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The most convenient teapot you will find anywhere – we guarantee it. When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release: crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter retains all the leaves with one of the best infusers on the market. Super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. And it’s microwaveable – perfect for the office or the road. You will wonder how you got along without one. Made in Taiwan with food-grade polycarbonate that is certified by SGS to be BPA-free.

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Ok, my first ever note! Hope I don’t screw this up! :)

I have had the IngenuiTEA for awhile. Quite awhile. Nearly five or six years, I think!

It’s nice when you forget to time your tea and are going by color (like i usually do!) and I love the fact that it’s microwaveable. I used to take it with me whenever I would go anywhere and when you are in a hotel, late (or almost) for a rehearsal it’s nice to dump water and tea and zap for 3 minutes. Not the best cup, but convenient!

The strainer is great, very tight, so you can use just about any leaf and you don’t even get much dust in the mug either! As someone mentioned before, it doesn’t have a very large bottom, so you can’t use a larger mug, but I don’t find that too much of a turn off. I mean, it’s only a few seconds inconvenience when I make my 16oz mug. Plus, if you’re really worried about it, you can finagle it so the feet are on the inside of the rim, and the “spout” (drain? plug?) is still inside the cup as well!

I gotta say, I loved the thing. Until it broke.

Even though Adagio says it is “shatter proof plastic” it’s not. Well, I guess the carafe is, but not the feet. And not the hinge that keeps the lid on. I had to buy a replacement twice (because Adagio only will replace it under warranty within the first 30 days) once because the foot was broken (causing it to tip and leak tea EVERYWHERE) and once because the hinge broke and the lid no longer attaches.

Once it broke the third time, I switched to the..well I don’t exactly know what it is, since it doesn’t have a brand on it, and my mother bought it for me! It looks much like the TEAZE infuser. I like its durability much more, though it is MUCH more difficult to take apart due to the narrow middle.

I still use the IngenuiTEA when both my cafe-loving boyfriend and I want a cup of tea. He gets his tea steeped with no lid, and I use the new one.

So for convenience and usability, very high marks, for durability, not so much!

(Phew, hope that was alright!)

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40 tasting notes

I like this tea making thing. It has a good design. It works well with most teas. It has one flaw. The lid keeps falling off of it.


Yep! Darn that lid!!

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8 tasting notes

I picked this up for $18 off of Amazon and I couldn’t be happier. It is perfect for the kitchen, and if you pair it with an electric kettle it is perfect for your desk. If your on the edge about this, get it.

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15 tasting notes

A fantastic way to make individual mugs of any full-leaf tea and most tisanes, this steeper is not so good with rooibos, mint, the yellow flower petals in “pretty” teas, or any other small things. The filter is fine, the problem is cleaning. After use, you pretty much need to be by a sink to get all the little bits out. Not normally an issue, but this will not be in my bag when I go camping in the future.

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2 tasting notes

awesome ware! just received mine and currently using it! no complaints. does an excellent job of not being a mess & easy to clean. i would recommend~

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10 tasting notes

I can’t live with out mine! I actually found mine at a GoodWill for 5 bucks! Works perfect. Makes a great cup of something in a jiff. Easier to re-steep stuff too. I also like watching the tea leaves expand in the thing too! This is a perfect contraption for beginners too!

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2 tasting notes

Received this today and… Wow! Such a difference from tea bags! It’s so easy to use and, having seen the size of the unfurled leaves, I am so glad I went with this rather than a tea ball or similar!

My only minor complaint is that with one of my Rooibos teas, some of the leaves escaped. However, the leaves do seem exceptionally small, compared to other Rooibos teas that I have. So probably just a rubbish tea!

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