor j ….. It’s ok j I still love you. I’ll take the j – you can have the icky bergamot stuff ;))


Hahaha! Oh Dexter, aren’t you the funny one…yeah, thanks for taking care of poor J.
(Bergamott hater!!!)


I probably need to retry with Fresh PB because olala this food is kind of mystery …why does my daughter love that…(skippy brand)


Haha, Ysaurella, just saw your comment, we also have the infamous Skippy here, that stuff is so sweet, I call it peanut jam! I can’t stand it and don’t like the natural PB found in stores, nothing like making your own with fresh roasted arachides, I highly recommend but don’t take Skippy away from your daughter, she will hate me :-)

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676 tasting notes

This has stood the test of time. I am setting this one up to 100. No matter the day, no matter the mood this tea is always wonderful. Smooth, citrusy, slightly sweet. Perfection in a cup.


Hmmm, I’ve been on the hunt for a new EGC, and this has gotten consistently positive reviews.


I have had this next to quite a few other EGC’s. This one always won. I can’t remember what made it stand out for me. It was a good balance of cream and berg.

Evol Ving Ness

And Canadian, yay! (because murderous exchange and shipping charges) And they are having a Black Friday sale. Details upcoming. http://www.zentealife.com

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307 tasting notes

My last tea was far too weak for my liking. This one goes the other way — good if weak, but at proper strength a little too strong on its own. I think it’s the cornflower petals. It seems a common problem I find — a kind of bitter plenty taste that doesn’t quite sit well on my palate. It did, however, have a nice creaminess as promised, even when drinking it clear.
I added some milk and honey and that did help somewhat.

In short, this is not a tea for me, but worth a try nonetheless.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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