371 Tasting Notes

drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
371 tasting notes

Shift switch! So I had to be at the station by 5am so what do I reach for on these days? Definitely a mate and I was given a chance to try this one from brandy3392 So I’ve been quite impressed so far with what I have tried from DAVIDs and this is not dissapointing me either. Especially with Mates I think that sometimes companies try to cover the flavor of the mate. I have also noticed that raspberry teas I have tried don’t seem to cut it either. However the chocolate flavor and the raspberry flavors don’t taste synthetic. The accompany the roasted mate nicely. It’s really smooth and reminds me of a good chocolate raspberry coffee blend that a coffee shop I worked for served. The hint of the almond flavor is nice too. It’s seriously like drinking a chocolate raspberry truffle. It stands up to a second steeping. The empty cup aroma on this one is flippin fantastic. I will probably order this when my swap runs out. This would be a great valentine tea.


this maté is truly wonderful! I love when a flavored tea live up to expectation, that’s why I love DAvids tea so much!

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It’s rare to say that a tea is out of my cupboard but alas this one was finished this morning for breakfast. When you have to say goodbye to good tea it’s like marrying off one of your kids. You are sad to see it go…but will be back in your house for periodic visits. Adieu till I order again.

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Ha ha ha so last night had time with my daughter so we went to the mall cause she had dinner and I had not. So we swing in I wanted to see if they still had any of their clearance teas left to I could pick up some more Assam. Unfortunately they did not. So I decided I wanted to give this one a whirl. So while we are waiting my daughter and I are looking around. She remember that she liked the one tea before and she like looking at the books there. So I just over hear a conversation that one the employees is having with a customer about how he heard about tea and what not. He is totally clueless because the salesperson has convinced him to buy a full tea set….yep she is totally working the sale. I was so tempted to say dude lets chat a bit you don’t need that much to make a great cup of tea. Not to mention I found my tea set that I think looks awesome and I break out for company for 14 dollars at one of the Asian markets. I didn’t though cause I know that person is trying to make money just as much as if I were trying book a couple for a wedding. I thought it was pretty funny though. So I get my cup and we go perusing the rest of the mall. So we go check out the Lego store. I’m letting my cup cool a little bit and taking a few sips. I’m chatting with the salesperson about how I had the original Lego pirate ship before it was Pirates of the Caribbean. So as it’s cooling I’m starting to pick out the flavors. A little bit of pineapple here. A little fig and pear there. A hint of sweetness. Then….dag nab it. I said to myself seriously Teavana. Put a little oolong and cinnamon in there and you have the Toasted Nut Brulee. I think I may have to start compiling a list. If you like this tea from Teavana…try it’s herbal counterpart(my apologies for snarkiness). Honest to Pete man the more teas I try. The more I’m starting to ask where’s generating a whole new wonderful mind expanding flavor profile if everything tastes the same. I’m sorry but adding or subtracting one derivative does not constitutes “Tea Blending Genius”. I’m ranting aren’t I. Don’t get me wrong Teavana has some wicked awesome blends and I’m sold…but…yeah. Overall tasty I didn’t get much cocoa though. Just the praline tart.

The DJBooth

This maybe my longest review yet. Cheers


I liked it. Write more long one. :)

The DJBooth

Thanks I will do my best.


Lego store??? Sometimes living in a small town has serious drawbacks. No lego store and no tea shops with pushy sales people :(

The DJBooth

It was the first Lego store I have really seen but this mall is in a very affluent area. I don’t shop there normally.

Steven Cook

Thanks for the review. Which teavana do you shop at? There is a Teavana at the kenwood mall and there is a lego shop right down the hall, on the first floor. Just curious.


