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The most convenient teapot you will find anywhere – we guarantee it. When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release: crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter retains all the leaves with one of the best infusers on the market. Super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. And it’s microwaveable – perfect for the office or the road. You will wonder how you got along without one. Made in Taiwan with food-grade polycarbonate that is certified by SGS to be BPA-free.

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58 Reviews

13 tasting notes

one of the best teaware items i own. everyone should own at least one or more of these

Elyse Petersen

I prefer a teapot, something about the plastic

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18 tasting notes

love this! I have been using mine for over a year and it has completely changed how I drink tea. My only suggestion is maybe to use two. Sometimes if I make a chai or other very flavorful tea in this, the flavors linger and my next tea is a bit flavored. This rarely happens though!

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554 tasting notes

This is the first tea master/steeper I bought. I found it at a small store here in town and had to try it out ‘cause a friend of mine told me about it, and I was so interested to try it out.
This thing is amazing! I don’t know how I lived my tea life without it. This lets the tea leaves fully expand so you get the full flavour of the tea. Also, it’s beautiful to watch the tea steep. I love it. I have a total of three steepers and I love them. I will always have them in my house.

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2148 tasting notes

I love this! I had seen something similar at Teavana, but the pushy sales person there led me to look for other options. This is what I settled on and it is perfect and I don’t need to worry about my toddler getting ahold of it and breaking it. In the last week he’s managed to drop it several times on our tile floor and it bounces rather well.

The 16oz cup size is good for me and I like that there is also a 32oz option as well. I don’t have any serious complaints about it, but it doesn’t work with my 18oz stoneware mugs that I prefer to use for tea. Not a serious problem in my book, I’ve got a ton of other mugs that work just fine with it, they just don’t look as pretty.

It does drip a little on the counter after use, but I’ve solved this problem by setting the ingenuiTEA on top of a plastic lid from a 32oz gas station cup. It is the perfect size to fit down in the groves of the lid and it doesn’t depress the bottom and let tea go everywhere. I think I’m seriously channeling McGyver here :)

I love how easy clean up is and running a little vinegar water through it eliminates any lasting smell or taste from my stronger teas. I find that sometimes when I steep something with spices it tends to linger a bit and transfer to my next cup.

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3 tasting notes

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7 tasting notes

I got this little guy a few weeks ago and am very happy with the outcome. This is my first steeper and I have no problem with it so far. I got the small one and it is perfect for two! I have not used it in a dishwasher yet and I find rinsing it and giving it a little wipe with a soapy sponge does the trick.

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100 tasting notes

I really like this gadget. Not too expensive and durable. I love being able to watch the leaves move as they steep. It makes it really easy to resteep leaves as well. Glad I bought this.

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3 tasting notes

Just recently bought one of these, they’re awesome! You get to see your tea steep and it stays hot for quite a while. Plus it’s super easy to clean. You just have to be careful not to touch the bottom if you’re carrying it from room to room or your tea will spill!

The Prince

Agreed entirely. Especially on being careful about spilling. I always have a sheet of napkin paper below mine when resting on a table prior to putting the finished tea in my cup(o hai thar Prince’s cup avatar). Mom on the other hand…hah.

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53 tasting notes

I actually have the larger 4-cup size of this— even though it’s labeled as the “iced” version, it’s the same thing, works the same way, just in a larger size. Perfect for filling my boyfriend’s giant mugs or just when we both want an average mugful, and even (gasp) making iced tea! I marked out 8/16/24oz lines on it with a sharpie for when I need smaller servings.

I owned the regular-sized version for a long while and used it to death before it violently hit the floor one day. The smaller one had a permanent, unremovable filter (their new version if I’m not mistaken) which personally bothered me a little, since if the filter tears or is otherwise damaged, it seems you’d have to replace the whole unit. It also made my inner clean-freak twitch a little as areas of the pot were near-impossible to clean (I don’t own a dishwasher, that probably would have solved the problem).

The four cup size, however, still has the removable filter, which is great for easier cleaning. I’ve never had a problem with it floating away or falling out or had a hard time taking it out or putting it back in or anything. Maybe that was only a problem with the smaller versions.

This is certainly a bit of teaware that gets daily use in my house; I have a hard time imagining my mornings without it.

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104 tasting notes

There is nothing cooler than this gadget for me right now. At least until I get the bigger size. I’m just too used to drinking a pot of tea (my fave pot holds three cups), especially at tea times. Getting a big mug all at once is enjoyable, but I think it might become frustrating at meal times.

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