drank Lifeboat Tea by Williamson Tea
9 tasting notes

It’s difficult to explain the scent and taste of this tea. Is it like a fruity or flowery coffee? Does it smell like spices? I can’t say, and I’ve snuffled at the box for a while now, trying to figure it out. I couldn’t say based on my memory, which was why I went for the box. Sticking my nose in the box and breathing in the scent was pleasant, but not particularly helpful.

The taste of “Lifeboat Tea” is similarly difficult to relate. It’s nice, mellow-tasting, but complex. It’s unique and the aftertaste reminds me of a flower-based tea. It’s a good aftertaste. In fact, I like to sip at this tea slowly, because I enjoy the aftertaste so much in the in-between points. And despite its mellow taste, it provides a good boost of caffeine.

I got it at World Market at $5 for 80 bags. For such a cheap, bagged tea, I’m surprised at the quality. In addition to that, a little bit of the cost goes to charity and there’s a stamp on it saying it’s, “Rainforest Alliance Certified.”

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