I decided to make this one in the gaiwan short rinse and steep times about 30 to 40 seconds. First infusion was slightly red and earthy and dull as if it could have very well been a second rinse so I tossed it after just a few sips. the second infusion is much darker very bold flavors of earthiness with slightly sweet caramel notes, the earthiness of this one is the familiar earthiness of a wet forest floor that is not a bad thing at all either I really enjoy that. the third steep is much nicer and even more earthy with just slight caramel notes and this time very woodsy, at the fourth infusion is black as sin and it starts to loose that sweetness and caramel notes and really starts to get very bold and strong of just plain earthy goodness this time even more woodsy like the bark of a big ole pine tree, fifth infusion was surprisingly not nearly as dark as the last perhaps the fourth infusion was the peak of this tea it still has it bold earthiness like the last steep but you can tell its starting to fade, I could get one more good steep if I use slightly hotter water with a longer steep time but it would be my last. Had I done a proper rinse on this one the first time and not had to discard the first infusion as a rinse and paid more attention to my steep times I could have gotten about 8 steeps out of this one easy, Better luck next time. This was a very nice puerh I love a puerh that can take me to the forest and this one did it easily.

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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