I am betting Beachwood….. ;)

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I’m going to the movies…going to the movies…go…darn it I’m still at work. Thank you Brandy for this one. There is a yummy aroma that wafts from the dry leaf. I see some nice raisin pieces as well. The trouble I’m struggling with in the “chocolate tea” realm is that some of them don’t taste like real chocolate. There is a chocolate essence that is nice but I don’t know if I would say it’s really chocolate. Maybe I’m crazy here. I’m liking this one pretty well though. There’s a nice chocolate flavor but I’m not sure if I’m getting the raisin. This reminds me more of a chocolate oatmeal raisin cookie. Which I like because oatmeal raisin are my favorite! I like it. I continually admire Frank’s creativity. I could keep my nose in the pouch for days :)

Jim Marks

That’s a somewhat distressing sentence if taken out of context ;-)

The DJBooth

whoops ha you are right.

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My afternoon pick me up. Back in my cupboard thanks to Brandy3392. Ah yes! I remember why I like this one so much. Malty. Bright. I would also say hoppy/floral. Hoppy because the wet leaf smells like wort. If you don’t know what wort is then let us consult Wikipedia “Wort is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. Wort contains the sugars that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wort So you see this is a beautiful thing when your day is dragging at work. Some might say that wart smells like wet dog or a pet store, but I tend to air on the side that it is a beautiful thing. Cheers!

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drank Tiramisu Treviso by Teavana
371 tasting notes

Another one that I purchased in my latest order from Christmas. Tiramisu happens to be one of my favorite deserts. One of those that I just can’t seem to resist if offered to me. So I was hoping this would remind me of one of my favorite deserts. The dry leaf smell is a little overwhelming kinda in that fake Amaretto type of almond/cherry like sweetness. Not to mention the orange…since when does Tiramisu have orange in it??? Ok here goes nothing. I would agree with previous posts that it’s coffee like in the aroma. I think I used a little bit too much leaf because the flavor is a little too sweet…or orange zesty. As it is cooling down I’m starting to enjoy it a lot more. Some of the chocolate is starting to come out it’s tasting more like one of those chocolate oranges, and a little bit more coffee like. Tiramisu though? Not so much. The flavor profile also becomes familiar to me. Where have I tasted this before. Sip. Wait for it. Sip. Wait for it….Holy crap it’s My Morning Mate. Minus the mate and black tea. No wonder I’m starting to like it. On the other hand though I’m starting to wonder how many teas does Teavana do this with. I like it and I’m glad that when I run out this discontinued number not to worry. I’ll just pick up the full caf version. It is something to put in the pipe to smoke and ponder a bit. How many of their teas have the same flavor profile…just sayin’


a lot of their fruit blends do seem similar to me


I noticed that when I was in the shop!!


I also noticed that it is the same as My Morning Mate. Try adding a dash of salt – it helps cut the sweetness and brings out the other flavors a bit more.

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drank English Breakfast by Twinings
371 tasting notes

At the bottom of the tin. I’m thinking this one might be getting stale. Instead of smooth and malty it’s more bitter and peppery. Still a decent cup. Especially when shared with a friend.

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Thanks to Dinosara for sending me this one. So I’m torn on whether I like this one or not. I can taste a little bit of maple and a little bit of pumpkin, but it’s more of those spices that go with the pumpkin. So it’s more like a Christmas/pumpkin spice tea. The black tea base is still a little bit weak for me. It’s decent but I don’t know if would jump at the bit to buy a re-blend of this one. I’m glad to try it though.

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Thanks to Tommy for sending this one. Today I’m working on trying to load some new books onto the kiddo’s tag reader. If you are familiar with these…then yes it not going quick. Had my first two cups before we went sled riding yesterday. Thirty second rinse and followed by one minute steeps. I have to admit I’m liking the flatter Tuocha. It’s pretty coo. First steep I was a little bit concerned there was an overwhelmingly fishy aroma emanating from the cup. Not to worry though. After it settled for a bit there’s the deep dark earth like smoothness that I love from the Pu-Erh. This one is quite a treasure. They only cost .35 per tuocha and I’ve gotten 10 good steeps out of one tuocha. I’m on number eleven and it still hasn’t gone full mushroom water. An excellent brew.

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DJ, Work in Radio,father, husband, Owner of my own mobile DJ business, and lover of tea.

My favorites are Pu-Erh, Black teas, Oolongs, Mate…then again I’ll try just about anything. If you are a company and would like me sample your tea. I would be more than happy to.


Cleveland/Alliance, Ohio



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