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Smelled so good while brewing, and mostly lived up to the smell. I wish there had been a touch more of the cashew flavor. Perhaps with sweetener, it might peek out a bit more.

I think all of my Butiki reviews are going to end up being short, since I don’t want to think too much about them or I’ll risk feeling super depressed that I can’t ever get them again…

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I adore this tea. I’ve only ever cold-brewed it, so that’s all my review can be taken into account for. Anyone who is wary of hibiscus, this is the hibiscus tea to try. The other flavored hibiscus teas from RoT were mostly too tart, but the coconut in this one so perfectly mellowed out the hibiscus, leaving it in the background as more of a refreshing quality than a takeover flavor. Now, granted, I generally get along with hibiscus as it is. But, I really think it learned how to play well with others in this tea. I only wish it was sold in Cost Plus World Market along with the regular Superflower Hibiscus flavor since that would be such a convenient way for me to get my fix. I found it at Whole Foods today, but I’m not even sure if they are going to carry it year-round or only around summertime.

Flavors: Coconut, Creamy

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I was contemplating placing an order with RoT during their “free” shipping offer (which…let’s be honest…when the minimum order to get that free shipping is $50, the normal $3.95 shipping isn’t really making a huge difference). But, I was sad to see this particular tea listed as no longer available. I have been wanting to try it for such a long time! So, imagine my surprise when I found this tea today as I was perusing the tea aisle at Whole Foods after a St. Patrick’s Day 5k! And for the same price as on RoT’s website nonetheless! In my cart it went immediately.

Now, I never really know if I can believe the health claims made about tea ingredients, but I can still be happy knowing that the plain tea itself is a healthy thing. So, that’s a good enough reason for me to drink it, even if sea buckthorn wasn’t considered a superfruit.

So, anyway, this didn’t taste at all like I was expecting. I guess I thought it would be more tart and berry-like. Not at all! I’m getting both the flavor and scent of vanilla along with some gentle sort of fruit like apricot. My boyfriend, on the other hand, said all he could taste was the green tea, which is a very mild Chinese green that was quite pleasant. But, seriously…what does he know? :) I cold-brewed it this time but will try it hot soon. So glad this tin has 50 bags, just in case I can’t ever find it again! They were also selling all of the flavored hibiscus blends, of which the coconut-flavored one is my all-time favorite for cold-brewed iced tea. It is hands down the most refreshing and relaxing tea I know of (can those 2 feelings even be had at the same time???) That too was selling for the same price as on the RoT website.

So, all in all, I can actually say that Whole Foods saved me money for once, since I otherwise would have ordered online and had to spend $30 more than I did today (although….“had to” might not be fair since it certainly would not have been a chore to choose 3 more teas to buy…).

Flavors: Apricot, Vanilla

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Ooooo! This was notably NOT orange but VERY tangerine! Yay for that! And the creamsicle part really hit its mark as well. This is lovely. I’ll miss it once I’m out :(


Damnit, I wish mine would taste like that. Maybe I screwed up on ratios.

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Is there such a thing as an actual “brambleberry”? I should ask the Goog. Anyway, this one threw me for a loop because I normally am not a huge berry tea fan, especially when brewed hot. This one is making me rethink that. Maybe it is just berry herbals that aren’t my favorite? I don’t know but this was darn good both hot and as it cooled off. This is going in my RoT basket! Thanks for sending this my way, Ost!


was going to be wasted on me-glad it went to a good home!

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Got this sample (along with soooo many others) from Ost back when we met up at Downtown Disney :) I was not looking forward to it once I brewed the cup, simply because I could smell the medicinal funk I have been noticing in hot rooibos lately…to my surprise, though, it didn’t come through in the flavor! The almond and coconut balanced each other quite nicely in this one. I’d say this is good if you want something desserty that isn’t exactly sweet tasting. Thanks for the chance to try it, Ost!


Happy you liked it! :D

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Another sample from Inkling. This was a fun one to try, since I don’t believe I’ve had any other pearls besides jasmine pearls. I got a good deal of malt from this one and enjoyed it while getting some work done in the morning, but it honestly isn’t one I see myself seeking out to buy.

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Inkling was gracious enough to send me a sample of this one, and boy am I glad that she did! I didn’t have super high expectations for this since I haven’t tried very many strawberry teas that didn’t taste like candy. But, that was my mistake because I have had Lupicia’s Chocolate & Strawberry Puer and know already that the strawberry in that is a very fresh tasting strawberry flavor. That’s exactly what I got with this one as well. In fact, I tried it while teaching an adult ESL class and, when they asked what I was tasting, I responded “The exact flavor of frolicking through a field of warm strawberries that have been basking in sunshine!!” (Which…may have been a little too much since I had to explain the meanings of three of the words in that sentence lol) Anyway, this is definitely one I’d pick up next time I am at Lupicia. Thanks Inkling!

Flavors: Strawberry

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Really? You’re making me go first??? Awww man. I hate being first!

Oh well! This tea was one of many samples I ordered back during Tea Guys’ Christmas/New Year’s sale thingy. I taste the toffee as a sort of caramelized sweetness and the hazelnut is kind of in the background. The chocolate part doesn’t really seem like chocolate to me, although I do get some kind of roasty dark note that could be coming from that. I liked it, but this didn’t exactly live up to my expectations of a rich dessert tea. It probably would with a little sugar and cream though.

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Alright, so I got the caramel flavor in this but again with the aftertaste? It’s not a bad taste, it’s just so unexpected that it’s distracting. I’ve got a couple of the purple oolongs to try from What-Cha that I’m hoping might be more up my alley. Thanks for the chance to try, Ost!

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I am a teacher for an after school tutoring program serving grades 1-12 and the Assistant Director of an English language program. Dealing with people who are just learning how to communicate can be stressful. Since I’ve never been (and never want to be) a coffee drinker, I was happy to have found a tea I liked when I started college. Bigelow French Vanilla was my first ever favorite tea. I am just learning to love loose leaf. I drink tea both hot and cold every single day.

I’m not too much of a fancy-pants when it comes to tea drinking. As long as it tastes good and doesn’t take up my whole paycheck, I’m happy. I find I am mostly enjoying flavored blacks and oolongs, as well as whites and the occasional green tea. I’m struggling with plain greens. I take to fruit-flavored greens much more readily. The only reason I ever sweeten a tea is if I hear it brings out a particular flavor in that tea. Otherwise, I don’t usually add sweeteners. When it comes to milk, I again don’t usually add any. But, when I do, I only use almond milk or coconut milk (the thin kind that comes in a carton from Trader Joe’s…not the thick canned kind).

Love: Floral (especially jasmine and rose), caramel, maple, nuts, cream, cake/cookie flavors, chocolate, and fruit (especially peach, pineapple, berries, raisins, and coconut)

Loathe: Peppermint, licorice, really strong vegetable flavors, mint/chocolate combo, heavily spiced teas

Aside from tea, I also really REALLY enjoy reading.

NOTE: I haven’t been putting my one to two cup samples in my cupboard because that’s really only enough for tasting and experimenting. If it’s in my cupboard, it means I have enough to go back to it if I’m craving it (or if somebody wants to swap).


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