My favorite time of year is Autumn, I love the cooler weather and the feeling in the air,I like the longer nights and shorter days going into winter(my second fav season). I love autumn rain and the aroma in the atmosphere afterwards, and even tho I can only see limited colors I love the colors of Autumn, they are easiest on my eyes. I enjoy this time of year for making thick soups to keep warm and pulling out the throw blankets for the doggy and me to cuddle up and read a book, Autumn is Perfect reading season to me, its also perfect for watching scary movies during the Halloween season my fav holiday.
Last year my autumn wasn’t so great and I lost the one I love the most and was left sad and alone during the autumn season that We loved the most together :(
But I’m still here and I’ve carried, I made it a year and on to a New autumn, it will be hard but I must move on and embrace the things that I still have to love.
I still love Autumn and I still love Tea, I still love Dark Tea which has always been Perfect Autumn Tea to me, Dark Teas(Puerh,Hei Cha,LiuAn,LiuBao,etc) to me just Taste like Autumn feels and they are a perfect reflection of this time of year for some reason.
Today was the first day that felt like Autumn to me, I walked outside and it was just 60 degrees which isn’t cold or hot, down here it was Perfect this morning.
So anyways the first Perfect morning and I chose this Palace Mo Hei from Teanami, It was a Sample sent to me earlier this year and I’m glad I saved it for today. I’m not sure if it a “Puerh” maybe a “Hei Cha” I don’t really care its a type I like, Dark Tea and it’s not bad at all, a great choice for this morning.
The tea brews up nice and thick and only at the first did it have a slightly “fermented/fishy” aroma to me, No fishy taste or anything but a rather mellow smooth almost sweet taste. Very thick and velvety smooth, with all the “Autumny” notes that I enjoy in the Dark Teas.
Rich notes of Earthy;wet forest floor, leaves and stones and a slight sweetness, after a few steeps there is a slight nutty type fruity note…Very pleasant to me.
The aroma is really nice too, at first it was a slight bit “fishy” aroma to me on the rinse, but after that rinsed away the aroma is very earthy and sweet to me and even after several steeps i keep catching a whiff of it and sticking my nose it the cup to savor it, it just smell good.
I enjoyed this one very much this morning, the price is steep tho, Down from 165$ to 125$ now, still a bit pricey for me for this tea, It is a decent enjoyable tea tho, I found nothing bad about it at all.

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