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drank English Breakfast by Argo Tea
372 tasting notes

So on my flight schedule yesterday was Guatemala City to Houston. Houston to Chicago. Chicago back to Akron/Canton. Two hour layover at O’Hare and I need something to eat. Before I settled on the golden arches I found Argo. I love the concept of this place and wish there were more places like it in Ohio. So I order the English Breakfast and the Mate poached turkey sandwich. The tea is not bad your basic English Breakfast tea. Malty and a little bit of that Keemun kick. The sandwich though fabulous! I liked it better than the tea.


traveling can be such a pain…

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So much to get done today. Tomorrow I’m leaving on a mission trip to Guatemala for a few days. Thank you Janefan for this one. I always try a tea once before I review it to allow my palette to adjust to the tea. So the first cup was lighter. I didn’t get any smokiness really. It was like an Assam. Then when it cooled there were some honey notes like a Darjeeling maybe. This morning though when I brewed it was all Yunnan. A strong Yunnan black aroma, and on the drive to work. Good morning smokey. Yeah this is a really good blend. I’m bummed I waited to pull the trigger on it before it sold out.


Travel safety to you.


have fun!


ooh take plenty of pics!! safe travels :)

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
372 tasting notes

“Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada
Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya here
Mocha Chocalata ya ya
Creole lady Marmalade”
Mostly the Mocha Chocalata ya ya. This tea has been taunting me for months. Thanks to Amy Oh I am getting to try the legend that is Florence. Flo your dry leaf smells amazing that’s for sure. Mais, Je ne vais pas dormir avec toi ce soir. The chocolate/hazelnut aroma is there but it doesn’t shine through in the taste. It’s very similar to Stash’s chocolate hazelnut decaf. It is still a really good tea I just don’t find it to be a mind blowing tea experience.

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Thanks again to Brandy3392 So I like chocolate. I like black tea. I love pu-erh. However I’m not sure why this is called Bolder Breakfast. I think the pu-erh actually smooths it out. The chocolate is not very prevalent but that’s okay. I’m really digging this one. I think it reminds me more of one of my favorite teas from Dr. Tea. Scrooge’s blend the flavor is almost and exact mimic. When Mr. Scrooge gets low I’m glad there is a tea to replace it for me.

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This was offered at a baby shower my wife and I went to over the weekend. I’ve never had if before so…why not. I should of stayed with not. I like the effort but the whatever else they ad to the mate and black tea just doesn’t work. It’s like drinking a medicated balm. I know not to put this one in the cupboard.

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A little extra from my swap with Mercuryhime. I opened the swap package and whoa something smells good. So yesterday we were cleaning up the kitchen and I was getting teas into a box. I smelled that one again and thought hmmmm cotton candy!. My wife took a whiff and said I should let my daughter smell. She thought it smelled like cotton candy too. Then she skipped into the kitchen and asked if we could try some. So I decided to make it iced in my Bodum ceylon. Added a scoop of sugar to it cause I’m sure that’s why the kiddo didn’t like the previous iced offering that I spent 20 dollars on at Teavana and the kid said she didn’t like it afterwards. This is definitely candy like. Pretty good and not terribly sweet with the sugar and the kiddo like it. Win!


Glad you enjoyed. It did seem more of a candy tea, which was why I wasn’t too fond of it. I should try serving it go kids too!

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Chicken breast in a baking dish with a mixture of lapsang, basil, and rosemary(steeped). It was fabulous. My wife and daughter loved it.

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“I was tired of my lady, we’d been together too long.
Like a worn-out recording, of a favorite song.
So while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed.
And in the personals column, there was this letter I read:

“If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
If you’re not into yoga, if you have half-a-brain.
If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape.
I’m the lady you’ve looked for, write to me, and escape.

Tee Hee hee thanks to Amy Oh for sending me this sample. I was writing a letter for the station’s digital edition of CCM Magazine. Unfortunately not listening to Rupert Holmes but to the David Crowder Band-Give Us Rest. So I have not tried to many varieties of honeybush. I like the pineapple flavor that comes through. I didn’t get much coconut this time around. I’m writing and not really paying attention to the brew, but then I get a whiff of something. Holy crap rum! That is spot on! The only thing that this is missing is the creaminess of a real Pina Colada. For your enjoyment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsZ5a5UQvrs

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So Janefan is awesome since she sent this in a swap because she saw it was on my shopping list. So when I got this I was incredibly excited because I’ve been wanting to try it. I was a little worried when I saw it was green Pu-Erh. Only because the last time I had green pu-erh I thought it was nasty and tasted like drinking latex. I’ve come to the conclusion however that may have been operator error since when you over steep greens they turn orange. I like the aroma of the dry tuocha it’s nice. I’ve never had sticky rice but it does remind me of cooked brown rice. Started off with a 30 second rinse and progressive one minute steeps. I’m on my tenth round and I have to say I am enjoying this a lot. Each steep brings out a different character. Some reminded me of steamed rice, but as it has progressed I’m getting more of a cornish flavor. One buttered corn. Another creamed corn or corn caserole. That still happens to be one of my favorite holiday side dishes. I’m impressed with how well this is holding up. These last steeps have reminded me of a corn sock. Either a sock or like I have fabric that is filled with corn and thrown in the microwave for sore muscles. I like to heat it up when I have sinus pressure that could take down a water buffalo. I’m definitely finding this one very comforting especially when everyone else around me is dropping like flies due to sickness. I would buy this and enjoy again.


I want to try this one too. :)


I got some of this in a swap too. Can’t wait to try!


Glad you liked it. Now maybe I’ll be inspired get around to brewing it for myself one of these days… You really do like corn, don’t you? Haven’t tried the corn tea yet but sill be sure to mention you when I do!

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Thanks to Taite for allowing me to try this one. I made this up bolting out the door for another edition of morning news. Today it turns out I am the lone newscaster on the grassy knoll since I am the only newscaster in the building not sick. So I take my first sip. Mmmm this is tasty. A little malty and grainy. That flavor I’ve come to enjoy from Yunnan black that reminds or potatoes. More so like natural fair french fries. Maybe I’m wrong on this but it kinda seems like a Yunnan hybrid to me. The characteristics remind both of a Keemun and that of a Bai Lin Gonfu. I poured into my Gryffindor travel mug that reminds my of our family moon that we took to Florida. In lieu of a honeymoon my wife’s aunt gifted us a trip to Florida so my wife, daughter and I got to take a trip after we were married. So we got to go to Universal and take the kiddo to Disney. So I finished it half way through the drive to work and was wishing there was more. I’m glad there’s more at home….I’ll just have to brew and entire pot.

Jim Marks

I need to try a Yunnan black. I love the Yunnan golden teas so very very much.

Steven Cook

i need to try any yunnan tea besides my nine dragon golden needles by teavana….

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DJ, Work in Radio,father, husband, Owner of my own mobile DJ business, and lover of tea.

My favorites are Pu-Erh, Black teas, Oolongs, Mate…then again I’ll try just about anything. If you are a company and would like me sample your tea. I would be more than happy to.


Cleveland/Alliance, Ohio



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