Missy decided that today we need to have the epic battle royale deathmatch between our two Earl Grey Creme’s to determine the winner. Mad Hat vs Upton.

The most negatively weighing factor of the Mad Hat tea is the really just brazenly floral scent of this tea. When I first opened the bag of this tea, it really struck me strongly. After sitting in a tin for a few weeks, it almost takes your breath away for a minute.

All the strengths of this tea are still there. It’s very creamy and sweet. The bergamot and other citrusy flavors are very tasty and well proportioned. The tea is smooth but light. The smell is much more wonderful in a brewed cup than out of the tin. I don’t think you’d ever go wrong with this tea, really. It would definitely be a crowd pleaser. I’m not going to be disappointed while I finish this tea off. But, now that the Upton SPEGCV has come into my life… I don’t think I’ll get more…

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My fiancé and I are beginning to enjoy tea infusion, and it’s slowly becoming an interesting hobby that the two of us can share. Maybe not slowly… it’s somewhat amazing how much tea you can buy when everything looks shiny and new.

Tea Rating system:

90 – 100: This is a tea I will always have on hand at work, and at home. I will leave it on altars as offerings of perfection.

80 – 89: This, or one of it’s close cousins, will likely be in my cabinet at home. When this tea runs out, I will buy more. I’ll always wonder if there is something better, but be too afraid to look to stray from home to find it.

70 – 79: Definitely good, but not a clear winner. I enjoy it, I’ll finish it, but I probably won’t buy it again until I’ve exhausted all other versions of this product from any reputable retailer. Though, it may enjoy a resurrection for custom blending.

60 – 69: This tea is okay, but definitely not something I’m going to brew again. I’m going to give what I have left away.

30 – 59: I didn’t finish drinking this tea. I actually poured it out, and went for something else. I’ll still give this tea away, but I’ll do it with a warning and a plead for forgiveness.

0 – 29: This tea is riding securely towards an iceberg at the helm of the failboat. I’ve taken this out of my tea tin, and laid it on a napkin as potpurri. I do not consider it fit for human consumption.


Tacoma, Washington, United States

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