I tend to make it into the office every morning earlier than expected. Usually, co-workers arrive roughly around 9 AM, where I make it in at 8:30, sometimes even earlier. One of the great things about arriving early is having extra time to properly make tea.

I’ve been drinking this tea early in mornings since I bought the 50 gram tin, and early on I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, this is the last of the buttered rum tea.

The scent of the leaves whenever you open the tin is impeccably buttery, it never seems to go away opened, scooped, steeped or consumed.

The handsomely deep red tone is a great touch, contributing to it’s early evening rum appearance rather than giving an early morning pick-me-up face.

It is unfortunate that the flavor has become less consistent. At first, it had burst with sweet buttery goodness, the coconut and vanilla giving a feisty Caribbean feel. As the months wore on, so did the butter, fading to a paler and darker flavor, which I would probably credit the cornflower petals.

Believe me, it is still much better than Teavana’s Amandine Rose, which is more pale flower petals than a proper alternative to the holy grail Almond Biscotti. I still enjoy every cup, but the diminishing returns tell me this requires less leaves in a smaller tin and enjoyed more infrequently for a rarer taste.

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