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This one is very smooth, slightly sweet and has many different notes, earthy, smooth, sweet, cocoa and vanilla notes and presence of a slight leather type notes that is rather pleasant.
Nice solid puerh :)

Flavors: Cocoa, Earth, Leather, Vanilla, Wood

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These Woodland mugs are great, I use mine everyday.
This mug is the perfect size to use with Whispering Pines “Infuser set with dish” and they feel really comfy in your hands when filled with your favorite hot tea.
Lance and I both have one of these little guys(Lance keeps his at work) they are the perfect size for a nice cup of tea and they look cool too.
Only 22 of them made so if you love Whispering Pines Teas You best go and order ya one before they are gone, you’ll love it.


Oh yeah, that’s a pretty mug, indeed.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

10% off until they are gone! :)

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I thought I had some kind of allergic type reaction to hibiscus But I’ve been drinking teas with it here lately and it hasn’t seemed to bother me, weird, Anyways……This one is not very tasty, Don’t taste much Vanilla and it’s way too tangy and tart and kinda sour, this just tastes like a really strange fruit tea, It don’t even taste like a specific fruit just some weird tangy sour fruit. Not very enjoyable as a warm tea to me, Maybe it would be better cold but I’ll never know that cuz i’m done with it after just half a cup.
Not My Cup Of Tea :)

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This is an Awesome Lapsang!
It has changed some since the last time I posted here :)
Wonderful smoke flavor with mesquite hints, a slightly sweet note and absolutely smooth with no bitter or astringent at all.
Super nice one the Best Lapsang that we’ve had (we’ve had lots)
Great morning, afternoon or anytime slow sipping tea :)

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seems lovely. I need to develop maybe more my palate to really appreciate lapsang souchong but now I can already drink smoked teas…I may be on the way :)

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This is a wonderful outdoorsy tea blend. the elderberry, cedar and chicory give it roasty, earthy, piney notes while the cinnamon, mint and ginger give it sweet subtle spice notes.
The taste of the Cedar in this one is amazing. I love this!
If you were lost in the forest and you met a friendly elf
I bet he would give you something like this to drink :)

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cool! ill try it someday :)

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So I found this teabag that somebody sent me in a swap, I have no clue from when or where honestly(if one of you on Steepster sent it, Thank You!)
I had no clue what the label said but i was able to find it online and get a description
Apparently it is market towards kids which is cool to me cuz kids deserve tasty teas too,
It say tea on immunity with strawberry, not so sure about that honestly because it does NOT taste like strawberry to me BUT it does taste like something that kids love to eat so maybe this one is popular with little Czech Boys and girls. It taste like Crayons, no joke.
I remember eating Crayola crayons as a child, we all prolly do, that waxy weird taste and smell even is undeniably delicious to children.
I never thought I would have a tea that tasted like Crayon but now I have tried it all.
I hate to admit that its not really half bad tho I wouldn’t recommend it to an adult unless of course you still eat crayons then you may want to wash them down with this one lol. Funny I realized that it was a childs tea and I tasted it anyways and it took me back to my own childhood.
To me the taste wasn’t good or bad but kids would prolly enjoy it so that counts for something :)


I swear I recently drank a tea that smelled like crayons, but now I can’t remember what it was…Maybe I will suggest it as a flavor…

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I absolutely love Brendan’s North Winds and this is it with Vanilla in the mix, what a wonderful creation.
Notes of Smooth Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla are just OMG so good, If you are a fan of North Winds you will prolly like this one alot too.
The Vanilla in this one is just amazing, it is the perfect compliment to the dark chocolate and malty notes that this tea carries, it makes for a very smooth creamy sweet delight.
Brenden mentions an Ice Cream shop on Mackinac Island in his description on this one, tho I have never been in that particular shop, I have to say that he hit the mark with that statement.
When you walk into an Ice Cream Shop and you get a whiff of the Vanilla ice cream they are making in the back combined with the sweet scents that you get from the other ice creams and candies, you can very easily compare that to the aromas that you get from this one. That is a very comforting and welcoming aroma that just makes you feel good.
The taste OMG totally matches the aroma, what you smell is what you actually taste and that is a wonderful thing that don’t happen often enough.
As I’m writing this I’m sipping and trying to think of more write but alls i can think is “oh Vanilla, you are so good to me”
It’s amazing how good the Vanilla in this tea is, this is no nasty vanilla flavoring that leaves a funky film in your mouth, it is real and clean and creamy sweet goodness that you only get from real Vanilla Beans.
I can’t say enough good things about this one, it is delicious to me just like Brenden’s other blends I just can’t get enough.

Oh Yeah, after the tea is steeped out the Vanilla keeps going, very interesting and very good :)

I’ll be order lots of this one for as long as it is available :)

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Thomas Edward(Toad)

Oh Yeah, Also check out Brendan’s Port Tea also, another Whispering Pines Teas with more Vanilla goodness.


im going to try some someday


This sounds so tasty!

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I just a guy who respects and loves the tea :)





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