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“Love this mug so much!! Cute designs, filter is very fine so you can steep anything!! And having a lid makes all the difference!!” Read full review
“I love this mug – it comes in a lot of cute and fun designs. The infuser basket is perfect – the basket itself is very fine so I don’t ever find little bits of tea leaves at the bottom of my mug.” Read full review
“This was a present. It’s a pretty decent mug for general teas. I do not like using this for green teas (as the shape is not ideal for good infusion) but for herbal teas it is pretty decent imo....” Read full review
“I’m reviewing this again, not because I got another one (which I did a while ago, but that’s neither here nor there heh), but because I bought a cardigan that matches my whales perfect mug!! This...” Read full review


So what makes this mug so perfect? Well, aside from being the perfect size and shape, it comes with a fine, stainless steel infuser that fits right into it. Plus it has a lid, the ultimate tea-steeping accessory. Lids keep all the aroma and heat in the cup, for an even better tea experience. And when you’re done steeping, just use the lid as a little plate for the infuser – how perfect is that? Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe, except for metal infuser.


1)Spoon tea into stainless steel infuser
2)Place infuser in perfect mug
3)Add hot water over tea leaves , cover cup with lid, and steep as usual
4)Remove infuser and empty contents after infusion, or use lid as a coaster


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